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Trabber Shir
5I Incorporated
Posted - 2009.12.22 20:10:00 - [121]

Originally by: Gibbo3771
Originally by: Romulus Diactus
Originally by: Gibbo5771
...ur an *******...
As soon as WiS is released I would like to find out what u called me in this rant so I can stab you in the station with a sharpened piece of metal...

Did you notice that when you quoted him the quoted text wasn't masked?

On a more serious note:
Covert missions are definitely something that should be in WiS. In fact I would say there should be things so shady you don't want them to register on any network.

They could include some of the following:

*Smuggling: This agent is responsible for getting the people on this station their fix and he needs you to acquire and deliver the goods to this station for a hefty reward.
*Spying: Your agent has acquired partial information as to the meeting location and time of other important parties and asks you to go unnoticed to the possible locations at the appropriate times and report on who shows up without being seen.
*Courier: Agent gives you secret data or contraband that he expects you to deliver to some other station.
*Messenger: Agent gives you a message and a station and trusts you to find his associate there (another WiS NPC) and give him the message. If you give it to the wrong NPC or you say it such that anybody other than the target hears it and you fail.
*Destroy: similar to current missions, you are given the location of an installation that is run by pirates but working for some corp. You destroy it allegedly for the bounties and no matter what the victim will never suspect your actual employers because there is no evidence you ever had contact with them.

But the big part of these missions is that there should always be at least 2 ways of completing them.

The first way would be to stick to the plan given out by the shady contact you got the mission from in which case no one else will know about it and there would be no derived standings effect only the direct standing gains with the issuing corp or faction.

The other way to complete it would be to sell out your agent to a public agent of the targeted or opposing entity (corp/faction) in which case you would loose standing with the group that recruited you and gain standing with the group you approached.

To make the agents believable would require a general class of NPCs that hang out at stations for irregular periods of time and randomly make contact with players for innocuous reasons. Examples of these types of innocuous NPCs could include:

*janitors making small talk
*salesmen selling 'souvenirs'
*police poking around and asking strange questions
*gamblers challenging you to a game of SecWars
*exotic dancers or bar tenders flirting with you
*bouncers roughing you up before you could enter a bar

Covert agents would be of this class except that they would have a mission with a set of qualifications which include minimum and maximum standings toward any number of entities, sec status, and skill requirements. When they engage in conversation with a player that meets their qualifications that player becomes their client and is offered a mission. As soon as that player declines or fails the mission that agent leaves the station and moves somewhere else for fear of being sold out. It should be noted that a covert agent should only have one client at a time (that way no other player is affected if a player sells out his agent and that agent has to run for cover).

If an agent goes without finding a client for a while he automatically moves onto another station just like any other mobile NPC. Also after every mission it gives out is successfully completed it should have a chance of moving on or getting a new mission with a new set of qualifications to give out.

The constant mobility of the agents make them difficult to grind in addition to being believable as secretive people that can't afford to get caught

Kel Urion
Posted - 2009.12.23 12:41:00 - [122]

Edited by: Kel Urion on 23/12/2009 12:47:26
Originally by: Ben Fenix
Edited by: Ben Fenix on 18/12/2009 10:04:44
Edited by: Ben Fenix on 13/12/2009 13:38:15

In general speaking: Let players make decisions that cause them
"to take actions that shape the outcome of an event" Got the Idea? Wink

I thought about more ideas of how to make that happen. One possible idea would be the existence of a stock market where players can buy and sell stocks of corporations (without necessarily getting any voting power, so it would just be an investment). Stock prices change somewhat randomly but can be influenced by player actions. For example, if players successfully complete a mission for a corporation, the stock price of that corp has a higher chance of going up a little. If you fail or if you complete a mission (from another corp) against that corporation, its stock price has a higher chance of going down.

The really interesting aspect of this is that it allows players to do insider trading on the stock market. This could be a respectable extra source of income. The impact of a single mission might not be big, but players could team up and try to run several missions to have a stronger impact on the corp. Of course, all of this assumes that there are no players trying to influence the stock price of the corp in the other direction.

If done well this would open up a new way for players to fight against each other in a more indirect way. It would fit well into the hypercapitalistic world of Eve. The idea for that is from the game Uplink where you play a hacker that can break into corp mainframes. The stock market was a side aspect of the game that was not relevant for the plot. If you sabotaged a corp or stole research data you would even have a news entry about it on the following day together with the change in the stock price. Absolutely ingenious idea.

This idea does not necessarily depend on WiS, you could also implement that by adding another tab to the market window. But it's a good example about the type of impact that player actions could have. There are more possibilities opened up by WiS:

  • New corp offices opening up or closing as corps expand or downsize in certain areas.

  • Different types of people that can be met in stations, depending on what exactly the corps in that station are trying to achieve at the moment.

  • Different types of missions that are offered, depending on the dynamically changing objectives of a corp.

  • ...

Iwat Hou
Posted - 2009.12.25 15:25:00 - [123]

tl;dr version:
Make WiS missions diplomacy and negotiation
Make it give planetary interaction bonuses

Long version:
The best suggestion I've seen so far in this thread is the pointer to Vanguard, and their diplomacy system. If you want to make Incarna interesting at all, you'll need to come up with some completely new mechanics for it, since the current ship mechanics don't make sense, and since FPS style shooting doesn't fit at all with the lore.

So, why would capsuleers leave their pods? Well, maybe to stay off the grid, but not all of them are pirates. They would also get out of their pod to negotiate deals with important people. If you create some kind of diplomacy game that could be a nice mechanic for negotiation. What would be even nicer is if you tied that to the Tamagochi planetary interaction thing advertised on fanfest. I also think a great way to do that would be through a betting mechanic, since people seem to be talking about gambling all the time as soon as WiS is mentioned. What better thing to gamble with than the populations of the planets of EVE?

A hypothetical scenario could be the following:

SirMolly has some influence in a region of Jita IV where Ishukone and Kaalakiota are both strong. In order to strengthen his influence there he goes and talks to the Kaalakiota representative in the Jita 4-4 CNAP station. In the ensuing diplomacy game, he needs to bet some money, some standing or some other kind of asset. He thinks he has a good stack of diplomatic tricks to play, and tries playing the "Playing Competitors Against Each Other"-power. This time he is unlucky, and the Kaalakiota representative sees through his bluff and he loses some of his standing with both Kaalakiota and Ishukone. If he had won, he would have gained a stronger influence on the region of Jita IV he was playing for.

The Nietzsche Followers
Shades of Gray
Posted - 2009.12.25 23:23:00 - [124]

what I seriously dream about is having dust 514 and eve merged into the same game :) but oh well...:P

incarna is the time to introduce walking in ships and ship crews (at least walking in docked ships, and a crew that you can talk to and get to know while docked. Maybe like dragon age/mass effect)

Achozen Dueces TecH
Posted - 2009.12.26 16:24:00 - [125]

WIS.. hmm

1. i want to see my ship in hangar being repaired... Actual size.
2. walking in station why don't we walk in our ships repair upgrade..
3. POS walking, outpost etc..

4, There's a big potential in salvaging hacking archaeology. You could fly to a destroyed ship and with a spacesuit fly to the wreck inspect it using a scanner, and then run the main salvager. that would recover whole ship parts that you scanned down..Not only small plates. etc...
5. Old station exploration use a hand held analyser to find datacores bpo... this would be fun...creepy sound etc...

6. Mission board from agents from whole constellation , ew. solar system.

7. i would love to see som missions that would need from the player to dock to an installation and find items, rescue someone.Remotly by hacking take control of station systems.. (lock personel)
(Turn off locked doors with hacking, scanning the main computer with analyser for important data station plans (where the mission item is big station),

What's unrealistic now.

Salvager only need 5 sec to scan and take out from wreck all salvageable elements..

There are many things that you can make. It would be a shame that it would be used ony to "see the planet" and "play" some games

Lone Star Exploration
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2009.12.27 21:35:00 - [126]

What type of Mission I would like to see in WIS?

Tools to allow Players to make Missions Registering Book marks of locations, Registering corpes belonging to Certain alliances.

Other than Player created mission I think the mission for WIS should stay in WIS. Maybe flying to station to station which has WIS. But until some limited form of combat can be on the station I am somewhat hesitant to have station Missions.

There was talk of Shifty Missions for WIS. I think smuggling Boosters etc. missions would be entertaining.

Having Mission for exploring the Slezier portions of the Station.

I would love to have missions where you have to board a ship that has been docked fighting and sneaking though the ship to Recover a smuggled cargo, etc

I would like to see a mapping system where players can make internal structures of ships which later could be up loaded to play Dust 514 on or WIS adventures in. >>>If high enough quality to be accepted by CCP, a player could get several eve
Plexes in exchange for donating their work.
>>>Personally I am in Love with the Rorqual and would spend a lot of time in building the interior of that ship to play in. Since the amount of module and rig customization is limitless there could be more than one interior map to a ship

Eien Hart
Soysauce Syndicate
Posted - 2009.12.28 12:11:00 - [127]

Super Mario type platform missions... Fix the station's plumbing, etc.

Posted - 2009.12.28 19:55:00 - [128]

Originally by: Eien Hart
Super Mario type platform missions... Fix the station's plumbing, etc.

To expand, how about using logistics drones/skill to repair the hull of a station that was recently attacked?

Posted - 2009.12.28 23:24:00 - [129]

i fully implore you CCP please bring out WIS i dont care whats in it aslong as it comes out, anything that brings a personal feeling to the game is ace in my books.

There are an infinite options to choose from when thinking about WIS, so my roads to go down, all i say is deffo have some link between dust 514, planetary/space interactions and capsuller interactions.

I think we chould captilise on the whole pirate department, in other words a double agent approach which links to doing deals under the table which effects standings to NPC factions and/or somehow effects some particluar charactistic in 0.0/sov space.

Id also love it if somehow allainces in 0.0 have some sort of alligence to the factions, mhaving good standings willl enaable agents to be evident in stations in 0.0 providing missions for that allince, and maybe proving some npc supportfor the sov holders.

hehe i dunno somethign cool like that, like its all related directly or indirectly. if that makes sense ^^

Posted - 2009.12.29 17:51:00 - [130]

Unless there is some sort of game mechanic, fighting or puzzle or whatever, in stations then having people WiS for missions is simply a pointless time sink.

There has to be some motivation to WiS. Something to do. Forcing people to WiS with no game mechanic is simply petty and mean.

Kelsi Darr
Posted - 2009.12.29 19:05:00 - [131]

Originally by: Azrakadar
what I seriously dream about is having dust 514 and eve merged into the same game :) but oh well...:P

Not immediately practical --
But I'd love to see a separate station-focused MMO where you can bring a character's shooter skills (from Dust 514) or social and science skills (from EVE). You could have three types of characters --
* Native MMO (balanced)
* Dust 514 (weighted to FPS skills)
* EVE/Incarna (weighted to social and science skills)

But that'd only be practical after Incarna, I'd think. Smile

Steven McKayne
Posted - 2010.01.01 10:25:00 - [132]

oh please oh please oh please can i have texas hold'em poker Very Happy

Fred Kyong
EWH NanoTex
Posted - 2010.01.01 21:37:00 - [133]

Edited by: Fred Kyong on 01/01/2010 21:58:15

I do not think that gambling or wagering would be allowed in a Multiplayer Game. As we could learn already from other MMO games this was banned rather quick as authorities and also the FBI (here in the US) stepped in pretty quick.

But just to take some example from the Multiplayer game "Second Life" and what you can do with a players character I can imagine to walk in stations, on planets, dress or change clothes on characters, open shops with items. Also get billboards of our corp up and social interaction like sitting on a bar and chat with other players... stuff like that.

I also miss to meet with some of my corp members in a station, or the own POS to sit in a meeting room and have a briefing with all of them... POS and stations are not realy build for that...

When EVE would go this way and put more social aspects into the game I can imagine to be a long time subscriber to the game.

Yamonoto Kekasse
Posted - 2010.01.01 22:16:00 - [134]

  • Capability of hiring NPC pilots to help me during missions (Remote rep, salvaging boat,...

  • Capability of developing a network of informants (NPC or even human) that I would pay to give me info/keys/stuff needed to complete missions

Uran otan
Posted - 2010.01.02 02:43:00 - [135]


First and foremost:
CCP IT department where I can walk in and pimp slap the people that can't seem to fix the lag issue for large fleet fights.

CCP Marketing department where I can walk in and club the people that made the Dominion trailer, blue balling all of the 0.0 population, without considering the fact that such a fight isn't anywhere near possible in game. "Wow that's a lot of reds in local." Yeah right. That guy would be podded long before the grid loads.

CCP Returns Desk, where I can ask for a refund and curse at somebody for actually developing and deploying walking in station while flying outside of them is still broken.


Posted - 2010.01.02 22:20:00 - [136]

Edited by: Clygorn on 02/01/2010 22:22:15
Edited by: Clygorn on 02/01/2010 22:20:43
I'm not a fan of walking into stations, it just seems another boring way to waste time. Instead of doing 10 jumps and take 30 min to get somewhere, now you have to walk in a huge station and waste 30 minutes watching the walls.

But anyway here's 2 things that comes to mind for those who would be brave enough to waste big time walking into stations.

1. Expand the NPC market with opportunities to do more profit on more expensive items. So you basically waste 15 min walking into a station to find a NPC merchant having a bad break, he sells you x quantity of NPC goods at a huge discount. Now you have to find the nearest place to cash in all that profit. You already can make some profits dealing NPC goods, just give a bonus if the person took the time of walking into the station.

2. Find rare NPC inside stations that could lead you directly to expeditions or directly to rare stuff inside a wormhole. Of course nothing is given to you directly. Because you wasted your time walking into the station, this individual will spare you the time to probe systems and you still have to fight your way to the reward.

Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2010.01.03 20:07:00 - [137]

WIS for me should bring a visible rpg element to EVE, a merger between the wonderfull environments conjured by the Eve chronicles and novels and Blade runner.

I would love to have first hand interaction with all the objects we can trade in EVE, also with robots and Dust514 vehicles which might be diferent per race. Maybe Caldari technology would use tracks, Caliente walkers, Minmatar wheels and Amar hoovering vehicles.

WIS missions should always require getting out of your POD somewhere during the mission. Any collisable object could be a potential walkable-environment where you could meet all kind of people that work on space vessels. These missions could supply goals, data , maps and key elements/equipement for Dust514 campaigns.

I would like to be able to visit strategy rooms (like in Dust 514), Panorama rooms, with good view on space or planets, libraries (an exiting way to access evelopedia), staging rooms (where you can visit all the Dust 514 equipement), docks (where you can see ships entering) and cloning facilities. I also would like a communication room with monitors or holographic 3d computer interfaces to contact other players in other stations.

Aramis Rosicrux
Ordo Rosa Crux Templaris
Posted - 2010.01.04 23:32:00 - [138]

Originally by: Xessej
Personally I would prefer that WiS simply be cancelled. I certainly don't ever want to receive a WiS mission from any of the agents I presently use. It will just be another mission that I auto decline which means I will more frequently have to stop running missions because all my available agents are blocked by missions I need to decline but need to wait for the timer to expire first.

T.H.I.S. is Golden.

Ambulation may be an interesting game, but its not the Eve we know and love.

We wish the programming resources that are wasted on this flight of fancy instead be devoted to fixing bugs that CONTINUE to annoy us for the SIXTH year.

1. Cure lag. Cure Lag. CURE LAG!

2. Please embellish, enhance and improve the normal agent missions. The lame texts you threw together in 2003 are showing their age. Frankly, they needed work then.

3. ADD some variability to missions. Officer spawns for a start. And the LOOT tables still stink. Why do officer battleships still drop SMALL loots? Do Faction Admirals and Generals really use T1 ammo and fittings?

4. Drop some T2 items once in a while.

If you fix that, then you send the programmers to build a new game, call it Ambulation or Station Keeper... but its not EVE!

Thanks for listening,

Aramis Rosicrux

Morino Heian
Interstellar Cookies Distribution
Posted - 2010.01.06 06:19:00 - [139]

Originally by: Uran otan

First and foremost:
CCP IT department where I can walk in and pimp slap the people that can't seem to fix the lag issue for large fleet fights.

CCP Marketing department where I can walk in and club the people that made the Dominion trailer, blue balling all of the 0.0 population, without considering the fact that such a fight isn't anywhere near possible in game. "Wow that's a lot of reds in local." Yeah right. That guy would be podded long before the grid loads.

CCP Returns Desk, where I can ask for a refund and curse at somebody for actually developing and deploying walking in station while flying outside of them is still broken.


This was argued over countless times already but I guess not enough. If you think lag in fleet battles can be fixed by sending some programmers to "fix" the code, you are very very mistaken.

The root of the lag problem lies in technological limitations which cant be removed at this time. Or at least not without devoting excessively unpractical and expensive resources (like for example separate node for every star system). If you want EVE to remain a one-server (not sharded) universe with hundreds of star systems available at each time, you have to deal with possible lag. Every single MMO out there will lag, crash, freeze and eat your babies every time large amounts of players gets close to each other. EVE fleet battles, WoW Wintergrasp battles, Aion fort sieges are all good examples. Most MMO tackles this issue with sharding and/or instacing zones. EVE tries its best to avoid that and tbh they are alredy doing pretty good job. Sending fleet battle notification to CCP so they can reinforce the affected star system is an example. But I can bet that even if they do that, when 800 people jumps into same grid, your client and their server will both go berserk. And this is something that we have to deal with at this point in time same as with the fact we cant cure AIDS despite all the research efforts made.

Perhaps in the future when computational and internet bandwidth power will grow enough, smooth 1000+ players battles will be possible. But as for now even a legion of developers working on Incarna would be powerless to fix your issue. So to all WiS/Incarna haters. Please kindly stop hijacking WiS/Incarna threads and move along. This expansion is anticipated by many EVE players and it will not hurt in any way those, who do not wish to engage in activities it will offer.

Forge Lag
Jita Lag Preservation Fund
Posted - 2010.01.07 23:14:00 - [140]

Since you guys own White Wolf, take a look at ancient Vampire: Bloodlines. The game had multiple ways to progress although being storyline driven limited it and the devs ran out of steam towards end and resorted to mass killing with firearms.

Objective driven missions (deliver, assasinate, search, recon, escort) are ideal and EvE is suitable for them due to not having XP grind.

Lets see what can you do with simple "pass guards":
- use celerity to zip past them
- use stealth to bypass them
- just walk through due to your resilience
- look inconspicious
- snipe them
- mellee using stregth
- mellee using stealth/speed and coup-de grace
- dominate them to look other way
- seduce them
- debuff them (blind/stun/berserk/paranoia)
- use connections to get false papers
- use forgery to make false papers
- go around through slums
- crawl through shaft
- buy them escort/fortified quafe
- make Malkavian chaos and hope you get lucky
- just nuke the whole place
- do not bother, hack net and get agent rewards
- hire someone (money, violence, subterfuge - we went full circle here)

If you have a set of objectives that you can randomly put into set of rooms and players can use set of skills, you will get a large number of different missions without having to design each one separately. Sure people will figure out best way to solve certain missions. To combat this some misisons should more suitable to some approach (or from design PoV rather less suitable to certain approach). Hm you can use environmental effects to randomize this further (the interaction may not be trivial - say if you put in limited visibility stealthy sniper will be both hindered and aided). Ofc the player skills could be combined and alternated.

Still, without knowing anything at all about Incarna the best you can get here on forums are stories to design one time missions around. I do not belive CCP is willing to put that kind of effort into a game.

Maia Blis
Posted - 2010.01.08 21:42:00 - [141]

Interesting ideas here, but personally I think WIS will go wrong unless it is kept very very simple.

My suggestion is that people must get out of their Spaceship in a Station when they need to fit ship, change ship, clone jump or start learning a skill. You would be able to do this in your own secure hangerspace- these activities would not really take any more time than it takes at the moment.

For others who want to use WIS - in missions for example; you would need to leave your personal hanger and use facility in a communal area to accept a mission, set up a specific mission fit or organise a different class of ship.

Avatars can be armed and could shoot and murder other players at will BUT there will be consequences and a high percentage probability of being caught and ermmm.... executed on the spot by Concord or the Station Owner...but there may be a chance of escape in your ship!!!!

I would not limit this mechanic only to missioning and would use it in all stations, except people would not be able to leave their own private hanger in High Sec Stations.

Thats it!

I think result will be an edgy and dangerous experience which should complement the Spaceship game and give some sort of bridge between Dust and Eve.

Posted - 2010.01.11 18:18:00 - [142]

how about getting storyline missions or special arcs only in bars within the 4 empires?

lets say, the barkeeper wants tabaco, alcohol or exotic dancers ... you completed 5, 10 or 25 of those missions and he providing a special missions to you ... like *****slapping other minmatar slaves, kill jamyl sarum or meet the crazy jovian scientist etc etc etc ...

Posted - 2010.01.13 08:01:00 - [143]

I don't speak for all But I personally cant wait for INCARNA and I believe it will make EVE more immersive and enjoyable. It'll bring in Many new players and I think future expansions of WiS could offer some really cool stuff.. And those who arent interested in WiS can simply Stay in their cozy ship.

While I haven't read most of these posts due to the fact that i am impatient. I would like to share some ideas that i have had over the past few days about this topic. Idea

I would prefer that Missions including WiS to be a matter of choice 100% of the time.
-Some pilots do not wish to use WiS period. and some really really DO so let them decide for themselves =)

-WiS mission agents should be relatively easy to find. In offices and such. and the agents who make up the seedy underbelly should probably be the ones you meet in bars and darker hard to find locations (by referral possibly)

-myself being a FPS player and being jealous of future DUST players.. eventually i would like to see Incarna KILL missions. where i can accept an internal security mission warp to deadspace destroy the Blood raider ships and then maybe theres an outpost or a Battle station to which I can dock (assuming my ship is small enough to dock at said WiS Collidable structure. And inside I (and my corp buddies) have to engage and kill any number of Blood Raider personnel up close and personal. ANd return to my agent with a recoverable item. Like a ring or pendant or a finger of the criminal we were sent to kill
-this could open the door for Incarna combat skills, (hand to hand, Light weapons combat, CLose quarters combat, Amarr Combat Suit Etc.)
-Each race could have their own style Hand held weapons and Functional armored Combat uniforms (I want a True Sansha Hvy Combat suit!!) and perhaps there own style of fighting(hand to hand) in the traditional paper scissors rock balance
-Why not introduce some new items to deadspace missions and complexes. A new type of decryptor or Implant only farmed from Incarna. Maybe rare collectable items I can display in my future Bar socket =)

Relating back to hand to hand combat and light wpns combat
-one day in WiS i would also like to see Arena Fighting locations like our own FIGHT CLUBS in any station. It would be voluntary and controlled. Players could challenge each other to a gentlemens' duel Razz 1 on 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs. 2 (the choice is yours) and other players could sit and observe these fights(and place bets for isk, ships, or whatever else) . fighters could agree on hand to hand, Fixed blade wpns, pistols ect. (its not really mission related but tell me thats a bad idea Twisted Evil)

Trust me the last thing i want to see is Incarna become another "second life".. Of social deviants living out there fantasies in the middle of the grand hall of a busy station. I have very HIGH hopes for Incarna and I trust CCP to go all out making it awesome. If they could grab some of the fps crowd they could make a killing on PC. Lets face it.. how many good FPS games are out there for PC anymore that arent painfully repetitive and are(worth paying for) NONE!

Max Payne
Posted - 2010.01.13 12:22:00 - [144]

Edited by: Max Payne on 13/01/2010 12:28:26
Ok first thing you gotta do is put up a barber shop / gene clinic where you could change your face.

Second, being a gallente, I want a drone to float arround me and shoot everyone who opposes me- ok I know drones are gigantic , but maybe a mini drone.

Third - all these homeless people, tourists, student graduates living in my hangar - I want them put into some shelter... the exotic dancers/ damsels I think I can find the place for them.

That slaver hound should follow me arround and bite people

I want to have racing and gambling. Or gambling about racing, putting a 5% implant into my hound and shooting it full of err I mean feeding it a healthy diet would help me win the races

Certainly a station that can house ships a kilometer long would have to be quite big - I don't wanna walk - I wanna drive something.

There should be a bar with shady characters. who give out missions.

Which brings me to the part all you have been waiting for. PVE missions WiS. See it doesn't have to be in the station per se.

Say there's an old derelict ship. You need to dock to it go through the automatic defenses and retrieve records/blueprints. you still walk - it's still a station like environment. It's also an instanced mini dungeon. Or

the damsel in distress. Yeah you can blow up the pleasure garden and hope she gets to the cargo can in time. You can also go in there stealthily in a recon ship. Dock , pretend to be looking for a good time. kill the people before they get in their ships and throw the damsel over your shoulder in a fireman's grip and run for it. See even a newbie in a frigate can have a 2 million reward and all he has to do is be subtle and have good aswd first person shooter moves.

And don't even start me on the missions you can have within rogue drone stations.

and there's something wrong with your message board.- I had to type the text in a notepad and post it here - everytime you finish typing a letter it goes back to the first line of the post.

Ammut Noret
Posted - 2010.01.13 21:11:00 - [145]

Originally by: Vaerah Vahrokha

I'd like to have *shops* in stations (for those who want them that is) so I can sell my stuff while contracting with "real" people, with Star Wars / other sci-fi bars and other environments to go in and do stuff with.

I'd like to talk to some officer that sends me to rescue stolen plans in a L4 mission, where I kill the rats, board their base and then go in and blaze my path to their office where the stolen plans are kept.

That's what I'd like to see as well. I'd also like to see some cloak & dagger kind of stuff. That would be fun.

Alenora Tizar
Posted - 2010.01.13 23:35:00 - [146]

WiS would be fun for optional missions. I don't think that regular station agents should stick them into the random mission generator. Like someone else proposed, hanging out in bars could generate random "agents" for either Empire Factions or even maybe some undercover Pirate Factions. I think that these missions should be almost completely WiS, for instance: You are sitting a a (equivalent of a bar) in Amarr and are approached by a slaver. He needs you to help escort his cargo from a storage area in station to his ship. Along the way you have to fight NPC brigands ect? Perhaps an Agent from the Theology Council approaches you to clear out a den of heretics in the lower levels of the station? Or a Blood Raider undercover Agent could approach you to kidnap a high profile Amarrian holder?

I think that MiS missions would give CCP a chance to let the players see more of the dirty gritty side of EVE. Its dark underbelly so to say. Maybe even a security status could be given to each station level or area? So you could find Pirate agents in lower sec areas and the Empire Agents in Higher sec areas? Also the Sec system could be applied to eventual PVP. Or there could be NPC thieves and stuff in low sec areas you could kill for a bounty?

Zzander Solus
Posted - 2010.01.14 01:28:00 - [147]

How about this; why not have optional WiS minigames that have a difficulty level that corresponds to the mission they are a part of? There could be certain "haunted" stations where a player can dock and clear the monsters for extra isk and loyalty points. They can be completely optional from the regular missions, in fact a warning can appear that the station is quarantined and you dock at your peril. The minigame can be set up as either a first-person or third-person shooter, with all the atmosphere of a good classic survival horror game like Resident Evil. These minigames could utilize some of the design elements from Dust 514 as well as WiS. Perhaps the premise is that there is an infection from a mutant virus that has turned the occupants into zombies. The premise can actually be anything that inspires a feeling of menace and dread.

These minigames would add spice to missions as an optional element. If these "haunted" stations are set up on a separate server node then they would help free up some of the traffic on TQ. I think this is a way to add another dimension to the New Eden universe.

Posted - 2010.01.14 12:27:00 - [148]

Edited by: Actnor on 14/01/2010 12:48:48
How about this..... I want to get to system X without all the tedious flying in between. You could hitch a lift with your Corp buddies (As Cargo) or go to a bar and get someone to fly you there while you are offline. Maybe some regular passenger lines in empire space.

This could open all sorts of interesting PVP interactions. Kidnapping and ransom. Hostages. You could log on and find that your character is imprisoned and either have to fight your way out or pay a ransom. A new source of income perhaps.

Next question? Folk say this has been on the boards for it likely to happen anytime soon?

thorax spartan
Deserted ExPats
Posted - 2010.01.15 09:08:00 - [149]

ok for starters i will say this sounds awesome BUT ccp are realy gona have to think on how they put it into practice.

i for one would love to see random missions in stations(via dodgy peeps i bars or what ever), to stop farming likes its already been said by others keeping htme totaly random, with a posable higher % chance of geting one in a sys/station that isnt used as offen(would make peeps spread out i supose at least)

pretty much all mission types can be covered in this way from couirer to combat what it does do is open up more ways to complete these missions.
instead of using a bs to pop rats you could sneak in dock up and shoot yr way past the "badguys" before they even get into thier ships

the chance to kill sahsha thugs or bloodraider decpiles would be pelvic thrustingly awesome.
instead of loot from wrecks you could have implant harvestingTwisted Evil or taking guns/gear/cash etc from the bodies
of course this would posably need a whole new skill tree for been "outside" yr pod.

some fo the ideas that have been put forward are great and i would love to see them in game at some point.

of course this all depends on how much time/effort/resourses etc that CCP will devote to this.
if they make wis with a whole new skill tree we could see a large spike in uses as some will play just for that side of the game, which for me is fine and brings a new lvl to eve.

do we even have a time frame for thisQuestionQuestion

fingers crosses its this yearVery Happy

fly safe


Posted - 2010.01.18 03:03:00 - [150]

Edited by: Rvlxnx on 18/01/2010 03:12:24
Would the WIS be like Anarchy online? have some spots to search and pick missions and rewards or search for items and do the coresponding mission to get those items/ rewards of your choosing?


but whatever happens to WIS just dont make it anything like that world where you gotta sweat for pedsugh or like afterworld alhpa=(although that one does have some really good research and manufacturing)

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