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Asta Ddu
Posted - 2011.07.07 22:57:00 - [451]

The option to not leave my ship, unless I choose to, and not do any mission that requires entering a station beyond the hanger.

All walking in station missions to be issued by new agents, not a new missions from existing ones.

Daath Malkuth
Posted - 2011.07.17 22:23:00 - [452]

Originally by: Candria Therdan

In Eve however, the only way for the defender to end a war is hope the aggressor runs out of money, or gets bored. You can't make the aggressor run out of money if all they do is sit in a station.

So I propose that under war dec's, players be allowed to go into the station and confront their opposition (either side of the war) with a mechanic to actually end the war. Such as killing a particular target, or accomplishing some form of mission. I don't have a fleshed out idea, its just something to think about as right now there is no mechanic to end the war like there should be on the defenders side.

an arm wrestle? haha

Anti-Social Outcast
Posted - 2011.07.17 22:31:00 - [453]

Im not sure if some has mentioned this through-out the post, but its something that popped into my head.

There was talk about 'long lines' for agents, cuz there will be lots of people doing missions for the same agent, so heres what I thought of...

What if agents had different access points per level or standings? such as an 'phone booth/ATM computer', you could have heaps of these located in the station floor where you could access ANY agent and deliver and good required. as the agents level or standings go up, you get closer.. such as meeting in a special 'agent kiosk' where you access higher missions, and then when you get to the highest level/standings, you can actually meet the agent in his office.

However, this might require a 'meeting schedule' as there may still be heaps of people meeting the agent, and im not sure who can be bothered waiting in a station to meet the agent.

But then, if CCP just had a new loading room, such as captains quarters, where everyone just gets loaded into their own 'meeting' then there wouldn't be long line. But im still keen about the 'phone-booth/ATM computer' and AGENT HUB so to speak.

Anti-Social Outcast
Posted - 2011.07.17 22:52:00 - [454]

Also to add, not sure if there is a thread directed to just the WIS mechanics, but I had a thought which might tackle a few problems...

Some people dont like CQ/WIS at this stage, so what if CQ was only available in the station which your corp has an office instead of loading a CQ at every station in any system. Instead, if you dock up at a random station, you just get loaded into a 'hanger' where your only option is to walk out into the station. No special CQ cuz you dont live there!

I also got thinking about the spawning of characters for WIS. Currently you spawn in your own CQ and will have access to walk into the main station.. but will every player spawn in the same/close location.. what happens in JITA?!

So heres a solution that might work, and might also annoy some people.. what if stations had limited docking spots, and a hanger bay to match. Heres how I see it working...

1. You choose to DOCK at a station
a) you get accepted and dock into an available slot
b) there are no available slots, however you can leave your ship in space and dock your pod in a pod bay

--> a) if you get accepted into an available slot, you get loaded into the hanger bay. Hanger bays could consist of 'floors' with a certain amount of docking spots per floor. A communal docking bay! (maybe even steal someones ship when they leave and go into the station ;) unless they have an immobilizer!)

2. You spawn infront of you pod with you ship floating behind that, in your own bay, on a platform that spans the length of the hanger bay. Imagine looking down and seeing a long line of all different types of ships (size does matter!)

3. The platform can be swarming with players fitting their ships, maybe even swapping modules or sabotaging a ship that has been left there. (SABOTAGE SKILL!) You can also interact with players without having to enter the station.

4. The platform may need tow levels in itsself to allow easy access to the conveyor belts that move towards both sides of the hanger. the upper level goes clockwise, the lower anti clockwise. This way you dont have to walk the whole length or try and jump over the one belt going one way to get to the belt going the other way.

5. At the end of each platform is the entrance to the station floor, which players only need to be on the entrance platform in order to 'ENTER STATION' and start the next loading screen.

Also, it would be cool to have a 'cut-screens' showing these transitions. Such as your pod being removed from your ship and docked on platform with a big 'arm', the station doors opening when you enter/leave.. and even when you get in you clone and get 'put on the shelf' hahaha

Maybe a jump clone bay could be limited as well with its own 'hanger bay' where all the clones are stored?

Just ideas, its really early and i haven't slept!

Alaric Faelen
Posted - 2011.07.18 08:06:00 - [455]

Edited by: Alaric Faelen on 18/07/2011 08:07:50
A moment of reality, and a WoW comparison..forgive me in advance....

Socialization in any MMO is really- a form of texting in a box. Whether you are sitting at the station in Rens or standing around in Orgrimmar ('s been years) the actual gameplay of social interaction is that chat box. Maybe a wave or something from an avatar, but no matter what, in the end it's texting.

Most of the suggestions so far are good, but really boil down more to window dressing on that basic reality. Changing socialization to more than text boxes (or voice in a fleet action) is going to be difficult. Given that harsh reality, I don't think WiS is where to spend effort if the social aspect is the goal. Eve needs an overhaul in getting random players to work together, especially early on before you want to commit to joining a corp from a random invite.

It's here that WiS could be good. A form of mission 'dungeon finder' where people can 'run what ya brung' so to speak and easily match up for short term things like missions. It would also bring many ship roles out of fleet action PvP, and into lower level missions. Mostly so that newer toon can actually get to use say, EW, rather than just tank/DPS for solo missions. It seems that many of specialized roles in combat essentially go unused until you venture into PvP on a large enough scale to have roles, or at least the high end missions requiring co-op play.

If a player could put up a 'will work for' posting in a WiS area, with what they have in the hangar, sortable by mission level perhaps. For example, one could put up a notice for the next 25 minutes that they are available with a Blackbird EW support boat. Other pilots could see this, perhaps basic SP or certs, and decide to contact that person so they can DPS a mission with support.

You can do this in chat channels, but the WiS experience could make it more like you're hiring on than just a broadcast in chat. Also, along those lines, you could make bars or whatever inside a station specific to mission types or levels- so you 'know which dive to go to' to find someone for certain types of mission.

Thanks for reading.

Crystal Liche
Posted - 2011.07.21 21:24:00 - [456]

In an MMO you are building something long term. Your toon, your financial wealth, a corp, in UO a castle.

In EVE it is not a ship, ships blow up. It is your toon that you build and I think being able to see our toons is a basic need that is both intangible and vital.

The real issue is what to do with the "Pod UI". I always thought all the boxes and controls were a result of the pod interface, but when I left the pod I still have all that plus a new in context UI, the holograms, which rock.

Opening the station door to me is not that important.

I'd really like to be able to walk around the inside of ships, and one day have teams controlling a single ship, gunners, nav, engineering, etc.

Crewed Ships would add a new demension of teamwork. Imagine if the effectivness of your short range guns was dependent on the individual skills of the gunners. Razz

Kellee Feth
Posted - 2011.08.01 04:36:00 - [457]

Twisted Evil

Darvanas Torvelle
Posted - 2011.08.02 00:08:00 - [458]

"Eve needs an overhaul in getting random players to work together, especially early on before you want to commit to joining a corp from a random invite."

^^ Sounds great!

Lazarus Longe
Posted - 2011.08.22 21:58:00 - [459]

I'm with you, Crystal!

Meil Nomi
Gravity Salvage
Posted - 2011.09.05 16:45:00 - [460]

I looked through the thread, I'm sure I didn't see it mentioned if it is please point me to where it's discussed. I would like to see player designed missions like I saw in City of Heroes. I think it would add a lot to the experience if I could work missions for Player run Corps. Perhaps Corps could offer special ships, passes, or things of that nature as rewards with the Designer setting up the parameters for the missions. Choosing from a list of spawn types having the mission appear just like a standard mission in space when it's spawned.

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