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skye orionis
Posted - 2009.10.29 01:16:00 - [1]

As a pilot I can look at my list of kills and losses in the combat log. How about associating the same kind of information with ships - the ship gets a combat log which is created when it's assembled, and when you get kills the killmails get associated with the ship. So, you can look at a ship and show what you've done with it.

Now, add in some graphical effects to reflect this - kill notches on a patch of the hull advertising how many kills you've managed. Add some options to let other pilots view the list of kills, or if the ship gets sold (without repackaging) the log goes with the ship.

There's a whole lot of other things tha can go in the ships logs, the gates it's jumped through, the stations it's docked at, the amount of damage it's sustained over its lifetime, how many rats it's killed. Perhaps some missions can reward some special achievements onto the ship. Think of it as the vehicle history you can get for cars.

So it differentiates ships even more and maybe someone will pay a premium for your Tempest that got the final blow against a high profile target.

But the other side of vehicle history is the maintenance record, flying around, getting shot at, overheating weapons all add up to wear and tear on these poor ships. So, you get glitches on your ships that reduce your ships effectiveness, things like small penalites to hitpoints, or mobility, or perhaps that module you've overheated one time too many gets welded in place to the hull. Some of these issues can be fixed by spending vast chunks of money at outposts, but not everyone can dock at an outpost.

So, ships now suffer from age related wear and tear and the market for used ships becomes 'interesting' - cash strapped players can get an old battleship at a discount compared to the price of a new one. Pilots can show off their prized ships and pay to keep them in perfect flying shape, or, when the consts of upkeep get too high they can consign them to a museum or melt them down for scrap (of course, you can't recover all that you put into it, that reactor core has irradiated the entire containment vessel which needs to be disposed of 'safely').

Give ships more of a personality, get pilots more attached to them and make them sink some hard earned cash into keeping them.

Alfons Richthofen
Posted - 2009.10.29 03:57:00 - [2]

Cool story bro.
A ship log and history is a good idea, especially if kill mails stuck to the ship as well in addition to damage taken etc etc. However I don't think the idea of a ship's attributes changing over time would be too easy to apply to the game, and because of this CCP and other people who know that it will never happen may just completely ignore this thread.

Iexo Peoa
Posted - 2009.10.29 11:13:00 - [3]

I like this idea. My little Arbitrator has killed many an NPC Machariel, and I'd love for people to know just how hard this little monster rocks out...

And, in the distant future, the use-effected attributes could also be interesting. There are larger, more pressing issues at the moment of course, but the concept of adding more depth to ships, how they're used, and how those uses effect them over time is a very intriguing one indeed.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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