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Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2009.12.05 11:47:00 - [61]

Originally by: Nex Aeolis
That area, although populated, is retaliatory quiet.

Where the Silence itself fights back !

Posted - 2009.12.05 22:11:00 - [62]

spending all that time to get some R.S.S scan probes is a kick in the balls, the missions are not level 4 equivs that bull granted the bounty/loot is ok but its easier to do a bunch of level 4 missions with lesk risk to my 1.1 billion isk worth of raven.

missions: ok
reward: sucks
and no they didnt live up to my expectation,

Tomarix Vindigo
Posted - 2009.12.07 12:20:00 - [63]

I started the SOE arc and never finished it. The story was not really compelling and the reward did not make me want to finish it either.

After all reading in this thread, I will most probalby not start either lvl 4 epic arc, because they are not epic. And because I am Gallente, I like to RP and I won't massmurder just to get some isk.

I like doing quests in other MMOs, I am fond of reading the stories, watching how things work out, but the so called epic arcs are currently nothing more than a set of common missions with no epic fealing to them.

What I would consider epic: Make them dynamic. Give us more choices. Give miners the choice of mining parts, pvp guys their low sek fun, explorers some steps of exploring stuff and finally offer rewards which are more than some fancy form of isk. Epic arcs should be special, different, rewarding in more than isk ways of thinking.

Give us some epics which follow the tutorials, offering some steps (with choices) up to the point, where you have to have skilled a certain skill to move on with the epic (i.e. cruiser III, industrial III, mining IV or something). Then you get more missions in that arc, depending on your choices until you meet the next branch of quests requiring a new set of skills (i.e. battlecruiser III, indi V, Mining Barge III or something, you get the point) where you embark on the next set of missions, still with choices. Imagine your joy to be able to fly the final epic steps with your shiny new marauder, freighter, hulk or whatever to get some final reward which you can't buy anywhere. A onetime bonus to damage/cargo/mining whatever..., create an eleventh implant slot, where only questrewards of epic mission arc can be implanted by the mission. Something you can't buy or sell. Do your attribute arc, to choose the path to the final permanent +1 (whatever).

Voice acting is a good one. It is about time to revamp the old agent/mission system anyhow, so do voice acting for all, at least do it for epic mission arcs.

Normal missions are static. Those few ship numbers who differ, don't change much. Epic arcs should be very different, more dynamic and with many choices to make. Choices that count, perhaps limiting the player in which further mission arcs s/he is able to choose from. Yes many will whine if they can't do all, but many whine anyway.

Generally, epic mission arcs are a great idea anyhow. The more different missions you offer, the more happy (at least) us PvEer are. So don't get me wrong I wouldn't appreciate those arcs we have, but hey, you asked... Cool

Posted - 2009.12.07 22:32:00 - [64]

I've completed 2 epic arcs: amarr and soe.

SOE arc:
1. nice story and scripting, but i was kind a dissapointing, that i can't engage sleeper drone and don't get any answers at the end.
2. middle part of arc, when jumping from one agent to another just to find some terrorist was very boring and illogical. I'd simply shake more info from SOE, instead of hunting ghosts.
3. reward sucks. Some isk.. c'mon, i want something special.. maybe a medal and standing increase

Amarr arc:
1. boring. it's like "Bla-bla-bla mr.Freeman"
- Hi! kill sansha!
- ok
- Hi! kill sansha!
- ok..
- Hi! kill.. mercs!
- Yeehaa!!
- Hi! kill sansha!
- "self destruct activated.."

2. rewards: again, nothing special and imp is useless

Xavier Sunder
Posted - 2009.12.08 16:55:00 - [65]

Is this stuff on live yet? I haven't seen it.

I would agree, however, that missions need some more flavor. While this is a big pvp game, pve content of some kind, whether building/trading/missioning/etc is how you make your money. I'm getting pretty bored of the same lvl 4's, and every WH is shoulder-to-shoulder filled.

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.12.08 19:39:00 - [66]

Originally by: PeHD0M
Amarr arc:
1. boring. it's like "Bla-bla-bla mr.Freeman"
- Hi! kill sansha!
- ok
- Hi! kill sansha!
- ok..
- Hi! kill.. mercs!
- Yeehaa!!
- Hi! kill sansha!
- "self destruct activated.."

2. rewards: again, nothing special and imp is useless

You went wrong at the section where you picked to fight more Sansha rather than go turncoat and kill the Amarr Navy instead.

High Voltage Industries
Posted - 2009.12.11 00:36:00 - [67]

So far I did caldari Arc and few coments.
Rewards ... I did not want to read giude how to get Hayasynoda Lab, I wanted to enjoy the story.
And I did, but after I became hero of the state I have asked myself...ok where to next it CAN NOT BE THE END right ? ... was...simply 'well done', 'good job' and see you. End of story...
Come on CCP, a medal or something of that sort, a big party, fireworks or whatever. Not simply take your cash and get lost you egger... [20mils for 10jumps thru low with 5000 m3...well...I did it for the state :) ]

Second thing...this is suppoused to be caldari arc, but with heavy sensor damping in one of the mission even a fleet of ravens would be practicly useless...I was using my domi so it was easy, but come needs more balancing.
Also I was suprised that I was actually FORCED to go to low ... not that I do mind, low is much safer than Jita anyway :) but there were suppoused to be a choice....null sek is bad idea for ppl with nice wires in a head so I took low but I generally don't fly in my 'empire' clone to low/null this time I was forced...bad CCP...bad.

Well overall it was fun, something new.
Looking forward to ammar arc, to bad I can't do galente [Yes, I'm a traitor :)] and Matar but that's the choice I made.
Looking forward for more stories like that, and some nice stuff [not only isk or faction stuff. Some unique items, medals that sort of thing].

Forge Lag
Jita Lag Preservation Fund
Posted - 2009.12.12 16:40:00 - [68]

Edited by: Forge Lag on 12/12/2009 16:53:28
Edited by: Forge Lag on 12/12/2009 16:43:28
Amarr arc:

kill BS blob
kill BS blob
kill BS blob
kill BS blob, no bounty, no tags, no loot, sucker
kill BS blob
kill BS blob

go 15 jumps
your hacking sucks, start training, logoff sucker, GB2WOW

...currently at this silly stupid L4 hacking (or is it L5?) bottleneck that cannot be avoided in any other way than waiting for a day, sandbox my behind...

At least the implants got buffed, still hundred of millions less ISK than Caldari arc in pure cash and a again bit less in goods.

Caldari had story I could care less about, was overall rather boring, had a horribly long trip to null (with courier to make it more annoying) - but at least you were forewarned about hacking and you could patch it up in hours with help of rigs.

Agents in space that communicate remotely are cool. I like it. Still, TLDR paragraphs upon paragraphs popping on your screen while in middle of nowhere in low/null are dumb, they serve to massage author ego but not to immerse anyone, not in that form and place.

Oh and having to have high empire standing to start the arcs clearly shows how CCP loves the tedium of L4s.

Edit: I will probably do Matar since I do have Brutor tribe standings but I am not really looking forward to it all that much. Well I could be running it, new shiny autocannons blazing, instead of flaming on forums but I am obviously not motivated any more. GJ there. Sad

Edit2: I did not really mind going to null, I had to get ship (easy, Jita is close), make new clone (tedious since I am not home in Caldari space but I wanted to make new clone anyway) - but having to go that far was very boring and having to carry unique cargo all the way was not comfortable, but I'd rather risk it than having to jump scout alt all this way and then back. It is not the danger but the tedium that bothered me there.

Posted - 2009.12.17 08:49:00 - [69]

Edited by: jarlgeir on 17/12/2009 08:53:57
Doing these Epic story arcs was on my list of things to do, until I noticed the devs force you into lowsec.

End of interest. Ohne Mich.

The Concept of goading PvEers into PvP areas in order to entertain griefing PvP squads was inferior game design years ago. Today it may well convice a few PvEers to cancel. Enough said.

For PvEers there is little immersion in running the lowsec gauntlet, and absolutely no entertainment. I admit there will be plenty of suspense in seeing if you can survive the pod-killing ganking squads, but I respectfully must decline this sort of entertainment, even in an implant-free jump clone and a trash ship.

After reading through this thread, it seems we can conclude:
There is little epic about these missions, except the Epic name tag.
There is unsufficient balance between risk and reward
Rewards are mostly regarded as crap loot, with the notable exception of the Caldari Lab.

At least they should offer us a medal for bragging rights, if we are to suffer through all of this. But do we get one? Nope.

Epic Fail, CCP.

Could we please see separate Epic Story Arcs for Hi-sec and for Low-sec, in order to entertain both the bottom-feeders in low-sec and those who never enter low-sec, without insult of injury to the other major player group? The latter group (those who never enter lowsec)is 40% of EVE subscribers, and we should be entitled to have some entertainment in our carebear area too.

Havoc PhD
Posted - 2009.12.19 13:10:00 - [70]

i have done maybe 50% of the lvl 1 epic arc blood stained stars but the touring all over eve and then doing lvl 1 missions for it was just a waste of time i felt so all i want to know is how i can remove the entry Blood stained stars from my journal pls

i wont finish it and have gone back to a few of the agents that i did stuff for but they wont talk to me again

anyone know how to just drop/delete this mission/entry ?

Novgond Galathil
Haw Bratva
Posted - 2009.12.21 03:23:00 - [71]

Well I was going to work on doing a epic mission. But I'm not bring my 1billion PVE ship into low sec space, especially for iffy rewards. I like many other am sick of being forced into PVP things in order to do missions. If I want PVP I'll go to low sec or null sec. Some people love the PVP, some love missions, to each his own and please spend time on each side.
I love the idea of Epic missions and good rewards for them, but we really ought to be given a option for the low sec part and the rewards should be epic as well.

Terena Darkeen
Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.12.21 10:07:00 - [72]

Edited by: Terena Darkeen on 21/12/2009 10:14:01
Edited by: Terena Darkeen on 21/12/2009 10:13:29
Switched into a jump clone, fit a covert ops and went to Syndicate - Didn't see a single hostile soul along the way.

Perhaps it's not as scary as you think it is. Laughing

CCP: More content like this please, but my only suggestion would be if you do fail the mission as a result of PvP that it doesn't kill the arc for you completely but instead lowers the reward or makes you do additional work to complete it. Also, use the sleeper AI for more things. Very Happy

To the 'elite missioners': Stick with the same old Q4 L20's you run day in and day out if you don't want to try out something new - this is new and interesting and I'd probably be doing it even if there wasn't a reward at the end just so that I can say that I've done it.

Sword Of The Empire
Posted - 2009.12.22 18:34:00 - [73]

I did the Amarr arc.

Found the storyline of the missions very interesting and engaging. Also really loved the in-mission convos from either agents or targets.

Content wise....bit repetitive with the amount of battleships that needed killing. As a mission runner, you can either take the pounding from 6 battleships and their goons, or you cant. If you cant, you die or run away, and if you can, then please dont make us repeat the experience with wave after wave after wave.
Increasing the amount of waves doesnt increase the difficulty, it just increases the time it takes to complete, but makes it extremely boring in the process.

One other thing; there was way too much tracking disruption. I guess this was meant to increase the difficulty, but again, all it did was increase the completion time. I dont mind a bit of disruption, it's interesting. But when every single combat mission has them in (and not just one or two ships, but several....per wave) it just gets really boring. Those parts of the missions were a case of breaking out the drones and then going afk to watch some TV or something whilst I waited forever for them to break through the HACs' armour rep cycle.

I liked the reward I got at the end, but I would also like a 'decoration'. You included this mechanic in game and I cant imagine why this got missed out, given you can make your own in corps and get them for even the most basic participation in faction warfare.

Would also echo what others said about not making the low sec missions static. That's just a pain in the ass. No-one minds a bit of pvp when it's a chance encounter, but there's no fun going into what is very likely to be a camp of low-skill/high numbers griefers to stop your evening of play.

Posted - 2009.12.28 09:35:00 - [74]

Edited by: Thirzarr on 28/12/2009 09:35:31
I am still missing any kind of pointer as to where to find the caldari arc. Been missioning my happy day long and just had the mere existance of these mentioned in chat... so far no agent, no hint, no offer, nothing points me to anyplace or anyone to talk to/mission to/look at...

So... I guess the epic mission arc needs metagaming just to be found. *cough* @ immersion.

If not - I guess im just failing at vision. ;)

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.01.01 13:47:00 - [75]

I find them rather meh for lack of a better word. The rewards normally suck especially for the amount of time and effort you put into them and risk out in low/nul sec. Even if you don't cheap it up and run the cheapest fit you can to do the missions one gank and your out of pocket by more than your reward at the end most of the time.

The biggest issue's I see with low/nul sec missions is that the mission's often call for a fit that basically means your screwed for pvp. If you fit for pvp you ether spend a lot more isk (and thus bigger risk/loss's) or struggle with the missions. Mission's need to be more than just 1 ship vs blob, make forms of ewar and jamming/stabs effective against a small group of npc's with much bigger bounties. Think about it you just destroyed over 20 ships worth over 130mil isk each before fit so over 2.5bil of dead targets and you may get maybe 25mil (before loot and salvage if you even get that). Far harder and challenging npc's with AI would mean you could make missions more interesting, more like pvp, possible reduce load on the sever (As you need far less entities in space).

The mission's also need to be dynamic the choke point's just are causing all sorts of not worth it feelings, mainly because people get board and decide to camp out where they know they will get some easy pve fitted kills. If I miss the target for what ever reason I can just fly the the known next point's of that arc and get them again etc.

The biggest problem is keeping everyone happy, more content is always good but when there's a large percentage of people who will run missions who won't go into low/nul sec then that percentage basically will feel let down by the feature. Offering higher rewards for the higher risk is a step forward but offer lower (but worth while compared to normal lvl 4's) rewards for empire only solutions.

Posted - 2010.01.04 18:10:00 - [76]

Edited by: Malidinus on 04/01/2010 18:16:07
Edited by: Malidinus on 04/01/2010 18:13:01
Epic Mission Arc goes under PvP, not PvE.. just like all the rest higher end PvE content is actually more PvP inclined. I like EVE. I dabble in the market, mine, run loads of L4 missions but I certainly don't like PvP in EVE. Fleet fights are... passable.. but the 1-2 vs Gank Squad type of PvP has nothing to offer to me so I just avoid it as much as I possibly can. Also, as stated in here before, a mission fitted ship is a free meal for even a single PvP pilot with a properly fitted ship (even if the mission ship along with it's equipment may cost 100+ times more).

What is absolutely hilarious (or maybe sad) is that most PvP people I know pretty much sit on the best PvE elements all the time and aren't even interested in them. They just want to PvP. So the stuff we PvE people want sits firmly behind the PvP people who are more than happy do anything in their power to keep us from getting what we want even though they don't want it for themselves. You've had plenty of time to try fix this but nothing happens. CCP has also been lucky there haven't really been any good MMO games coming out in the recent years.. but sooner or later your luck will run out.

Fremen Sietch
Posted - 2010.01.05 00:20:00 - [77]

concerning the amarr arc - now at least you get some faction standing increase for finishing it, which is good.
killing great amounts of sansha as was told already is boring and have no challenge. you either can kill them or not. last mission was a bit more fun due to respawns and random madman ramblings.
now to the bad design. you get a mission to kill sansha in the same system or the system next door and you can remotely accept and complete it. it's ok. then you get mission 3 jumps away and you can't remotely complete it becouse you need to return with mission item. This is mildly annoying.
Then you get a mission 13 jumps away (reteka system i think) which you can't complete in a fast ship becouse you have to kill some stuff and you have to bring your combat ship (bs most probably). Then you kill stuff but you still can't complete it remotely and request the next one becouse you can't. This is very annoying.
So you take your combat ship and go 13 jumps back to the agent to discover that you have to go back 7 jumps (to palas system) to talk to the other agent. This is starting to **** you off real good.
This is either bad design at it's best or a practical joke or something.

Quinn Tokimeki
Posted - 2010.01.08 13:37:00 - [78]

Originally by: Queen Mira
playing (10hrs+ a day)

Dude, get a life. Shocked

Posted - 2010.01.12 15:00:00 - [79]

Originally by: Quinn Tokimeki
Originally by: Queen Mira
playing (10hrs+ a day)

Dude, get a life. Shocked

There's nothing wrong with living online ugh

Guillieme Lohran
Posted - 2010.01.12 17:35:00 - [80]

So far my only complaint is that I can't run the damn thing. Never heard of the corporation I was supposed to have massive standing with before I tried to start the arc. Tried to grind standing with them but got bored of doing lvl2 and 3s REALLY quick. Guess I'll just have to wait till my faction standing is high enough. At least I can make some actual ISK while grinding.

I don't understand all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about going to lowsec. You don't need a billion ISK pimped out ship to do missions and getting podded in low is pretty easy to avoid. To me the added danger adds a little spice to an otherwise boring NPC slaughter. Use it as an opportunity to learn some good lowsec habits. They will only help expand your EVE horizon.

Lucious Testicle
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2010.01.18 04:33:00 - [81]

These 12 jump travels for the minmatar Wildfire Arc are getting very old. Seriously, if this is just a huge timesink I'm going back to regular lvl 4's.

Posted - 2010.01.30 19:39:00 - [82]

do these people play this game?

NO? sack the lot and start again.

Posted - 2010.01.30 21:32:00 - [83]

Edited by: Requmonien on 30/01/2010 21:32:54
I'm not a mission runner but I run missions sometimes with friends or for the lulz(yea). I have barely enough standings for a Caldari corp to get lvl 4s and thats about it.

So when I heard I rushed to do the SOE mission arc not because of rewards but because of the fresh content. It was refreshing to see new stuff, new systems. I mildly enjoyed the story yet there was no immersion to speak of (a portrait and a text usually fail to immerse me). Also flying around in a frig and killing stuff was something I missed and I had fun. Rewards sucked, I didn't care.

All is good, I can give 7/10 for the effort to ccp.However there was a good opportunity for them to spice things up by injecting some randomness to missions (in difficulty AND rewards) which will attract some bored semi mission runners, but they ended up with an avarage effort.

Now came lvl 4 mission arcs and I realised I can do none of them. I don't have enough faction or corp standings for them and I don't have the patience to sit thru generic lvl 2-3s to grind for yet another avarage effort. Also there is no indicator or something that would lead me to epic mission arc agents. I learned about pirate mission arcs they being done in fast ships and got interested yet still there is no info about ANYTHING related to epic mission arcs(maybe I missed something). How come I'm forced to research thru web to acces the new content.

Also I want to add, instead of four different epic arcs, I prefer a one big arc with a lot of branches which leads to different kind of playing styles and different rewards.

Genesis Strife
Posted - 2010.01.31 22:55:00 - [84]

The best way to go into low sec systems for this kind of thing is something quite simple.
You can save your implants and main clone, and lower the risk of low sec.
Other than that, warp stabs and cap boosters will get you home more often than not.
You normally only get sent to low sec on an epic arc for a courier, so just take a cheap frig with cargo expanders if needed.

Posted - 2010.02.02 13:17:00 - [85]

I've been grinding level 3's for Impetus standings for the last two days, in order to do the Gallente Epic.

Then this post pops up at the top of the forum, and I read it top to bottom.

So the thread tells me:

  • The rewards aren't that great
    The missions, although different from standard, are just more grind
    You can only do each arc once
    You'll be dipping into low/nullsec
    There's a lot of pointless system-jumping

There are other observations, but those are the ones that stuck with me.

Frankly, I'm disappointed. Yeah maybe I should have researched first to save the bother - or maybe not and found out for myself. But given that Eve is a time-sink, you'd have thought that an "Epic Arc" would harvest equally epic - even better: unique - items for the capsuleer.

The revelation (to me) that arcs are a one-time only strikes me as a ridiculous waste of dev's time. OK so doing all four would take forever, but who's bothered? A handful at most. You should at least be able to do each one as many times are there are branches inside the arc itself. I wonder how many players have actually completed any of the arcs? How many started and gave up? And how much dev time was involved? The more I ponder, the more I think the arcs need a major re-think. As someone else said, this was a great idea, poorly implemented.

I've been a nullsec player, so the idea of going into 0.0 doesn't bother me; it's doable. But I sympathise with hisec guys & gals who baulk at the idea. I agree - a wormhole option would've been much better.

Some very good advivce on improvements in here so I won't repeat it.

Synopsis: I'm not going to bother. Reward-wise, I can make far more, and more quickly by doing this.

Cheers CCP - Still love this game

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2010.02.05 15:29:00 - [86]

Just some quick thoughts...we should do a more in-depth reply to all this feedback at some point. Smile

Originally by: Bibosikus
  • The rewards aren't that great
    The missions, although different from standard, are just more grind
    You can only do each arc once
    You'll be dipping into low/nullsec
    There's a lot of pointless system-jumping

We recently (i.e. Dominion 1.1 patch) upgraded the rewards, basically every one. A lot of the feedback here on rewards pre-dates that update (it was a factor in us making the changes, after all, alongside other similar threads).

You can do an epic arc once every three months, not once only.

The lowsec/nullsec parts are almost always optional (usually offering better rewards), and whenever they're not optional, you won't be required to risk anything like a Battleship (think more along the lines of a smuggling run in a properly fit frigate).

As for the jumping, "pointless" is subjective. If you have to run illegal goods out to a corporation's research lab, naturally they'll want it taken to one outside of CONCORD space. Storyline has more importance in these arcs than it might for repeating "generic" missions, so we didn't shy away from sending people off on long-range assignments in situations like that and others for the arcs, if doing so served some narrative purpose.

Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2010.02.05 15:39:00 - [87]

Finished the Amarr epic arc, twice.

Not as well rounded as the Caldari, the agents did not really stand out as being Amarr and their dialogs seemed a bit plain with not much character behind. Also, while each and every Caldari mission had additional background info only very few had this in the Amarr arc. I strongly get the feeling that the Amarr arc was made last.

Though, the possibility to work with Sansha was great, except I feel all of that paths missions should have been in low security space. Especially the last one (Regal Replacement). I can understand the reasons why to put it in high sec (especially after having read the horrible risk adverse comments in this thread), but it is obviously designed for low security space as the opposition is something that can be handled in an assault frigate or two or a single assault cruiser. The ability to take a battleship (or in my case a marauder) made the mission stupidly easy.

My suggestion is either to move the site to low security space (perhaps up the reward in this case) or keep it in high sec, but put ship size restriction on the gates. I know second option does not do much difference as you can warp a battleship to any stage of the site as long as you have a gang member there, so perhaps do the third option and beef up the NPCs so it corresponds with the difficulty of the other final mission (The Right to Rule).

Btw. bug report send, hope you iron them out.

Salizar Amolkshue
Posted - 2010.02.09 18:28:00 - [88]

Originally by: Jowen Datloran

Though, the possibility to work with Sansha was great, except I feel all of that paths missions should have been in low security space. Especially the last one (Regal Replacement). I can understand the reasons why to put it in high sec (especially after having read the horrible risk adverse comments in this thread), but it is obviously designed for low security space as the opposition is something that can be handled in an assault frigate or two or a single assault cruiser.

I don't read most of these comments as "risk-adverse". If the low-sec missions can indeed be done in a disposable mission ship (like the pirate arcs), I am all for offering people rewards to match the risk. I just don't agree with putting any mission in low-sec that takes a faction fit battleship an hour to complete. Low sec missions have to be fast to minimize (not eliminate) the chance of getting caught, and they have to be completable in something that is PVP fit, not PVE. As it sits now, most hi-sec level 4 missions require a ship that is pure gank bait in low-sec, thus the lack of people running missions in low-sec.

Originally by: CCP Dropbear

As for the jumping, "pointless" is subjective. If you have to run illegal goods out to a corporation's research lab, naturally they'll want it taken to one outside of CONCORD space. Storyline has more importance in these arcs than it might for repeating "generic" missions, so we didn't shy away from sending people off on long-range assignments in situations like that and others for the arcs, if doing so served some narrative purpose.

I couldn't agree with you more. Having someone have to smuggle something through low-sec because it is too dangerous to transport it through hi-sec would have been an cool story.

Unfortunately that's not what you did. Especially in the Minnie arc, there are multiple 12 jump hi-sec to hi-sec agent transfers for no apparent reason. Yes, the story had a reason why you should go to a different agent, but it didn't explain (to my satisfaction anyway) why that agent was so far away, nor why that agent was going to give me a couple of missions and then return me to another agent one hop away from my current position. This kind of travel is just tedious. As long as the mission is offered in hi-sec and can be done in my marauder, the actual system name in the top left corner is not terribly relevant. In fact, it made such a huge impact on me to be sent from system to system that I have to check my notes to recall any of the system names that were involved.


PS: When I went to restart the Gallente arc the other day I had to get a GM to remove the original one from my epic journal before the initial agent would talk to me. Is this a bug, should I report it? Or do GMs file a bug report when they find something like this for us?

Jizaburo Ozawa
Posted - 2010.02.15 17:40:00 - [89]

I am 3/4 the way through the gallente arc and I am really enjoying it thus far. I don't mind traveling a ways away for the mish's either. They are definately difficult to solo but i am happy with the isk per mission I really enjoy the variety of the missions as well. Never seen an NPC hyperion before till now. The actual story is not bad either.

Overall I am very happy i started the epic arc. Fun and exciting.

Simon Ingenes
Fyfysy IC
Posted - 2010.02.20 19:44:00 - [90]

I did all of the missions - one thing i can say - disappointment
Storyline - quite nice
Having to jump 15 jumps to talk to agent fly one mission and fly back 15 jumps - n/c
Rewards ? ermm ... n/c
Overall opinion = ugh

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