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Yushua Mehdi
Amarrian Extensive Enterprises
Imperial Crimson Legion
Posted - 2010.06.19 03:44:00 - [241]

I think Cristobalus DeMora's suggestions would be great to see IG.

On a side note, um... about WHEN will this feature be added on?

Posted - 2010.06.19 04:23:00 - [242]

this walking in stations thing is such a bad idea! Why bother. I can see it now, Dock in station (game Loads), Enter walking in station (game loads), run halfway around the station to find mission agents office and enter (game loads), get missions from agent and head out of office (game loads), Go down to hanger bay and enter ship (game loads), undock for mission (game loads). Wow, my mission just went from a 20 minute mission to a 40 minute mission. Nice work CCP!

You know that or something similar will happen. Bring something into the game no one really cares about, put more load onto the already struggling servers. And **** people off by doing something stupid like making people enter the station to do a mission.


Svarty II
Posted - 2010.06.19 23:33:00 - [243]

One thing I would consider would be to link new missions to how standings have been set.

Someone who has had their treaty (I was watching fanfest recently) broken by a backstabbing swine, might put poor standings to the person who did it.

When someone accumulates enough bad standing (this has to be a bad thing, because otherwise people will manipulate it otherwise, there can be no upside- i.e. not abusable like the bounty system is) with people, NPCs start talking about them making them out to be notorious backstabbers and not to be trusted... this makes walking in stations a good place to hear gossip if you're considering a treaty yourself, for example. After this, NPC bounty hunters (more desperate and less sensible than players) might randomly attack the offending player or might offer people in stations missions to assist an NPC gank.

Thrawns Visage
Posted - 2010.06.20 02:12:00 - [244]



Svarty II
Posted - 2010.06.20 02:49:00 - [245]

Originally by: Thrawns Visage


...what was that?

Mecha Polcha
Cause of Crisis
Posted - 2010.06.20 10:04:00 - [246]

I would like to be able to see ALL the ships that are docked from some kind of viewing platform inside the station that overlooks the hangar area... not necessarily with a view to seeing who owns what, but just to be able to see such a display of ships coming and going in Rens/Amarr/Jita would be totally AWESOME :)

Keorin Leyonis
Posted - 2010.06.22 19:25:00 - [247]

I know some of these ideas may sound sketchy, but in Star Wars Galaxies, they really nailed down and did a good job with how guild cities and player housing worked.

For example, as your alliance's numbers and accomplishments grow, your POSs could have additional wings added to them, or possibly even plant guard NPC's to prevent hackers or spys from doing their dirty work. Just basically like rewards for the WiS portion of your gameplay. Players could maybe also customize the interior of rooms purchased within the station, and perhaps even start their own black market/regular market/whatever within a NPC or player owned station.

Sounds kinda lame, but the idea of being able to build your own little club or bar in a station could draw in a lot of the smaller corps out there, and would more than likely draw on a more positive response than negative.

Cathy Drall
Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2010.06.23 08:05:00 - [248]

Originally by: Mecha Polcha
I would like to be able to see ALL the ships that are docked from some kind of viewing platform inside the station that overlooks the hangar area... not necessarily with a view to seeing who owns what, but just to be able to see such a display of ships coming and going in Rens/Amarr/Jita would be totally AWESOME :)

Well perhaps there could be different docking stations, one for small ships, one for cruisers and big ones for freighters .. I think it will strain the servers when you want to see all 1,000 at once! :)
But I love the idea!

Anyway, I'd be very happy with WiS/Incarna, even if it's just for taking a break in a station, being able to chat with your corp members in your home office, perhaps play some mini-games. Also when you dock you could be walking in the station instead of just seeing your ship. Becoming a person instead of a ship wil greatly increase the game's immersion for me (I know, it's personal) and add to the "RPG" part of "MMORPG".

Posted - 2010.06.27 19:20:00 - [249]

Originally by: Mecha Polcha
I would like to be able to see ALL the ships that are docked from some kind of viewing platform inside the station that overlooks the hangar area... not necessarily with a view to seeing who owns what, but just to be able to see such a display of ships coming and going in Rens/Amarr/Jita would be totally AWESOME :)

Reminds me of a parking lot at a football stadium...

Overall i wouldnt complain if it were left out, but it would be neat.

Svarty II
Posted - 2010.06.28 01:55:00 - [250]

Edited by: Svarty II on 28/06/2010 01:56:24
I wonder if it would be possible to find a down-at-heel politician and bribe, cajole or blackmail him/her into manipulating potential political decisions to positively affect your own personal agenda.

As a wealthy corporation, you should be able to influence the decisions of government - just like real life!

Halcyon Ingenium
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2010.06.28 10:44:00 - [251]

You should definitely make missions in stations, if you are going to have them at all, be completely optional. As in, if I don't want to do them to make ISK, grind standings, obtain items for agents, then I never have to. If I am in a pod and I pick up a mission from an agent, expecting to complete it without leaving my pod, I should not have to run around in a station to complete it if I don't want to. Do not FORCE us to walk in stations to do things we can already do now. That will make WIS suck badly.

Posted - 2010.06.28 18:43:00 - [252]

Accepting missions in person would appear to be a very cosmetic aspect of the game, however I believe that Eve could -really- use some cosmetic updates. I have a handful of friends who I have tried to get into Eve, but they complain that the whole game feels like it's still in beta stage because almost none of the game's transitions are fluid. If station interaction is going to be updated, you might as well toss this in so the game feels more fluid:

Right now when you dock to a station, you are instantly whisked from space and placed in a docking bay. What would be very nice is once you hit the dock button, you disappear from space like normal but instead the camera spawning in the docking bay, it would be focused on your ship entering the docking bay. While the ship enters the bay, small drones could apply repairs, conduits could reach out and refuel the ship, and all sorts of other fun things while your ship is moving into the docking bay. This process should take 20ish seconds which is conveniently the same amount of time it takes before you are allowed to switch ships. You know that "your ship is not yet in the docking bay" error? Well now it would make some sense. Of course all other aspects of being in a dock would remain the same while your ship is moving through the docking area, you could put modules on the ship, move things in and out of the cargo bay, ect. This sort of update would really make the game feel much more fluid, which I believe would make the game much more enjoyable.

Emrys Ap'Morgravaine
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2010.07.02 14:18:00 - [253]

Originally by: solodrakban
Stuff about transitions

Actually, I really like this idea, granted, its not a fix to say AF's, Rockets, etc, but it would add a certain something.

The only problem I see with it is undocking, I can't off-hand think of a sensible transition that isn't just going to make things a nightmare.


Posted - 2010.07.03 14:30:00 - [254]

+1 to walk in station to accept missions is a bad idea.

I'd even make things easier and allow people to accept missions without docking as long as you're in the same system and 2 hours countdown for refusing missions instead of 4. Even with today's technology you could send comms signals to Mars, I don't see why you have to dock to accept a mission from your agent...

Also i'd create a "Job" button in the taskbar, you could see every agent available and not available in the system, so no need to always check the agents tab from the npc corp over and over again just to find out in which station the agent is or logging on When you have to log on a website to get the information you need in-game, it pretty much means that your UI is badly designed or could be improved.

So make the missions/agents easier and faster to access, not the opposite.

Happy Lady
Posted - 2010.07.03 22:31:00 - [255]

Yeah having to waste time in a station to go fly a mission is . . . . fail. Taking longer to do the already tedius process of dealing with an agent is a bad idea.

Posted - 2010.07.06 03:03:00 - [256]

im sure ccp want some ideas for walking in stations they know walking around a station doing npc missions will get old fast there has to be player interaction i for one wont spend my isk buying virtual beer in a glorifyed chatroom any bar with a decent population will be full of people trying to sell me cnr's and double my isk oh how boring so what would make me visit a station

what about bounty agency's
its about time ccp sorted the bounty sytem now would be a good time

to do it an anoyed carebear goes to an agent in a station and places a bounty on a persons head which would esentialy be a contract the carebear pays for example a 10 mil bounty then pays an agent fee of 5 mil the agent fee could determine the length of time a contract is active, the hunted player then recives notification there is a bounty on there heads 24 later the contract apears on a board like a mission, a bounty hunter can buy the contract for say 5 mil.
Once a mission has been acepted it is removed from the list the bounty hunter can then hunt the other player without concord intervention until they have killed him or the mission expires players may also be required to join a bounty hunters corp to be able to acept these mission
also if a person has an active bounty mission maybe they could talk to npc's in stations to get clues ie barkeep says last i herd he was in caldari space then once your close to your prey you may find an npc who says he was in this system 10 mins ago etc i know about locator agents but im thinking how to get milage from walking in stations
bounty hunter missions should be solo afairs a wanted person should have to retreat to low sec or 0.0 if they want there friends to be able to help them it would be nice to have a form of pvp in eve that a person could do solo and it might help clear some of the scum out of emire

wormhole brokers esentialy an npc agent if i find a wh i can talk to an agent and sell them info on a wh location alternativly i can also buy wh location info from the agent that has been provided by other players maybee a contract type system the contract would expire with the wh for a premium fee the agent may be able to provide you with the bookmarks to get to a specific wh system if you provide them with the id number i think to make it work you would have to create an item when you probe out a wh to sell to the agent

how about the bar tenders give info as to where estemel was last seen hints on where jucy things may be found etc

what about the eve museam a special station where relics can be sold and put on display like fragments of the eve gate the items could be found via archeology skill in deadspace ccp could make monthly unique items like a treasure hunt for big rewards to fill the museam display and years later a player could visit and say i unearthed that exibit maybee players could loan rare ships or rare items to the museam id probably go see a gold magnate if it was on display

how about a hacking type activity that can yeild detaied info on trafic activity at certain jumpgates 0.0 alliances could maybee gather intel on each other
and finaly

dealing contraband is a must visit down below and sell to the npc junkies or maybee you just deliver large amounts to sell in bulk to your underlings who do the street selling for you this is eve you decide

sorry if these ideas have allready been posted i didnt read the whole thread

Posted - 2010.07.15 05:13:00 - [257]

Let us look at things another way. I have tried to recruit people into eve and even show them the game in play, can anyone tell me what the largest response is? That game is to complicated or I just want to start shooting. if you start mixing it up with missions and stations it get's more complicated. WIS needs to be more designed for players to meet buy or sell. in my opinion just keep it simple but pleasent.

Posted - 2010.07.15 19:30:00 - [258]

Gambling or Cards. Bars were We could say enter in to mini games with other players for isk. you know bet on races or Card games. something where the two players were pitted against each other I think would be best. simple short games 5-15min max, they would also have to not be juvenile. stuff like mario mini games and the like.

Posted - 2010.07.17 03:38:00 - [259]

Originally by: Emrys Ap'Morgravaine
Originally by: solodrakban
Stuff about transitions

Actually, I really like this idea, granted, its not a fix to say AF's, Rockets, etc, but it would add a certain something.

The only problem I see with it is undocking, I can't off-hand think of a sensible transition that isn't just going to make things a nightmare.


Undocking would be slightly different. Instead of starting from the dock and slowly moving out of the station, you would start outside the station as usual except there will be a couple of small tugboat ships (more for larger ships) tugging you away from the station. If you initiate warp then the tugboat just cuts its line and runs back to the station.

Dirk Smacker
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Posted - 2010.07.17 18:13:00 - [260]

I'd be surprised and alarmed if CCP put the entire mission system in-station. Either I'm missing something or people are making up stuff to cry about.

Here's some stuff I would like to see offered from NPC's in stations:

Lower level pirate faction missions

Still need to go to their homes in 0.0 for the higher level missions, but it'd be cool to get some missions from pirates in seedy bars which don't draw enough attention to get you noticed by the authorities. Maybe make it necessary to complete some of them before going to the NPC pirate homes for the rest of them.

Mercenary/Smuggler Missions

Along the same lines as pirates, but far more likely for authorities to look the other way at mercs during high ranking missions. Smuggler missions would be all about transporting contraband a good distance to dead space spots the coppers may or may not be looking for you.

Militia Missions

Given the nature of FW, central gathering spots may be beneficial in bringing militia members together. If nothing else, make people go to some sort of in-station awards stand to receive faction promotions. Post the promotion on some sort of screen.

Race Courses/Gambling

Missions where you try to get the best time, or even race against others. Display the best times on a screen in the station. If there's races, allow players to bet on results (somewhat low stakes to prevent fixing).

If this isn't feasible, get some sort of racing simulator where players can bet. My idea for a low sec Amarr gambling simulcast would be like greyhound racing only instead of greyhounds, there's slavers (the dogs, not the people) racing. Instead of a fake rabbit they are chasing around, make it an escaped Minmatar in a cage). :)

If that betting system works, use it for the next alliance tournament.

killorbekilled TBE
Dare Bears
Finis Terrae
Posted - 2010.07.17 19:21:00 - [261]

i like the idea of walking in stations, but like a lot of people have already said ccp should think long and hard about how this concept should intergrate into certain aspects of the game, there where alot of good ideas in the previous posts before this one but i believe they need to lay the fondations first, meaning give people the abilty to walk around and interact first then build on that, i dont believe they should try to bite of more than they can chew because thats where mistakes are made, walking in stations (for now) should just involve leaving your ship (if you want to) to add to soacailising experiance, and then go from there

Posted - 2010.07.18 02:08:00 - [262]

When WiS is implemented i think it would be fair if everyone got one free character remodelling per account,seeing as avatars are going to have a huge impact and some like me may be dissatisfied and were not aware of WiS when they made their avatars.

Posted - 2010.07.19 13:56:00 - [263]

Edited by: NeoGee on 19/07/2010 14:04:59
* When people are running WIS missions, space will be a lot less crowded. Is that a good thing? I leave that up to you.
* people should have the opportunity to remodel their avatar at least once.
* dbases for space and WIS functionality should be split as to not put extra load on current infrastructure

brainstorming without any regards about available resources/costs etc (the utopian vision);

missions can be accepted in stations and would be executed on two fronts;
1: other (e.g. rogue/deadpace/0.0) stations (WIS) OR
2: ON PLANETS (W O P: Walking on PLanets)!
Yes, thats right; people can form teams either in station or on planet and go down to the planets to run missions. The approach here could be somewhat linear; some "starting" locations where players can start and learn their race based skillsets. From there, people can branch out to other "mission" planets once their equipment allows for it. Equipment? YES!
Instead of focussing on ships, players will be able to access EXO-suits (called EVO suits). PvE could entail Wow like structures in terms of missioning (yes,i did say that out loud) while PvE would be available on planet battlegrounds (Planetside-like).

It all makes sense now that CCP has experience with DUST514. Aim for the stars!!!!
I could go on for a while, but i have not enough time.

Posted - 2010.07.19 17:22:00 - [264]

Confused So what you are abbdicating is that we get all GTA like in EVE. I think that would be AWESOME. The controls would be a bit more complex but hey I am all for it. Because if I get to Walk around inside of a station. Then that also means I get to hop into a space suit and jump out of the airlock of my ship and jetpack over to an enemies ship and TAKE his ship by force and then Tractor Beam my ship all the way back to the station and now I have two ships.Shocked

It would also mean that I would finally get to go down to the surface of the planets and moons and asteroids and blown up space station wrecks and such and explore those too. Very Happy

I would finally be able to answer the questions that have kept me awake at night... What does the INSIDE of my ship look like... and What kind of Flora and Fauna do those Lava Planets have??? Rolling Eyes

And lastly it would mean that in an emergency I could hop into my space suit and eject my capsule as a distraction. So whilst the Pirates are blasting it I could escape out the airlock and land myself on some asteroid. Then when they left I could throw up a distress siganl to my Corp mates who would gallantly brave all to come save me. Rolling Eyes


Kabaal S'sylistha
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.07.20 21:31:00 - [265]

In order of what I want most and think is most feasible:

If I can walk in stations, I want to be able to walk in my ship, and customize it with a crew and decorations and whatnot. Also, be able to carry others in my ship.

If I'm able to walk in stations and ships, it needs to be incorporated into both straight up fighting and sovereignty. For instance, having to carry marines or small drones onboard to repel boarders, or being able to send a capsuleer along with a marine deployment to take over and hijack a ship.

I want to be able to walk on planets, at least in any place with a structure.

As far as missions go, I'd like to be able to do something like come up on a station, drop off my DUSTers, and as soon as they land warning signs blare and I have to go out and defend against an enemy fleet while they rush the complex. Sort of an interdependent PvE experience, and not something forced.

Posted - 2010.07.22 01:56:00 - [266]

Walking in stations will be very interesting ,but it has to be well planned, like someone said before.

I would like to see bars and pubs, belonging to individual corps or alliances with different add ons that could be installed by CEOs or directors.
Yes, show us exotic dancers in full size :D

About missions...hmmm... make them like a hybrid between in space and in station ones, that would be good imo, but please dont create a tomb rider or prince of persia :p

The negative aspect of this whole WiS thingy will be, more people will spend more time in stations than in space, which pirates, mercs and some other players wont like at all.

Iam sure CCP will balance things out, so everyone will be happy ;)

Dolmite Cornerstone
Posted - 2010.07.22 16:42:00 - [267]

Originally by: Tylara duChelm
In working to spread out agents in order to reduce "mission hub"ing, I would suggest having "Affiliated" agents be in discoverable locations within a station. For example, you would have, say, the Navy recruitment center that gives out Navy missions, but then you may encounter Creodon or Alistra agents in the bar or a bullitin board. These agents/missions should be randomly occuring, and turning down a mission with them ends any chance of getting a mission on their current "visit" to the station. Even better would be if these agents worked off the stations "standing" rather than their own corporation. This way people could take one off missions from other corporations to spread out their missioning fields a bit. (In other words, someone doing navy missions could earn a bit of corporate faction with someone else which might encourage them to mission with that other corp.) Also "discoverable" agents should have higher base pay-out than the fixed agents in a given station.


The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.07.22 16:52:00 - [268]

Since the release of the first MMOs, the implementation of immersive and interesting PvE content has become a difficult task. To meet players expectations, I believe more is needed than the genre typical kill- or gathering-missions. However, due to the fact that EVE Online already contains a vast background story, a detailed skill system as well as thousands of solar systems offering a multiple of potential locations for Walking-in-Stations (WiS) missions, a base concept is given that may be used as mainframe for a rich and immersive FPS-MMO experience.

Talking about mission design and upcoming content

First off, in order to talk about mission design it is needed to evaluate upcoming content. How deep is the current gameplay content going to be involved in the upcoming WiS-features and -content? Going a bit beyond the scope, I would suggest the following features and ideas ...

Let it be evish!

EVE Online is special in many cases. It offers a wide variety of skills, an unique and modular fitting system, offering the player enough space to diversify their character and ships - a principle that would also perfectly fit into the world of a FPS-MMO. Imagine you had no classes like an engineer, assault soldier, medic or tech, instead it would be the skills and fitted equipment defining your role in combat. It sounds pretty "eveish" and I bet most players would love it.

I. The Skills

Implementing new skill-trees for WiS-content would feel like some kind of a new start - for every single player, no matter if the player is an EVE veteran or a newbie. Possible specializations could include training in order to unlock certain gear or to simply boost passive stats and abilities. In addition already existing skills could be cross-linked to work within the new WiS-content (for example hacking).

- Projectile Weapons
-- Projectile Rifles
-- Projectile Assault Rifles
-- Heavy Projectile Wepons

- Hybrid Weapons
-- Hybrid Rifles
-- Hybrid Assault Rifles
-- Heavy Hybrid Weapons

- Laser Weapons
-- Laser Rifle
-- Laser Assault Rifles
-- Heavy Laser Weapons

Personal Defensive Systems
- Personal Shield Device
-- Personal Shield Device Upgrades
-- Personal Shield Device Manipulation
- Personal Armor Repair Systems
-- Personal Armor Repair System Upgrades
-- Personal Armor Extensions

Of course this list could be extended, but I think it is better to stop here and leave it to everyones own imagination.

II. Suit-Type

The suit-type is basically the equivalent to EVE Onlines ships (hulls). According to the chosen suit-type, the visible appearance of a players' avatar is going to change. In addition, the equipped suit-type is going to unlock further equipment slots and defines the possible payload. Similar to the modular t3 strategic cruiser system.

Example 1: Assault-type suit

Suit-type: 'Variation' Assault Optimized Gyrosuit
Possible variations: Tech1, Scout, Gallium, Carbide, Tech2, Angel, Archangel

Maximum Payload: high
Fitting Loadout: 4x high slot (2 weapons,2 utility) / 4x med-slot / 5x low-slot
Hull: The hull is your body, extremely fragile and one shot will most likely kill your suit.
Armor: High - the avatar becomes tankier, but less agile if equipping armor; higher base resist than shields.
Shield: High - the avatar becomes tankier, remains agile, but the shield collapses quickly under focused fire.
Agility: low-medium (depending on the used payload)

Suit Special Ability: Equip one of X possible abilities (e.g. Siege=tank / Marauder=offensive)
Suit Bonus: some sort of HAC bonus, e.g Vagabond or Munin

... continued in the next posting.

The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.07.22 16:59:00 - [269]

Example 2: Medic-type suit

Suit-Type - 'Variation' Emergent Response Suit
Possible variations - Tech1, Arup, Solace, Coaxial I-AX, Tech2, Sansha, True Sansha, ...
Maximum Payload: Medium
Fitting Loadout: 3x high (1 weapon, 3x utility) / 6x med-slot / 4x low-slot
Hull: The hull is your body, extremely fragile and one shot will most likely kill your suit.
Armor: medium - the avatar becomes tankier, but less agile if equipping armor; higher base resist than shields.
Shield: medium - the avatar becomes tankier, remains agile, but the shield collapses quickly under focused fire.
Agility: medium-high (depending on the used payload)

Suit Special Ability: Equip one of x possible abilities (~Triage=healing boost / short duration AoE heal pulse)
Suit bonus: some sort of "logistics" boni, e.g. Oneiros or Guardian

III. Items

Following the basic idea of EVE Onlines fitting system, players may equip high-, med- and low-slot modules to their suits.

High Slots - Armament and Utility Equipment
Armament: Pistols, dual pistols/smg, (sniper) rifles, assault rifles, gatlings (Laser/Rail/Projectile)
Utility Equipment: Remote Shield/Armor Devices, Flares, Smoke Launcher; for Assault-Suits, players may equip weapon upgrades.

Med Slots - Shield tanking modules and class specific modules
Shield tanking modules: Whilst activated draining power, shield tanking modules must be permanently activated in order to offer protection
Class specific modules: Suit Special Ability Slots

Low Slots - Armor tanking modules, propulsion-, engineering- and hull-upgrades
Armor tanking modules: Armor plates offer permanent protection, but are slowing down the player.
Other Upgrades: Servo-Motors for better movement and agility, additional ammunition storage, Enhanced Power Cores, etc.

IV. Mission Design

As previously mentioned, EVE Online already contains a vast background story, offering dozens of potential mission types and scenarios. WiS-missions could for example ask the player to work for individual NPCs, a certain corporation or eventually a faction. Possible tasks could be an escort (bodyguard job), industrial espionage including hacking, the theft of a certain item or a simple task for revenge, also known as 'kill them all' task. Such tasks would potentially suffice for the casual gamer or a daily grind. A more extended gameplay could be achieved by simply adding the exploration feature. A possible explorational WiS-mission could look like the following ...

Mission: The New Bird.

The Republics Intelligence has received information that the Ishukone Corporation was comissioned with the development of a new superior assault ship for the Caldari Navy. Our sources tell, that a research and development team led by Kase****a Vuorila has finished invention of a blueprint for a prototype - the Sparrowhawk. The Republic Intelligence Services is fairly interested in having a look at that blueprint and is assigning you with the retrieval of it. Please note, that the Republic is not going to take any responsibilities, if you or your team is caught by security services. Andamulbunur Odoko suggests to infiltrate the laboratory at Korama or to let it look like an ordinary heist.

Bring Item Objective - Aquire these goods:
Drop-off Location: Ylandoki V Moon 10 Rep. Fleet Security Assembly Plant (0.8)
Item: one unit of Sparrowhawk Prototype BPO (1m)

Infiltrate or assault the Ishukone Laboratories at Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory.
You will find the Sparrowhawk Prototype BPO in a secured laboratory or if the station is alerted by your intrusion you may have to aquire the BPO by incapacitating Kase****a Vuorila and looting her clone.

Additional Information
May require the hacking skill

... continued in next posting.

The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.07.22 17:05:00 - [270]

As you can see, the mission may be finished by simply shooting everything moving around in the laboratory, or by infiltrating the lab. Of course such a mission could in addition escalate. Eventually the player finds a safe, hacks it and finds out that Ishukone is cooperating with the Guristas in order to create a Super-Rattlesnake. Such an escalation could include fighting in space as well as further WiS-missions within bases and stations or on planetary surfaces - some kind of link between the known EVE gameplay and the new, upcoming WiS content.

Thank you for reading this wall of text. I'm certain CCP is going to make Walking in Stations content exciting and rewarding.

Kind regards,

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