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CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.02 09:43:00 - [1]

Continuing our journey through all things PvE we will use this thread to discuss what players would like to see in regards to potential missions when Walking in Stations is deployed on Tranquility.

While the Game Design teams have their own ideas of what they would like to include we would appreciate hearing your ideas on how you would like to see missions combined with WiS, ideas on mission types, objectives and rewards.

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.11.02 11:02:00 - [2]

So these missions would happen inside the stations?

Can they be combined with "in space" sections or across multiple "walkable-environments"?

Tanith YarnDemon
Posted - 2009.11.02 11:52:00 - [3]

I'd like to see it as less of a grind, a more random enviroment. From what I understand the idea is to be "unplugged" while in station. This also means it would opt for a more discrete kind of missions. Where the risks are greater, where you will need to maintain a higher grade of paranoia but also get to share some unique content.

Behvaiour and approach would play a greater role. Early on you might only be able to pick up simple tasks, a drugrun or surveilance. As your fame(.. infamy?) grows, you will attract bigger fish from both ends. You will get in on bigger deals, more rewarding, more detailed and shadier operations, much higher antes. A successful mission might grant you a steady stream of income and even minions to do your bidding, but on the same time you might run in to just the kind of people you don't want to. You might get missions to simply bribe political figures, concord officials or why not blackmail rivaling corporations. The kind of heat it generates would of course lure the same kind of people there to stop you, you'd run into an undercover agent tricking you into confessing or sending you into your certain demise. Or maybe your contact is being blackmailed by some other player, who got that task by some even bigger fish at the opposite end of the scale.

I guess central is that it orbits around the much darker aspects of EVE. That you will need to think twice before ever agreeing to anything. You should after a conversation with some contact do their biddings by fear of their repercussion should you decline, not necessarily because the reward motivates you. And it should all be handled by a much more subtle approach than agent missions are today. There is no set standing when an agent will talk to you, it depends on vast many more variables. There is no database of agents or even missions, because it's all very fluent and dynamic. You might be offered to do something for great reward, however if you decline, another character appears and forces you to do the same under some (maybe) hollow threat. Your ship has been rigged or they have contacts in the wrong places making you a clear -10 outlaw by downtime tomorrow.

You should be digging your own grave, slowly, without knowing exactly what you're doing. It might lead to riches and fame, it might lead to becoming an outcast, robbed of it's last isk and in bad standing to everyone. Which... just might be exactly what someone somewhere is looking for.

Tylara duChelm
Posted - 2009.11.02 12:32:00 - [4]

In working to spread out agents in order to reduce "mission hub"ing, I would suggest having "Affiliated" agents be in discoverable locations within a station. For example, you would have, say, the Navy recruitment center that gives out Navy missions, but then you may encounter Creodon or Alistra agents in the bar or a bullitin board. These agents/missions should be randomly occuring, and turning down a mission with them ends any chance of getting a mission on their current "visit" to the station. Even better would be if these agents worked off the stations "standing" rather than their own corporation. This way people could take one off missions from other corporations to spread out their missioning fields a bit. (In other words, someone doing navy missions could earn a bit of corporate faction with someone else which might encourage them to mission with that other corp.) Also "discoverable" agents should have higher base pay-out than the fixed agents in a given station.

Oh, and I want stripclubs, or at least a burlesque.

Kathryn Dougans
Posted - 2009.11.02 12:41:00 - [5]

combine missions with walking in station?
like, have to physically hand the item to the agent?
wouldn't there be long queues to talk to them?

Damsel in Distress, if WiS allows you to discipline the silly girl for getting herself into those situations, then \o/

Walking in Stations could open up a whole lot of things, for less outright combat missions, alternate routes to complete missions, that sort of thing.

like, maybe there's people on station to talk to, get information about things from them. keycards for accelleration gates, that sort of thing.

Posted - 2009.11.02 13:08:00 - [6]

Personally I would prefer that WiS simply be cancelled. I certainly don't ever want to receive a WiS mission from any of the agents I presently use. It will just be another mission that I auto decline which means I will more frequently have to stop running missions because all my available agents are blocked by missions I need to decline but need to wait for the timer to expire first.

Uzume Ame
Posted - 2009.11.02 13:49:00 - [7]

Edited by: Uzume Ame on 02/11/2009 15:53:33
Edited by: Uzume Ame on 02/11/2009 13:49:48
I think it's gonna be third person view, unfortunatlly, so not FPS at first. But at least I would like GTA-like missions: assesinate this guy or that guy, thiefing data disk and bringing it to your agents. Speak with this guy and convince him to give info, etc. But have NPC's which shoot back and stuff, otherwise it would be boring.

There is serious potential to make courrier missions at least partially fun, not like now. Go into a station and search this item, you have to steal it and carry it back to yopur agent in this other station, where some nasty surprises can await you (killers or whatever). The potential is huge and it all depends on the effort CCP can/want to put into it.

And in the future extend it so we can have pvp this way, want internet-spaceship-game-GTA/FPS (Dust if for consoles so meh).

Shana Matika
Posted - 2009.11.02 15:39:00 - [8]

Hm WiS + Missions...what i first can think of is some kind of "Random Mission".
No, not just a random mission from the available missions...more something like this:
If i go into a bar for a drink, why shouldn't "secret Agents" (or whatever you'll call them) walk over to you and start some smalltalk and hire you for a special mission?
Something like you are Han Solo and a freaking little guy start talking to you and want you to bring him out to some hidden spaceport (the new Missiontoolkit supports "deploying items" for missions as i read in the devblog, right?).
Or other agents want to hire you as you got good reputation with the corporation they work for.
Also possible would be some kind of saboteurs try to hire you (maybe a way to repair your bad standings with ther fractions!?!).

You could slightly change the offered missions by changing your bar. For example let there several bars, some visited by pirates, others mshould me more atractive to the station personal, others again are very popular with the workers of the produktion modules.
The missions could be more rewarding then normal missions but you could be unlucky and won't get an offer this day as your service is not in need...
The mission offers should be generated per character, not per "Bar", so someone just entering, leaving and reentering a bar won't cause a new mission to "spawn".
Also your preferred mission type should affect the mission offers in the future. If you accept more often transport missions other agents in need of that specific service should more likely ask you instead of the other pilot who accept each and every kill mission he get offered. The better your reputation is in that specific location/bar the better the offers and, as the mission tend to be chosen by your game play style, more attractive to you.
Also chains of missions ywould be nice. You get a boring transortmission of 20crates of tobacco (again) and bring them to the destination. Now you can just "turn in the mission" through a com-message or chose to go to the office of your agent and tell him his goods have arrived. The contact person now could offer you a mission depending on your reputation you earned (maybe something like the bar-mission idea above or better, this could be your foot in the door to this new world of business,...)
Think of them as some kind of mini-arcs with their own system. instead of personal and faction standing your general reputation and the chosen missions will effect your future offers.

well, you asked...

Galactic Kingdom
Posted - 2009.11.02 16:03:00 - [9]

I do not want missions in stations, or missions combined with WiS. Is that an option as well?

Anticon Chor
Posted - 2009.11.02 16:19:00 - [10]

Edited by: Anticon Chor on 02/11/2009 16:51:57
Edited by: Anticon Chor on 02/11/2009 16:39:06
Posting on page one of a CCP thread!

WiS will be sweet.

Add new missions for all levels that involve multiple steps and require the player to both fight in space and perform tasks or complete objectives inside a station.

Idea 1!

You get given a 4 part mission by your agent. The first two missions involve fighting an enemy faction's ships, as per usual, and then retrieving some secret government item for the agent to complete the second mission.

In the third mission the agent requires you to dock and deliver the item to a person in station, and you get presented with a multiple choice option to finish the mission:

Choice #1: You can choose to complete the mission as planned. If you drop the item off to the intended recipient you get a temporary bonus to your rat bounties of say 5%, and you also get a temporary bonus 5% chance of having all rats you kill drop an extra meta level of loot than they would without you having chosen this option.

Say these last for 10 missions after the current multi-chapter mission is over, but it only works for the faction you have got this mission from.

Choice #2: you get told via EVEmail to contact a certain individual at the station before choosing option #1, you then need to use station 'locator agents' to find this person...

If you choose to complete it via this method, you can 'lose' the item and instead give it to an agent of the same faction you've been fighting for a temporary 10 mission bonus to your turret range, HP, speed, module boosts, drone damage etc.

For the final mission your previous choice could determine how the mission pans out: If you chose number #1, you could find yourself given a mission where you are to kill the agent that approached you, get some information from his wreck and then go WiS to drop it off to your agent's faction. Finis!

If you chose number #2, you could, instead of having to kill the enemy agent, find yourself being blackmailed by a WiS NPC who knows that you chose option #2 and threatens you with NPC rats at some warp-in spot. You kill these, go WiS, kill the blackmailer and then lie to your agent that you 'sorted the problem' out. Done!

Idea 2!

You could add a Privateer-style station interaction scheme where you have the option of accepting missions that don't involve fighting against say Serpentis or Minmatar but rather the kind of targets normal EVE humans would want taken care of: Cheating spouses, business rivals, those who owe money for drugs/boosters/modules etc. Instead of paying out large ISK the reward could be average ISK plus several random storyline or other decent mods currently not often enough in circulation.

The caveat is this would involve hunting your target through several solar systems, balancing the time vs ISK income from this mission against that of an equivalent level PvE mission. Basically you would be trading the bounties, salvage and minerals from a L4 for the equivalent value in other stuff and less ISK.

It would also be cool if you can be contacted randomly by espionage type people who want to hire you for this or that. You could also do things such as fit a temporary contraband container in your ship which would allow you to hide things like boosters in your ship for say six hours in the station's black market.

Reload Privateer, Privateer Righteous Fire and Privateer 2 and work from there :)

Brainless Bimbo
Posted - 2009.11.02 18:25:00 - [11]

Originally by: CCP Navigator
Continuing our journey through all things PvE we will use this thread to discuss what players would like to see in regards to potential missions when Walking in Stations is deployed on Tranquility.

While the Game Design teams have their own ideas of what they would like to include we would appreciate hearing your ideas on how you would like to see missions combined with WiS, ideas on mission types, objectives and rewards.

Umm.. hard to do without knowing what areas we´ll have to work in and what interactions we can make.....

Find, Buy, Return and Assemble some Ikea bookshelves or other furniture?

Well you said no death which puts off limits huge amounts of possibilities as lots would like to kill a low life with a spoon

Posted - 2009.11.02 20:41:00 - [12]

I don't want to have to walk to the agent. I think it would be awesome if we could drop by the strip club and watch all the exotic dancers, or go pick up some prostitutes, or give someone else the pimp hand and have a little brawl.

Other than that I could care less.

Jekyl Eraser
Posted - 2009.11.02 21:19:00 - [13]

You could hire a (pirate?) NPC in the station to complete a mission for you for a price that could be ISK, LP, Standings or by doing replacement mission(transport drugs/boosters from hisec to losec). This could be new way of grinding standings in addition to the courier missions.

FPS style combat missions. Some fist fights Cool

Posted - 2009.11.02 21:19:00 - [14]

Maybe its not a mission but what i would like to see.

Standings reset , You go to some dark character , you get new documents , plastic surgery

Result : All standings to npc factions and corporations resets to 0

Cost : Billion isk.

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.11.03 05:58:00 - [15]

missions, why would I want missions?

I just wanna dance!

Vaerah Vahrokha
Vahrokh Consulting
Posted - 2009.11.03 09:09:00 - [16]

I'd like to see dynamic missions or even campaigns. Nothing fancy, something like Diablo's pseudo-random stuff would suffice already. Now, in 1996 a lol-3-cats company created a whole dynamic campaign generator but I suppose it's too early for us to get one?

I'd like to have *shops* in stations (for those who want them that is) so I can sell my stuff while contracting with "real" people, with Star Wars / other sci-fi bars and other environments to go in and do stuff with.

I'd like to talk to some officer that sends me to rescue stolen plans in a L4 mission, where I kill the rats, board their base and then go in and blaze my path to their office where the stolen plans are kept.

Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2009.11.03 10:14:00 - [17]

First of all, it is called Incarna now, Walking in Stations is so passé.

Secondly, given the complete lack of information about this "new angle" the game designers have been having about Incarna it is fairly impossible to come up with any good suggestions. It is not even clear if we are discussing CCP generated or player made missions?

Posted - 2009.11.03 10:57:00 - [18]

I'm thinking kill missions as in the hitman game series, that would be really awesome.

Posted - 2009.11.03 14:01:00 - [19]

Originally by: Cedkin
I'm thinking kill missions as in the hitman game series, that would be really awesome.
Ooooo! I like this idea!

Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2009.11.03 16:17:00 - [20]

Originally by: Dacryphile
Originally by: Cedkin
I'm thinking kill missions as in the hitman game series, that would be really awesome.
Ooooo! I like this idea!

While Hitman was a cool game I think we should let people who want to play Hitman play Hitman.

Also, unless CCP rewrite most of their background story regarding pod pilots I really do not see how an "egger" could ever become or even have a desire to be a hitman. And I strongly doubt CCP is going to screw up their own IP (you do know how much one of those are worth right?) after having invested so heavily in it with novels and such.

Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2009.11.03 16:37:00 - [21]

If I have to wish for anything in regard to missions and Incarna it would have to corporation specific "tickets" for player corporations to award/give away to people to mimic the NPC loyalty point store. Further, the tickets could be a tradeable object between players.

Elsa Nietzsche
Posted - 2009.11.03 16:47:00 - [22]

Personally, I spend more time ship spinning, maybe walking in ships is a better idea? Do some house cleaning, check on my crew.

But on a more serious note, to expand off of what a few have said, maybe you can stuble upon a caldari agent in your gallente hub and he can offer you a mission every now and then and then you have a viable way to repair that -4.98 standing you got with the caldari before you learned the implications of accepting all those faction kill missions.

Posted - 2009.11.03 17:19:00 - [23]

without knowing more details of what's going to be in Incarna, this is rather a difficult request, so my ideas are mostly "if/then" statements atm.

If there are Concord officers in station to keep the peace, then perhaps missions to deliberately draw there attention so someone can accomplish something that they wouild normally prevent.

If there are means to gain entry into normally off limits areas, then possible bounty hunter type missions to sabotage stations/ships/other players. Real npc factions reactions to bad standings like faction spies hiring other pilots to place a beacon on your ship, and the next mission you go on, they hotdrop you. Shouldnt happen too often, but a legitimate response to the complaints that highsec missionrunning is risk free.

on a related note, faction spies meet you and "offer" you a mission that works like a storyline to repair standings (must be "shoot on sight" to that faction for the offer) If you refuse you get hotdropped by a large enough force to pop your normal ship the next time you're in a mission site in that system.. and they try to pod you.

Options to rat out the guy who offered you a morally ambiguous mission to the authorities.. like the options in the epic arcs. high road and low road.

very secret mission offers that work somewhat like a storyline for a faction, but dont harm other standings since no one knows about it.. drawback could be that from now on that "agent" blackmails you. Something to the effect of if you refuse a mission from that agent at any time in the future you take DOUBLE the negative standings that you would have normally gotten from these missions along with a sec status hit when he leaks the information to the public eye.

I'm sure to have more ideas, but the gist of my thoughts atm are "dont separate Incarna from the rest of eve, effects need to flow from one to the other." also, while I've heard there wont be any deaths in Incarna, I hope thats just a temp thing to be changed in a later expansion

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.11.03 17:22:00 - [24]

Originally by: Jowen Datloran
First of all, it is called Incarna now, Walking in Stations is so passé.

Secondly, given the complete lack of information about this "new angle" the game designers have been having about Incarna it is fairly impossible to come up with any good suggestions. It is not even clear if we are discussing CCP generated or player made missions?

probably why they have this thread, so they know what to do with it. just walking around is going to get boring after a while.

oh and /dance

Mintala Arana
Posted - 2009.11.03 18:46:00 - [25]

My thought is simple:

Don't introduce elements of "fast twitch" first person shooters to EVE. If I want that type of game play, I'll have access to DUST 514.

I'm fine with missions that require direct interaction with other characters (NPC or player) to obtain or complete the mission, so actually talking with an agent to get a mission would be fine, or some of the other suggestions people have made. But I don't want, for example, an assassination mission where I personally have to penetrate the target's security, execute the hit, and get back out.

Fille Balle
Ballbreakers R us
Posted - 2009.11.03 19:25:00 - [26]

What would be really cool would be say if you get a mission to blow up structure X, and as an alternative to just shooting it, you could dock with it and do some puzzles, get to room B plant bomb and GTFO and PROFIT! That would be awesome. However what would be even more awesome would be if you don't GTFO in time for tea, then say hello to MR Fresh Clone.

Could also have hacking and archeology stuff. Like go explore ruin X, instead of just flying there and activating modules, you now need to dock up and get busy. Could also have missions where you need to dock with a structure, and after you reach a certain point, rats spawn, so you need to get back out there and pop some rats, and then you can go back inside the structture.

Maybe even infiltrate a structure, dress up like a gurista and steal some stuff. The possibilities are endless.

In regards to actually speaking with the agent in station: big no! Only for special agents that don't appear on the NPC corp lists that don't work for a particular corp. Could even be an infiltrated serpentis agent or something. Could be interesting and be a good solution to the whole unrecoverable standings problem.

I'm sure I could come up with more stuff, but I'm a bit lazy, soz.

Ariane VoxDei
Posted - 2009.11.03 19:52:00 - [27]

Originally by: CCP Navigator
While the Game Design teams have their own ideas of what they would like to include we would appreciate hearing your ideas on how you would like to see missions combined with WiS, ideas on mission types, objectives and rewards.

I want to be extremely clear on this, there are some things that we do not want.

And right at the very top of that list and completely un-negotiable, is making it mandatory to get out of your pod and walking to your agents office to request/decline/complete/etc any mission.
It suppose some would think it is cool to be able to do that, but do not make it mandatory.

Doing that, despite this warning, is a borderline gamequitting offense, because if you do, we may as well go do dailies in WOW - it's already bad enough that you have to dock to request+accept.

I do not want missions in stations, or missions combined with WiS. Is that an option as well?
+1. Make it a optional extra to actually walk to the agents office to do the talking.
I remember Privateer(+RF), and that is about as much in-station agentinteraction I'd be willing to accept as "have to" bits. And if you recall, it was only the storyline parts that had agent interaction, the rest was hitting the mission console or whatever it was called and deciding to pick one of a few offers (or docking elsewhere, without a massive delay on undock etc.).

I don't want to have to walk to the agent.
Another +1.

Remember people, the price of freedom is a lot of vigilance and being firm, and the freedom in Eve is getting smaller - "11%" has not been forgotten.

Ted Metropolitan
Posted - 2009.11.04 03:42:00 - [28]

Hello, I like all the ideas that Shana Matika posted about random bar-missions.

An idea I have is that you could pass on your missions to other players and get a small percentage of the reward or a standing bonus. When you are in a bar other players could approach you and offer their missions. Corp offices could offer missions as well.

A mission story:
You decide to dock at Zanda Station and do a bit of window shopping. Mikes Rear Artifacts looks interesting so you take a look around. While in the store Mike recognizes your standings and asks whether he can hire you for a job. He has a customer who is after a rear artifact called a Trinord. You accept and Mike gives you an image of the artifact telling you that Ben down at the fraction office might have seen one of these before.

You decide to visit Ben and show him the image. Ben recognizes parts of the image and tells you how the object is made up of three parts. He explains how the patrol he was in last month found a ship been ripped apart by pirates and salvagers. He gives you the name and location of one of the salvage pilots seen with a piece of the artifact. He also gives you a location of where the pirates sometimes hide their loot.

You decide to go after the salvager but visit the local bar Space Bogie on the way out. In the bar you meet another pilot called Max who just happens to have some spear time. You offer him a mission to find one of the pieces and give him the location of the pirate loot spot. You both head out to find the artifact pieces.

After successfully doing the ‘get the artifact from the salvager’ mission you return to the station where you meet Max at your local corporation office. Max has been successful at the loot spot and gives you an artifact piece. You connect them together on the table and find some symbols that indicate the origin of the artifact. Could the third missing piece be at this location?

Knowing that this final piece will be a little harder to get you ask Max to join you. You both fly off to the get the final piece from the ‘old protected ruins’ mission. After some searching and shooting you find the missing item. You and Max hire a workshop at Zanda Station and assemble the rear Trinord. You can now complete the job for Mike or should you hunt out Mikes mystery buyer. The option is yours.

Jekyl Eraser
Posted - 2009.11.04 10:29:00 - [29]

Missions at station could give some rewards that are not attainable in any other way and are something that are not sellable.

Just throwing something out without much thought on them:
-Agent would inject level 1 of some skill that has no prerequirements. Would be nice for noobs to get the first skillbooks free and some of the basic skills to level 1 with no skill training time required.
-Agent could install unique implant into you. Implant stats could be such that are not usually available to that slot.
-Agent could boost you with some exotic drug
-Agent could cloak your ship for 2 minutes so you could undock and warp cloaked
-Agent could smuggle you and/or your cargo to another station on the same system

Ted Metropolitan
Posted - 2009.11.04 12:43:00 - [30]

Hello again. Nice idea about the rewards Jekyl Eraser. That implant reward could be given out after a mission involving clones. I imagine a mission like this:

You decide to do a mission for a fraction agent so pop into the local fraction office. The officer on duty looks worried so you ask him if he’s alright. The agent Zac Zim explains that his clone at the distant Clinker Station is in need of repair and he is too scared to undock incase he gets podded with out one.

You offer to help so Zac gives you his clone access card and explains that his clone needs a special implant to activate its neuron cells. He gives you coordinates to a dodgy supply outpost in space but warns that often outlaws patrol the area.

You fly out and start the collect the implant mission by fighting a few ships which pop up. The depot manager Slid is reluctant to give up another implant for Zac explaining that he just wasted the last one. You have a choice; you can buy the implant from Slid or attack his dwelling or do another small patrol and receive the goods as a reward.

You decide to buy the implant hoping that the time saved would pay off in the long run. You head off to Clinker Station docking at one of its many ship bays. Now the task is to find Zacs clone. He can’t remembers his clone bay number but remembers what the location looks like. Search the station for a clone facility with a red logo on the door. My clone bay is forth from the blue light and two up.

After a few minutes you locate the bay and open it using the access card. Using some simple tools you install the implant and run some diagnostic tests. All looks good so you radio to Zac and he clone jumps to his fixed clone. The clone comes alive and Zac offers you the reward.

I like this story idea because you would get too take part in the whole clone experience making it more believable in the eve setting.

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