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Lone Star Exploration
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2010.02.21 04:15:00 - [181]

A dirty clone

May be best used as a tutorial for Walking in stations:
You enter a station for the first time only to get a flash back of your own murder on a station
You also hear a name as the last thing you hear as your murder you could not see mutters a sentence to you I hope [station agent 1] was worth it.
Tutorial proceeds describing on how to move and and interact.. how to ask for directions.
You finally make it to [Station agent 1] Who is in morning for a perma-death of a Pod Pilot, you see a photo of you that morphs into a different person, and you receive another flash back this time from a different angle as a third person and the person that was you is this perma death pilot.
The Morning agent [Station agent 1] tells of the death of her loved one and how the clone he should have jumped into was not where it was supposed to be, and Mentions the Clone vat Head Clerk [Station agent 2] had confused [techno babble], You have another flash back of the Head Vat Clerk [Station agent 2] from in side a rebirth chamber pressing some buttons and then lowering and shacking his head in remorse, you see the edges of the UI turn red, your fists banging against the rebirth chamber, you screams... or the screams of the different person you saw die earlier.
You decide to investigate the station clone Vat Bay, only to see learn the head Clerk has been missing for the last 5 days.
The tutorial explains the used of the on station communication and computer system, eventually learning the Head Clerk was seen Yesterday in the seedier portions of the station ie the station slums or some rough bar.
You go to investigate. You meat [Station agent 3] advanced social tutorial is given but player learns the Head Clerk [Station agent 2] came down here guilt ridding looking for a dark place to hide as dark as his heart currently feels. He is eager to spill his guts once seeing you as he recognizes you as the body he switched around (this could be the reason for allowing people to switch clones at first Log in at incarna) giving no care about what the consequences are for him. He tells of being paid to to cause a malfunction and he switched clones yours with the man he perma death, reciting that the player may be getting flash backs but that should fade soon as the old memories slowly die as the player's mind removes the last of the foreign memories.
He talks about why death is not permitted on the station and the consequences of it. And that he has sentenced himself to death for the perma-death of a pod pilot. He gives a description of the man who paid him, resulting in a flash back of the murders face, buying our Perma -deaths pilot his last drink, being all friendly like. During this friendly Meeting the Murder describes this who wonderful this a person he met is, and how it was his right to be with her and she/he was to be only with him. The Perma death pilot asks who it may be, but the murder demonstrating anger, says he can`t say that some one close to her has to leave first. But that is another story.- flash back ends.-

Player is directed to use the station computer system to locate the Murder, a name given to the player by the head clerk. The player takes the next stop to station security, with Head clerk in tow.
The Clerk and station security talk it is eventually decided the player can tag along on the character arrest followed by the witness of the Perma-death of the of the Murder and Head Clerk.

This is also followed by scenes of [Station Agent 1] thanking our player for bringing the murders of the perma-death Pod pilot to death offers some reward and a lead to talk to another agent.

Lone Star Exploration
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2010.02.21 05:40:00 - [182]

I would like small mission trees of 3 levels
First Mission Pass or Fail or Choice made effects next layer of missions
Second mission A or B depending on the result of the first is given
Third Mission A1 or A2, B1 or B2 depending on the results of the previous mission is given. This way the mission can be played over again. Even if the third tear A2 or B1 may lead to complete failure resulting in the mission to be redone again.

I would like to see tools that will allow player to make their own missions
The ability to make temp tokens that expire at DT,at a set time interval or DT after or after 7 days.
The ability to make book marks of set locations to be able to be recognized by the bots which will be able to be programed by players.
These may be items that require Isk to make - (being isk sinks)

How is the loss going to be handled?
If a person loses to NPC combat does he find him self in the medical ward ?
Is there NPC combat in Stations?

Chesterr theMolester
Posted - 2010.02.22 04:02:00 - [183]

I would like to see spaces for rent for players to have a shop set up to sell goods.
I would love to see people walking in corp owned or rented stations.
Maybe some advance learning epic archs where at the end your rewarded with some bonus SP or atributes.

Spy type missions where we have to steal documents or catch someone on tape doing something they shouldn't.

But over all it needs to be a mix of rewards from isk to faction standings to maybe sp or atribute rewards depending on the missions you completed.

Karadan Kaarwen
Posted - 2010.03.03 10:10:00 - [184]

Edited by: Karadan Kaarwen on 03/03/2010 10:35:39
I would like to see casinos in stations. I think it would be a welcome addition to the business/pleasure aspect of the game. Imagine poker tournaments with news coverage with alliance-sponsored players going for a 100bn jackpot! That would be rad. The community aspect of being able to cheer or heckle is something i think will add a very much needed human dimension to the proceedings.

There definitely needs to be a lot more game sanctioned betting in this game. Not just on sport events or the outcome of wars, but also being able to speculate on the markets with stocks and shares. A financial hub resembling a bustling stock market would have a good home in a station. It would certainly add to the potential diversity of such a place.

Holographic training suite:
I like the idea of the test server enabling users to try out new stuff before it goes live, but what about people being able to try new content after it goes live without the risk of losing a ship?

For instance, when wormholes came out, lots of people got thoroughly owned by the sleepers because they didn't know exaclty how tough they would be. I think it would be a welcome addition to a station if you could jump in a virtual ship and try out one of hundreds of scenarios without the fear of losing your shiny command ship. Obviously you wouldn't get any rewards or loot from completing anything within the training program but it would be an invaluable resource for corps training up their newer pilots in a risk-free environment - for a small fee of course.

You could extend this so that players could own and run a training booth, turning it into a business proposition for certain players. The simulations could be traded too. Some could be more rare than others and would therefore fetch a higher price when players pay to use the service.

L'Petit Object
Posted - 2010.03.05 01:02:00 - [185]

WiS should apply to all large objects set in space, not just stations. This would include anomalies etc..

Can have combat missions, running missions, intel missions etc., just make sure they arn't another grind. Missions right now are ridiculously grindy.

So WiS could bring some new things, especially archeology.
I have no interest in flying up to archeology sites and activating a module. The module should give access, but then you go inside and find stuff, storlying stuff especially. YOu should be able to bring a hauling robot with you to cart out BPO's guns etc., There should be a timer, and it should be big enough and complicated enough that you have to choose between loots before the run is over. You should only get so many runs.

There should be some form of combat!!!!

For High sec etc., WiS should give us an opportunity to do something ship related, and give a benefit to the ship. Especially custom paint....I know that's waiting on programming that won't make it a lag fest.

Stations are huge: they should look huge inside, they should have multiple areas; be places where things happen, and also give access to things that weren't accessible before.

Stations should have areas for everything you can do in the game, and going to that area should somehow be neccessary to progress:
Refining area; can watch the ore go in. Must go there to pickup minining missions. Mining missions from this are would be 100%, not random. So agent in station vs. agent walking in station would give you a choice of what mission you do every time, though one cannot do the same mission twice in a row and must wait x number of missions to do it again. IT will give people something to figure out how to maximize. Turning in missions here will also raise refine rates. Bribing officials at particular stations (or buying some legitimate thing, depending on your standings) should give you better refine (why should miners do combat missions to raise standings to be better miners?)

Defend the station missions:
With WiS, you could operate those lovely turrets. Bonus, if someone commits a crime while operating the turrets, you personally get to shoot them and loot them. This should be designed to be fun; it can also be pve (station attack, man defenses!).

Stations should have zero-g areas, and missions where you go and fix various parts of the station (like the gravity generators), requiring various skills that you use for spaceships. You can't do the mission until you have the skill, and the better your skill, the better you are at the mission. Poor stations or some stations should have no gravity.

Walking in station could increase Item customizability: eg., you can walk around your ship and modify your lasers for range vs. power use, your missles for loading time, your shield for resists or strength vs. cap use power needs. Fitting your ship in station should be a Very Visible thing, and it would be great if modules came with visible differences in the ship in space as well.

Walking in station vs. sitting in your ship should give benefits to your characters attributes (pod goo gets old, needs replacement, body needs stretching etc.,). After too long away from station (1 week) your characters learning degrades. Learning in station vs. ship could be higher. Certain in station agents, teaching you how to fix station parts, could give you bonuses in skill points to a particular skill.

Clothing customizability.

War declarations should have to be done from in station, and settling wars with terms should be made feasible and negotiated in station.

I'm done working, gotta go.

My best, can't wait to see it!

PS: don't make it a must have fast computer thing, I've got 7600GT and its not getting upgraded any time soon

Posted - 2010.03.08 20:45:00 - [186]

I BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS WHEN IS IT COMING????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4 YRS AND COUNTING COME ON ALREADY

Posted - 2010.03.10 12:24:00 - [187]

4 years and waiting hope its good, pirate missions in low sec good start

Chana Kor
Posted - 2010.03.13 21:12:00 - [188]

I think there are more important things for devs to spend time on, but if this is definitely coming then here are few things I'd like to suggest:
1) I second the "no FPS" suggestion. Do it well or not at all. And doing it well would take more time than I expect the devs have.
2) Content which reminds me my character is a human being with a past, human relationships, etc. and not just a spaceship with a bank account. Let me interact with my crew. And remember that I'm a starship captain and a pod pilot; don't give me a quest to kill Tribbles or rewire a panel. That's what maintenance staff are for. Give me a story and some choices.
And for those of you whose knee-jerk reaction is "ew! Roleplaying!"'re welcome to go shoot spaceships. Nobody's forcing you to get out of your ships. Or read the dialogue screens, for that matter.

Posted - 2010.03.13 21:17:00 - [189]

Idea 1. Enemy Patrol, which is guiding rat ships in the system, and just hunting folks in non-safe areas ( like asteroid belts). Something like finish x missions to get a frigate, or pay 1M isk for a rat frig, 10M isk for a rat cruiser, 100M isk for a rat BS. But have the rats only damage weapons, or some other restriction to limit impact on players.

Idea 2. Corporation stock market, which actually has competitions between corps to create the value / return money. ie, player corp registers with stock market to do "X", with X being minerals / hour, rats / hour, hauling, or some other criteria. Other corps can see the registrations, and submit their corp into the competition. Competition runs for Z number of days, at the end of the competition winning corp receives prize 1, and players can put money into the competition under any registered corp name, on which team they think will win. Players receive % payout based on which team wins.

Idea 3. mini-games for "special missions" or plex spawns in your area, that are competitions between adjacent solar systems. participants who win the mini games get a bookmark for a plex or an item trigger for missions.

Posted - 2010.03.14 22:52:00 - [190]

Well what ever options you choose i think wis missions should generate there own benefits away from normal missions.I also think there should be a skill set for out of ship experiences learning wis skills as well as pilot skill's .It would start everyone on an even keel so to speak if people dont like the wis aspect then they still have the original to fall back on.Like to mmorpg's in one so to speak.
Would be great to see factions recruiting infantry for a fps style sub game :) .

u gotjacked2
Posted - 2010.03.24 00:14:00 - [191]

If we are able to walk around stations/ our own ships then we should also be able to go on other player's ships as well to get places. For example boarding a corpmates/alliance mates shuttle or harbringer. However there would be only certain areas for passengers and these passengers would not be able to take over another's ship. Or could they? either or would be rather sweet. Very Happy

Randy West
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.03.24 18:02:00 - [192]

I would rather have a detailed view from inside the cockpit of the ships I pilot than walking in station.

I think it would be cool to have the option to view from within the cockpit and interact ( left or right click ) on certain things on a detailed instrument panel/display.

Hayden Altier
Kessel Syndicate
Posted - 2010.03.25 14:28:00 - [193]

People have asked for a Vanguard type system for Diplomacy...this is the worst idea ever, it is nothing more than a card game injected into an MMO. Go play pokemon if you are a fan of that system, don't bring it to Eve.

Posted - 2010.03.27 12:52:00 - [194]

I like eve as a space game I don't want a whole new game added through stations. Maybe it could start a little simpler? Add some life to the stations. Make a market hub where stuff can be sold like regular but players can also talk and negotiate contracts. A mission room where you could go and get your missions and still interact with others. A hanger where you can see your ship next to three or four recently docked ships. Casino where you can play slots and gamble in card and dice games against other players. A bar, both high and low class to relax and.... Dance! I Also like the idea of a viewport. A shop where you can buy clothes and items to wear for character costumization Stil I think you should be able to acces missions and markets and whatnot with out leaving your ship. Maybe this could happen at POS too. Pay isk to have a room installed in your control tower. Restricted acces to rooms like control center and defence grid( I would love to be on there when there was an attack would be fun to watch.) being able to arrange furniture would be nice. Keeping each room seperate would help with lag. I think this would add to The enjoyablity of eve with forcing players into the station or getting into the depth of WiS missions.

Posted - 2010.03.29 18:43:00 - [195]

I want to see faction space available to mission grinding individuals. In EVE missions and state standings should allow you access to high standing areas, territories which are ONLY available through purchasing State issued contracts using loyalty points gained from mission grinding. These contracts have a limited time and do expire after a set period of time.

This would prevent pirates and other leeches from disrupting your mining ops because they simply would not have the standings to enter the State controlled elite space!

Once the contract expires it's back to mission grinding for more loyalty points.

Posted - 2010.03.29 19:39:00 - [196]

to be able to rent personal/corp space would be AMAZING, a bit guild wars but a bit cooler :p you dont have to go there but you can.
bars and someone earlier had a t1,t2 and t3 mission threading idea thingy where one decision lead to another :p
contracts would be cool, go take item A to here, go kill someone :p escort someone some where (like the damn Damsel) :p
being able to stand next to my raven.......hmmmmmm AMAZING!!!
or see all my ships lined up in row............that would be EPIC!!!!

Ghosts of War
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2010.03.30 07:56:00 - [197]

I want a knife fighting death match mode for 0.0 stations!

Posted - 2010.03.31 06:55:00 - [198]



oh and anything to preserve the strategic aspect of eve.

meaning no fps stuff.

problem solving is always good.

make us use our brains.

and Puzzles!!!

Hayden Altier
Kessel Syndicate
Posted - 2010.04.01 16:58:00 - [199]

Again with the puzzel and card game stuff... this is not myst or resident evil.

Spinal Discipline
Posted - 2010.04.05 12:52:00 - [200]

I'd wish we can walk and inspect all those cool ruins in missions, exploration sites and alike. Finding stuff personally instead of floating in space, turning on yet another device on UI and wait a few cycles.

The Black Bha'lir
Saints Amongst Sinners
Posted - 2010.04.08 14:25:00 - [201]

own living spaces and ways to customize em , mission briefing roonmsn, and in your own hangar to see your ship(s) lined up would be ultra cool too Laughing

Star Frontiers
Posted - 2010.04.11 00:47:00 - [202]

Ok after reading through all of this and hearing about WiS for a while now here is what I wanted to suggest.

I thinks its clear that combat wont be a big part of WiS,
(Though personally I would LOVE combat of any kind in stations, wouldnt have to be lethal combat, mabye just punch ups :] )

So anyway I have been thinking, will we get personal cloaks? We have cloaks on ships, so I hope we can get cloaks on people Twisted Evil

Now you might think what purpose would this serve? Espionage!ArrowThe ability to covertly gather information. Say a corp or alliance is having a meeting, well you could sneak in there cloaked and find out whats going on.

Or mabye you could sit around overhearing the type of missions people are doing.... go there and kill/steal etc...

Just basic ideas, but I personally think if its not going to be all about combat, at least let us keep the gritty dark feel alive with espionage and such :)

Shaalira D'arc
Posted - 2010.04.11 23:44:00 - [203]


What would entice a pod pilot to leave her ship? Why would a station-dweller hire an expensive ship captain over the local help? One answer: the interstellar black market.

Capsuleers can easily manipulate their cargo using ship-board interfaces. However, this requires being in their pod and being connected onto the net, giving rise to the possibility of onboard cargo being detected by Customs agents. To circumvent this, some capsuleers modify their ships with hidden compartments, and use the 'offline' time in a station to physically go down into those compartments and move goods to shady buyers and sellers deep in the alleyways of heavily populated stations.

Some elements of this plan can include:

Unsanctioned Hackshop

These uncertified specialists can make subtle and virtually undetectable modifications to a standard ship layout, creating null spaces and hidden chambers shielded from scanners. For a price, they will make smuggling compartments to your ship. Some drawbacks may include slight performance reductions, reduced normal cargo space, or increased costs to repair.

There may be other, performance-enhancing modifications they can make on your ship that carry technical and legal risks that most sane pilots would find unacceptable...

Unsanctioned hackshops would do their best to stay hidden, and the pod pilot may have to do certain jobs or bribe the right people to find their location.

Hot Goods Dealer

These are the middlemen that move the illegal goods on and off station to the planets below. Pod pilots can come to them to place orders or pawn off illegal goods. Pod pilots may even be interested in some of those goods for personal use.

To reflect the diverse nature of the Eve universe, the local black market goods will differ depending on the station. Illicit trade routes pass through borders, picking up what is legal in one empire and selling the locally-proscribed goods in another. Or vice versa. Some general ideas for black market goods:

Gallente ----> Holoreels, Audio Chips, VR Programs, and other 'Immoral' artifacts of Federation Culture ----> Amarr
Amarr -----> Vitoc Drug and Antidote, an addiction even former slaves harbor but the Republic abhors ----> Minmatar
Minmatar -----> Pirated Goods mimicking expensive Megacorp products -----> Caldari
Caldari -----> Hi-Tech Megacorp Products banned in the Federation due to Wartime Relations -----> Gallente
Nullsec / Lowsec -----> Drugs and Boosters -----> Empire Space
Empire Space -----> Military-Grade Personal Weaponry ----> Nullsec / Lowsec

Tyrranis Tie-in

Unscrupulus planetary warlords may be able to manufacture some of these illegal trade goods on planet. They then smuggle them to the right station and place 'sell orders' physically with the middlemen.

Cops and Robbers

Other pod pilots may pick up specialized ship scanners and/or new skills that will let them scan smuggler compartments on modified ships and salvage smugged goods from a modified ship's wreck.

In Empire space, scanning a ship and detecting smuggled goods that are illegal in that system grants the scanning ship kill rights against the scanned ship.

FW Militia members can get a minor loyalty point and/or isk reward if they destroy a ship carrying smuggled goods that their empire disapproves of. This reward should be balanced (dynamically?) against the cost of production or purchase of the smuggled good.

NPC Customs ships will of course react if the smuggler is careless enough to get within scanning distance of one, to the point of activating gate guns and denying the smuggler warp rights with the gate. This may make it worthwhile to warp to a safe distance from the gate and chart a smart course in. Of course, such behavior might attract the attention of nearby, alert pod pilots.

Citizen Smif
Posted - 2010.04.12 01:34:00 - [204]

I agree that without more information it's hard to come up with decent suggestions but I'm sure that the developers will not mix the current ship missions with station missions. Whilst it's a cool idea if they do that it's just going to **** off a lot of people. It's clear from the comments just in this thread that people are split on whether they want agent missions to be combined with an avatar based element.
It would be easier just to add a whole new element to the game with Incarna; if they add a level of player customisation such as a player-homes or corporation offices etc it would benefit players that feel customisation is missing from the game and if players don't like the idea they can simply give it a miss without it having a negative effect on them.
And with regards to missions I think they should be dynamic and diplomacy based since there isn't really anything like that currently in the game. For example for 'good' characters the missions could ask you to negotiate a contract with a client with complications along the way. And for pirates and criminals the missions could involve you trying to persuade an NPC character to be in a certain place at a certain time so a hit can be placed on them. Also i think rewards shouldn't be in ISK, they should offer planetary money which can be spent on all things Incarna-Related such as new outfits and home and office items. I suppose to make your Incarna achievments more visible to people when you're flying around in space you could buy custom ship skins etc.
Just a few ideas ;) That way you can avoid ruining the curent eve experience but also offer a little bit of character individualisation.

Holder of'maany
Posted - 2010.04.13 08:30:00 - [205]

Edited by: Holder of''maany on 13/04/2010 08:34:36
In a lot of second world war film:
Delaying the general prevent the troops to react correctly.
Sabotaging a plane or a bridge prevent reinforcement.

Now imagine that while ins station you could "retain" a npc commander from helping his troops by:
Getting him drunk
playing poker with him
Introducing him to all the new exotic dancers you brought from a few station away
Sabotaging his ship could do as well.
Sabotaging all his lieutenant's ships

That would really help you corpmates

Who could at the same time run the mission whith the "commanders" not joining the fight in time or being delay or not using all his capacity because he his hangover, or something similar depending on ow you slow him down and how successfully you are doing it ...

Because it's an mmo it make sense to me that someone in station could change the content of a mission being run by other that way.

That could allow for no combatant to have a full role as well.

Sorry for the crappy English I hope you understand what I mean anyway...

Posted - 2010.04.18 19:56:00 - [206]

For walking in Stations, I think a very, very good model for missions would be Westwood studios Bladerunner game.

It had atmosphere, suspense, and mystery as well as multiple choice endings. If Eve had something similar it would be really cool.

Go for the mystery/puzzle aspect like sniffing out a spy, infiltrating a ring and being a spy yourself, there are a whole host of sci-fi stories by now to borrow from for plot ideas.


1) Walking in POS
2) Walking in my ship
3) Looking out the station window
4) And I don't know why, but I wanna be able to load cargo onto my ship in the hangar, ala Han Solo at the end of Star Wars.
5) Since Dust 514 is coming out, might as well add SOME aspect of FPS to it. Although at Empire stations, you cant just start shooting people, that would be stupid. But in the missions, why not?

Mister LEM0NS
Posted - 2010.04.23 19:47:00 - [207]

PLEASE tell me there will be a window to look out of to see any station camps...Sad

Posted - 2010.04.24 06:06:00 - [208]

Hmm, just had a thought. What about missions where you go to unearth some hidden/unknown knowledge. Like sleeper lore? Or ancient Amarran texts or something. Maybe even have some high level (5?) WIS missions have the potential to give you a tech 2 or tech 3 BPO? Or give you access to some of the super sweet Sleeper fittings like those webs that have a 40km range and scrams as well?

Yeah, hidden knowledge, that would be cool. Smile

Konstrukteure der Zukunft
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.04.28 12:30:00 - [209]

Edited by: Tarantoga on 28/04/2010 12:30:16
My first idea was "OMG we will have thousands of morons standing around in Jita market district posing with their meta level 25 gear". But then I thought, that something like a dark, scifi version of Assassins Cread could be really awesome.

But, seriously guys. Regarding the size of stations and ships, the greatest challenge with Walking in Stations and missions will be: To get by foot to your ship until the mission timer runs out.

Ranka Mei
Posted - 2010.04.28 20:30:00 - [210]

Personally, I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around WiS. In part, because I keep thinking EVE is inherently an 'outside' event; but primarily, really, because I can't very well imagine what its purpose would be, apart from having a new and fancy way to have corp board meetings.

Originally by: Vaerah Vahrokha

I'd like to have *shops* in stations (for those who want them that is) so I can sell my stuff while contracting with "real" people,

+1. Shops would be way cool. :) Especially if you could go into them, and actually 'see' stuff lying on the shelves (just 1x of each items, with a tag on how many there are in store). Like a virtual market.

Or have rentable player shops, with like, say, 20 or so shop 'skins' you could choose from, to personalize your own shop and feel.

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