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Liv Fyrdemise
Posted - 2010.01.18 08:39:00 - [151]

Give me a reason to leave my pod.

"Go kill a rat in section 42 lower level" is not worth leaving the hangar for.

I would like to see CCP Develop NPC characters so that they tell a story and have physical a reaction to you as a player. There are books, EVE Chronicles and a division that develops role playing games. An engaging storyline, station atmosphere and NPC characters that develop should be possible. I want a quest unique to the station, unique to its place in empire and I want it to be non repeating. So no level 1,2,3... of the same quest. You do the mission(s) once. Then you get new and intriguing missions that may overlap that story or be entirely different.

Xeyphan Mining Corp
Posted - 2010.01.20 13:25:00 - [152]

Edited by: Ajdeathgiver on 20/01/2010 13:25:40
I think that

Player walking arround skills should be made a grind.
A system similar to WOW or mabe even runescape

But keeping ship skills exactly as they are would be a very welcome refresh to eve

for instance when training a particular long ship skill 30 days and up over etc u can grind your walking around skills.

also not just stations possibly moons and planets?

(Transporter systems for ships shuttle bays for larger ships)

Just an idea and my 10 cents please dont flame me lol

Guillieme Lohran
Posted - 2010.01.20 16:23:00 - [153]

Looking at some of the problems players have been having with fleet battles, and the lack of any desire to see EVE turn into a FPS, I just don't see how WIS is going to do anything to improve the game. Are we going to have chat rooms like some other games where everyone's avatar has a cartoon bubble over his head? Wouldn't that be great?Rolling Eyes

My understanding, from the backstory and chronicles, is that capsuleers aren't big fans of walking about in any case. Yes the demos looked really neat but I just don't see a need for it.

Chatoba Zatah
Yanu Zatah Damaya
Posted - 2010.01.21 14:39:00 - [154]

Edited by: Chatoba Zatah on 21/01/2010 17:49:58
I'm quite looking forward to Incarna, as I'm sure it'll greatly improve immersion for me.

What I'd like to see in Incarna 'mission-wise' is perhaps some adventure type things that require things like puzzle solving and social engineering. For example, having to track down an NPC in some shady bar to obtain information, where I can decide for myself whether to buy this NPC a drink, try to bribe him/her or make a threat in order to do so. Then with that information I can go bribe some personnel in another station and investigate some cargo, things like that.

Rewards could include things that are specific to Incarna such as clothing you find along the way, or tokens that allow you to use facilities in stations (e.g. to use a photobooth to update one's avatar picture). Anything you'd come across during your investigation really, which would add flavor to the world.

Edit: Thinking about it, it might even be cool to be able to challenge an NPC to one of the built-in games in order to obtain the information or item you're after.

Tuula Ulriikka
Posted - 2010.01.22 15:57:00 - [155]

Originally by: Chatoba Zatah

What I'd like to see in Incarna 'mission-wise' is perhaps some adventure type things that require things like puzzle solving and social engineering. For example, having to track down an NPC in some shady bar to obtain information, where I can decide for myself whether to buy this NPC a drink, try to bribe him/her or make a threat in order to do so. Then with that information I can go bribe some personnel in another station and investigate some cargo, things like that.

That would be a great idea. Right now Eve Online missions require no thinking at all. Some people even play L4s afk with their super-tanked Domi and there are not even any (publicly known) ideas how to add a 'brain teaser' element to Eve. Any type of detective-style challenge would be very much appreciated.

Juffo Wup
Posted - 2010.01.23 11:54:00 - [156]

I'm very intrigued by WiS.

First thought would regard location. If I'm doing a mining mission, I wanna meet the guy in the reprocessing center. Manufacturing - factory. Research - lab. Diplomatic - office. Military - command center, etc. Make the location fit the mission. It adds to the immersion factor.

I know somebody mentioned this, but I like station faction. If you did something good for a friendly/similar corp, maybe they'd be willing to work with you because you helped them.

!!!*** IN FACT, you could get "station faction" as the bonus instead of the extra cash!!!*** Recognizable dependibility.

If a faction is high with you - they will seek you out in station. Denying wouldn't hurt faction, but they trust you more. If faction is low, there would be some physical - possibly even violent - reaction to seeing you. Basically, NPCs in your proximity would respond based on how they "feel" be it wave, salute, nod, turn away, smile, look down, /rude, etc.

Certain NPCs could be random. This would probably involve new missions. They would be in one station at a time and once their mission(s) were completed, they'd leave and go somewhere else. In fact, they might leave once you accepted the mission sending you to meet random character at another station. Think chain missions. One to the next to the next. These linked characters could cross multiple factions. Sister of Eve sends you to Quaf to whatever and so on.

Random TIME SENSITIVE missions. Example: Ship in transport to station (at deadspace loc x) is being attacked by Sansha, Gurista, Caldari!...any willing to help will get 2x bounty, 2x security bump. As many as want to help can, but the ship should safely be able to warp in 60 min. Waves have been spotted attacking the ship every 5 minutes. Please report to Gen. Bob in the briefing room for details.

I guess I'm not looking for to much take x to y in station, although it might be ok. What would be interesting is adding the interactive/environmental element to the one page briefing we get at the beginning/end of missions.

Kane Smirnoff
Posted - 2010.01.24 01:35:00 - [157]

Edited by: Kane Smirnoff on 24/01/2010 01:35:47
I like the idea of being able to repair your standings with another faction by talking to a "undercover" agent and doing a secret mission for that faction. Doing something a little traitorous against your faction would be cool, but you wouldn't get a faction penalty for doing the mission EXCEPT if you got caught or made a slight mistake somehow...

Also, I heard/read somewhere there is going to be no combat of any kind. BUT how about if there was a "punch this character" option. However stations have an automatic violence detection system that zap you or immobilize you if you punch somebody. Just like in the game "The Chronicles of riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay."
Just one punch that's all I'm asking for. Very Happy

Posted - 2010.01.24 17:31:00 - [158]

I can't be bothered trawling through all the thread but if it hasn't been said already then I would say I want one thing: To be able to look out of the window to see if the lame griefer is camping the docking ramp and what he's camping in. Plus basically tack mass effect on too as well that would work.

Posted - 2010.01.25 12:28:00 - [159]

Teleportation from station to station. New mission rewards created that allow you to gain quantum credits. The amount earned is relative to the distance you can travel. Only things that the replication booth allows for travel is you and your ISK

Lekegolo Khanid
Arbeitaholics Anonymous
Posted - 2010.01.27 21:32:00 - [160]

Since you guys have said no combat in stations I think the more obvious choice would be missions that require you to complete puzzles or solve mysteries, Eve is the thinking man's game right? Another thing that would be cool is having missions that go from space to station and vice versa.

Also if there were puzzles /mysteries they would have to have some major randomness to them otherwise you could just look up walk through on teh webz.

The Motley Few
Posted - 2010.01.28 15:07:00 - [161]

As a seasoned gamer I can see great possibilities opened up in the WIS expansion, i can also see why it is taking you soÖ very long. I will try to make my points short and sharp, I havenít found anything relating to no WIS related violence eventually, it hasnít been denied outright so if I missed something there will be a large amount of this you can just skip, being that you will have a shooter *dust 514* I assume you will have the ability for combat - Eventually:

Personally being that itís going to be largely centred on people owning bars and so on, what about the ability for bar owners to hire representatives of factions to increase the possibility of customers. The most expensive factions to hire being Pirate, maybe to make it worth it you have to but the rep a drink for him to talk to you (Yeah ok in busy stations the rep would be comatose or always in the loo).

Possible Missions WIS combat related (maybe one day?)
1: Make certain skills applicable to WIS missions I.E. Science, hacking, shield operation, manufacturing allowing to change the way the mission works depending on your skills, why kill them when you can just hack the airlock and flush them into space?

2: Make WIS an optional part of some normal missions, Need to save the damsel? Choose whether you do it the normal blow it up way or take on an additional bonus for taking on the WIS method attacking the captors in person after clearing the mission area and docking with the habitation module.

3: personal equipment for WIS missions? Craftables? Personal shields? I donít want this turning into wow with the 25man dungeons and epic equipment that canít be attained solo. L5 missions could be group WIS and as usual encourage slightly better amounts of loot but not better quality of items.

4: In station combat areas / arenas?

5: I want a Khumaak! And I want blood splatter! I want to end the life of oppressive amarr religious members! Maybe save that for dust 514.

6: Iíve read the press report now Ė if there were Combat related WIS stuff I guess it would be related to using a combat clone controlled from your pod?

7: 0.0 Non player controlled station sovereignty battles? So corps can control the 0.0 station itíself for profits of a % of the rent?

8: I think any WIS skills should be related to normal ship skills, like small medium and large hybrid skills also control your skill with hybrid pistol, assault rifle and heavy *

I realise that some of you donít want the WIS combat because it will attract other mmo players from wow blah blah. But from a CCP point of view(and mine) more features = more players interested in different features = more money = more money to spend on developers and salaries = more features *rinse and repeat as necessary Ė this means you have more things to have fun with.
/end wall of text

Mik Nostrebor
Ex Coelis
Posted - 2010.02.01 00:17:00 - [162]

Edited by: Mik Nostrebor on 01/02/2010 00:22:14
Probably already covered but I will say my piece.

I think that WiS is an excellent opportunity to put a bit more variety back into mission running. Rather than think of single one-off missions, perhaps WiS could use a new sort of epic-arc mission where the content is a chain of missions within a constellation some of which are space missions, some WiS missions.

Perhaps do all story lines this way so that the missions do not get stale so quickly? IE you get eve-mailed saying someone has a special mission for you that is very important for your faction. You have to front up to the storyline mission person in station to start the series of missions.

Also, why should the missions all be in series? Can't some be in parallel?

So what kind of actions should an actual WiS mission include? How about tracking down the mysterious saboteur through questioning people in bars (persuasion skills or other social skills) etc so that you get a (random) code to defuse the bomb and save the station.

Or break into a corp office (Hacking) and steal some bpc's. Find the items for the bpc and built the device. Heh, Maybe some of those useless mining mission ores could be used for this kind of WiS mission?

Another mission type may be to take your agent to the local bar and show him a good night out. Why? So that you get a 10% bonus to mission rewards and standing increases for the next 24 hours. In fact WiS missions that can be run regularly that enhance income, rewards, lp gain or some other benefit not currently available in the game would be good. Maybe something could be done to grease the wheels so that all those contraband items can be slipped past customs?

If you look to games like Grand Theft Auto (except the missions that require you to kill someone) for mission ideas and look at making the rewards something useful but not currently available from other means.



Oh one other idea, or two really:

It would be kewl for corps to be able to actually have an office complete with custom furniture, wallpaper and web linked items (click on item and browser opens up to web site they choose). The wallpapers could also show the corp graphic and name in a banner or something.

Second idea is that players could pay for a room in a station and could decorate it however they like with bought items etc. They could even have a code-keyed access room to contain access to their stats and web-linked content etc. In fact a player should be able to store a blog or other info and notes in their rooms for others to find.

Jack Calvin
Posted - 2010.02.02 14:52:00 - [163]

Edited by: Jack Calvin on 02/02/2010 14:55:37
Maybe coorporations could set up missions. Like a coorporation have an agent that would approch a certain kind of player? The missions could be assasination of a compitions officers, break in other coorporations offices ( if they are present at that base )

Aphrodite Skripalle
Galactic Defence Consortium
Posted - 2010.02.03 11:35:00 - [164]

Walking inside a station ? I simply would like to look out of a window, to see if the station is bubbled or not.
If its bubbled i would like to walk into a bar, get a beer and like to talk with my comrades about new strategies, face to face, drinking the beer.
Would just make the game a bit more realistically.

If there is a hostile in station a fight would be nice, direct ego shooter combat. The result could be an undocking procedur or a timeout in hospital (if there is a med station).

Posted - 2010.02.03 17:32:00 - [165]

There are a lot of good Ideas here.

Here are a few of my own, which are mostly concerned with game immersion:

1) There would definitely need to have weapons for 1st (or 3rd) person, if there were any missions which required exiting your ship/pod to complete. This would require the basic four different types of weapons (energy, ballistic, projectile, and blaster (shotgun), plus named variants and meta levels, as well as light handguns, medium rifles, and heavy repeaters.

2) Skill books would be required to utilize many of the weapons, as well as other skills required to mitigate damage taken, like personal shields, using cover, etc,.

3) A huge assortment of character personalization options, like clothes, hight, cloaks and stuff, just to name a few. This possibly might not take effect in the character portrait while in your ship, but while on station, you would see the differences. (basically, I don't want to look like everyone else when i go to the local station's bar/club to chill).

Thats my two cents.

Rokkit Kween
Posted - 2010.02.03 20:21:00 - [166]

Right a "what-if" here:

A way to introduce WiS to Tranquility without forcing people to use it by having specific missions tailored to include WiS content.

Use the existing missions and have optional avatar based components.

Take Damsel in Distress for example:

With the WiS content available you have more options for completeing the mission.

1- You complete as normal by blowing up the brothel and retrieving the Damsel from a can

2- You pose as a punter and infiltrate your way into the Brothel and bring her out in a variety of ways either shooting your way out whilst escorting the Damsel, or performing some spec-ops jiggery pokery to render the security minimal so you only have to sneak out. shooting your way out would alert reinforcments which would be waiting for you when you undocked. Being more discreet would let you leave the area unmolested.

3- Full on boarding action, go in all guns blazing. Shoot your way to the Damsel and back out again and then through the ships waiting for you outside.

This also opens up the possibility of a couple of additions to the PvE system in EVE.

A- Bonus objectives

Taking Damsel as our example again. Maybe you leave the brothel intact, sneaking out undetected but leaving behind a little peice of spyware in their computer leading you to another mission, much like an epic arc but nowhere near as epic, more like an escalation of an exploration complex.

Or maybe the originating agent has been using the brothel and has fallen for one of the employees, so you have to get her out as well as the Damsel.

Or maybe you have to steal some datadisks from the overseer's office.

These could all be included, or none of them. And they would all be optional. With bonus rewards (LP, ISK, Items or whatever) depending on which ones you complete. an important thing to not though is that you should never be able to do all of them solo.

B- PvP missions.

Maybe your Agent (possibly a storyline agent) wants you to go and destroy a specific target somwhere, or assasinate someone important or capture an enemy stronghold. Thing is, the opposing faction's storyline agent also wants his missioners to protect that asset. You could turn up and be halfway through the mission when player re-enforcements turn up and you have to fight them instead of (or aswell as) NPCs. This could also extend into Wis content with king of the hill, capture the flag, excort the VIP etc, etc, gametypes. You literally would have to be ready for anything.

IMO Restricting the WiS content to neutral non-violent stations is a mistake. the potential is there for some great gaming experiences if you throw some conflict into the mix (either PvP or PvE)

illford baker
STK Scientific
IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.04 04:40:00 - [167]

you have to enter a guard station and unlock acceleration gates by hacking a cretin terminal. but, you have to use marines (the kind in your cargo holds that have NO use)to get through the guard station. possibly some RTS elements? or perhaps you are strong enough out of the pod to use a pistol and you sneak through the station like snake. or you can get into stations at the end of missions and get drugs and items that are not in the stations cargo hold and wouldn't be ejected when destroyed.

Posted - 2010.02.07 16:48:00 - [168]

I currently play Star Trek Online. They have this walking on stations already, so my expectations to EVE in this aspect are quite high.

Please do not make stations this stupid environment where you have to run around for ages until you find your agent when you just want to fly a mission. That is a waste of time, and it is no advantage at all for any player if you only see other players when they are "running" from here to there. That's the weirdest thing in most MMO's: RUNNING Players. No need for that. Really!

Instead I see the big advantage in Stations, when you just go there because you want to go there. Just for the sole reason of getting in touch with other players. NOT NPC's, no way!!! EVE is MMO and that is what stations should be about. Dock in Jita, go to the window with the best possible view over the docking-perimeter and wait until your friends arrive to have a chat or walk around to recruit a new fleetmember for doing stuff together. That's the way it should be.

I do not see any point in the invention of station-based missions or even skills for your character. You skill to fly ships and you dock while you don't fly ships. That's it.

Madmi CEO
Posted - 2010.02.09 11:41:00 - [169]

Edited by: Madmi CEO on 09/02/2010 11:41:53
I'd give my left leg to be able to walk in my spaceship. I know we're hooked up to our POD when flying around, but if we can leave this POD while walking on stations (and planets etc.) we should also be able to walk around the spaceship. I mean, while docked (which is the state our spaceships are in most of the time while we do RL work and sleep (yeah, I know, blasphemy!)) our character would most likely NOT be hooked up in the POD. He/She'd be lying in a hammock reading comics or assessing the market on the console in the private lounge, where an assortment of exotic dancers are setting the mood.

I'm not interested in missions or whatever. I'm interested in an experience. I want to invite my friends over to my ship and be able to throw a party. I want a private cabin in my HAC where I can bring that frisky Gallente broad back after an evening at the ZanziBar on Jita 4-4. I fully agree that EVE should keep this to mostly player-based content. I mean, NPC agents and options are fine, if not necessary, but it should not be the defining factor of Incarna.

If you can really nail the avatar-experience (the avatar you're walking around with - not the movie) then I'm sure you will get a lot of new and old players to join. I have friends who play WoW simply because they feel "detached" from their character in EVE. Having an avatar they can use to take a stroll on a station would be a major factor in getting them back.

CCP, please help me reconnect with long lost friends Very Happy

Posted - 2010.02.09 16:16:00 - [170]

Looking through window if station is camped/bubbled.

Birdman Ravo
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.02.10 05:35:00 - [171]

I second the idea of having WiS rooms where players can look out and see the ships outside. I also understand this could cause a lot of lag. (imagine everyone docked in Jita suddenly undocking)

Originally by: Rokkit Kween
Lots of ideas..
I agree with most everything except the part of certain WiS elements being impossible to pass alone in a L4 and lower mission. We don't need a reason to give PVE players more excuse to ignore PVE aspects of EVE. Now, if L5 WiS events were to exist, that would be a very different story. Also, considering the time spent in a WiS compared to being outside blitzing a mission, there would have to be a lot of profit involved.

Other ideas:
Occasionally in a L4 a random starbase will spawn. It's ancient, in disrepair, and usually just filler. I smell a WiS hacking / analyzing opportunity, maybe even the chance of finding random stuff or even ships in the hanger of it. Like exploration the chances of a huge payout are there but uncommon.

Perhaps in these plexes players could find NPC ship BPCs, or even undocked ships themselves. Not deadspace ships, but otherwise impossible to find ships. Ships that are just T1 with a faction's color scheme. For example WiS EOM plexes would offer the chance at the beautiful blue EOM color scheme on Punishers & Mallers.

Posted - 2010.02.11 12:15:00 - [172]

the dust 514 engine should give us a lot of interesting options on the PC side of the game but I'd say to CCP Be Careful how much more crap you pile on us. I'd rather you spend the dev time to give me back the light client. yes, the game is pretty. yeah, I Love the game being pretty. no, I Don't want to haul all that into a fleet battle. i'd love a wireframe option that shuts the shaders and renderers off and gives me color coded wireframe mesh drawings. not that you care =)

firstly, don't force WIS. enough people quit WOW to play this. I'd like to see FPS style missions, there's a lot of stuff in the chronicles i'd love to play out in a mission. search and destroy, rescue missions, interrogation, sabotage, repair, assassination, it could tie into dust 514. i like the idea of a fleet room, where an FC could tie in to command ships / logistic ships and have a 3d overview of the battle drawn out from everyone's sensors, etc. i assume something like that's planned out for dust514's planet invasion stuff?

i'd also be very excited about manual control of our ships, and a manual mode for projectile weapons in space.

Posted - 2010.02.17 03:43:00 - [173]

I think it would be fun to be able to sabotage the docking computers at stations.
Scenario- Gang enters low/null sec space to take on 'Don't i just look good in this Thanatos' station huggers. Lure the station huggers out, and a ground team attack the inside station, aslong as the ground team is dominant, then docking at station cancelled, NOOO cry the 'My goodness look at my shiney Thanatos' crew.
However ofcourse, the 'My Thanatos gives me a H***on' crew can prevent this by having their own ground crew help in the station station defence of the docking systems.

Vendetta Sigriddottir
Posted - 2010.02.17 07:38:00 - [174]

I really like this last idea. Not lot annoys me more than station hugging pretend Pvp idiots. Thumbs up.

Vitamin B12
Posted - 2010.02.17 07:58:00 - [175]

Edited by: Vitamin B12 on 17/02/2010 08:01:42
Edited by: Vitamin B12 on 17/02/2010 08:01:13
Originally by: Guillieme Lohran
Looking at some of the problems players have been having with fleet battles, and the lack of any desire to see EVE turn into a FPS, I just don't see how WIS is going to do anything to improve the game. Are we going to have chat rooms like some other games where everyone's avatar has a cartoon bubble over his head? Wouldn't that be great?Rolling Eyes

My understanding, from the backstory and chronicles, is that capsuleers aren't big fans of walking about in any case. Yes the demos looked really neat but I just don't see a need for it.

just think about it. you enter a pilot bar with some deep musik. the whole scenery is dark, some girls are dancing some guys are sitting at the bar. around the bar are alot of tables. you get to the guy who sits alone on a table. he is your agent. you start a conversation with him. handle him a kind of PDA with information on it where he can pick up the damsel. he gives you a covert with some cash in it.

you get another drink and the go to your hangar. go to the trade-section level. talk with some traders. get your ammo. and so on.

the big advantage of WIS in my opinion is fact that CCP has the ability to make each ship something special. its not anymore one of 300 in your hangar. so even your bantam is something really special.

what i really miss in eve is the feeling of a space pilot. how comes? the whole background is missing. like bars where pilots get new "missions". the part of interaction is missing.

well thats just the opinion of a crazy missionrunner...Embarassed

Originally by: Kodek
I think it would be fun to be able to sabotage the docking computers at stations.
Scenario- Gang enters low/null sec space to take on 'Don't i just look good in this Thanatos' station huggers. Lure the station huggers out, and a ground team attack the inside station, aslong as the ground team is dominant, then docking at station cancelled, NOOO cry the 'My goodness look at my shiney Thanatos' crew.
However ofcourse, the 'My Thanatos gives me a H***on' crew can prevent this by having their own ground crew help in the station station defence of the docking systems.

great idea. maybe there will be kind of "troop"-transport ship which has low EHP.
ofc i dont want the counterstrike-sheme here. maybe we can buy npc'soldiers like items and fit them. with individual armor weapons and so on.

Deviana Sevidon
Butterfly Effect Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.17 13:30:00 - [176]

I would like to see a WiS mission with higher payout is limited to only once a day or once a week. It could also branch out into multiple Arcs

For example a standard WiS mission could start out like a normal L4.

"NPC A and his gang of thugs have stolen from us. We want to have our stolen goods back and also the head of NPC A. From an informant within their ranks we got the location of a meeting point, where NPC wants to meet his Serpentis contacts. Kill them all and bring the stolen container back!"

This starts as a standard deadspace mission. However if you warp in NPC A is not found, only the Serpentis. If you the player kill the NPC, he finds a damaged ship log in one of the Serpentis ships.

Option A: The Player can return to the Agent and say he did as he was told and then the mission is over, the agent recognizes the player had done to the best of his abilities and the player receives a basic payout. mission over.

Option B: The player takes the damaged log and goes to meet an illegal hacker in some far away station, where the hacker insists in meeting the player in person (WiS). Going into the bar the player can walk up straight to the hacker and tell him that he needs his help, or he might talk with the NPC for a clue that the hacker is particulary fond of a rare type of ale and ordering this kind of drink might make the hacker more accepting to a capsuleers proposal.

- Hacker gives the player a new mission, to aquire additional data leading to another NPC and clues where the target NPC might be found. Also a little randomisation might be nice, so that the arc changes everytime and also has dead end possibilties. For example the hacker might decide he does not like the player and end the meeting. Or all attempts to restore the log fail, because the data is beyond repair which leads to other dead ends.

Basically the mission branches out, but that can only slightly affected by the player on how the mission goes on.

So when the player meets the hacker in person the mission might branch out into
A, (optimal result) B or C, or D (dead end). The players action during the NPC interaction in WiS slightly affects the outcome. Normally there is 25% chance that any of the options happen, but when the player chooses the correct type of drink, the chances that arc ends with option D prematurely are decreased by 10% while the chance of the best result of the talk (option A) might happen are increased by 10%.

With a few more talks and successful diplomacy and also some more arcs the player finally gets the chance to find the target NPC in person.

Final mission.

- Attack the base of NPC A directly. Kill NPC A and snatch the stolen goods
- Attack the transport convoy enroute to a secret facility.

Even there is a random chance for success or fail. For example if you attack the base directly you might find out only, that the goods have already moved away to a secret location.

Or if the player attacks the convoy there is a chance that the convoy might have been only a decoy and the goods as well as NPC A were still in the base. While you attacked the convoy, both moved away to a hidden location you are unable to find.

Of course when the right option is chosen, the player will find the NPC and the goods, or he might achieve only a partial result, by killing the NPC A but losing the goods. Or finding the goods but NPC A gets away.

WiS comes into play so far, that it influences the chances. During talks with NPC the player might learn, if the convoy or the base is the right choice.

It would be very important to randomize on how the arc plays out and which option is the right choice, so with every attempt of the player he effectivly plays a new mission. Even the NPCs name could easily be randomized by choosing from a set of names already added to the database.

Baka Lakadaka
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.02.19 00:26:00 - [177]

Edited by: Baka Lakadaka on 19/02/2010 00:30:07
Edit: not really mission related, sorry should have read the OP better. Deleted.

Posted - 2010.02.19 17:45:00 - [178]

All these ideas are great. Walking in Stations could make manufacturing more interesting as well as buying and selling equipment.

However, when another MMO (which shall remain nameless) decided to change their game mechanics to attract more folks... it brought 10 year old kids who ****ed and moaned so much that the developers were forced to dumb down the cool aspects of the game.

Be careful what you wish for, guys. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Sader Rykane
The Dark Space Initiative
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2010.02.20 08:28:00 - [179]

Take a good hard look at Mass Effect 2 missions.

I want that but with multiplayer.

I want a mission with difficulty levels that can be scaled up or down depending on the number of people involved.

I want a mission where me and my 3 buddies will swoop in and clear out NPC ships in an area, half of us will dock with the station and the other half will remain outside providing cover fire and warding off any reinforcements as they attempt to dock with the station and make it even more difficult for the two guys inside.

I want these missions to be FINE TUNED for the ships we fly. Meaning I want the mission to be HARDER or EASIER depending on what we fly in. If we all fly in with Command Ships then the mission should be harder than if we all fly in with Tier 1 battle cruisers.

I wan't the mission to be difficult enough to prevent beating it with just 1, 2 , 3 or 4 accounts and I want it to be just as rewarding for all of us as level 4 missions but just 30x more fun.

That's what I want, realistic or not.

Lone Star Exploration
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2010.02.21 03:25:00 - [180]

have to explore docked ships to"
--Retreve, Plant or switch an item
--Clean out the Mini Drone infection on a ship
--Kill or Rescue a person held captive or hiding on a ship
--Find, Plant information on the ship's computer
--Confirm a Certain cargo is on board.
--Find out what is wrong, and Fix it, Kill it, or try to escape from the ship before it is too late

Unique interactions - Play first version of Eve online against NPCs to gain objective in game mission to find out information hidden in game to give to Agent

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