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CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.02 09:43:00 - [1]

The final chapter in the PvE experience looks at the Epic Mission Arcs; both the new player arcs and the more advanced Level IV equivalents.

Have you enjoyed the arcs in general and did they live up to your expectations for immersion? Did you find the variety of missions to be good? What about the rewards?#

Please feel free to give us as much feedback as possible Smile

Posted - 2009.11.02 10:25:00 - [2]

Thought of doing one until I found out that you will be send into low sec aswel and for me missions and low sec is a no go, pve in high sec and pvp in low sec and any mission that send me into low I reject.

Tanith YarnDemon
Posted - 2009.11.02 11:36:00 - [3]

I have two issues with how they are today.

First off, they lack consequence. I realize this might change with the pirate faction arcs etc, but they should be there to really change something. Flipping standings, making certain elements hate you, causing your sec status to go negative, etc etc. Some drastic change if you go down that path with the story. Basically, you should have a less rewarding sort of blend middle path in the arc, OR you could go wild get good rewards and dire consequences. Economical, social, legal, political or whatever, just some drastic change for the most extreme paths.

The other issue is the imbalance in rewards. You can run a certain string of the caldari arc and get a hyasyoda mobile lab. While awesome as such, the other arcs get no similar option. Basically, 400 mil reward from one arc, 50 mil if you're lucky from the others. And on top of that the arc as such is pretty simple and straightforward, with as noted above no real consequences.

The variety is decent, you get the options to play it rather safe, or you go to syndicate and run a courier. Sadly, while the backstory differs and adds a dimension to the arc individual missions are not really any more interesting than normal level 4's and it quickly becomes another min/maxed isk generating grind. You pick your paths not because of what you want, but because of what the final reward is. If we got a bit more variety, maybe some pvp elements where it's simply not possible for all parties to complete the same arc(not necessarily blowing eachother up, and definately not camping a respawning can, but more based on choices and timing.). I could see pitching two player entities onto the same field where one would get to escort the same NPCs the other is supposed to kill. I could see missions where the goal is to assassinate a single NPC and you could either enter with brute force OR sneak in a stealth bomber and just pop that one NPC before you go down in flames yourself. More focus on sidepaths and bonuses. Give a great bonus on a mission, but also a structure that may or may not add great rewards. Keep a bonus on several missions in a single line, where you could blitz them all, or go for a slower approach and earn a more stable and dependable income. If technically possible place agents within missions, let ships send out distress signals allowing you to abandon current line to sidetrack into something completely different, if you want to.

I guess what it's really three things. Consequences, Balance and diversity. And probably in that order. From what I heard at fanfest, diversity is something you had in mind already and something we might get to see in the dominion era.

Kathryn Dougans
Posted - 2009.11.02 12:48:00 - [4]

the new player one (Sister Alitura's one) is alright, gives people a lot of background information about the world of EVE.

sometimes a bit confusing as to what's going on, but that fits well with the story of it.

level 4, Amarr one, was ok. Decent amount of background information about Amarr society and politics.

Missions themselves, were alright, though several were rather long duration.

Rewards weren't particularly notable, beyond any sort of souvenir or rp reason.

Overall, they were good.

Tylara duChelm
Posted - 2009.11.02 13:38:00 - [5]

For arcs that are many missions long, the payoff (Aside from the lab from the caldari) is. . . pathetic. If one can make ~30m a mission doing generic level 4s a payoff of ~40m isn't attractive really, especially with the risk of going into lowsec. In other words, they aren't particularly compelling.

What I would like to see:
1) Reward balanced against risk, if you go into lowsec you should get some sort of reward that you can't get in highsec.
2) Voice acting. If Kerberos Studios (Makers of the Excellent Sword of the Stars game, and essentially a 12 person studio) can have voice actors for virtually their entire game, CCP could get voice actors for epic agents.
3) A sense of accomplishment: Change SOMETHING. Have a system's sovereignty flip from one empire to another, or something that actually has an impact on the game world.
4) Have different payoffs for blitzing and for being completionist. Have hidden timers that give extra bonuses for comming in WAY under the "bonus" timer. . . and/or have hidden triggers that give bonuses for a completionist victory. Think about the level 2 Gallente mission where you are sent to recon an ammar warfleet. There is no benefit for killing the fleet, no bounty, just tags and salvage. Taking out the entire invasion fleet is a significant accomplishment that should be rewarded.
5) For the final payout, have a reward that clearly shows that the person has finished said epic arc, and cannot be gotten any other way. I'd love to see a faction battlecruiser or battleship. (different from current offerings. Say standard stats entirely, except with +2 slots, however that balances and works out.)

Now I personally dislike anything that forces you into lowsec for missioning. "But but Eve is a pvp game!" people cry, ad nausium. That's all well and good, and I do enjoy some pvp. (Especially fleet battles) but as CCP has commented in the past, NPCs don't act like PCs, and making them do so would take excessive resources. This means that a ship designed for mission running WILL NOT be good for PVP. Many fittings don't work on NPCs but work gloriously on PC ships, and vice versa. Further, Missioning is typically a solo activity, where someone hunting lowsec missioners will tend to be travelling in a gang. Now if the player CHOSES to go use a lowsec agent, they deserve what they get, but being FORCED into lowsec to complete an arc is. . . unfair.

A note on rewards: It has always struck me as odd that the all powerful empires, that do the majority of the research, and have the VAST majority of the population, and tons of resources, are getting out-researched and out teched by pirates. What am I talking about? Deadspace and officer modules. Currently there is nothing even CLOSE to matching the quality of meta 11+ deadspace and officer mods. Are there no researchers or agents that could offer similar quality with the economic might of Empire to back them? Putting such into epic arcs makes sense, as you can only run each arc once. So unlike say Draclira who you can gang as often as you encounter her, you'll only ever get 1x of "Gallente fleet improved energized adaptive armor plate" or the like.

Queen Mira
Posted - 2009.11.02 14:52:00 - [6]

Arc Missions (at least Caldari) is utter #*!@%!! I know it's been said above...but I ain't gonna take my 5 billion isk CNR to low sec!! Not to mention 2 billion of implants in danger. CCP you have failed yet again. The Sleepers where not worth it & unbalanced. Over a year into playing (10hrs+ a day) & I am getting fed up that things can't get changed up. Same 'ole missions & no advanced ones (tech 2 ships). If we are not going to low sec to run lvl5 missions (shame on you for that) than what makes you think we would want to do arc missions in low sec. Are you trying to force us on PVPers? Eff yous then! It's bad enough all the good Amarr agents are in/thru low sec. I will start vocalizing my dislikes more & more on the forums.

Posted - 2009.11.02 15:07:00 - [7]

Edited by: Dacryphile on 02/11/2009 15:09:13
I enjoyed them, except for the final reward. Personally, I think a Faction Navy BS would be a much more appropriate reward for finishing the arcs than some crap module.

Also, the missions seemed a little unfinished. For a variety of missions, you needed some loot from the previous mission, but that previous mission didn't specify that you needed to loot it.

The ewar in some of them needs to be balanced too. Getting sensor dampened by 10 ships effectively means I can't run the mission, not being able to target past the tip of my nose.

I ended up skilling for hacking because of them, and have since taken a lot more interest in exploration, so that's cool.

I appreciated being sent to low/null sec. Having the option to go to either one was a nice touch. I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about it since you never have any fights in low/null, you are just transporting stuff which you can do in a cov ops or blockade runner.

Some of the missions had tons of BSs with great bounties. YES!!! I don't run the missions for fun you know, I run them to pay for pvp. The more isk I get out of an L4 means I spend more time having fun pvping and less time grinding for isk.

Shana Matika
Posted - 2009.11.02 16:07:00 - [8]

As mentioned times and times and times again:
PvE+Lowsec...sure, but without me.
First thought about starting the arc...but then soon changed my mind...when? Well, as soon as i noticed that the rewards are not even equal to normal missions (except the caldari lab).

The time and effort it takes to complete the arc plus the risk as some are located in lowsec is just way to high compared to the rewards in general.

The new player arc sounds OK. It's a nice first step for some new player and you get some very handy items in the beginning (well a cruiser Skillbook would make more sense than the dessy one).

An other bad concept is the static nature of the agents. You have to travel always to the same region/system, yes even complex...isn't the actual situation of mission hubs enough? Do we need to create more and more? Not to talk about the lowsec arc's where you can't even think about completing a mission without someone probing you out.

Sad but true, as someone who likes to run missions the arc is not very attractive to me.
As far as i heared the missions itself seems to be nice, but not at that risk/reward ratio.

Galactic Kingdom
Posted - 2009.11.02 16:14:00 - [9]

Originally by: Sinistro
Thought of doing one until I found out that you will be sent into low sec as well and for me missions and low sec is a no go, pve in high sec and pvp in low sec and any mission that send me into low I reject.

1) This ^^

2) Besides they aren't given out by random agents (yet) so I don't get them offered either. And for some reason I am not curious/motivated enough to 'go and get them'.

Salizar Amolkshue
Posted - 2009.11.02 16:59:00 - [10]

- less travel for the arcs please, it is just a time sink.
- Unique modules like the lab or the RSS probes are good rewards, cash is a rip-off.
- Mission runners should NEVER be forced into low or null sec to advance the arc, it should be optional for higher rewards.
- Low and Null sec target systems CANNOT be static, they must be dynamic.
- Arcs should be offered by agents belonging to standard mission corps, not to obscure ones. I never did a mission for Expert Distribution before grinding with them for the Caldari arc, and I never will do another now that its done.
- I liked the fact that I wasn't forced to wreck my standings with other factions to do the missions. If you are going to add in faction hits, make it optional like low or null sec. I want to be able to experience all of the mission arcs, not just half of them.

For those who are interested in the non-TL;DR version....
(sorry for the wall of text)

I have completed all 5 epic arcs and for the most part I enjoyed them. They had decent, if somewhat generic, stories. In most of the missions I thought the payout was sufficient to make the mission worth running. There were a few that seemed a little cheap, especially the ones that had 8 or 10 BS spawning at a time. That is something that I expect in level 5 missions, not level 4. Not that I mind the difficulty, it was refreshing, but the payouts should have scaled accordingly.

The biggest problem I have with all of the arcs is simple. The whole "Pack your bags, you're going to see the universe" theory is badly flawed. One hi-sec system is much the same as another to do a mission in, but 12 jumps in a battleship is painful, not fun. I assume there are some out there who enjoy travelling since there are people who specialize in freight hauling, but for most jumping a battleship around the map is just something that has to be done, not something to be enjoyed. Forcing me to travel a long way in a mission ship is just a way of artificially increasing the time it takes me to finish the epic arc. It adds absolutely nothing to the game in my opinion. I would quite happily do the entire arc never leaving a constellation, or at the very least leave the constellation permanently when required (like the SOE arc, where you have to relocate several times, but you don't have to travel lots once you get there.)


SOE arc - this one had a crazy hard last guy in it. I did the missions in an AF, which was a huge overkill for everything but the last mission. In the last mission I almost didn't have the DPS to break the final guy's tank. It's all well and good to say "bring a friend", but the reality is that my corp-mates were a LONG way away (the SOE arc kinda happens at the end of nowhere) and I just don't trust my fellow Eve players enough to pick up one in local to help out. I'm sure that there are lots of very helpful players in that system, and I am equally sure that there are a stack of pirates pretending to be helpful. The rewards for the SOE arc sucked, but it was just a level 1 mission, so that was to be expected.


Salizar Amolkshue
Posted - 2009.11.02 17:05:00 - [11]


Caldari arc - the first of the level 4 arcs that I did, I got the lab and am therefore quite happy with my final reward. Other paths were very poor for their final reward. I'm not sure a faction ship is the right thing to give out, but I am sure that a pure cash reward is a rip-off. The biggest problem with this arc was being forced into low or null sec. The dev blogs made it quite plain that there would be low sec or null sec as an option for some of the arcs, but that you would be able to chicken out and stay in high-sec and just take less for rewards. Imagine my dismay when, even after I chickened out, I had to go into low-sec anyway. I survived the experience, but 37 jumps ending in static null sec is a long way to travel, even in a covops ship. At the very least have the low and null sec mission targets move around so that they can't be camped. Better, put them behind a locked gate and give the player the key so that they just have to get there in one piece, but don't have to be worried about getting ganked as they drop their cargo. Putting up a sign in low or null sec saying "CAREBEARS LINE UP HERE FOR TERMINATION" isn't really what I consider to be good gameplay. That is not PvP, it's shooting at fish in a barrel.

Amarr arc - Had some of the hardest fights I've ever seen in level 4 missions. Too bad the rewards didn't reflect that. I am also unimpressed with the implants offered as the final rewards, they are less useful compared to the +3 variants already available for the most part. It did have one of the best stories though, with choices that actually seemed to matter.

Minmatar arc - The RSS probes are exactly the kind of module I like to see from the epic arcs. Not spectacularly better than other equipment, but well worth the effort to get. Too bad there were no real choices involved in the arc, it was pretty linear. One branch at the last mission isn't really what I was expecting from the arcs. I especially liked the 10mil bounty battleship, he was fun to kill.

Gallente arc - The last of the level 4 arcs that I did, and one of the most annoying. I'm not sure who the mission designer is that thinks its fun to jump my mission ship 12 hops to do a mission and then return to hand it in, only to be sent back again for another mission. In most of the other arcs when I was sent a long way away I would have to stay there and do several missions before I would be sent somewhere else. The gallente arc had several 12 jump travel sessions, return for reward, and go back to do it again. Sometimes I did 2 missions before moving on, but quite frankly I almost stopped doing the arc after the third time I was sent packing only to be sent back. VERY ANNOYING.
The gallente arc also had a terrible story, forcing you to become a mass murderer and justifying it by saying they were useless to society anyway. The gallente are supposed to be capitalists, not sociopaths. It had the right balance of risk/reward for the low and null sec choices though, that part was well done.

Anticon Chor
Posted - 2009.11.02 17:15:00 - [12]

I like the Gallente Epic Arc 'Syndication' so far. Just got a few things I'd like to contribute...

Bug - In the mission "A Different Kind of Director" the director did not stop attacking my drones - for no reason at all. Eventually my drones popped him. Nothing major, although after he died I finished off the mission worrying that him dying would ruin it.

Storyline - In the mission where you must escort the senator's son, you are confronted by Republic Fleet Minmatar vessels - it is disheartening to have to kill supposed 'allies'... If possible it would be nice to have their naming convention changed to reflect that of their 'faction', the Pator 6.

Play - I would suggest that instead of sending people to Lowsec in furtherance of the Epic Arc, people are instead sent down a wormhole into inviolable deep space to perform their mission. But make it tough. I do not fancy Lowsec - flying what I can afford means the potential ship loss is not worrying - but like many mission runners I have too much invested in my implants. All it takes is one gank squad and a HIC.

Good work though, CCP. I'm liking the new EVE.

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.11.02 17:44:00 - [13]

they have apparently ****ty rewards, so I haven't even bothered with them.

neugo synth blue pill lols, synth boosters.

Anticon Chor
Posted - 2009.11.02 19:47:00 - [14]

If you do the Gallente one and choose Good, you'll end up with a Black Eagle Drone Control Unit, they are going for about 300m.

But you're right as well, I forgot to add that. It looks like the only Epic Arc that offers a nice reward is the Gallente one.

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.02 20:52:00 - [15]

hey hey

did i enjoy them ? well actually yes i did. however; i enjoyed them for the wrong reasons. they were new and after the continual grind of pve they were different but thats about all.

after completing them i feel totally deflated and completely let down by CCP. you guys promised new tools and new challenges as well as branching but it was all non existant.

whilst i do love the richer storylines they have litle to no bearing on the mission itself. the missions are still just warp and kill eveything and warp back to agent. i found myself just clicking past the brief and going back to grind mode. the story has been vastly improved and yes it adds to the flavor but its totally unimportant. as a capsuleer i have no impact on the arc and how i drive the story. all my decisions are pre built in and the mission outtcome is totally predetermined.

i continually feel that you guys have missed an opportunity to really do something special here. i understand that its still in development and still very new but you have been selling it to use for over a year now and its still nothing more than grind, grind, grind.

the rewards are what i expected and its good to have a new shiny without it being uber. however you seem to be exceptionally clueless as to the balance between races and the rewards between race doesnt balance. its obvious from the plethora of posters about rewards that most pilots will go for the highest reward path.

What i would like to see is the arcs to be challenging in terms of full completion and that not being determined by a DPS factor. also, sadly, low sec isnt a balancing factor and pilots just dont want pve/pvp crossover. BUT some do want low sec missions and entirely live in low sec. also slightly on this point is the requirement to cross region. im a 5yr player and my standings are ****ed beyond belief (and i love it.) but with the addition of the faction piggies cros region life is fubar for anything other than traveling through. yes it drives the storyline but it doesnt fit within the current faction police mechanics.

one of the biggest letdowns is the branching factor. epic should be epic. i still stare in amazement at the photo i took of the branching slide and thats what i really want. i want my choices to drive the story. the current branching is crap and again a simple misison choice but i really really believe that agent/pilot/mission interaction is possible. if i get told theres a possible bad guy in the deadspace i wanna be able to choose wether or not i believe that story and wether or not his anhilation determines my next mission not the predetermined arc. i wanna be buggered if i make the wrong decision or be driven further down the rabbit hole. i dont want to see guides i wanna hear stories of what happened to a pilot and how his story completely differed from mine although we had the same start point. 1 misison (at branch points) should have at least 2 or more possible outcomes thats pilot action determined. mision, grind, mission, grind, choose mision , grind... ISNT immersive.

lastly (for now) misisons should be available on SISI for testing earlier and the bugs adressed BEOFRE they hit TQ. bugs that made it to tq were mentioned in the SISI forums yet still went live.

ShatteredCrystal 60d GTC

Jekyl Eraser
Posted - 2009.11.02 20:53:00 - [16]

Never did any arc or part of arc... Except one of the cosmos arcs that were supposed to give huge boost to amarr standing but i didn't have enough standing to start the arc... the mission agent was bugged and gave me the mission anyway from the middle of the arc that i couldn't complete and it expired on me.

Never did epic arcs because:
I heard the rewards are not that epic.
You have to do too much jumping around. Hearsay again.
Last and least, have no idea where the arc begins. Fix this for future if i somehow, some miraculous reason, had a boost of energy and felt like npc:ing for fun Shocked

I'd do them however if/when you get standings "fix" from them. If they gave some reward that was unattainable in any other way or were generally just more profitable than lvl4.

Are the arcs really only doable once? If so they are such a waste of dev time.

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.02 21:11:00 - [17]

as someone mentioned above . . skills

having hacking on the misison made it slightly more interesting and justified having the skillset to do the misison. having the arcs difficulty increased so that a specific skillset is required adds a level of difficulty and greater imersion. an agent could easily give a hint (proper hint) that the mision(s) on offer would need X profession specific skills or if you did this then X will happen or if you went in all gunz blazin then x happens. i liked it when i was told dont take a battleship but i wondered after what would have happened if i did and if that made a difference (gate locked iirc) but you coul deasily add different gate paths etc and different completion options ergo adding branching that could be unl;ocked by specific skill set choices.

i wanna path/gate i can... hack open, build key for (indy potential), cloak past, etc

better skills - better/different pathway

FT Diomedes
Factio Paucorum
Posted - 2009.11.03 04:22:00 - [18]

There are no real choices and no real consequences. I did the Minmatar and Gallente missions. I never got the sense that I was doing a choose your own adventure book that would take me down a different path. I never really felt like I was making a choice that was a leap into the unknown (the kind of place I would want to save in a singleplayer game). Some elements of the missions were great - I liked the variety of skills. I liked the need to probe and hack and analyze. I liked the element of not knowing exactly what each mission would hold the first time I warped in, but I get that same feeling from any mission the first time I do it. I really liked that it was new content, but it wasn't very epic.

What I really didn't like: the rewards sucked. A lot of the missions had no bounties - they dropped tags that were contraband in that space. A lot of the reward had to be looted and salvaged - and that is a pain in the ass when you are 12 jumps from base with nowhere to really store it all. Plus, because of the huge distances to travel and the uncertaintly of each mission, I didn't really feel comfortable taking in a Marauder. I did them in an Ishtar and a Nighthawk (well, until the Ishtar got instapopped by one of the missions).

And some of the bugs - e.g. 7 million counterfeit credits (had to BUY a freighter to collect the reward) -ugh. What am I supposed to do with 7 million counterfeit credits?

Also, the final rewards were so terrible as to make me want to scream.

Vaerah Vahrokha
Vahrokh Consulting
Posted - 2009.11.03 09:01:00 - [19]

- Sucky rewards unless you rolled the *yawn* usual Caldari. And I thought WoW was bad, with having its "good choice" classes and others that sucked for years.

Well, I suppose it stacks nicely with the long term general suckage of Minmatar weapons, maybe to give us that unique feeling of being a slave.

- Newbie epic arg: nice, but too bad if you also embraced the newbie PVP option (factional warfare) you are out of luck. You'll just die.

The fun part is... with the declared new ability to branch missions, the option to branch to let those in FW to choose an alternate path that won't have the faction police beat them into extinction was not even considered, much less implemented.

- The non newbie epic arcs: where are the "epics"? The battles are kinda appropriate but what about what you get for the effort? For once in my life I'd love to see the guy who studies the reward be forced to explain the true rationale of WTF he was thinking about when giving a fat zero to some, a lab to others and similar.

- The branching: little used, static.
EvE is possibly the most advanced and diversified MMO around... why oh why do we have to live with 1980 alike super-static-with-super-stupid-AI missions? Why in early 1996 a company released the first dynamic campaign generator but EvE is like 1000 years far off it?

If the answer is what I think it is ("lol this is a PvP game") then how comes that you cannot earn a passable income with PvP and must resort to PvE yawngrinding? I played other PvP MMOs (WH, Darkfall and others) and you always get stuff / medals etc. enough to prosper. Not in EvE. Not unless you are a yawn-low-sec-gate-camper sitting 23/7 like a spider on his little hole.

Lyra Blazing
Posted - 2009.11.03 15:36:00 - [20]

Well for me its like : Different Name same thing.

- As stated before their is nothing epic about the missions
- The reward is pretty meh
- The epic arcs are rather static not much choice
- I dont care for a story as i find the eve backstory pretty much bad sf anyway

Since you can do the arc only once or any 6 month ( Not sure about which), i feel we would have been better of with new lvl5 or lvl4 missions. So big fuss about nothing realy.

Dretzle Omega
Global Economy Experts
Posted - 2009.11.03 18:03:00 - [21]

Branching, as others have touched on, shouldn't be a selection at the mission screen (at least not always). You should get a choice in the mission.

The Level 3 Driving A Wedge would be an excellent example of that potential. For example, you are given the mission to destroy the Gallente industrial. If you decline that mission they give you the same mission but instead destroy the Minmatar Industrial. Either way, the mission is the same when you fly to it. Worlds Collide comes close to another example of how this could be done. In that mission you can take one of two paths (or both if you feel like it).

For a branching epic mission arc, you could fly into the mission and destroy either the Minnie or the Gallente industrial. Your choice happens in the mission. What you do in the mission should matter. In the SOE epic arc there's a mission where I'm chasing a drone ship through spatial rifts he creates. There could have been two ships that I have to decide who to chase, perhaps one coming with a better fleet than the other. There could be hidden things in missions. For those that feel like blowing up structures, blowing up a particular research lab could have some drastic consequences, causing a spatial rift you could go through for an undiscovered path in your epic arc.

So, as they said, epic arcs need to be a little more epic. I haven't done the Lvl 4 ones yet, but low sec should be a choice with much higher rewards.

Posted - 2009.11.04 04:44:00 - [22]

The biggest problem with epic arcs is identity. It is not unique (per se).

It is no more than a collection of cobbled up missions that mirrors the standard fare that it hardly evokes anything else other than the standard "nu! o shiny!" responses, then it gets forgotten by the masses.

Why not design something with an open ended progression instead of a linear progression? Give several objectives ranging from trade/haul, locate someone, invent/research, salvage and etc. and let the guy figure out how to run them order. Less centered on kill missions, more "other stuffs (with the same isk rewards)". The occasional combat should then be buffed up in difficulty.

Dynamic or pseudo dynamic changes to some objectives depending how the tasks are completed like less/more elite enemy ships in a kill mission, easier/harder "other stuffs". You get the idea.

When we get to rewards, consider some intangibles like medals and corp/faction standings (which doesn't necessarily have to be the final reward). Also consider more useful (but no great PVP/economic impact) rewards like a hyper shuttle (warps 20au, 1000ms) and the likes.

Jekyl Eraser
Posted - 2009.11.04 10:43:00 - [23]

The dynamic part of the epic arcs that is missing could be so that you'd have to choose which mission gate you take. gate 1 could take on against gallente federation while gate 2 would be against Sansha Nation.

Or there was 2 faction on the mission site... say Sansha and gallente fleets were fighting eachother, you'd then have to choose which team you would help and get standings according to your choosing.

Or have multiple objectives on one mission... 1st could be simple mining mission at first warpin that would only give isk as reward(maybe some corp standing too), when you enter the first acceleration gate room there could be rogue drones that you could kill or not kill your choise but if you killed you'd get some nice reward(bunch of T2 drone blupring copies, some battleship...) and the final room could have that sansha gallente fleet fight that would give massive standings boost. If you only did mining mission, it would lead into a mission with more non combat options. If you did not do the last room, you'd get less standing missions and more epic reward missions.

Xander XacXorien
Posted - 2009.11.04 21:33:00 - [24]

I created a new character for mining and thought I would try the epic arc missions level 1 with my main as well, to pass the time.

These are the problems I experienced:

1) Faction standing, as a long term mission player my faction standings mean I cannot go to all areas. So the content is not playable.
2) Low sec, as a long term player I realise going into low sec with 2 billion of implants is very stupid.
3) Rewards are very low, it's not even worth me using a jump clone to bother.
4) Rewards are biased in favour of Cladari, surprise surprise,,, lol the consistency here is beyond hilarious.

These are the things I cannot understand.

1) Why did you bother ?
2) Why spend what must be a lot of programmer time to provide unplayable content ?
3) Why did you provide such riduculous rewards and bias them ? Ah then again I know the answer to this one, you've done the same thing repeatedly for the last 8 years.

I don't find it either very funny you are trying to waste my hard earned money and free time.

The only immersion I felt was CCP is AGAIN trying to get missioners ganked in lowsec, the content is known and its location - trap, someone with a sick mind has a good laugh.

Posted - 2009.11.04 23:48:00 - [25]

Edited by: Ankhesentapemkah on 04/11/2009 23:50:38
Actions in the missions do not have any impact.

For example, I killed the 'stolen Nidhoggur' carrier at that pirate outpost, and a few missions later it was right there again. Should be some reward *COUGH MEDAL COUGH* or branching for doing ridiculous things like that.

The rewards aren't worth it, unless you're Caldari. Of course we already know the Caldari-bias but don't make it this obvious please.

I also refuse to go to lowsec in a mission boat.

Doctor Dodo
Dalek Tactical Industries
Posted - 2009.11.05 11:02:00 - [26]

Like the others have said I have little desire to become a kill board notice by being forced into low/no sec in a ship that is not setup for PvP encounters and providing some cheap entertainment and loot for pirates.

I am basically a miner/industrialist that does missions for a break from that so my combat skills are adequate against rats and would not stand a chance against professional pirates.

give better loot for epics that run in low/no sec but also give epic missions that run only in 0.5 and above space. do that and there will be a lot more mission runners willing to do the epic missions.

I think the summery of what people want in epic missions
* Missions in EITHER low sec or high sec
* Rewards that are in scale to the time/risk involved in running a epic mission (If I am going to spend 7 days to complete a epic lvl 4 mission then I want the at lest have to rewards equal of doing the same number of lvl 4 missions from a agent of the same quality)
* Missions that feel like they do have and effect on the universe

In the future I would like to see epic missions for agents levels 1 to 5 but I am not holding my breath.

Jarvis Hellstrom
The Flying Tigers
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.05 22:49:00 - [27]

To date I have only played the original one.

I must say I enjoyed it very much, although I am technically far too experienced a player to be doing it. I did much of it in either an AF or a CovOps frig and used a spare Itty IV is a mobile base to haul those ships, support elements and a small Navitas Salvage frig from region to region.

On the plus side, it was fun and pretty.

Negatives were that it was

1) Without the forums, kind of hard to find. I would say you need more in game 'pointers' to this mission for new folks. Perhaps these exist in new systems, I don't know, but if not they should be created.

2) It was somewhat anticlimactic. That was unfortunate. There needed to be bigger build to the final couple of battles and a little 'Oomph' at the end. The Oomph didn't even need to be stuff, just some kind of cooler endgame/denouement. More dialogue, maybe a cut scene or three, something. Just more.

Can't comment on the others as I haven't done them yet - I will once we've settled and aren't under perpetual wardecs.

I would say, again, some more 'in game' pointers to them would help. I spend lots of time in Minmatar space and have seen nothing in game thus far to point me to it.

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2009.11.06 00:31:00 - [28]

Really excellent feedback so far folks, keep it coming.

Polly Prissypantz
Dingleberry Appreciation Society
Posted - 2009.11.06 01:27:00 - [29]

Originally by: Tylara duChelm
2) Voice acting. If Kerberos Studios (Makers of the Excellent Sword of the Stars game, and essentially a 12 person studio) can have voice actors for virtually their entire game, CCP could get voice actors for epic agents.

I'd be happy with a working sound engine.

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.06 13:25:00 - [30]

Originally by: CCP Dropbear
Really excellent feedback so far folks, keep it coming.

Remember feedback goes both ways :)

will there be some form of summation sticky from you guys about all the pve stickies that navigatior created ? it will be good to see what you guys feel about the feedback we have left and it would be good to see if they are a direction your taking or a direction you now feel that should be taken.

also with one of the more common elements of PVE being an element of player interaction and consequence it would be great if you could also post what IS and ISNT possible. I know i tend to think within game mechanics but ive noticed people ask for stuff™ and i have no idea if its technically possible.

Many thanks
Mikal Drey

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