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Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2011.02.10 23:20:00 - [391]

Suggested new WIS mission type: using "Off the Grid" (OTG) PODS

POD technology has given rise to an elite group of people known as capsuleers or POD pilots. People in this group might look like mere mortals, but in many ways they are closer to gods. They are clones and immortal, interface directly with technology and can control huge empires. They have extreme trained minds and can directly interface through POD technology with different types of systems: PI, POS defense, inventions, manufacturing, trading etc. This mix of characteristics and capabilities makes capsuleers, besides being great pilots also very employable in other areas.

Seated in their PODS, capsuleers can control empires, spaceships, drones etc. The only limitation comes from Concord which imposes rules, Security status and standing.

In the dark past of New Eden, "Off the Grid" (OTG) POD technology was used in many more fields than the one currently sanctioned and controlled by Concord. Other uses of OTG interfacing has been banned, and disappeared from the surface. Only the underworld of New Eden, secret societies and undercover organizations continue using OTG POD technology for pursuing their own shady interests. Because the use of OTG PODs is prohibited, there is always a shortage of capsuleers that are prepared to step over to the other side.

OTG PODS are regarded as evil as they are capable of spoofing and identity theft. A capsuleer seated in an OTG POD is not under Concord control, has no security status nor empire standing. A capsuleer might temporarily disappear off the grid, step into an OTG POD and posibly grab control of another empire through a previously secretly on-lined, under cover OTG POD interface located in some communications hub.

From an OTG POD , capsuleers might be able to hack and get access to anything that normally only is accessible from a single POD with the correct unique ID, rights and permissions. Imagine secretly grabbing control of any corporation its assets or temporarily controlling other capsuleers their possessions: POS, POS guns, corporation wallets, PI, market, cloning and many other activities you do not even want to know about.

It has been rumored that OTG PODS even allowed capsuleers to fly anonymously with Gurista or Shansa. If that would be true it would be the ultimate PVP cloaking devise.

The existence of these relics are a nightmare for Concord and priority number one to eradicate as these artifacts have the tendency to pop up in the worst places and at the worst moments.

OTG WIS missions could be centered on finding these relics/artifacts that use OTG POD technology. To get to an OTG POD you need to get out of your own POD accept a WIS mission and follow the clues that leads you to the location of the OTG POD interface. Such an OTG interface might have many forms, from a simple headset to a tank the size of a Tatoine Sandcrowler.

Ones you find the OTG interface you will have choices on what to do with it. If the mission is for Concord it is likely that the objectives of the mission will be somewhat different than when the mission is for a shady agent.

Posted - 2011.02.12 18:35:00 - [392]

I don't think it would be a completely grand idea to make players actually dock their ship and enter the station to accept/turn in missions. I think the options present should remain the same with missions. I will be a little surprised if u allow every station the ability for avatars to walk in. I think it should only be provided to major hubs .9+ in each faction. This would create a cool social hang out for players and will also not make jitta the only hot spot.

Hanakiemi Kalakune
Kalakune Industries
Posted - 2011.02.15 16:11:00 - [393]

From my perspective I would like to see old and new mission accepting/finishing option. Keep the old system for players that don't exit their ships much, and a new system which could be in a form of comm chat through terminals placed around the station and/or player personal quarters.

Posted - 2011.02.19 11:33:00 - [394]

I Dont want to walk in stations at all. And i like doing missions alot, So please leave this WiS & Missioning alone!

Kindly regards.

Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2011.02.20 15:46:00 - [395]

Suggested WIS mission type: Re-route the clone jump.

Concord managed to create a clone of a notorious pirate from salvaged DNA and keeps it at a cloning facility. They now need the discreet services of a capsuleer whose task it will be to change the destination of the Pirate's next clone-jump.

It all starts with meeting an undercover Concord agent in a bar who gives you a mission to re-configure the clone jump destination of an NPC. You need to use an "Off The Grid" (OTG) POD located in a captains quarters in some station and temporarily take the identity of the NPC pirate, and change the destination of his next clone jump.

The agent gives you an access card for a captain’s quarters in the specified station. You need to fly to that station, get out of your POD and get to the quarters. You then access the NPC OTG POD interface and re-route the destination of the Pirate's clone jump to the agreed destination. Then you go back to the agent and receive your reward.

As a consequence of this mission you receive mail from an agent who needs your services for a special (Flying in Space) mission, which will lead you to the hideout of the NPC pirate where you must kill him. This mission is a normal mission but with a special bonus for capturing the pirate.

Alternatively when you kill the NPC pirate during a normal mission where he appears, you will receive an additional bonus from Concord as you delivered the criminal to their custody.

Posted - 2011.02.24 03:08:00 - [396]

Originally by: Cedkin
I'm thinking kill missions as in the hitman game series, that would be really awesome.

Myth and Peace Lords
Posted - 2011.02.27 09:20:00 - [397]

Originally by: bawdabilder
I Dont want to walk in stations at all. And i like doing missions alot, So please leave this WiS & Missioning alone!

I know I'm late to the brainstorming party, but what about making the station-side content about fleshing out the backstory of how agent missions come about? The minigames would involve harvesting clues and data from various sources in the game (informants, gossip, hacking, loyalty-point-trading, etc). You would then have a crafting/research system that assembles clues into a tradeable "mission plan" - the same missions we all know and love, but with a quality slightly higher than what NPCs can offer at the same station.

This would keep the game unchanged from the point of view of people staying in their ships, but also allow people who want to live in-station to feel connected.

Dazram Two
Posted - 2011.02.28 09:41:00 - [398]

Edited by: Dazram Two on 28/02/2011 09:54:12
An intro movie similar to the sansha kuvakei trailer you guys realesed would be cool to give a general overview of your mission. But as long as there's an option to cancel it or turn off previously viewed pre-mission overview clips so it doesn't get repetitive.

I don't know if it's good for every single mission, but maybe storylines and epic arcs and a few classic mission favorites like Krulls missions. Smile

Maybe an advanced jump route planning system, or an in station map overview of alliance and friendly jump bridges locations (as long as said alliance and/or corp has been given rights to see the location of freindly alliances JB locations).

General UI improvements to look flashier, like in alot of the recent eve trailers would be great.

Maybe use the eve chronicles and make short CGI clips so newer players have access to EVE lore on hand at the push of a button in your own personal quarters would be a-mazing.

Improved PI management screen where your planets come up in a hologram on the table in front of your quarters couch. Would be cool managing your planets while being able to see your character.

Maybe implement a holographic interface on a wall or 'futuristic' counter top where you can make ship fittings. (in game eve fitting tool) Could do the same for evemon as well.

Gosh I'm full of ideas. I'll come back later and throw some more out there.

Edit: Oops most of these aren't missions or mission rewards, sorry.

Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2011.02.28 23:01:00 - [399]

Suggested new WIS mission type: using "Off the Grid" (OTG) PODS - securing PI materials

Word got out that on a certain planet some (NPC) ruler has found an incredible rare variation of a common PI ORE.

An industrial Tycoon wants this ore badly and is looking for a capsuleer who is willing to steal it for him. If you accept the mission you are given the location and access to an OTG POD located in a captain’s quarter in a certain station.

You need to get to the station, get out of your own POD and walk to the right captain’s quarters and get into the OTG POD. From inside the POD you hack into the network and take control of the planets of the NPC ruler and locate the ORE that is stored in one of his warehouses on one of his planets. You expedite the ORE to the planets command center and launch it into space with a rocket. Then you step in your industrial, collect the ore and bring it to the agreed location to get the reward from the agent.

Gabriel Tenlegall
Bi'Atch Inc
Posted - 2011.03.01 13:01:00 - [400]

Edited by: Gabriel Tenlegall on 01/03/2011 13:07:09
I don't think you guys will read about this comment since there's a big lot around, but won't lose something just trying.

I was thinking WiS as a mind challenge more than "talk face to face with your agent and see how happy he is". I was thinking about adding puzzles about hacking, compromising systems and sneaking with the security roaming around. Ever played Uplink? If not give it a search, it'll sure give you pretty good times. So, we could use this concept as a exploration tool for making special missions in abandoned hubs. "And where WiS can be placed here?" You might think. Yes, we could place it to enter in abandoned stations.

We can surely place a space suit in a shipbox and roam around what's going on around in a dark, wrecked, quiet station with a hacking tool in our hands and plenty of doors to open and search beyond them, labirynths of somber corridors that looked awesome years ago, frozen corpses lying around that made you think maybe it was an accident, or even worse, like a blood raider attack -with lots of blood marks covering the walls-, or a rogue drone infestation that made a terrible massacre. Now you are hired to clean the place to look like nothing like that ever happened, get the proper data and maybe rare BPC's -t2 in cases, depending the sec lvl and the quality of the mission plus the possibility of adquiring one item like that-. You know can be dangerous, you will be out of the pod and your ship will lay in the remains of the shipyard -if it's not completely destroyed at all- idle but in alert mode in case of some bad guys make it to the scene.

Then, it's up to you. We can put some enemies and weapons inside the stations and make a new way to play and enjoy EVE. What kind of enemies? Rogue drones? Sleepers? Mutated Sansha slaves? Something that has never discovered before and appeared right in time to give us a bad time because if you die you can lose your clone and your implants? We need more challenging stuff like that, challenges that give us a exciting rush in our hearts.

Deep-space forgotten complexes of more than five stations connected between them full of hidden nanite rogue drones waiting a distraction from you to rip your skull off your neck. Stations that appears and dissapears because of a random experiment that failed and you need to scan out the system, get right there and compromise it in a short amount of time like one or two hours or else you will appear somewhere else in the universe. Maybe you will appear in a wormhole full of Sleepers full of anger because a stupid guy appeared right there right on their noses right with a ship that could hurt them, or even maybe worse, right around the collapsed wormhole where it started everything here in New Eden, the somber station getting sucked to it and end being disintegrated with you and your ship right there... almost endless possibilities.

As I said, something challenging. EvE is full of mature smart players that are willing to frolic with something like that. I've got dreams with something like that.

EDIT: And if it's not stations, can be old giant experiment vessels titan sized went crazy. We can use this one just for adding something more interesting in low-sec and 0.0 since these vessels could need to be incapacitated to get in there.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.03.01 19:01:00 - [401]

One of the ever hovering security officers (officious bastards that they are) frowns and places his hand to his ear, then you hear him muttering "Lock down the station, send out the defence drones!"
The monitors showing ship departure times, the local news and some violent new sport flicker, and that all-too-familar sinister face appears.
"I am Sansha Kuvakei, and your constellation is now under my control. You can try to lock the doors, but we will be coming for you - my new children."
Do you volunteer to help defend the station against the Sansha menace? If so, you must get to your ship and face the ships already hammering against the station's armour. If not, you are unarmed, but you can still help - the civilians can be evacuated before the station's defences are overwhelmed; The damage will render some of the stations defences inoperative, you can help repair them; Some of the fleeing people are going to get lost or trampled if noone tries to herd and calm them.
There is much to be done, and the station security aren't prepared to deal with this - how often have stations been seriously threatened before. You have the skill and the courage, and the ever helpful immortality. You can save some of these people.
Or would you rather cower in safety in your Captains Quarters, and hope they don't get to you.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.03.01 19:59:00 - [402]

Little things:
* Please add to the canon - Capsuleers all now have a new implant allowing death and subsequent clone-upload when not in a pod. It would be insanity for most capsuleers to spend much time outside their pod if it was the only way they could really die. So fix this bit of canon, and also cover yourself for any future in station combat.
* Speaking of in station combat - I believe that in station combat PvE and PvP could be a good LONG term idea, but it would be silly if it was a regular thing. Don't include it in the first or second release, as screwing it up would probably ruin WiS forever. Just keep it on the table and talk to us about it, a LOT.
* Hacking minigames - let us do PvE and PvP things in station. PvP - intel gathering, theft or sabotage. PvE - theft, espionage, counter-espionage, character and NPC (mission location) locating services provided through hacking.
* Gambling - please include the game that's in the videos (Slay?), and let us gamble ISK and items on it.
* Rewards - give us fluff rewards for certain things, as someone said above, let people with high standing get a special lounge or bar or some special privilege inside the stations they are well-liked in. (7+?)
* Brawl - if you decide to include this, please make it meaningful if not a big deal. Penalise both parties (with some anti-alt logic) so it is something that a pilot might not be happy to have happen.

Joras Fett
Posted - 2011.03.03 16:27:00 - [403]

Edited by: Joras Fett on 03/03/2011 16:30:48
Yeah I'm walking into this a little late...

The idea of Walking in Stations has crossed my mind. Having in-station restaurants that PC's can open and have a social hang-out for Pilots, dealings, NPC-agents, and various other NPC. PC's would Pay a fee to keep their space rented on that station as well as effectively manage the NPC "employees" that work there.

Here's the problem I vehemently don't want to see. I want the option able to stay in my ship if I want to. What I don't want to spend is 10-30 minutes running around a station looking for an NPC just to get/give/complete a mission. Unless payouts go up drastically, I think this is a bad idea...

Solution: Give me the option to have access to Agents arbitrarily designated A (all agents currently accessible from ships in the neocom), and set up a separate group of Agents arbitrarily designated B who hang out at local establishments, rent booths there, provide a small income to the POE (player owned establishment) and do dealings from there. B-Agents would have more dangerous missions or even just have better LP awards or better increase in standing. As the POE owner, you can ask the B agents to leave if you want, offer deals to NPC's to come to your establishment that would modify the formula set up by CCP in the design stage. B agents would pick your establishment based on the quality of your establishment and a formula of random chance designed by CCP. Set your prices, set your amenities.

It'd give players a chance to have a PO-Something in a miniature fashion POE in high sec (or low sec but if you're in Low sec, build a pos).

Being able to meet with my fellow corp-mates on a more personal level could be fun, but is entirely not necessary with the invention and institution of hailing channels (the chat box).

WiS requires a lot of extra programming, but with the advent of incursion and the making of avatars, why the hell wouldn't you put something like that in the game. I think that colonization and planet living would be cool. You could live on a planet if you'd like. Run missions either on or off planet. Between planets. Opens a whole new world of that.

That and being able to see your BC, BS, Dreadnought, etc. from the ground would be...amazing. Everything looks so normal sized when you're flying it, but being human sized and looking at it in the hangar... :)

I thought that in-ship fights would be amazing. Being able to board a ship and fight your way through. If you clear the ship, you kill the Pilot PC. Then again, if you were flying a Thanatos, you'd rue the day someone ever wrote that into existence.

Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2011.03.06 22:00:00 - [404]

Edited by: Herb Solow on 06/03/2011 22:01:08
Edited by: Herb Solow on 06/03/2011 22:00:20
Suggested new WIS mission type: using "Off the Grid" (OTG) PODS - infiltrate a corporation.

A high level government official is a spy and member of a secret organisation. The identity of this spy is not known only that he/she is a high ranking official.

You are approached by an agent to find out the identity is of this spy. The only thing known of him is that he/she is member of a certain corporation. Your mission is to make it to an OTG POD which allows you to take the identity of a low level member of the same secret corporation. From there on you can find out the identity of higher level members until you find one that has sufficient authority to see the whole memberlist (not only members in local) You take the identity of that member which allows you to find out the name of the high level spy. With this information you make it back to your agent and you collect your reward.

You will then receive a new flying in space mission mission to kill the spy.

Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2011.03.13 14:13:00 - [405]

Suggested WIS mission type: using "Off the Grid" (OTG) PODS - create a contract to steal an artifact

A unique artifact has been discovered on a remote planet by NPC archeologists who transported it to a space station. Your mission is to steal the artifact.

The mission requires you to go to the space station, get out of your POD and use an OTG POD to take the identity of the NPG archeologist and make an item exchange contract for the artifact from the NPC to yourself effectively stealing the object but leaving your business card.

Collect the object and drop it off at the agent and receive your reward.

You will then receive an email from the victim in the form of a challenge for a fight to the death (a flying in space mission).

Herb Solow
Soumi Blockade Runners
Posted - 2011.03.13 14:36:00 - [406]

Suggested WIS mission type: using “Off the Grid" (OTG) PODS - Scan from a scanning station.

All POD interfaces are rather similar from the perspective of a capsuleer. The interface to interact with a scanning station resembles the interface to use scanner probes from a spaceship.

A group of NPC pirates have a secret hideout that cannot be detected using normal scanning techniques from a spaceship.

Your mission is to go to a certain scanning station that is in the same system as the NPC pirates. This station uses prototype extra strength scanning probes. You have to get out of your POD and walk to the command bridge and get into the station's command POD to take control. From there you scan the system using the scanning station probes and locate the NPC.

You download the location of the hideout to a data disk and bring it back to your agent to collect your reward.

You will then receive an email for a flying in space mission involving killing the NPC.

Wastelander Miccey
Posted - 2011.03.13 14:47:00 - [407]

Well.. I love the idea of WiS.
I also see the wishes of ppl NOT loving WiS.
I think it could be TWO ways..
A) Chose to talk to agent on INTERCOM
B) See the agent face to face

The missions availabe as FPS/3rdP should be the same.
Additional missions ONBOARD stations should vary.
Transport Missions
Kill missions
Smuggling missions (could be tuff as Drugs are scanned by
Infogathering (Hack a NPC cabin get in and STEAL INFO)

Well it can be lots of stuf and missions. Only limit is
your imagination.

Posted - 2011.03.21 17:40:00 - [408]

As someone who spent most of his first year or two doing missions, there are some things im interested in here, but there are things that need to be touched upon and executed properly.

1) Keep all current missions the same, except possibly Courier.

I give you all my blessings to rework Courier for WiS, but leave the others the same. Dont take that statement as I dont want WiS by any means, I do. But I want it to be a new, different aspect of the game.

I want WiS to be as new and unique as Planetary Interaction. Anything less is a disservice.

Heres what I envision for WiS-

WiS should take the PVE Experience down to a more personal level, **should the player choose to engage in it**

If a missionrunner ( I use that term for the groups that are looking at straight ISK/Hr conversions and CNRs ) does not want to engage in WiS for missions, Id say let them. BUT, on the other side of that, WiS brings in new opportunities for those that want to take them. In any course, I would like to see larger gains for the people that ( at least ) use WiS to turn in the quest, possibly 3-5%+ LP/ISK/Rep.

You dont want to walk? Fine. The agent has to look at you and everyone elses screens all day, and will happily pay a little more from his Navy ( or whoever's ) pocket to get to talk to you. Get to know you. See your sweet *** scar and hear the story behind it.

In addition to using the agents for just the normal missions, I want to see WiS as the outlet CCP uses to make the world come alive, especially for the roleplayers. Everyone has a story, and the agents should too. Maybe their significant other forgot to pack their lunch, and you have to either walk across the station and grab them one, or walk twice as far and get the one they forgot; Or even outright refusing them and making them sad and hungry ( -3% to all ISK/LP/Rep for *ALL* Missions, WiS and otherwise, until someone grabs them a lunch. )

( For the larger mission hubs? Lets say it pops randomly on the hour. Someone is going to take care of it. The smaller ones, you are the only person that ever goes there? Guess what, you are gonna have to undock for that 3%. Or dont, and cry about lost ISK )


On the topic of what should be included in WiS-

* Conversations with NPCs; preferably old RPG style ( looks at skills and standings )
* Burlesque/Strip Clubs: Only as applicable for the race. Gallente? May become the most popular region. Amarr? Equivalent of Kabuki theatre, or whatever those nasty zealots up there allow.
* Increased Rewards/Different Missions for taking the time to use WiS
* Implementing WiS with Planetary Interactions. Thinking possibly mini-game gameplay to speed up the industry reactions and pass time.

* Making all missions require WiS
* First Person Shooter mechanics and gameplay. // Except in very defined circumstances.

I would be open to a reworking of underused agents to be more engaging. Specifically here, Courier missions. Turn these into pure WiS- Go to the agent, personally pick up letter/cargo ( With some sort of levitation craft trailing for larger things? ) and deliver to other station, also utilizing WiS. Again, making the rewards increased for the legwork.

There is also room here for variety, with different agents giving different sorts of WiS missions. Surveillance may have to help set up a security camera and then scan the station for enemy equipment and/or friendly training cameras, recording equipment, etc.

Somewhere I think CCP could really excel would be to utilize the security status to the overall state of the station, Star Wars style. Higher sec status, the more CONCORD has a presence ( even just a small cubicle in a 0.4 ).. As the NPCs get a little farther from the 1.0 systems, regulations may become.. lax, and the lines between white and black become a little more grey.

With appropriate standings and social choices, a capsuleer may profit or even turn in the agent- all these little things would bring it alive

Posted - 2011.03.26 01:24:00 - [409]

Edited by: TYR3L on 26/03/2011 01:27:43

If "Mission Walking" in Incarna isn't perfect for affecting politics in EVE then nothing is. Corporate Politics, Religious Politics, Bureaucratic Politics, Tribal Politics.

A dynamic system whereby players completing political missions affects New Eden politics, while also competing agains other players running rival missions.

For example, a certain Caldari corporation is trying to acquire mining rights in System "X". Gallente missions range from discrediting Caldari executives, blackmailing an official, promoting a slanted news story, uncovering past environmental transgressions, etc. The more players that complete these missions, the more the outcome is pushed in the Gallente favor.

The contrary Caldari missions would affect the outcome in favor of the Caldari Corporation. These sorts of political missions could also be corporate vs. corporate irrespective of Empire affiliation (i.e. 2 Caldari corporations competing against each other).

In terms of mechanics, perhaps there could even be a viral element? Enlisting other players to spread a software virus at a specific station, or broadcast a news story in x number of bars, lobbies, etc.

Once the goals are achieved for the specific mission then the player is rewarded. If the big picture goal is achieved after a series of missions, then the player receives a bonus.

Even if in the beginning the final goals don't result in immediate game wide effects, by inventivizing political results, it would make "Mission Walking" much more interesting. It seems like maybe some of the existing Incursion framework could even be applied for this.

Kiyadora Hatsune
Posted - 2011.03.26 08:42:00 - [410]

Considering that we will be showing ourselves off per say, maybe more customization in the way of our avatars.Very Happy

Adunh Slavy
Ammatar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2011.03.27 19:51:00 - [411]

Smokin hot female AVs, NPCs and Exotic dancers we can buy sell and have do maid service in the capts quarters. Other than that, uh ... what else is there?

Posted - 2011.03.28 20:42:00 - [412]

What I want from WIS? I want Texas Hold'em poker games with other players. With everything to wager from ISK to ship deeds. (Since that might be too difficult to do I would settle with ISK only games.)

Set them for 10 million, 20 million, 50 million, 100 million, and 200 million isk buy in games.

Or just 10 50 100 and 500. So that you can hit a bracket for a player of any range.

You could also make it so that its a caldari and gallente station only game and mattar and Amarr stations have a different game type, since they would also share a history of like gaming pursuits.

Let me know what you all think? I hope this is a plan for down the road. Let them know if you like this idea.

Hanius Valm
Posted - 2011.03.29 09:31:00 - [413]

From my own point of view I'd keep the actual agents themselves exactly as they are. There is no need to physically walk up to an agent to hand in a mission. It’s the future after all. The novelty would wear off fast. Keep agent interactions in the neocom were they belong.

But what I imagined first when walking in stations started to become a reality was that as well as the usual mission agents, ccp would create a new bunch of mission agents that gave missions requiring you to fly to a gated complex, clear out the npc's in space first before docking with an object (stargate, station, entertainment hub, whatever) and you'd have to go and physically interact your mission objective. Either an infitration mission were you have to rescue the damsel in distress, or assasination mission were you’d be required to take out a high profile pirate, or amarrian ambassador. I’d like to see the same kind of options as in the new Deux Ex, in so far as being able to either focus your character more towards stealth, or pure brute force. You might even have courier missions that meant you’d have to get information to a npc character without being spotted, meaning you’d have to infilitrate Snake Pliskin style, if that’s your bag. However I’d like my character’s reputation to grow based on how he approach’s the contracts offered to him by agents, to feel as if the agents are learning from how I like to play and offering me missions accordingly.

In that sense as well, it would be cool if there was a secondary skill training system that allowed you to specialise your meat bodies abilities with things like armour, certain races hand held weapons. It would have to be additional to the skill training queue already in place though. So running in tandem to it, and not as intensive so that you could quickly get the skills for whatever role you wanted to play.

I think initially that these kinds of missions shouldn’t be as isk rewarding as the conventional grind missions, but should offer other rewards instead for the extra time it takes walking through an environment to achieve your goal, rather than just grabbing an object from a can. There should be less space fairing npc’s to deal with, so you could deal with those aspects without needing uber fit ships to do the mission efficiently, and more of the actual time should be spent in the WIS type environment.
However in the long run I think all missions should be like this with varying degrees of time spent in the WIS type environment, based on a player’s preference.

Inanna NiKunni
Posted - 2011.03.29 19:12:00 - [414]

Originally by: Hanius Valm
it would be cool if there was a secondary skill training system that allowed you to specialise your meat bodies abilities

THIS !!!

Adunh Slavy
Ammatar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2011.03.29 20:52:00 - [415]

Originally by: Bedlin

You could also make it so that its a caldari and gallente station only game and mattar and Amarr stations have a different game type, since they would also share a history of like gaming pursuits.

I'd rather see the furniture, gambling games, etc, be things players can make and sell, and then set up in their own "storefronts" in whatever configurations they choose. I do agree that having some racial differences is more immersive. I am not one to answer my own contradiction in that regard - except perhaps to say that certain "toys" are not allowed in "nice" areas of some stations. If you wanna go play Gal games in an Amarr station, you need to go to the seedy sections and vice versa.

Posted - 2011.03.30 19:29:00 - [416]

Less grind more **** where you have to think and outsmart other players

Valeroth Kyarmentari
Posted - 2011.04.01 18:03:00 - [417]

Quick Disclaimer: I've only read about 5% of this thread. So if I repeat anything two people just had the same good idea.

1. I should have the option of staying in my ship if I so choose. There are times when I'm just docking to do a quick pick up, a few pieces of cargo, and then leaving almost immediately. There are times when I'm literally only in a station for 30 seconds. I'm not going to get off my ship for that, and I don't want any extra load times. When staying in the ship, instead of the current screen where I see my ship floating. How about showing me the inside of my pod, with all my screens a flickering.

2. You should have two types of agents, Fixed Agents and Roaming Agents.

3. Fixed agents have actual offices, show up on the agent finder, and work generally how agents do now. The mostly work out of there offices, so I don't even have to leave my ship if I don't want.

4. Roaming agents "roam" from station to station (and perhaps around stations). You can only find them by leaving your ship and visiting places in the station. They don't have an office on the station (they have there own ship), and you can't get repeat missions from them like a normal agent. They are more likely to appear in systems with less capsuleers. Not only does this help spread people out a bit, but the theory is that a system with less capsuleers around has more stuff that needs urgent attention. They payouts are better, and for some could be considerably better. Since these folks don't sit still, many of the missions offered by them could be for you to assist them in operations (either walking or in space). See example 4A.

4A. Envision a mission like this:

You dock your ship at "Inder VII - Moon 11 - Sisters of EVE Bureau". Now you've got your normal mission agent, some dude in the archives, but your not to excited about it so you leave your ship for a walk around the station. While talking to the Bartender at the local cantina, you complain about how there is no good work around here. He suggest you speak with the sullen looking lady over in the dark corner… You head over to talk to her, and find that she is in a bit of a tight spot. She has a lead on a very lucrative archeological site, only problem is the site is infested with Angels and she is fairly sure she can't take it alone. She sure as hell though is not just give the info away. What she is looking for is a partner. If you're willing to help out, she will give you the exact coordinates once you get closer to the destination, and give you a considerable cut on the finds.

Assuming you help out she gives you coordinates in space to meet up. You launch, fly over to Bakrik and rendezvous with her. When you arrive, she is onsite in her Probe (or Cheetah), and tells you to just hold on one sec while she recalls her probes. A few seconds pass and she gives you the coordinates for the site. She's also linking her computer to yours so that she will start her warp activation as soon as you've entered warp so she should arrive on site just a few seconds behind you.

There's a dozen or so hostiles on site. The both of you engage the hostiles. When the fleet has lost 80% of it's gang, they all start trying to warp out. If any of them succeed (which is likely, though if you could stop them all fast enough, or with warp disruption you could make the mission much easier). Then she yells… "****. They will probably call in reinforcements for a counter attack. You cover me while I try to get what we came for!" She spends a minute or so flying around and using her analyzer when a big ****ing fleet warps in. You have to hold them off while she finishes her run. When she finishes she warps out (with or without you).

During all this, you not only have to keep yourself alive, but you have to keep her alive.

To be continued....

Valeroth Kyarmentari
Posted - 2011.04.01 18:05:00 - [418]

The chance of failing this mission is great… If she is unable to complete what she came for you lose, she could easily get destroyed. You could try to warp out and back… and heck you might even lose your ship and still complete the mission as long as she is able to get out with everything she came for!

Assuming she succeeds, she says that she'll meet you back in the station, if you have captains quarters there, she'll drop by when she arrives, and otherwise she'll meet you in the cantina. Either way, the payout for success is quite large, with a slight chance that you'll run into her again in the future.

I could think up another couple of dozen missions of that nature that would make "walking in stations", truly interesting and much more rewarding. It would also be nice to have several missions that all start the same, but might branch out quite dramatically depending on different factors… some under your control and some not.

5. I can't see that I'd have captain's quarters everywhere. Captain's Quarters should cost you something, and should also provide an advantage. On a normal mining salary I might have 2 or so captains quarters, on a reasonable missioning salary I might have 3 or 4. A very minor rent fee, but something nonetheless. And stations with a higher population would naturally have higher housing costs. Now for this cost I should get something out of the deal. Perhaps slightly improved rep with the station, perhaps slightly enhanced intel n various things, slightly better chance of a roaming agent coming right over to your quarters, I'm sure others could be though of…

6. I want meetings spaces available. Both from a small level, of just the captains quarters, scaling all the way up to auditoriums.

7. I want certain NPC's who are always on the station that I can slowly build up a rep with in order to get interesting tid bits of info. People like the bartenders, the janitors, the dockhands.

8. Basically you have to give people an advantage to staying in there ship (it's quicker) and an advantage to getting out of there ship (it's more interesting and slightly more rewarding). Finding the right balance will be the key.

If I think if more I'll return.

Paul Edrik
Posted - 2011.04.10 15:47:00 - [419]

I didn't read through the thread so this might have already been asked but if I do walk off the station as a capsuleer I'd probably want to hit the bar, maybe a club, or pick up a hooker or two. Is any of that going to be integrated?

Posted - 2011.04.11 09:24:00 - [420]

I read some good ideas in here, but I dont plow 14 pages. Sorry.

An angle alot of you miss that will be "very likley" will be Casinos.
Pop out of the pod to got for a few rounds Black Jack or Texas Hold 'em, maybe roulette.
You name it..

Love or hate Incarna.
Casinos will be a part of Eve.

Thats my two cents anyway.

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