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SHK7 Fiction
Posted - 2010.12.08 15:55:00 - [361]

Edited by: SHK7 Fiction on 08/12/2010 20:10:38
Originally by: Yabba Addict
Edited by: Yabba Addict on 04/11/2010 18:03:04
WiS missions? This is a space game. WiS to interact with agents? This is a space game. WiS? THIS IS A SPACE GAME!
 If I am forced to do a significant amount of walking around, then i will unhappily quit. I want to command a spaceship, which i can't do IRL. Know what I can do IRL? Walk :P

This guy needs to quit... Srsly

Giving people a cool place to hang out and immerse themselves when not grinding is never a bad thing, why the f*ck are all these trolls talking like CCP is taking away their guns and pickup trucks.

These guys (there is like 11 of you at a glance) are so filled with nerd rage they can take "Hey, we're giving you a bunch of new content and places to go and things to do for your subscription dollar" and turn it into "We are raping America, socializing our wealth and deploying  SWG of Warcraft"

Plus, it's not like they haven't said from day one and 100+ times therein that it would be optional to leave your ship to go hangout...

Please cancel your subsciption and go back to yelling about Jews on counterstrike... That is all.

Kal Thrace
Posted - 2010.12.09 10:24:00 - [362]

Edited by: Kal Thrace on 09/12/2010 10:26:33
I'd like to receive my out-of-station mission reports from a 3D avatar agent. when parked in my ship I receive a upper torso video representation of my agent with voice and text on data-pad/console style upload of the mission details and when off the ship I have the option of visiting him/her in their office.

As far as missions on the station go I think it would be great combining on station missions with off station missions. ie. for courier missions find a certain individual on the station and retrieve the data/item I need for transport either through direct referral from my agent or through nefarious means such as picking his or her pocket for the item/data or digital key that will allow me to gain access to the goods after I've discovered their location(one possibility hacking an implant in an unsuspecting targets head). If the item is of sufficient size find it's location(ie station warehouse) and discover a way to smuggle it to my ship covertly. maybe even develop NPC contacts or do co-op missions with other players. missions that span multiple stations would be awesome.

Posted - 2010.12.09 12:53:00 - [363]

Well I have been playing this game for a while and I like to run missions but this can get quite boring. What I think is important about eve so far is that the game does not end when we get up, leave and go to work in the real world.

Personally I feel that from a point of view I would like to see that with farming level 4's, ok you get the bountys the lps and the salvage however we have also put alot of time into the mission, especially if youve been running missions for a few years. There is only so much you can do of the same content. Ideally I would like to see a tie into missions with an npc in a station bar asking you to give them items from that mission or better yet once a players standing gets to 5.0, then players unlock a new type of rewards system through the station which unlocks special times. I would like to see rewards for my time invested in mission running or the introduction of level 4.5 agents.

Posted - 2010.12.09 13:03:00 - [364]

Edited by: OSAMAWEST on 09/12/2010 13:20:34
following up on this: these missions would be alot harder and challenging, (really needing spefic hardeners and lots of intercepters for risk=reward - plus faction rewards)

I would also like to see more options for the player - if they be a mission runner or a pvp pilot, possibly an achievement system and rewards for that. The option to play poker with npcs in bars by betting assets or the viable options of double crossing agents or npcs. Allowing other players to put up notes for other players, like in contracts except allowing the player to do this i.e want to buy all 20 falcons and paying an extra 5 million per ship if this is completed within a week. I would like the idea of trading in ships for lps or special lps which are only exclusive to agents in the stations, all in all more content with more possiblities.
I want to see rewards for the length of time played – ok the skill system does this but I mean if i am a miner or a mission runner thats run over a 1000 missions in a few months, sure you can have r and d agents however to be honest maybe this is something that needs to be addressed with the expanion.
I am 29 years of age and I am not sure if there is enough in eve to keep me interested in 2-3 years time, sure if i pvp for the next year or two or mine and mission ok, but what then. I mean the idea to allow players on the stations is a great idea for the player to have alot more options in eve. I mean that scene in starwars where luke is in the bar where he meets solo to get on the ship. The athmosphere in that bar was something i would like to see, but where trade and corruption is rife. Allowing players to have the options to player gallente darts or play the nighthawk arcade machine sounds like appealing ideas.
To throw in stations that you can walk on is one thing, to allow players to interact with station npcs or bounty hunters, to tie in an epic arc or to show in the current images actually what is happening in the game is what would be nice to see. Maybe even make a new type of career through the npcs on this ship which doesnt force the players to do this content in the station but rather experience it in space, DIFFERENT from any of the other careers. The more options the players have the healthier it will be for eve and its player base.

Posted - 2010.12.09 17:10:00 - [365]

I think all Corporate offices should be accessible by some means, for example, by accessing them via a directory at a console, and the entrance becoming available. Obviously, it would be impossible and obnoxious to have to walk through passageways filled with dozens upon dozens of player corps. To cut down on lag, each office would be its own pocket. In these offices, corporations should be able to employ NPC guards, liaisons, agents, etc, each of which would have a specific purpose for players. Corps could set levels of access to their offices. Certain areas would only be accessible to directors and above, or members and above, or alliance and above, neuts and above, etc, etc. The offices would come in different types. Some corps might make their 'office' a strip club, ala a pirate or drug corp. Other more respectable type corps might simply have corporate offices. The point is, offices would come in templates depending on what kind of place you want to start with. If you want to expand on those offices, cool. Add NPC people, strippers, etc. The richer your corp, the busier your office will be. Each office could be individually customized from station to station. Not all of them would be the same, and not all of them would share the same access levels. These would all be set by whoever in the corp is placed in charge. In this way, you could set corporate 'governors' or something. Different folks that are basically responsible for maintaining an office, or a system of offices. Within these offices would also be mission NPCs set by the corp. Even player corps could use them. Missions like: "Keep belts clear of rats for our miners", "patrol cluster for enemies of the state", "find this pilot and pop/pod him." All with ISK or corp standing benefits. This could even work as an automated way for corps to know who they should consider for recruitment, by monitoring a pilot's efficiency within a mission, how often he runs missions, etc.

We should also be able to access another corp's hangar in a similar way we can access their offices. Corps could purchase mods for their hangars than alert them to unauthorized personnel in their hangars. If someone is looking at their corp hangar at the time from their ship, an icon representing any player in their hangar would appear like cargo icons. Also, as I said before, corps could hire NPC guards. These guards would have the purpose of opening fire on anyone who isn't supposed to be in an area, such as the corp hangar. Of course, players wouldn't really be able to steal anything from a corp hangar in this way. The **** would be too heavy for one person to move. But, he would be able to spy on what a corp has in its hangar. You could even say it is impossible to steal ships in this manner, as the ships would be stowed, locked down, and there are no pods available. Of course, this would imply players could be given weapons, which would then imply a WiS skill tree, and the idea gets more and more complicated. I don't know how far you at CCP want to take this, but these are my ideas, at least for how players and corps might interact in stations.

Green Rhino
Posted - 2010.12.19 19:15:00 - [366]

Just give us some new level 4 missions !!!

Posted - 2010.12.20 17:29:00 - [367]

Other ways for PvP to have a place in WiS is to allow those hostile WiS players who are able to sneak (or blast? =D) their way into another corp's hangar the ability to place tracking devices on ships, sabotage (not destroy) modules, upload computer viruses that target different ship's systems (i.e. targeting, jump, cap, propulsion systems, etc) and place covert warp disruption equipment on ships. The counter to this of course would be modules a player can fit to his ship that scan his or her own personal ship (or another ship) for malicious data or foreign objects. More expensive modules would scan for and deactivate foreign objects and malicious data. The scanning module would work like a salvager, analyzer, or a codebreaker would. The module would cycle, and there would be a skill that would make you quicker at finding and/or deactivating foreign objects and malicious data. Not only would this be another way to add depth to the game, but it could also be used as a new side profession for some people who if they really wanted to, could sit outside a station and charge money to scan people's ships for them. It ties WiS and space PvP together, and the potential for PvP, scamming, and ISK-making applications is huge!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.21 15:33:00 - [368]

Edited by: LiquidatorBrunt on 21/12/2010 15:33:58
whatever "gameplay" you come up with ccp I will be impressed if you manage more than "go here" "find this" "bring it back here",

Any more and you would just **** everyone off for making their mission grind more complicated, Eve's PVE mechanics are a failure, it's not so much a fault however of eve just more that it is fundamental to the nature of the game.

I think a lot of people here seem to expect they're gonna make incarna into an fps

Posted - 2010.12.23 03:13:00 - [369]

As long as walking in stations doesn't turn into:

Lower Body Mobility (Rank 7x)
Attributes: Willpower / Charisma
Allows you to walk in stations. Each subsequent level (past 1) increases your movement speed by 20 percent while walking.

Or go even further back then that! Crawling skill! Speed walking skill, running skill, sprinting skill. And lets not forget the upper body movement skills...

"Awesome, 3 months before I can pick up a small piece of plastic! I can't want for "Precise finger manipulation" level 5!

As long as that doesn't happen, I'll be happy!

Typhis Deterious
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.12.23 03:55:00 - [370]

Originally by: Pyrosomniac
As long as walking in stations doesn't turn into:

Lower Body Mobility (Rank 7x)
Attributes: Willpower / Charisma
Allows you to walk in stations. Each subsequent level (past 1) increases your movement speed by 20 percent while walking.

Or go even further back then that! Crawling skill! Speed walking skill, running skill, sprinting skill. And lets not forget the upper body movement skills...

"Awesome, 3 months before I can pick up a small piece of plastic! I can't want for "Precise finger manipulation" level 5!

As long as that doesn't happen, I'll be happy!

I plan on getting Mallwalking 5/5 asap.

Posted - 2011.01.10 01:02:00 - [371]

This may have been suggested, but having standings come into play to some effect would be very interesting. Whether on a NPC corp basis or, preferably, from faction standings, you could provide access to unique missions or special areas.. ie. a special lounge if you have very high standings with Caldari. This would definitely add more flavor and immersion.

Vaneshi SnowCrash
Posted - 2011.01.16 02:59:00 - [372]

Originally by: CCP Navigator
Continuing our journey through all things PvE we will use this thread to discuss what players would like to see in regards to potential missions when Walking in Stations is deployed on Tranquility.

While the Game Design teams have their own ideas of what they would like to include we would appreciate hearing your ideas on how you would like to see missions combined with WiS, ideas on mission types, objectives and rewards.

I'm sure CCP have since stopped reading this thread but... I'm no longer an immortal demigod of space. That's a freaking huge risk in EVE terms, unless your working in some form of portable cloner, so I'd expect a substantial reward.

I'm also pretty sure it's been said 50 times already but I'll say it again. I don't want to save the damsel in distress 30 times. Facing off, in my 31st venture to make sure the damn idiot stays saved, against the same people, using the same ships, same tactics, same weapons as they did the previous times.

I also want it so that if you're going to have a repeating enemy character I can't skip their introduction to me. It's perfectly possible as it stands to do DiD and meet Zor, who rages about it being "you again" without having actually met the dude before in Right Hand of Zaz'. Which is funny but also breaks immersion (such as it is).

So either give me Mass Effect or WoW... hmm.. space elves... which'd mean space marines... skip WoW in space but basically I want strong PvE that flows properly, keeps me entertained and offers sufficient reward for being not a god of space but a little bag of water (probably with bullet holes in it).

Posted - 2011.01.16 07:45:00 - [373]

Sorry for my english, i will do my best

What i would expect from Walking in Stations? I pretty we need to be crazy and do a lot of things.

First, the social aspect. We need a real drop on this part and i would suspect this is the first thing that come into mind. Playing around station, place like bar to meet people with dancing and the possibility to interact with environnement. The capsuleer are on station to pass a good time. So, some little game like chess will be good, drink...

We need also to have the counter part of what we talk when we go in the station. So the office of our agent, letting people the choice to meet their agent in person instead of talking to them with a click.

And the same for corporate Office that manager could arrange to make it good looking. Why not be crazy on this one and let army corporation to put their trophy on shelves?

This is the social part. Don't forget to add what social people want, interaction with the environnement and emote (watching tv, sit, sleep etc)

But, we could go beyond that and put a lot of other things like Job. Why don't we put new science on station. Why people can't take a job on them and help the station to grow up.

Science with maintenance giving bonus to player that make science and industry, mining ressource of the asteroid where the station could be, wander in space with space suit to repair damage, investating with police to discover murder, why not even multiple other job. Buying place to put a bar where player can come and pay the fee to enjoy our new dancer from Caldari state while they buy us drink that enhance their gaining skill or their warness in battle. This drink can be enhanced with our skill as a bartender.

Why not put council in station to make political important and make law on station, some with skill and discuss can vote law to increase the cost of location, drink or even sell on the market of the station.

In fact, more i think, more i find job. We can imagine to expand the codebreaking, with people in station that work to extend their income on the thing discovered on Wormhole

Etc etc... :D

Hockston Axe
Posted - 2011.01.17 03:51:00 - [374]

Your agent challenges you to a game of Joust in the station’s arcade.

Posted - 2011.01.18 19:22:00 - [375]

Very HappyVery Happy

Sonia Zahle
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:42:00 - [376]

Why not add WiS missions as an additional, but separate, entity? Keep current missioning so that people who don't want to waste hours hunting down agents for missions in a station continue doing what they're doing, but add in station/combo missions that have a greater reward. This way there is an incentive to do these missions, but people (such as myself) who would rather use my space ship than my feet can keep doing what they're doing.

Rhys Cornerstone
Posted - 2011.01.21 13:47:00 - [377]

Did anyone ever play Earth and Beyond? It was no EVE, but the WIS thing was already done, hope this is better.

Sanguine Belroth
Posted - 2011.01.23 02:25:00 - [378]

lets face it. Missions are a grind. A horrible horrible grind. Who even reads the text on them any more?
Walking down a corridor and talking to an agent and going through some voice acted script will just make it more horrible and boring. I can't even bring myself to mission run any more as it is, I just buy a timecode and sell it to someone when I need more ISK.
I can't see any use for walking in station, but to look out the window at the undock,
And to maybe play Eve Poker at the bar.
Its a spaceship game, why the hell do we have to turn it into second life.

Posted - 2011.01.23 17:36:00 - [379]

I want my station mount and it better be a segway or my ass will be chapped something fierce! anyways...

Walking in stations in my opinion should be more about players socializing and taking a break from grinding lvl 4s. The game needs more of a human element and betting on ships, drinking booze, or even fist fighting is a great way to experience this. Look at all those people blobbed in Jita! I bet if we had a bunch of in station activities for them to do then CCP could at least cut them down to half....maybe

But does CCP really want to include a whole new realm of combat for eve (but not so much for other mmos out there) and almost take away its originality? Like laser pistols and what not fighting a bunch of in station enemies?...just doesn't sound right. Like others have said, leave that stuff for Dust. There are definitely some very cool ideas that have been posted but I think that combat should be left for space ships and space ships only. Maybe some espionage like getting a CONCORD official drunk and extracting some information or obtaining some files etc etc...
They could add some cool "parts" to a mission or have like a pocket of space for a mission with a station in it where you sneak in, maybe poison a guristas commander or plant an explosive than exit the staion before it explodes from the inside or is destroyed from the outside by more pirates. Stuff like this would be really fun. And I have to give it to WoW, people never have to repeat the same missions over and over and over and....

Either way, Segway scooter, my own office, palm trees with a hammock, fish tank, pet pig or some alien variation of it (Monster Hunter), and a closet with all my favorite outfits Razz.

Anastasya Zelsner
Posted - 2011.01.24 08:57:00 - [380]

Edited by: Anastasya Zelsner on 24/01/2011 08:56:57
i think that the update which would implement the ability to wander around in stations should have to take the mission objectives away from space, sure, a couple of mission where you would be able to blackmail people for information, or would have to hack into a computer by using guile and ninja skillz.

Something that would, in my oppinion, be very nice, was if the market would become a terminal or a person, instead of just a tab on the left (or right) side of my screen.

And while we are on the subject, a so called "Black market" should be established, I.E; Going to meet a shady contact, in the hangar bay of a low security space station.
Not that i know what would be sold there... :3

I would love to see an update like this, but i still love space, and i dont want mission to become about stabbing people in the lunch line with a homemade knife.

Also, third person is a must.

Anaria Shalo'a
Posted - 2011.01.25 03:19:00 - [381]

As long as its not like the star trek online game ill be happy!

Joza Gulikoza
The first genesis
Posted - 2011.01.25 07:09:00 - [382]

What ever is done I hope the black screen and a dialog box saying entering space/station is removed because it breaks all immersion. Introduce some quick animation or something, I personally liked how Freelancer had it.

Posted - 2011.01.25 17:45:00 - [383]

i would like to see mission progression in high sec space. we have done lvl 4's to death and what few level 5's we have had access to have been taken away. Surely there is no special reason why level 5 missions shouldnt exist in high sec space. or even level 6 missions that by design require a fleet to complete.

just my opinion

Posted - 2011.01.26 01:52:00 - [384]

First, I would like to see the things you would see in a station: bars, casinos, etc. Also would like to see player-to-player trading: negotiate where ever you want through communicators, but the transfer is person-to-person without fees. Or, if you don't want to wait around for another person, use trading booths (drop your stuff off, a NPC sells it for a fee instead of just a market terminal where it magically appears in your hanger. Hanger delivery for an additional cost). A black market would also cool where you pay reduced fees or sell illicit goods, but take a risk of being caught for a fine (skill learning reduces this chance). You know, smuggling...

What I am most concerned about is the agent interaction. Just running up to an agent and taking the mission as laid out is already being done, its called SWG, WoW, et al. Instead create a system of bartering for a better deal (again employ a skill usage here). Make it available on both ends. At the front, make conversational options involving like 20% higher, 10% higher, offered price, 5% lower, 10% lower, etc. Higher skills give better chance at the higher payouts. Accepting lower prices gives bonus to reputation with that corporation. Or you can negotiate at the conclusion of the deal. Trying for a higher payout results in more money, but a reduced reputation bonus. Lower payout means a bigger boost.

Making it the same old system, just with fancier graphics is a waste of time, effort and costs. If you’re going to do it, make it worth it by pushing the envelope of MMORPGs once again.

Cordo Draken
ABOS Industrial Enterprises
Posted - 2011.01.28 03:01:00 - [385]

Edited by: Cordo Draken on 28/01/2011 06:06:03
I'm not sold on WIS. I think as a majority, we fear what it may be. Having read a number of responses, there are some great ideas. Random mission, new missions/mission types. I would agree that it shouldn't be an FPS... after all, they are security stations, but espionage and contract versus opposing corporations would be cool. While WIS can have some great applications and add enhancement, the worst fear is it greatly affecting the gameplay of what already is in a negetive way. Most glaringly, is the LOL you War Dec us, we'll just lounge out in station and socialize, play games while you men out there camp station in cold space... lolz. Yet, I would propose in this, that any WT that enters system would then immediately neglect the WIS; quaranteened to your room or ship, so no innocent bystanders get hurt.

This is an opportunity for CCP to handle some known problems and stale gameplay of missions. There needs to be more "risk" involved to get the adrenaline pumping for mission runners. Introduce an added player element, like in a sense, "Counter-missions."
Let's say a player contacts an agent for a courier mission... boring right? He accepts the mission though cause it's good money. Well, what if another player goes to a competing NPC corp (or perhaps player corp) agent. This competing agent has gained knowledge on this courier run and implores this player to intercept that courier and to destroy the ship and said contents. He’s given a name and a drop off system. Voila! Instant Cat and mouse.

The same kind of counter mission could be done for protecting a facility from another players attack… even be it in the third room of the attacking player’s mission. Of course time frames for the mission completion would need to be greatly reduced and there would be a need for ship size limitations… perhaps. But, you get the idea, bestow a possible chance for one’s mission to get counter-missioned!

Another broken element that needs fixing is the bounty program. The scope of revenge should be, “Dead or Alive.” A bounty for someone remains until they’ve lost a set amount ISK damage in ships. And/or a greater bonus for podding said bounty. Perhaps a bounty reward amount minimum has to be set per SP and Sec status of said player. The higher of either raises the minimum one has to set in order to place a bounty. To go for bounties, one would have to pay to be a licensed Bounty Hunter, in order to enable him to attack the bounty on sight and pod him. This enables a bounty hunter to destroy a ship and tackle the pod to then decide, do I kill him for the bonus bounty or maybe ransom this guy to let him go. Here’s the thing, the bounty can only be picked up as one contract, and the bounty hunter would have to put a specific deposit on the contract to hold it. If the bounty is not scored within a certain amount of time (Days/weeks), the contract is released from that hunter and made available to all hunters again. Now, one bounty hunter may not be enough, so the Payor of the bounty can elect to have multiple contracts available (min cost x how many hunters you want to be able to pick up on the bounty contract). Thus, you want 4 bounty hunters to be able to go after your mark at the same time…. Pay 4x the min requirement. Whoever kills (set ISK Damage/or pod) the mark, collects ALL the bounty pool.

Anyways, that’s how I think could be a cool solution to those issues. And, “Bounty Hunters” could then be a viable profession and Missioners of all types could get a thrill out of a random counter-missioner.

Of course, these are just ideas to be fleshed out and scrutinized, but at least, I think, it's a decent start. I just hope CCP READS THIS! Cool

Aphrodite Skripalle
Galactic Defence Consortium
Posted - 2011.01.28 12:25:00 - [386]

I was playing second life before i start playing eve.
I like eve way more, but these new beautiful avatars are looking so perfectly cute, i really will enjoy using them.

I like to play games like oblivion, hitman or other ego shooters, so why not playing this as an addin for eve ?
ccp is making world of darkness, so why not playing a sci fi version of this game in eve stations ?

I also would like to build 3d stuff, like i did in eve, like clothes, glasses, shoes, ingame itmes etc with a 3d editor and sell them for isk.
Its time to jump out of the pod, walk inside stations and use the avatar in a social environment with a lot of new interaction.

Posted - 2011.02.01 14:25:00 - [387]

Edited by: Lysianna on 01/02/2011 14:30:34
Diplomatic missions

Your Agent sends you 10 jumps away to discuss about the possibility of a cease fire or etc. You follow a series of conversation with multiple choices and attempt to complete the conversation on friendly matters or, you fail and must then head out into space and fight with a fleet.


You transport your goods into a station and must pass a few security checks in order to get them off your ship. You succeed, you get paid. You fail, you get fined and your cargo is confiscated.

Station under attack

Station X is under attack and needs your help. You dock, get inside and rescue the survivors or pew pew the enemie?

I don't know if WIS will have combat so let's just say, rescue the dudes and GTFO!!! :)

Stations needs to be optional where you can talk to any agents present in the station via neocom. However, stations should have facilities where players can exchange, talk or even play a few mini games. It's not hard to implement chess or a simplified poker game for ISK making. The more you add to the stations, the more people will stick around. The hardcore space crowd will remain in space and that's all good. As long as you keep it optional then you're in the right direction.

Posted - 2011.02.01 17:34:00 - [388]

I think it would be cool to be able to see the size and scale of your ship. Battleships are enormous, but you can't really tell unless you're flying in a frigate. How would they look from a person's perspective? The Apocalypse is 800m long, thats almost one kilometer! That's huge!

What about Sister's of EVE rescue missions? You read about them, wouldnt it be cool to take part in them?

Chuc Morris
Posted - 2011.02.03 00:14:00 - [389]

Originally by: SHK7 Fiction
Giving people a cool place to hang out and immerse themselves...

Immerse on what? -Playing roguecraft in a Space ship game?
Sry I laugh at that one.

These guys (there is like 11 of you at a glance) are so filled with nerd rage they can take "Hey, we're giving you a bunch of new content and places to go and things to do for your subscription dollar" and turn it into "We are raping America, socializing our wealth and deploying  SWG of Warcraft"

New content, yeah it's cool when it's related to the meaning of the game witch is space ships i think.
And before bring out new content with new bugs and new nerfs/boosts i would like that the actual (before incursions) content gets rid of some little displeasing things like:

Blasters lol
Hybrids lol
Gallente ships bonus lol
Gallente racial about drones big LOL

Finaly just get rid of Gallente and i'll mabe be happy and continue my subscription when the pink ass barbie rogues will start the ganking in stations.

Plus, it's not like they haven't said from day one and 100+ times therein that it would be optional to leave your ship to go hangout...

If you want to play warrior rogue or shaman you have to be a perfect idiot to play eve, play wow.

Please cancel your subsciption and go back to yelling about Jews on counterstrike... That is all.

Well i see your references so i understand mutch better.
Can you please explain to all the people here including me, what is walking on station about?

And yes, i'll make my self pleasure to leave you all the place at the station and in the game by giving my money somewhere else if this expansion displeases me.
That's wy i'm a customer that expects something from a product sold with clear purpose witch for me was the spaceships. Now you are free to like love and ask for submarines and whales tho, after all is your right to do it so.

Verteidiger des wahren Bloedsinns
Universal Constant Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.04 16:56:00 - [390]

What I want to see:

Corporation-office with Meetingrooms and 3D Screens for organizing the corp as alternate possibility to the standard-ui right now. We should be able to put some exchange orders to some kind of stationary market (trade item A with item B). Some docking and undocking views would be nice.

Some good ideas were already told. I want to enter a bar, talk to some pilots and agents, and get some stationbased missions, like sneak into the warehouse of another corp and get some information, place a bomb or something. There could be the possibility to bribe your agent to give you better rewards or so ... first you have to enter with him a bar, do some smalltalk and find out what he likes ... then get that thing and hand it over to him and he would be grateful.
Or grab some contents from the chronicles ... let us join a npc-team and help them doing their mission.

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