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Posted - 2011.02.12 18:27:00 - [211]

I enjyed the epic arc missions. The rewards were awesome and even the short story was pretty interesting as well. I kind of hope that epic arcs can somehow become a benchmark or final ojective players must complete in order to progress in EVE(i.e., players can't move to level 3 missions until they complete the lvl 2 epic arc and for the subsequent levels.)Idea

Macs'ka Vipera
Posted - 2011.02.24 08:03:00 - [212]

Originally by: Shadowed Blackhole

On the other hand, I was VERY dissapointed to see ABSOLUTELY 0 faction standing boost record in my Amarr standing transactions after completing the arc. This was the whole point of running the arc in the first place. I sure hope CCP fixes this in the future, otherwise I will not run the arcs at all. I can make as much ISK running regular lvl 4s.

Just for info: I also didn't get Faction standing for my 2 character finished Amarr Epic yesterday. Petitioned for both.

Jev North
Ghost Festival
Posted - 2011.02.25 17:35:00 - [213]

Edited by: Jev North on 14/03/2011 15:30:18
I finished the Angels pirate arc over the last weekend. Liked the story, and they offer some good rewards for a first toe-dip into 0.0 space; made the decision to risk it a lot easier. The only downside is that the faction standing reward is broken, for many people. Petitioning got me my standing increase, but it took a good few days for the petition to make it to the front of the queue, apparently.

Posted - 2011.03.20 12:09:00 - [214]

i mean realy, what kind of ****** makes you go from high sec to low sec for a PVE mission. get a clue. most mission runners grind our asses off with little payout. We do them solo and dont go into low sec because you must not know. there are Pirats there. Ok Ok but realy, CCP needs to realy look at there PVE and add more PVE content for the solo Pilot. For a solo pilot to go to low sec, is a bad idea. I mean rely, Dose CCP realy not know this?

Sanctum of Citizens
Posted - 2011.03.20 12:29:00 - [215]

Originally by: Amanda23
i mean realy, what kind of ****** makes you go from high sec to low sec for a PVE mission. get a clue. most mission runners grind our asses off with little payout. We do them solo and dont go into low sec because you must not know. there are Pirats there. Ok Ok but realy, CCP needs to realy look at there PVE and add more PVE content for the solo Pilot. For a solo pilot to go to low sec, is a bad idea. I mean rely, Dose CCP realy not know this?

I'm an a carebear deep in my heart but I could manage finish the Caldari Epic Arc 4 times without problems and I even did the Sansha ending for the Amarr Epic Arc once.

Posted - 2011.03.26 10:21:00 - [216]

Edited by: Tarasina on 26/03/2011 10:21:38
I've done minmatar lv4 epic arc and gallente, gallente was definately harder. Those syndicate BSs really need a nerf. I didn't do them for rewards, mostly for a change from missionrunning.

I've also done the 2 nullsec arcs, guristas and angel epic arcs. What I can say about those are that rewards are too low compared to what we are risking...ship + implants are worth more to me than the rewards (so I did them in a stealthbomber, after all, it is dangerous territory where others run these arcs as well as the roaming gangs and gatecampers). I did one angels mission in a Assault frigate, bought in system next door, because that mission wouldn't allow SB.

Just getting OUT of the area is a project in itself. Get caught in a gatecamp and it is all for nothing.

I also feel that the stories all leave it hanging in the air, nothing is decided, no closure at all. Do this, do that, no one cares.

And I never got angels standing AFAIK but didn't bother to petition. Not sure I got guristas either.

And an annoying thing...can't get mission from angels agent if too many others are on it...I mean WHAT? I had to check everyday for a week or two to actually progress with that arc.



Illectroculus Defined
No Bull Ships
Posted - 2011.03.31 17:40:00 - [217]

Rewards definitely need rebalanced, some arcs and choices are vastly more profitable than others. Rewarding money is pretty weak and will probably result in people not choosing to follow that arc choice simply because the reward isn't interesting. The minmatar arc needs some fancy widget for the Revelation path.

John Triphammer
Posted - 2011.04.04 17:18:00 - [218]

Edited by: John Triphammer on 04/04/2011 17:21:56
i honestly quit the missions after very short time.
i didnt found the missions much different than any other mission i did before. i found that the rewards where loughable- while i could earn 30 million doing exploration in one day.and the story just didnt grab me at all.i like to read my games- but i also enjoy modern day-standard voice-acting.
i think iŽll come back to missions one day but i really hope that you devs put some more color and sound into the story-missions to make the whole mission-experience more enjoyable.voice and cut-scenes.combined with walking in stations ,special-mission areas - like abandoned stations and huge wrecks.inside astroids.whatever - give us an fancy suit and let us leave the ship to manually retrieve valuable salvage and loot,forcing entrance to wrecks- walk in them and fight sansha zombies. even an remotely controled robot/android thingy- which is linked directly to us would be cool- so we wouldnt risk our expensive clone directly... :D would be something.put some missions on planetary environments ... and i subscribe for lifetime. :D
i like the game like it is- i dont do much missions. but if they would be a bit more involving i would like it even more. :)

Sanctum of Citizens
Posted - 2011.04.05 07:56:00 - [219]

Originally by: John Triphammer
Edited by: John Triphammer on 04/04/2011 17:21:56
i honestly quit the missions after very short time.
i didnt found the missions much different than any other mission i did before. i found that the rewards where loughable- while i could earn 30 million doing exploration in one day.

Well, you can make 300-350 million ISK with the Caldari Epic Arc if you choose the optimal arc. The Amarr one is not that good but you still earn around 200-250 million. Neither arc takes a day to finish.

Jay Johnes
Posted - 2011.04.14 20:09:00 - [220]

after the latest patches can you still quit the ark after a few missions and start from the beginning with out x weeks of delay ?

Slider VII
Posted - 2011.04.14 20:31:00 - [221]

I finished up the Level 1 SoE Arc over the past weekend and the missions where good, the rewards where okay. After reading the postings of others in this thread I have to agree with most that the missions could be a bit more challenging and the mission rewards also could have been better.

I have to agree that I wasn't really thrilled when I completed the last mission and got the million isk reward and the time bonus...I was pulling in just about that much from the salvage and killing of the NPC rat bounties.

I would like to see something more from the epic arcs series, what I am not 100% sure of. But when you use the word "epic" I usually expect something that is going to be that wow factor and something (reward or special item) that not everyone else has in the game type of item. But, you make of the game what you want and go from there.

That is the best part of EvE is that you can travel anywhere and do just about anything in this game. The SoE story arc was good, but I really honestly believe that this was something that was just thrown together to keep those that want to do mission runners busy.

Lastly, go epic or go home...If you are going to make something stand out (like the the arc story lines) then make sure it stands out. Otherwise the mission runs for the SoE just run together just like all the other mission runs that are in the game.

Just my .02 isk on this.

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.04.18 16:39:00 - [222]

Working through the SoE arc right now with my lady (about 80% or more through it). We're really enjoying the variation, the longer and more involved storyline's, the travel through and to different areas of space, etc. And yeah, the pay for the missions/time bonus is nice, though most of the loot and salvage hasn't been overly awesome. But overall we've made really good isk/hr and have enjoyed it.

My biggest complaint (still) is that the writing for the missions needs much work; it's just awkward and could be made so much more engaging. I would also appreciate a bit more challenging AI in the epic arcs, but maybe we'll see some of that in other arcs?

Overall, thumbs up...CCP should do more of these.

Hazz Ardous
Red Slice Enterprise
Posted - 2011.04.20 06:14:00 - [223]

Originally by: J Kunjeh

Overall, thumbs up...CCP should do more of these.

Agreed, more of these, even if L2s, L3s. Different path choices that result in different rewards, unique items even if just a tad better than faction gear. Perhaps L2, L3s can offer item rewards only fitting the appropriate ship type eg. med reppers for L3s. Good job overall!

Reaver Glitterstim
Legio Geminatus
Posted - 2011.04.25 06:49:00 - [224]

I did the Blood-Stained Stars arc, but no agents have led me to any others. I don't know where they are and I'm too lazy to search the internet to find out, so I'd rather find this info in-game. I'm interested in doing more arcs though, the quality of fun in those missions is certainly greater than boring regular missions.

But like other people have stated, I also don't like missioning in lowsec for the sole reason that it's just too difficult for most of us to mitigate the risks enough to make the reward worth anything. It usually takes a lot of SP that you can overgear for the mission to make up the massive difference between pvp and pve specs.

I also really hate how pve ship setups are not only so vastly different from pvp, they don't even make much sense to a new player. You have to literally let older players tell you how to fit your ship for missions, because if you don't know the underlying mechanics and have lots of mission experience, you simply won't be able to fit your ship to be combat capable. One simple way to fix this would be to force NPC ships to have the same weaknesses that player ships have in the areas of range, tracking, and EW usage; if they would run out of capacitor when they use a lot of cap-heavy mods; and if the larger but unimportant NPCs would occasionally attempt to escape. All of these are common sense answers to the bigger problem. I think its time you guys put some time into this one.

Traejun DiSanctis
Posted - 2011.04.25 09:00:00 - [225]

Blood Stained Stars was ok. Good money, but a butt-load of travel. Was still more ISK that i would have been able to make running L1's and 2's.

Haven't done the L4 factions arcs yet.

Ubi Concordia Ibi Victoria
Posted - 2011.04.25 22:52:00 - [226]

I did the Amarr epic arc as part of the long quest to fix my Sansha standings, All in all it was kinda short, something you could do in a few hours probably. With the high sec portion of the arc much longer than the low sec part.

My one big problem is that there is a huge faction standing loss for killing any towers in the missions, which makes it annoying if you are trying to get your sansha standing up thru the arc. This makes me still say that Sansha, blood, and serpentis need a gurista/angel style epic arc, as those seem to be a bit better at repairing standings.

The high sec missions were more of the same, the only annoyance really being that I couldn't destroy the neut towers without a decent faction loss so I had to use a second ship to transfer me cap. 1 large cap transfer was more than enough though, so the neuting power was rather low.

The low sec missions were way easier than i expected, the first few I did in a bomber which I was surprised was up to the task assuming they had been designed for interceptors or assault frigates, but nothing tries to hit you from more than 20km. The one mission wants you to have level 4 hacking so that was annoying. After the first two missions I just used my tengu, even the last mission was very easy in a covert subbed tengu. An ishkur or a pilgrim would probably do these missions very quick.

Also I am confirming that you get faction standing with Sansha's Nation for doing this. A while ago there was a problem were many people didn't get standing this was a bug AFAIK, and you could petition for standing, however some people didn't search the forums and find out about it, so they assumed that there was no faction standing gain, and spread around that rumor. There is gain to both True Power and Sansha's Nation (12% or so). Faction standing is only granted with completion of the arc, True Power with every low sec mission.

Overall, I did enjoy the low sec missions a bit, they were a bit different, but the high sec ones I didn't enjoy as it felt like a l4 mission with more rats, I never felt there was any more increased risk, just a bit more tedium. I wouldn't mind the whole arc being in low with the missions doable in assault frigates rather than just the last part.

Trinity Tissant
Posted - 2011.05.10 11:53:00 - [227]

I am pretty new and everyone said, go do the epic arc missions blah blah, apart from having to jump to a billion different zones to transport something is just annoying.

Don't send me to a guy 23 jumps away just to send me back 2 missions later.

Give me a bunch of missions, then send me 23 jumps, then give me a BUNCH of missions then send me wherever.
1 mission jump 1 mission jump 1 mission jump is frustrating.

This whole standing system is just weird, playing delivery boy for weeks just so i can get lvl 2 then 3 then 4 missions.

i like EvE, but missions make me not like EvE.

Posted - 2011.06.16 20:42:00 - [228]

I just completed the Amarr epic arc and didn't get any faction standing increase despite siding with the Amarr Empire over the Sansha. Is this intended?

Posted - 2011.06.23 11:52:00 - [229]

Take the lowsec/null sec parts out from the arc's then we will talk.

Posted - 2011.07.13 19:38:00 - [230]

Edited by: bushwacka on 13/07/2011 19:38:20
did the angel arc today, no faction standing reward though (worked fine the last time, maybe a patch ****up with the incarna expansion like back then with tyrannis?)

Originally by: salindari
Take the lowsec/null sec parts out from the arc's then we will talk.

no, just no. actually, add MORE of those. what i would really like to see are paths comparable to the sansha part of the amarr arc (lowsec doable in a frig) for every faction. keep the ability to choose though - no one should be forced to take an empty clone sitting in a rifter into <0.4 (Laughing) if they prefer to do a chain of lvl4s with a lackluster reward at the end, but offer something shiny to entice players going into low/null.
the beginning of the caldari arc is a perfect example of doing this the right way: a) highsec - crap reward b) low - woo 30mil! c)dip toes into null - woo even more isk!

Posted - 2011.07.18 04:11:00 - [231]

Doing the Galente epic arc right now, and for some reason i cannot remember, i chose the one which led you through low sec to do a high sec mission, seemed easier then facing the massive amount of battleships in the high sec and fear of people coming into your mission in low sec.

Now here is my dilemma.

I, for some reason, cannot go through the acceleration gate that is spawned by killing the spintrix (tourist site). i have multiples of the key you get from the biggest ship, and salvaged all wrecks before i try activating it, and each time it says that i need to kill more people. Any one else having this problem or am i the only one encountering this problem.... did anyone else actually choose this option btw?

And ccp is not of any ,as all they can do for me is to just reset my mission, making me go through the the two gates that pretty much have massaging camping stools for fleets of gate campers, twice for each attempt.

Posted - 2011.07.19 15:35:00 - [232]

epic arcs are good more of the same plz

Posted - 2011.07.22 04:20:00 - [233]

To make it short: Traveltime.

I did the SoE lv1 Arc ~ 1 year ago and the story was pretty entertaining. But the traveltime was just mew. I dont want to spend ~2 hours with traveling while doing the complete Arc. (remember, with a frig/Cruiser. Would be the living hell in a BS)
If i would like traveling, i would do courier missions or something like that.

The fact that u have to go lowsec is ok as long as you are not forced to do it in a ~1 Billion BS.

And the rewards could be more appealing too.
Yeah, reward is a pretty major factor for me. I'm allready spending to much time (imho) grinding for plex, and i would be happy if alternative content would provide me with atleast as much reward as doing standard Lv 4's.

Kythrol Dhorin
The Riot Formation
Posted - 2011.07.27 19:47:00 - [234]

I did sisters of eve epic arc for the first time and saw that it was good.

Smiles Hart
Posted - 2011.08.01 04:40:00 - [235]

Twisted Evil

Substantia Nigra
Posted - 2011.08.09 01:16:00 - [236]

I quite like the epic mission arcs. Having run the minmatar and gallente lvl4 and both pirate arcs over the last couple of weeks I've found them to provide an interesting diversion ... and some rewards to go along with it. I especially enjoyed the pirate arcs ... despite my FAIL first attempt of Angel Sound (got ganked and lost the mission-critical item).

The pirate arcs are rewarding, but have tended to take me longer because of the extra effort to stay safe while running them. The lvl4s can be completed quite quickly if you're efficient, and of the two types I've done the Gallente seems to offer the better rewards ... I now have a pair of eagle DLAs fitted to my PvE rattlesnake :-)

My tally of Angel Sound suggests rewards to the tune of: 55 - 65M isk cash; around 300M isk in goodies (Dominations Painter, Cynabal BPC, and CONCORD STAR emblem); some general loot and salvage if you're into that sort of thing; and standings of around +30% angels faction, 10 - 15% archangels corp, 10%ish dominations corp, 3%ish RSS, and small drops with sansha / guristas depending on which options you choose at the branch points. I haven't added it up but expect Smash and Grab probably provides similar rewards, albeit from a guristas perspective.

More epic arcs, especially challenging ones dragging us out of our comfort zones, would be greatly appreciated. I wonder whether the structure of the game would allow the development of arcs that take ppl into w-space ... Can a player be sent to find a class X w-system and then the mission site spawn in that system, whichever system it actually is? Just a thought Very Happy

Substantia Nigra
Posted - 2011.08.09 02:14:00 - [237]

Pirate Epic Mission Arc: Support and Completion package

The details are in the commercial (sell orders) forum thread, but here's the link for anyone who may be interested:

Posted - 2011.08.24 01:59:00 - [238]

I Liked the Amarr arc, loved it actually it was pretty fun, pretty good isk too if you salvage it and the bounties were nice.

However as I transitioned over to the Caldari....

First off the branches made no sense and it wasn't clear exactly what the hell the choices were, as well as the fact that how that changes the story...again just not clear.

Also, what is with all the low sec crap? I had to quit the arc entirely because I do not find it fun trying to break through a crap load of board pirates to do a mission.

I started this entire thing in order to get the mobile laboratory and apparently I messed that up by choosing to go to the low sec drop off in a covert ops (Which i trained up just to do that) I almost got caught twice through that gauntlet alone...

just reduce the mission rewards and put them in high sec imo, if your intention was to get people into pvp...then the whole "PvE Experience is kind of lost.

I'll be checking out the other arcs in the next few days...I just hope there is no more of the low sec crap because its too much of a pain in the neck and I don't like having to jump to a clone just for a few arc missions.

Too much travel with the Caldari one too...

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