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Jate Gunma
Posted - 2009.11.05 00:31:00 - [31]

Edited by: Jate Gunma on 05/11/2009 00:31:59
One thing that would be awesome is if you could leave your ship and go track down another individual, an actual player, who is also docked in that station. You could fight, play cards, exchange goods...

You could also, say, find the person who's docked up and has a nice bounty on their head. And lets say they run into something that stops all vital functions.

Cool You get my drift. In low sec stations, you can still go in and get somebody, though your sec status goes down. In hi sec, you can try it, though you have escape without running into the multiple npc guards that roam the corridor. If you fail, your ship is impounded, or some other sort of consequences.

This could be fun...

Ted Metropolitan
Posted - 2009.11.05 01:18:00 - [32]

I am excited about the possibilities of walking in station missions so have a few more ideas.
WinkIt would really be fun if you could interact with this new environment.
ughMissions could reward you on how well you completed them.

ArrowYour local fraction agent gives you a mission to replace fraction posters in a nearby space station. While in the office you get to chose or customize the poster a little. Your next task is to fly over to this station and pick a good spot for the poster. The mission could reward you more if you hang it in a well used area. You might have to ask a groups permission if you can put one in their bar or corporation office. In turn they might ask for a small donation or give you a small mission to complete. The posters would stay up for a period of time until they fall down again enabling another player to run the mission.

ArrowYou decide to see an agent in station who canít give you a mission because his office is too messed up after some thugs broke in. He asks you to clean it up while he finds these offenders. You are given a photo of what it should look like and are left to clean it up. You are rewarded on how close you get the office back in order. Maybe you get to pick five items from the office as a reward or maybe you decide this agent is dodgy and uplift some important looking documents that lead onto another mission. Maybe while you are cleaning up a pilot approaches you thinking that you are the agent and you end up doing a space mission for this new character.

ArrowYour meet your Quafe agent in the science lab at the back of the office. He has brewed up a new drop called Quafe Dark and would like you to find out what other pilots think of the new packaging. Your task is to meet pilots/agents in bars/shops and ask them what they think. You could be rewarded on the results and how many pilots you interviewed. Pilots with good standings towards you would give the new packaging a better mark. Once you have done this you might get a space mission to defend Quafes secret space lab.

ArrowYour agent has run out of time to shop for a gift for his lover. He knows of a jeweler in a station a few jumps away. Your task is to buy a gift from this jeweler suitable for his loversí tastes. Once at the jeweler you find out he needs some special rogue drone parts to do his work. You head off on a space mission to kill a few drones. Now the jeweler can finish his work. You must pick the parts off the shelf and get the jeweler to make the perfect gift. On return you get to see how pleased the agentsí lover is with the gift and you get rewarded on how happy they are with your choices.

Ted Metropolitan
Posted - 2009.11.05 02:54:00 - [33]

Me again. I think I have an even cooler idea for PvE.
CoolPilot races.

Walking in stations would be the perfect way to meet up before a race. There could be a ready room where the course is out lined on a map. On the walls are the results of the past races. There could be different classes based on player skill points and classes based on ship types or races based on mission type. A starting area could be incorporated into the station were pilots get ready to sprint at the sound of the buzzer. A spectator area could also be created where other pilots can watch the start and see statistics of the race on a screen. Bets could be made on the changing results at a NPC bookie against other player bets.

The missions could be allsorts. The ones I imagine is that competitors are given coordinates to a gate and have to shoot drones or ships colored and tagged to their racing attire. This racing attire could be setup at a booth at the station. Once their drones are destroyed the player can enter the gate. Next they must hunt down the right container with their race pieces inside while dodging structures and other NPC ships. Once they have all the needed racing pieces they must return to the station and assemble the race pieces on a table to create an object that they must cross the finishing line with.

Every one gets rewarded for taking part so it is an alternative to doing standard missions. This could also include corporation standings because the races can be seen as training. The winners will get a bonus of course based on how many pilots take part. Other rewards could also be given out like the fastest ship or the hardest hitting ship in the race. An optional rewards ceremony could be held for the large races in the station so the winners can indulge in their glory.

The races could be run by NPCs, players or both. Players could setup the competitions and the game could provide the missions. There could be NPC run races with interesting rewards for the winners to attract players to new stations. After the race players can meet at a station bar so they can talk about the exciting race missions they have just completed or chat about race strategy.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2009.11.05 11:10:00 - [34]

Not so much for missions, but spatial voice chat would be cool. For example, you enter the bar and you will be connected to the "Sid's Seedy Bar" voice channel.

If you can afford a bit of voice acting, it would be nice to talk to the agents instead of interacting through the 'accept/deny' buttons for all eternity.

Missions that require talking to actors inside the station could also allow multiple-choice endings - you accept a mission from the Caldari Navy folks to clear up a Gallente listening post, and as you're walking back towards your ship you're approached by a Gallente agent offering you a bribe to fake the cleanup effort.

Black Sheep Crew
Posted - 2009.11.05 17:40:00 - [35]

Have a strategy room / table available for regular (in-space) missions. This would be linked into the regular fleet system, so all fleet-mates would be together. You would have a 3-d "map" layout of the deadspace areas that you will be fighting in. The fleet boss / commanders can draw on the map, i.e. "group 1 approach from this direction" and everyone would see. You could have escalating costs for "more intelligence" as in the numbers and types of NPCs. If you link it up to the ship fittings for each member, you could do a basic DPS to tank calculation with the option of "what if I swap a BC for a BS" or "what if we use missles instead of blasters".

One idea for "payment" would be to forgo the time bonus on the mission. Then if you are having a hard time completing a mission, and the time bonus is already expired, the strategy room would be free.

Jarvis Hellstrom
The Flying Tigers
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.05 19:52:00 - [36]

Much like missions in space - the more immersion and the less predictable the better.

As much as possible, station environments should play like the various short stories, novelettes and chronicles read.

In addition to various mission options, Stations should give characters a chance to blow ISK on things that aren't just spaceships. Whether setting up a business or furnishing your own luxury floor in the best part of the station (much like 'Her Painted Selves') there should be opportunity for things to do with your character that are personal.

I would take a tip from some of the 'home' design sequences in games like Oblivion (but please make putting things on shelves less painful!) or Fable.

Missions should probably try and break a bit from the usual Oblivion/Fable mode and defintely stay away from straightjackets like Knights of the Old Republic. Those are amazing games (with Oblivion being the best of them) but the replay value is lower than it should be.

I would definitely go for player created market style content. Players could 'plant missions' in game which might be pure 'in station' but could also in many ways replace many of the courier contracts and the like.

As an example - I want to create a courier contract. I can go and set that contract up in the system as usual or I can set it in WiS mode (perhaps it would appear in WiS mode regardless). The contract might be created in a market, if it's aboveboard, or if it's illegal or smuggling it might only become available through your criminal contacts. Standings should play a part in what you can find. You can then have a set roleplay for the acceptance and then go fly the courier.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Jarvis has very high Brutor standing. I decide that I want to courier the materials for 'War Preparation' (minerals) to the target system. I create the contract and because I'm in a Minmatar station it gets assigned through a Brutor agent in the market who handles such things. Another player with high Brutor standing might then be able to get the contract. The higher the standings you have, the more additional pay you might get from Brutor tribe for helping out someone they think is awesome etc. Because this material is valuable, perhaps there is a chance that the Angel Cartel might attack while you're hauling it generating a combat sequence in space.

Alternately Aldus is conspiring with some folks to run drugs to some FW pilots in low sec. He sets up the contract but these drugs are contraband so it gets assigned to a Serpentis Agent or someone else questionable that Aldus has good standings with. Someone wanting the smuggle job can then work their contracts to get it and fly it out to low sec. For this latter job perhaps there is a chance that the Minmatar government might get onto you triggering a conflict.

Hell's Revenge
Posted - 2009.11.05 19:53:00 - [37]

ArrowIts unclear if you meant missions inside the station but that would be a good idea. From errands (yes courrier) cause theres some offices in there anyway so they do need supplies to "kill" missions. Kill missions given from your agent is almost the same thing as your agent when your in a ship. So CCP should be imaginative in this and since they got good writers I beleive this wont be a problem.

Arrow I remember when playing the old game Tie Fighter one of the first mission was to scan a ship in space. if it had contraband I had to shoot him down or stop him. I would like that. Scanning type missions from either people or even ships. These ships could be from npc ships or even player ships on gate or at the station.

Arrow The escort type of mission. NPC wants to go to point B and you have to escort him. easy as pie. Either in space with your ship or in station with your avatar

Arrow All missions related either in space or WiS, please make it random and/or more dynamic. More random events in missions. Lots of players exactly know what to expect, what type of ship to bring, what type of fit to bring in battle. This makes it less dynamic and in a way, just makes it boring after a while.

Arrow Another mission type would be patrol. That could be done in space or even in station if missions are in station in the first place. Either go to point A and continue on to point B and so on up until point F and you have to wait a certain time before continuing on. At the last point, the objective is done. Why this one. Cause in each point anything could happen just like in really enemy territory. You could get a big large group of ships getting in and trying to kill you or it could be 1 ship ultra bad like the sleepers.

ArrowMission story: you get a small text from your agent and thats it...nothing else. thats lame and boring. How about more life in story telling. Put a small video of the agent talking about the mission or something (optional). Make the text more live or make it appear somewhere else. better yet, make the agent talk to you when your currently doing the mission. the last idea could be some sort of headquarter officers relaying information to you live and your in the field acting as a special agent...just like the metal gear series. some guys talks to you through the comm and gives you the objectives and what to do.

Arrow missions are only done with combat ships. how about with other types of ships like the blackbird for example. For WiS that's a bit hard to say since you only have an avatar to move...unless you got vehicules I guess ???? anyway, back to ship. Make a mission or lots of missions with different type of ships like the logistic ships and you have to make sure the targeted ship must survive.

Arrow i want to select my missions. I earned the right to do so cause I haven't stop doing missions with you and my standing is above 9.3. In any case, some people might choose harder missions or easier missions. To that in case of farming problems make sure you can't choose the same mission over and over...potential problem fixed. Or a maximum of 2 times for the same mission.

if thats the case, make more different missions cause lots of other games out there got lots more than you guys have.

Arrow 16 missions and you get a storyline...can I get a countdown please. Put it in the mission window

Arrow Like in Epic Arc missions, I want to be in space when talking to my agent and be able to accept it.

Arrowrewards should be something else other than missions. Seriously I'd like to get a ship or some tech 1, tech 2 loot from time to time or even a blueprint. Well something else other than ISK. faction items could be good as well but difficulty would need a balance.

Bennet Am
Posted - 2009.11.06 00:17:00 - [38]

I would like to see a new set of political missions.

Basically you would create new npc spy corporations for all the major factions.

The missions would be offered randomly at first. Sometimes when you get out of your ship, sometimes in the bar, sometimes by a shady character waiting for you in your room. Upon successful completion of a mission, you would unlock the agent on that station.

The political missions would be as follows:

-Blackmail (courier) Take a package from point A to point B. Usually part of a mission arc.

-Blackmail (combat) Fly and kill a ship, recover an item, deliver it to an agent.

-Plant bugs (subterfuge) Use constume pieces to gain entry to a 'Caldari Only Officers Club'. Plant bug.

-Plant incrimintating evidence (subterfuge) Same as above.

-Steal items (subterfuge) Same as above.

-False Flag (combat) Disguise your ship / use a mission ship to enter restricted space and commit horrible act.

-Bribe (subterfuge) Give isk or item to player of opposing faction to gain a temporary change to faction standings. This would be a player, not an NPC.

-Recruit a spy (subterfuge) Induce a player to flip faction standings. Again, not an NPC.

What would you gain from these missions?
Access to faction only bars
Swag for your room
Acceleration gate keys to hidden deadspace pockets
Cosmetically different versions of ships
Meta 4 items

For example: I am approached by a Caldai Secret Service agent in my hangar. I accept his false flag mission. He sends me to a station where I pick up a ship. I go kill some children as an Amarr. I drop off the ship and return to the agent. I try to pick up another mission, but I am forced to wait as I am now "too hot". I keep checking back over the next week and eventually he has another mission. As my standings increase I find myself being approached by agents at other stations.

Just my ideas.

Posted - 2009.11.06 18:58:00 - [39]

Hitman style missions. I loved playing Hitman, something similar for missioning would be fun lol.

Rocks LeDuc
Posted - 2009.11.09 15:41:00 - [40]

Edited by: Rocks LeDuc on 09/11/2009 15:41:54
I like the idea presented in the fanfest trailer. You're no longer surrounded by heavy armor, guns, killer drones and all that stuff, you're vulnerable, thus I think missions should play upon this angle. Not everyone in stations is gonna be a clone, so you're gonna be pushed around quite a bit by people who spend their life outside pods and know how to fight etc.

So most missions would have to be social-oriented: shady dealings, negotiations with corp reps that carry more weight if done in person rather than through mail, bribes and stuff like that. Maybe you would have to bribe someone to speak on your behalf to their corp thus giving you a standing boost similar to storyline agents, maybe you would have to do them a favor for the same goal, or the idea of setting up a shop somewhere.

In any case it seems clear from this thread that traditional missions and Incarna missions would HAVE to be totally separate, giving players a choice rather than forcing them out of their pod to finish some part of a traditional mission. It also sounds true to life that some people would forfeit the benefits of getting out of pod just because they hate it so much (the feeling of being weak). And as a last argument, perhaps not everyone can stand the inherent loading times that are sure to be involved with switching from in-pod to out-of-pod.

On a more personal note, I really don't see Incarna as a traditional mmo experience with a skill bar and stuff like that, maybe something more cerebral would be appropriate.

skye orionis
Posted - 2009.11.09 17:06:00 - [41]

I posted this thread a while back about using the WIS engine for missions as a halfway step towards a full ambulation engine, the logic being that walking around these mission spaces would put pilots in a space suit, so there'd be no need for full on character customization, and no need to interact with other players initially.

Ambulation is one of those features that stirs up a lot of emotion among players, sure, we'd all like it if (a) we could still use the point and click station interface and (b) CCP would fix other bugs first and not waste dev time on simething that doesn't affect gameplay in the grand scheme of things.

Walking in stations doesn't really add much to the game, I mean the demos we've seen are pretty, but relatively pointless. Walking in stations adds to the RP part of MMORPG, but that's just an adjective, it's the 'G' part that most people really want to see developed.

So, my proposal is that CCP should seriously look at ambulation as a component of missions and exploration. To get certain rewards in some sites you have to don a spacesuit, get out your ship and walk around that archaeology site.

It was pointed out that if the avatar is wearing a space suit then that immediately removes the need to develop a whole body character model, you can just stick your existing character head inside the helmet of the appropriate <male|female> <amarrian|caldari|gallentean|minmatar> standard issue EVA suit.

Now the actual tasks will be relatively simple things like
'fly to abandoned station x, kill the rats guarding it, then dock with the station and find the data chip'
'..... dock with station and meet our contact, he doesn't trust comms and wants to meet with you directly'
'..... explore archaeology site and photograph as many ancient heiroglyps as possible before your air runs out'
'your codebreaker can't hack this next gate, I need a direct connection to the mainframe, you're going to have to go inside that station and hack in manually.'

You don't need anything directly hazardous to the avatar so no need to develop any avatar combat code. I would suggest having some sort of time limit where the player will be punished if they exceed it.

Now, you can even go so far as to add new tech components that are only available from exploring sites on foot. Now, I hear you ask, why does the all powerful capsuleer do this, why not hire some lackeys to the the dirty work. Storyline demands some sort of justification and I was thinking, perhaps these ancient archaeology sites were created by a race that has a deep fear of computers and cover the sites with a dampening field that cause drones to break down and most electronics to become non functional. Maybe, these sites are actually special containers created by a race that have abandoned technology and sealed all their most powerful gizmos away in these locations. Your space suit life support is maybe marginally affected giving you only a few minutes to rush around on the end of a tether until you have to return, exceed this time and your ship winches you back.

There's a perception that CCP is developing ambulation primarily for other project and that it's really being shoehorned into eve as a test bed. Well this proposal has a lot of advantages for everyone involved

1) it reduces the technical requirements for developing ambulation (existing heads, limited number of bodies)
2) It gives ambulation a purpose within the greater eve universe
3) It gets tested with a much smaller subset of the user base, so ambulation bugs can be tracked down before unleashing WIS to the masses.

Lord Tatham
Posted - 2009.11.09 21:28:00 - [42]

I'm trying to keep an open mind on this one but it is worrying.

I picked this game because its about ships and space - no walking involved.

I'm a solo player and I'm already bothered by the upcoming Dominion patch. I don't want to be pushed by Tax into any responsibilities or politics within a player owned corp.

I guess I just want the game to stay as fun for me as it is at the moment. What could be the harm in that.

On the other hand others are looking forward to this change and so they should. So make the missions optional. Try to maintain as much flexibility in playing style as possible. Try expanding the existing categories to include WIS missions but maintain some non WIS options.

However I was to play WIS missions...

I would like to see something a little bit more unpredictable and perhaps a bit more skill based rather than experience based. Something that can't be easily written up in guide form would be interesting. Perhaps something regarding spying or infiltration of enemy stations would be interesting. In empire space this could just cover intelligence and espianage but in low sec and null sec why not look at integrating infiltration of a station into Soverinty or War. Why not expand this into walking in ships and possibly even the ability to salvage as in capture tow and repair ships. Too far....

Dunna Mek
Posted - 2009.11.09 23:06:00 - [43]

Edited by: Dunna Mek on 10/11/2009 03:50:37
I'll re-iterate much of what has been said.

1) Part of mission involve obtaining information from individuals or computer systems in stations.

2) Stealing, hacking computers, reprogramming computers and life support systems in environments outside of faction stations (maybe a pirate residential station, or brothel, for example). This would involve some kind of espionage, and may require the agent to give you clothes or items to allow you to blend in.

That's all I can think of ATM. I only ask that you make some of the new content available to relatively new players, as I feel (as a new player) that most of the exciting new content created in Apocrypha and (soon to be) Dominion is geared toward veteran players. It would be great if PVE could get a huge boost, and lvl 1-3 missions could be more engaging. Staged missions, that could be done in fleets with other noobs using the upcoming fleetfinder would be sweet. Much like instances in another un-named MMO that everyone around here loves to hate. Very Happy

Vincent Ikari
Red Star Militia
Posted - 2009.11.10 02:42:00 - [44]

To capitalise on an earlier post, why not include "co-op" missions that you can accept with a friend.

For example:

"The Power of Two"

Mission brief: Ah, Greetings "Player Name", im sorry you had to leave the comfort of your ship to meet me in person but im afraid we're having complications, you see, the power is out on this level. Efficient Minmatar electrical systems aside, i need you to head down to engineering and fix the problem. You'll need a friend handy to hit both the breaker switches at the same time.

Objectives: Head down to engineering and restore the power, you'll need a codebreaker, and a friend. If you don't have one, buy one. The friend that is.

This is obviously a simple task since i didnt want to write an essay detailing a more complicated mission, but you get the general idea Razz

Matari Visionary Coalition
Posted - 2009.11.10 14:22:00 - [45]

Edited by: Mudkest on 10/11/2009 14:25:56
combining WiS with missions? I dont know, I mean what sort of missions and risk are we talking here? It's the POD that makes us godlike and immor(t)al ( more info here )
so when we get out of our pod, and walk aorund in stations taking missions there, if we die we die permanent. So why would we capsuleers risk that? Not to mention we have the skills to pilot spaceships, and while we are able to turn our interceptors at a dime while traveling at a speed of several km/s, I'll be glad if I can walk normally when I get out of my pod after spending several weeks in space. I dont think I'll be able to hang from rafters and swing acros chandeliers to do what-ever it is I get paid to do.

So, what sort of missions are we talking about, and what's the risk involved and the pay we get for it? Hell, Ive been a pod pilot for so long, I dont even remember what the economy is like for the mortals, and how much a single mission payment for us is worth compared to their year salary. But considering we can buy enire battleships for what we get paid for a couple of missions, I think it is far more then most mortals will earn in a decade, probably even their lifetime

So, what sort of missions and rewards could possibly draw me to walk between the mere mortals and risk my own immortality?

Matari Visionary Coalition
Posted - 2009.11.10 14:48:00 - [46]

Originally by: Dunna Mek
Edited by: Dunna Mek on 10/11/2009 03:50:37
I'll re-iterate much of what has been said.

1) Part of mission involve obtaining information from individuals or computer systems in stations.

2) Stealing, hacking computers, reprogramming computers and life support systems in environments outside of faction stations (maybe a pirate residential station, or brothel, for example). This would involve some kind of espionage, and may require the agent to give you clothes or items to allow you to blend in.

hacking could work with eve-backstory and such in mind(and it's also a skill allready in game). It's not that Im opposed to missions with WiS(as might seem to be with my post), I just want it to be fitting to eve. Eve-online has such a nice and quite deep backstory, I dont want to see that ruined by becoming super-human as soon as you step out of the pod.

Posted - 2009.11.11 03:28:00 - [47]

well there isnt much info to work with here. but this could be really complicated to make rather bleh and simple. i'm thinking a diablo 2 like look and gameplay. if it is just a walk and talk to an agent directly or look in that box and a minigame pops or something i already dont want to do it lol. if combat is an option... are we looking at new game here with skills and stuff >_>?

Lab Ratorius
Posted - 2009.11.11 18:34:00 - [48]

I like Skye's idea a lot but as an additional bonus options to current mission setup and separate from any new *in station* missioning.

Additionally since everyone seems to be such dancing fanatic =P it would almost be a shame if (as a cosmic gag) there wasn't a disco here and there and, of course, a serious dance showdown!

What about non-lethal combat competitions: boxing, wrestling, etc. This could be for isk, representing your corp and also part of a mission.

Beyond that, although many players will want WiS as purely optional, I don't mind a real-time aspect such as having to wait for the agent if he/she is currently busy with someone else. Sure I might leave the station all hot and bothered, even emo rage quit, but it the reward is (to be) uber-cool and unique some waiting and bait switching will make them so. Eve is usually good at that =)

And yes you have to include Burlesque shows and some associated uhmm interaction? Wink

Matari Visionary Coalition
Posted - 2009.11.12 15:15:00 - [49]

Originally by: Lab Ratorius

Additionally since everyone seems to be such dancing fanatic =P it would almost be a shame if (as a cosmic gag) there wasn't a disco here and there and, of course, a serious dance showdown!

now I'll be dissapointed when I dont hear the beegees playing in stations :(

Lab Ratorius
Posted - 2009.11.12 18:31:00 - [50]

Originally by: Mudkest
Originally by: Lab Ratorius

Additionally since everyone seems to be such dancing fanatic =P it would almost be a shame if (as a cosmic gag) there wasn't a disco here and there and, of course, a serious dance showdown!

now I'll be dissapointed when I dont hear the beegees playing in stations :(

YOU should be dancing! Laughing

skye orionis
Posted - 2009.11.13 01:08:00 - [51]

Dancing avatars is at the bottom of the list as far as I'm concerned.

Markie Mark
Posted - 2009.11.13 14:49:00 - [52]

I never realized we were getting missions with WIS. This opens up a whole new ball game.

I'd like to see them similar to the epic arcs but with a totally random element. For example, you go talk to an agent. He or she gives you a job to do. It may be a genuine job or they may be double crossing you - using you as bait or a guinnea pig. This choice should be random so that two players speaking to the same agent could end up with different results. One is double crossed, one is not. Perhaps each agent has a certain leaning towards each player based on standings.

The missions could also be arc like in nature so as previously suggested the first part requires you to fly to another station to pickup a gift but then that requires you to talk to someone at the local casino who in turn needs a certain person taking care of etc etc.

Just dont make it like the current missions where its the same story each time you get it. I dont want to have to load Eve survival to read what I have to do to complete the mission. I'd rather my mission was different from everyone else's.

keep up the good work

Posted - 2009.11.14 12:09:00 - [53]

Edited by: XIII''th on 14/11/2009 12:10:54
Lets add some rpg character into it, make missions like in other crpg games, long dialog lists with many options, long travels from npc to npc, from hisec agents to lowsec, from lowsec agents to nullsec. In higher lv you dont get perfect localization of next npc, but maybe a system and a clue where exactly he is, so you have to think if you want to find him. Let agent chage location in one station, make him walk arround, let him not be static.
Add possibility to resolve problem with diplomacy, bribe or smthn (new skills needed), or even force, but no more waves of crappy enemies, one big nasty ship with two-three escort ships, and he MAY escape if damaged badly, so you need to have point on your ship (yeees, point on pve ship \o/) or you'll fail your mission.
Add more talking, less fighting, I loved Fallout (not CCP Fallout ;)) and its quests, and if you will add something like this in EVE I will love you too ;)

And change "normal" mission system completly too for gods sake, pleease, make it challenge worth time, for now its the worst pve experience i ever had in computer gamne :(

something somethingdark
Posted - 2009.11.15 08:43:00 - [54]

will give ideas if you tell me thers gona be spoken words

Posted - 2009.11.15 09:48:00 - [55]

Looking forward to "INCARNA" and all the new content coming up. as far as missions go, i don't like the current "space" missions and hope the station ones don't reflect the same unimpressive style ...

My interest with incarna lies more in the social aspect of it, interaction with players, property ownership, customization and entertainment. Sure, there should be missions but in my opinion it should be at least in the beginning a form of tutorial that brings light to the station operations and possibilities. Hopefully they don't pay much but reward in "fun" terms, otherwise everyone will be running around for LVL4 agents doing the best time at killing rats and farming isk ... oblivious of the fact that saving the damsel is a lost cause ...

Operation Cloverfield
Posted - 2009.11.16 00:23:00 - [56]

Edited by: benjam14 on 16/11/2009 00:30:48
K here goes my idea: firstly walking in stations is a brilliant idea I think this could be implemented by the market and agents and other stuff from the station but you should still be able to use the menus on the left of screen for easy buy/selling also I think guns are a must so in high sec you have police officers (CONCORD) if you fire a gun police come unless you have kill rights there should also be like stuff to find in stations like random loot dropped small things like isk or acceleration gate keycard or even something as big as keys to a new ship anyway back to guns obv in 0.0 sec there is no police this could Leed to big shootouts but at the same time you should be able to crouch or hide or both this would bring new life to eve and would be a great way to also tie it in with DUST 514 via players meeting in stations and stuff also add In a shop for guns and armor and things like this so you can get better equipped the ammo could follow the same principal as current guns and would also bring new skills into eve hope this idea eventually works will be brilliant *EDIT* another good thing would be offices go visit like a boring grey building area to pay taxes sought Corp out boring **** like that or have an option to rent out a ceo office with luxuries like booze pics of ships and plenty of fine art insurance could be interesting you could get person insurance for the station incase you die but all implants are lost and any guns and armor go also this walking in stations has so much potential PLEASE PLEASE DONT F**K THIS UP CCP!Razz

Samuel Wess
Posted - 2009.11.16 14:47:00 - [57]

I would like to have a casino (pve pvp), a bar, a barbershop and a cloth store in stations.

VC General
No Baals Inc
Posted - 2009.11.16 19:04:00 - [58]

A casino would be interesting. Aside from that, if we can't pew pew in the station, whether it's PvP, or GTA-style missions, then I just don't care. I would love to be able to gamble in the station though, especially if we can play against other PC's.

Midnight Hope
Posted - 2009.11.16 21:03:00 - [59]

Perhaps WiS missions can be directed more to adventure players. I am thinking about missions that require the puzzle solving that typically occurs in adventure games. I realize not everybody likes adventure games and puzzles so maybe a special kind of agent is required which only hands out this type of missions.

In these missions you will need to interact with the environment to produce some kind of result, maybe by combining inventory items or figuring out different logical puzzles.

Some other examples...

Sabotage a ship planting some bomb in its cargo hold which requires you to actually walk into the target ship. Perhaps you need to time your entry with the guards so they don't spot you, or you could use 1 item of Exotic DAncers to ditract them (Commandos 2 comes to mind here).

Delay reifnrocements by spiking the drink of a known admiral in the local club. Perhaps you need to create a distraction first by attacking a ship in system. Later when you approach the dude in station he is getting a report and is distracted enough for you to spike his Quafe Ultra. The more ships you killed the more time you get to "improve" his beverage.

Posted - 2009.11.17 09:53:00 - [60]

Not interested.
I signed up for "Eve - Online" pew-pew...out in SPACE.
Not "System Shock 3"...walking in stations is so...meh.

This is EVE....not SIMS.

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