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Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2010.10.12 20:26:00 - [331]

Originally by: Frank Graden
I would kill to see the Dust514 players in station. It would build sinergy between the two games.

I can't help but say:
PROMOTE SYNERGY (like a boss)

Mac Quaid
Posted - 2010.10.18 04:39:00 - [332]

Can we make sure that Walking in Stations
will work with an Xbox 360 controller? Using
a mouse & keyboard to move the PC around is
just so unwieldy, compared to the thumbsticks
of a good controller like the Xbox 360 controller.

blaqcix prime
Posted - 2010.10.22 00:14:00 - [333]

For me, this is a two part answer. Firstly, scrap WiS and enable out of station mission accepting and finishing. I imagine technology in the fiction of the EVE Universe has surpassed the need to communicate face-to-face. Even now, on planet earth, we have direct deposit and text messaging so it's a tad unrealistic that 4 competitive space-faring races with technology enough to fly across a solar system in a couple of seconds wouldn't have developed the ability to get missions remotely and get money remotely as well. Perhaps a good idea would be to say that outside of x number of jumps that there is too much deep space interference preventing you from being able to communicate effectively with a given agent.

Addressing more specifically the concept of WiS, again, in a universe this advanced, the concept of having to walk up and talk to an agent is almost absurd. Honestly, the only way I can see this working is to integrate an entire other side of the game. If you just arbitrarily add a portion where you're walking around in stations but all you can do is stuff you did more efficiently before you had to walk around in stations, then you're just taking steps backwards. Which brings me to my next point...

Dust514 and Eve Online should DEFINITELY be integrated into one another. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the concept of Dust514 as a microcosm of Eve Online. I can only imagine the level of depth and strategy that would be involved in playing something like that. I would happily pay up to 50 dollars a month to play that.

A few examples I can think of as to how this integration would be useful overall are as follows:

You could have a merc company drop and infiltrate a tactically significant enemy planet and sabotage their operations which distracts a corp during a huge fleet battle and potentially brings the upset victory to someone who may have been in trouble.

A PC could make an entire business of transporting troops from one portion of space to another. Highly ranked black ops soldiers could be transported across vast portions of space undetected and infiltrate an enemy space station looking for intel on enemy positions / movements / schedules / shipments etc. This could also open up potential for new ship types as well.

You could time an intricate string of on and off world assaults and sabotages that could be the downfall of an entire corp. That is much better than the white collar crime that has been making headlines. Instead of one backstabbing prick taking all your money, you can stage an entire military coup and do espionage on multiple levels.

Having a hacker class in Dust514 that can disrupt enemy communications and organization. That would take the concept of E-warfare to a whole other level. It doesn't have to be as simple as just walking up to an enemy relay and hacking in either. Perhaps you have to infiltrate the enemy base planet-side with a tactical team and kill everyone there then transmit a virus or whatever while you defend the position or recover stolen technology then leave before backup arrives.

Integration of these two games would breathe new life into EVE in general. As it is right now, EVE is obviously vastly superior to any other MMO when it comes to scale and afaic that's always been its defining characteristic. However, one thing I've always felt is there is some element missing that would take this game from being an outstanding MMO enjoyed by those with a mind for stats to being THE most legendary game in the history of videogames. I believe the integration of Dust514 into Eve would be that step.

I know it's not as simple as pushing the "integrate" button on keyboard to make it happen but the effort would be worth it when the final product was in hand and you guys became the first company to deliver such a wide-ranging variety of gameplay within a single universe. Think of the impact that would have on the gaming industry as a whole.

Posted - 2010.10.23 15:30:00 - [334]

Id like a set of 'fun missions', trival and pointless, but something to do, could be some kind of achievment system as well

Examples - win 1000 isk by playing blackjack, or play 5 songs on a jukebox complets a mission for a small reward, or how about grabbing a couple of tins of hull paint for the Hangar servicing chief - as a reward he would get one of his techs to pimp your ship out (best colour scheme in eve!!)

Also some more serious missions.

Examples - Track down criminal/target - I would use a scanning system simular to probing to help narrow location down in station! (can of worms opened here.....would this be another skillset to learn??)

Id love to see something that impacts other players - eg be able to walk onto their ship and steal/sabotage something while its docked (% chance that said module malfunctions after undocking)- obviously this would have to have some kind of balancing here.

Finally Id love to see it all combined so for example, sneak into hanger, steal x ship, fly to x station, claim reward. If these were NPC ships (eg only usable for this mission, otherwise no good), then you could have another mission hinged on this (catch person who stole ship and destroy/return!).

I havnt read the entire thread, so apologies if these are repeats - as for everyone who DOESNT want WiS - dont actually have to do it if you dont want to, but for me, its another option to station spinning........

Kanatta Jing
Posted - 2010.10.25 06:01:00 - [335]

So heres the thing, take a big bad from WoD and out him in a high sec station somewhere.

He will give out a simple and easy mission. He wants a blood sample from a person living in every station in EVE.

Conveniently there is derelict hanging out around the docking bay of every station, who will if asked sell 1 pint of blood every 24 hours for 20isk in beer money, first come, first serve.

The Big Bad Vampire will pay out ever increasing rewards at ever increasing thresholds, A shuttle for the first pint, something else at 10 then 50 then 100 and so on.

Until the last pint from the farthest flung station which is going to be worth millions or billions of ISK.

Posted - 2010.10.29 05:59:00 - [336]

1) first and foremost: seperate space missions and station missions. If you recive a mission from a space agent (the kind we use now) then that mission should take place in space. I you recive a mission from a station agent, that mission should take place in a station, or in another station that you have to warp to.

If I have to walk to an agent to get/complete a mission, which would likely add a few minutes of nothing to play time, I will quit.

The point of this point is that WiS should be optional (even though I would like to see it happen).

2) When a player docks with a station, the same thing that happens now should continue to happen: the docked menu. If a player wishes to WiS, there should be an "exit ship" button on the menu on the felt side of the screen. An alternitive would be: when in space and interacting with a station, the player could have the option to "dock" or to "dock and exit ship".

3) New skills for use just in station, as well as having current skills help. For instance, Hacking could work for station computers, but add a skill like Thieving to pick people's pockets (I'm using thief as an example, not promoting it as a skill).

4) In station gameplay: Each player should be able to equip their toon with items designed for station play. These outfits could be set up for different reasons. Spying, hiding, combat, etc. Any weapons would be non-leathal due to station rules. Like space, there would be no best outfit, only outfits that are better at the time.

While wasd might be used to move around, I would expect movement and combat to be similer to space movement and combat. I did not join EVE for a "twitch" game.

5) The economy is one of the most interesting, and best part of EVE. As such, it should be an importaint part of WiS. There sould be a large selection of station only items. These Items could be traded on the regular market, or they could be traded on a station only market. Interstation trading should be possible.

6) To go with the in station economy, and new/old skill additions, new jobs can be a part of WiS. A whole new set of jobs can be created; Raw resorces, manufacturing, and invention jobs that only exists in stations would add much to the game.

7) Station and space interaction can be obtained without forcing players to WiS, or fly in space. Currently, a combat player interacts with a miner because many of the items he needs, is built from miner resorces. Likewise, some space items could only be built in station, and some station items couldonly be built in space. Some players could then play only in station and other could play only in space.

The endstate of this post is: Don't force players to do anything. This is a sandbox. I shouldn't be forced to change everything I do due to a new expansion. WiS missions should be 100% disconnected from space missions. But WiS should have large, but mostly passive, interactions with every other part of the game.

Jekyl Eraser
Posted - 2010.10.30 08:54:00 - [337]

Make the missions so that you put 2 or more players against eachother. This makes much more exciting and diverse missions. When 2 players combat eachother the fight is never the same whereas NPC missions like courier ones are allways the same boring ****.

Heres an example of how to put players against eachother

Some Minmatar industrialist needs standings for Boundless Creation. He gets a mission from an NPC to steal BPC from Carthum Conglomerate NPC. These NPC:s should be very far away from eachother, like 10+ jumps and the mission should have small time limit(maybe 1 hour+5minutes for each jump). When the minmatar industrialist takes the mission, Amarr NPC gets intel of it and starts to offer counter mission(s) to stop the attacker. Maybe the mission allows/requires the player to destroy enemy ship, to steal mission contract at a station or take a picture evidence of the steal action. The one that succeeds gets standings for the corporation he stands for and loser takes tiny standing/ISK hit. For the attacker to succeed he needs to bring the BPC to the NPC and for the defender to succeed he needs to get the evidence of crime or destroy ship and loot the contract of the mission or get the contract some other way(stealing).

To prevent someone dualboxing the missions, the missions can happen at any part of empire so you can't predict where to pick up the counter mission. Maybe even 2 corps from same faction could have missions against eachother like Carthum Conglomerate vs Viziam.

Yabba Addict
Posted - 2010.11.04 17:58:00 - [338]

Edited by: Yabba Addict on 04/11/2010 18:03:04
WiS missions? This is a space game. WiS to interact with agents? This is a space game. WiS? THIS IS A SPACE GAME!
If I am forced to do a significant amount of walking around, then i will unhappily quit. I want to command a spaceship, which i can't do IRL. Know what I can do IRL? Walk :P

Vincent Athena
Posted - 2010.11.05 18:12:00 - [339]

I note that most ideas for missions involve doing illegal activities. Even much of that has come from CCP seems to be saying WiS is for doing stuff "you have to off the grid to do" that is basically illegal. But I want to play the good guy. I'm not a criminal. So please include stuff for me and players like me.

Some specific ideas
"The station is under attack! All able pilots are needed to man the defense guns!" Or other missions that are broadcast to all pilots WiS, and they can accept and to at the same time.

Gather evidence, plant covert observation devices at suspected criminal meeting sites.

Hack into pirate computer systems.

Walk into a bar and someone comes to you "Are you a pod pilot? My wife went to these coordinates and got attacked! Please go rescue her".

Not a mission but: When I un-dock, instead of seeing a screen slowly get dark and a progress bar, I see my avatar being loaded into my pod, and the pod being placed in my ship. Then a short fade, and I'm in space. Docking would be the reverse. After I dock and am removed from the pod, I would be at a console, me in the foreground, my ship in the background, where I do all normal in-station stuff I do now with no need to walk (unless I want to).

Defenders of Sovereignty
Sovereign Navy
Posted - 2010.11.19 16:13:00 - [340]

Edited by: Malakari on 19/11/2010 16:13:36
Originally by: Yabba Addict
Edited by: Yabba Addict on 04/11/2010 18:03:04
WiS missions? This is a space game. WiS to interact with agents? This is a space game. WiS? THIS IS A SPACE GAME!
If I am forced to do a significant amount of walking around, then i will unhappily quit. I want to command a spaceship, which i can't do IRL. Know what I can do IRL? Walk :P

True that its a space game, but even people in space walk :P Also, based on your logic you probably hate every other game out there as it involves your character walking lol

Nuadin Vas'Talrem
Pator Tech School
Posted - 2010.11.20 06:49:00 - [341]

I honestly can' not wait to make a full body avatar, and have him walk around the space stations, in this game. If nothing else it'll be a great extension of this games already stellar artwork, and a nice break from just constantly staring at the ship.

Personally I'd love to see mission that run the entire scope of things. From blackmailing a hapless merchant, to saving an entire station from destruction (perhaps that could be a group endeavor or something).

Oh and perhaps instead of just ISK and loyalty points the avatar missions could reward players with vanity items as well?

Just some thoughts....

Frye Urass
Ghost Militia
Posted - 2010.11.21 20:20:00 - [342]

I would like to see WIS "missions" and/or Missions in general available as a module for player owned stations that Alliances own in Null SEC. For example they could be part of the Hub system of upgrades. They could be available as a station Mod when first building the "EGG".

I am NOT talking about Towers, yes they need attention but nobody expects to walk around in them any time soon

I guess if the game mechanics allow you to walk in stations in Empire why not a player owned station in SOV space. This could open up an entire Module Tree for POS(EGGs)( Not Towers) like an Alliance does when building one of these they choose to add things like Repair Centers, Science and Labs,Medical facilities for cloning, etc.

They could choose from a Mod Tree of available Agents. Each of these agents could be different lvl's Determined by cost of course and/or Sov Hub lvl even.

Say a Mod tree of Pirate(non-faction) or even Regional specific Missions. Could be based on Alliances Standings with certain NPC Corps. Need Faction Standing/Hub Lvl/SOV Requirements to determine which types of Agents are available.. This would concern WIS as well as Space based Missions and should/could be intertwined and require each types to complete.

Eg. Hub has LVL 1 "Agent's"upgrade only lvl 1 missions would be available, Both in station and in space. Alliance Standings allow for lvl 1 Agents from certain NPC Corps for which they have required Standings.

They can choose which NPC Corp whether Pirate or Empire Type to use, as Standings/Hub lvl increases Alliances could add more agents.

On a side note this could be a way for Alliances to earn as they could be paid from certain Agent missions or even be charged by some depending on story line or Alliance involvement somehow.

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.11.23 14:42:00 - [343]

Originally by: Yabba Addict
Edited by: Yabba Addict on 04/11/2010 18:03:04
WiS missions? This is a space game. WiS to interact with agents? This is a space game. WiS? THIS IS A SPACE GAME!
If I am forced to do a significant amount of walking around, then i will unhappily quit. I want to command a spaceship, which i can't do IRL. Know what I can do IRL? Walk :P

You are aware that CCP have always intended to make EVE in to a full scifi emulation, not just a "spaceships game", right? They just did the spaceships part first.

That said, who said anything about forcing you to do any walking? Or is this the missionrunner version of "forced" meaning "if I dont, I might miss out on something the guys who do will get"?

Reaver Glitterstim
Legio Geminatus
Posted - 2010.11.24 08:15:00 - [344]

I fully support mixing Dust 514 players with EVE players in the station.

As for what the station should be like, it should be like Doom where you walk in and everything you see is your enemy, and they're all twisted monsters from hell. Then you pick up wicked and fantastic guns and power ups while you mow your way through them.

But seriously, I don't see why everywhere we go has to have some kind of conflict. I disagree with the players who talk of missions and whatnot inside the stations. I could accept a bit of that, but I'm hoping for it to be more of a relaxing event. I want to be able to get information, sit and chat with people, meet new people, or just watch stuff. It'd be great to interact and converse with NPCs in the station, perhaps just have a chat or find out what's up with them. I'm interested in seeing some of the different cultures in EVE come to life in a walking, talking NPC interacting with other NPCs and with players passing by, complete with matching voices.

Ivan Tesla
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2010.11.26 04:04:00 - [345]

Ok no idea if its been mentioned here (I know I should read the posts.. will later) but missions attained on stations don't really need to all be conducted on the station. You pick up a mission (in bar/NPC corp office/whatever) that is off station - your transported via a Corporation/military transport/warship - and, depending on whats the mission, the transport/umbilical doors open up in the instanced location and start your mission.

eg, you visit an WIS agent in his Federation Navy Office (which has windows overlooking navy issue ships) and he offers you a mission to assault an "up until recently" secret Angel station. You accept the mission and go to the airlock doors just around the corner a mere 5 seconds away. You got in through the doors, there is a console between airlock doors for changing anything you need to change before leaving, then activate a second door which loads the mission (load screen or something pretty, little animation showing travel and troops/yourself preparing for mission) - the mission loads to a prep screen, pick your weapons you want to use (to you get a pick of military weapons because its a Fed Navy office mission or you just pick through your own weapons? nfi, lots of options) then click 'start' :) Your now in 3rd player view again (wish it was 1st though for missions :S walking and showing off your clothes is great for in station no missions) and you rush out with the troops you have with you (say a squad of 12? and maybe a heavy drone mecha..more would be nice) and start shooting all the Angel security & workers in sight Very Happy Work you way to the command section of the station, slaughter all their command staff - capture the station command, and get a choice of shooting him, spacing him, capturing for interrogation and/or randsom or just letting him go.

..or you just go in solo, cloak fight it all the way to your mission objective. Plus getting in the front door of the mission hangar start point - it may be locked, you may need to burn through (takes a while), hack through, use a angel dog tag or the enemy may open the door and come to you shooting :)(think Mount & Blade/Fallout 3 in space)

I think I'd prefer heavy combat with lots of fellow troops around you - even if just NPC... but the missions would be a lot cooler with fellow pod pilots.

So WIS can be anywhere - just have to have a nice transition from point to point. How bout that airlock door opens up to a shuttle, takes you down to the planet the station orbits, lands close by to a rich playboys mansion whom ****ed off the wrong station agents associates.. take out the body guards, (leave the staff alive?) knock off the bikini babes or capture and sell off in the WIS slave trading section or the WIS station? (slave auctions awesome :) .. then kill the playboy as required by agent details heh. This WIS could be so awesome... better than any FPS out there!Very Happy

I hope any of this was useful

Sorry if this has been mentioned already about offstation WIS missions? Probably has..

Posted - 2010.11.27 14:23:00 - [346]

I read an Eve novel a little while back and "wis" seems to go against the whole background of Eve.

The most important part is that "eggers" virtually never leave their pods, ever. They are seen as super rich immortals that are set apart from the rest of the populace by rumour and the security levels in the stations. A bit like Judge Dread in Mega City or whatever it is called. You have the poor at the bottom living in the slums and the highest ranking officials at the top.

The main question against "wis" is why would you leave your almost unassailable safety, money, power to mix with the great unwashed. Where you could be killed fairly easily "in the lower levels" of the station without the safety of you waking up in a new clone should you be killed? Death would mean you are dead permanently.

Terianna Eri
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2010.11.28 20:16:00 - [347]

Originally by: Hephaesteus
I read an Eve novel a little while back and "wis" seems to go against the whole background of Eve.

The most important part is that "eggers" virtually never leave their pods, ever. They are seen as super rich immortals that are set apart from the rest of the populace by rumour and the security levels in the stations. A bit like Judge Dread in Mega City or whatever it is called. You have the poor at the bottom living in the slums and the highest ranking officials at the top.

The main question against "wis" is why would you leave your almost unassailable safety, money, power to mix with the great unwashed. Where you could be killed fairly easily "in the lower levels" of the station without the safety of you waking up in a new clone should you be killed? Death would mean you are dead permanently.

There are a number of chronicles where capsuleers leave their pods and walk about for various reasons. The first EVE novel has this happen as well.
Capsuleers can, but don't have to and generally do not, live in their pods.

Kabaal S'sylistha
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.11.28 21:40:00 - [348]

Edited by: Kabaal S''sylistha on 28/11/2010 22:19:33
I want to be able to shoot things. I don't want Safety in Stations.

Oh, and to the "capsuleers wouldn't get out of their pod!" crowd - unless the pod 'gratifies' you there is always going to be at least one reason to get out of it to ;)

Baron Rostock
Posted - 2010.11.29 10:02:00 - [349]

The main thing that comes to mind for me would be missions that require multiple elements to complete in a fleet situation.

For example, such a mission requires 1-2 people to infultrate an enemy station whilst the rest of the fleet take on enemy ships outside. They need to activate a gate or take down a force field before the fleet can continue into the next room.

These kind of missions would give more diversity and complexity to level 4-5 missions (although it would essentially be a whole new level). A mission that needs a fleet for reasons other than dps or basic roles would be a winner for me.

I am not so keen on idle walking in stations personally.

Posted - 2010.11.29 17:37:00 - [350]

Originally by: Tylara duChelm

Oh, and I want stripclubs, or at least a burlesque.

I second this, and add a motion for any kind of roleplay fluff. Eve already rocks the space immersion component, lets see the personal level immersion be awesome, too.

scatter gun
Posted - 2010.11.30 10:53:00 - [351]

being a bit lazy to read 12 pages of stuff, but on the first page, Damsel in Distress is referenced, and along those lines, instead of blowing up the target 'Large Collidable Object'.... DOCK the Large Collidable Object and retrieve the objective manually instead of letting your precious cargo be jetisoned into a cargo container(after a pretty 'splosion). an alternative playing style for those who are interested, however i do still feel that it would be great effort to tweak the missions on server side and HAVING to leave my ship alone and afraid without its pilot while im in a den of debauchery rescuing some little snob could get old running as many missions as i like to

perhaps a face to face meeting with your agent of choice. achieve a certain level of standings with your favorite Spaceships agent and barge into their office for some 'cloak and dagger' ops that cant be detailed via regular communication channels. and if not for some exceptional mission, i think itd be cool to be able to walk into *insert agents name here* office and pop a squat in their big luxury chair and kick your feet up on their desk. we are the 'immortals' afterall, whats this little agent got going on that we should feel afraid?

things i dont want to see happen is EVE becoming a 3rd person shooter with combat missions in stations... internet spaceships has a solid thing goin on right now and i think being FORCED to go gat blasting on foot would not be so exciting(i have large rail and blaster specs for a reason, id just as soon blast the entire station and pick my loot from the rubble). honestly id rather go play DUST 514 when it launches than get in a shoot out with my internet space pilot...

thats just my 2 cents at 5am local

Posted - 2010.11.30 14:11:00 - [352]

All missions in stations should be mini games where you can spy, kill, hack, sabotage stuff. I would like to actually have to solve puzzles or mess with stuff. It will be boring if its just pick this up and drop it there.

Posted - 2010.11.30 22:47:00 - [353]


I checked the novel I read, and yes capsuleers do leave their pods and fairly often. Embarassed

In that case "wis" missions would have a huge range of storylines to choose from espionage, sabotage, revenge, greed, assasination the possibilities are endless.

One thing I would like to see is somewhere where we could have a bet on something in game like the result of a tourney, or just a good old fasioned casino. It would be a great way to scoop back some isk and give people a place to hang while they are waiting for an fc to make up his fleet, and his mind.

Maybe bribes and larceny could figure somewhere too. Wink

Ambivalence Co-operative
Posted - 2010.12.01 01:01:00 - [354]

Edited by: Gryganne on 01/12/2010 01:03:57
What's all this talk, "If you don't make WiS optional, I'm going to quit the game." You people are totally lame. Give some decent input rather than making silly threats in order to add a bit of affect to your demands.

I believe that WiS should be integrated into the game as it would have been if it had been there since the beginning. Don't make it some sort of separate game which one could totally avoid if one wished. WiS and space flight are not to be thought of as separate professions like mining, manufacturing, and mission running, where you choose one and can completely avoid the other. Stations should be made an integral aspect of the game world, not something to be chosen in the sense that you say, "Mining is boring, I don't want to mine and will never do it." That's like playing a game such as Everquest and saying, "I think cities are boring, so make the game such that I can spend all my time outside of the city and never have to zone into one to accept a quest, look at the market, or craft. Since it takes 30 seconds to zone into the city, that decreases my platinum per hour while questing."

WiS is a big chance for you to add a real sense of immersion into a game that has classically lacked it. The space sim just does not give you that feel that you are part of a living, breathing game world. Integrating WiS into the game as an important aspect of how we interact with agents, do manufacturing, and so on, would be a VAST improvement and would bring far more people to the game than you would lose because you decreased their isk per hour grind speed.

Seriously people, how sad is it that CCP has this awesome idea to add WiS, and is actually working to make it happen, and all you can think about is that it might dent your isk per hour? What happened to having fun, feeling immersed, interacting with other players?

Ambivalence Co-operative
Posted - 2010.12.01 04:56:00 - [355]

Edited by: Gryganne on 01/12/2010 05:02:45
To be clear (and state some points slightly differently):

YES, players should have to walk around in the station for all sorts of reasons, not just to play minigames or do a few station-only missions. You should have to approach your agent for a mission, walk to the factory to manage your production, and go to a market console to access the market.

The state of the social community in EVE is fairly poor, with players rarely interacting much even when they are in the same corp. Stations are an opportunity to encourage interaction as avatars rather than to further divide players among varied and mutually exclusive tasks. The level of depth such a move would add to the game would, I think, make the game more attractive to a lot more players (including people like me who have been playing for years already but still see something missing).

Unfortunately, some of the older players have fallen so much into mission grinding and maximizing SP gain that any threat to their isk per hour numbers makes them fearful of change. If you upset a few of the diehard mission runners, so be it (I am lvl 4 mission runner myself and make nearly all my isk from grinding them, so not all of us are against what I am proposing). I hope CCP doesn't fall to that mindset too. As I've said, this is a huge opportunity for this game, and it is something a lot of us have been hoping for. To make it so that walking around in the station is required only for certain specific activities, sort of like adding a new "station walking" profession to the game, would, I think, be an unfortunate waste of development time. The benefits of developing EVE into a full-fledged sci-fi sim far outweight upsetting some disgruntled mission runners who have lost sight of what gaming is all about.

I do have one suggestion that constitutes a compromise between what I am proposing and what many of the mission runners want. Stations could charge a tax/fee for accessing agents, the market, and so on from your ship without getting out. This would provide some incentive for people to leave their ship while not requiring it.

A further, unrelated suggestion: Give players ranks based on their SP and/or faction or NPC corp standings. Allow them to display these ranks above their heads next to their name as they walk around, or better yet, in military fashion, on their collar, shoulder, or chest.

Pneumon Blaster
Quondam Souls of the Universe corporation
Posted - 2010.12.01 09:47:00 - [356]

I hope they will never release WiS - don't make WOW from EVE!

Christopher Multsanti
Euphoria Released
Posted - 2010.12.04 00:30:00 - [357]

Make it like CS and it would be wicked.

Then I wouldn't log off to play Dust 2 I could just log into a station. ;)

Good Idea eh CCP!

Send all welcome donations to straight to me.

Chris. Cool

Barbelo Valentinian
The Scope
Posted - 2010.12.04 22:23:00 - [358]

Edited by: Barbelo Valentinian on 04/12/2010 22:23:59
I think ultimately most people (not necessarily most EVE players currently, but most people who are into s-f games) probably want a s-f game that "has it all" - space combat, ground combat, espionage, even flight combat in the atmosphere. I'm guessing that CCP are aiming in that direction (since it's what most people want :) ).

But it will probably take quite a while of moving along cautiously and not alienating too many current players before we get there, so in the interim, I agree with what someone said above - for me, the best thing that I could get out of walking in stations at the present stage would be missions that play out like some of the lore stories, and themselves reveal more lore. In general, walking in stations should offer something for the more roleplay-oriented players (not necessarily rp-ers as such specifically, but, more generally, people who play EVE more for the immersion).

Ideally I would like to see missions in the station tie in with a new bunch of space combat missions that involve walking in stations at the other end (e.g. defeating a serpentis complex, then walk inside their station, discover something interesting that your contact in the home station told you might be there to discover).

McKae Industries and Research
Posted - 2010.12.08 00:53:00 - [359]

I want to walk in stations down to the Pleasure Hub. Muahahahahah.

Seriously I think WIS can take station conqeuring to a whole new level. It can add great elements to the game for those who chose to participate.

I assume WIS also means WOS and the sky is the limit on game play. I have seen the carbon demos and I can't wait. Training our cybernetic wundertoons with ground based skills and utilizing the ground based paraphenalia to boot would certainly spice up the game. Choice is key. Forcing it on players I agree would be bad. But think of the alien landscapes that we could visit.

Ccp may not be ready for that scale but stations are a good place to start. Bar fights boarding actions or even car chases aboard stations would really liven up the game. For now I will settle for just being able to stretch my legs.

SHK7 Fiction
Posted - 2010.12.08 15:17:00 - [360]

I think with all the beautiful graphics and environment detail that will be involved it would be really cool to make the game "myst" like where it's more of a puzzle and espionage where you can watch a crowd fort something specific and intel and report back to agents who then assign space missions based on that intel, you know something deeper where your interactions matter with choices of replies when accosted by npcs, I think EVE has a potential to be deeper and richer than orgrimmar in space... I know I'm going to catch alot of hate from those who want a call of duty knifing jumping FPS In space but that is what dust 514 will be for, I really hope CCP takes this opportunity to add great depth and richness to the game.

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