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The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.05.23 12:16:00 - [121]

I have a widow and it needs some lov. Because Its only got 4 low slots you cant put on 7 cargo expanders like the other bo's... so you cant hold enouth fuel to be usefull. please please reduce the consumption amount for bridging! the jump range is also pathetic.. atleast 6-8ly please! and please give it t2 resists.. its worth nearly a billion isk for god sake. Cov-ops cloak would be usefull...its the olny ship in the stealth gang that cant fit one and its the most expensive. the no targting delay after de-cloak is pointless... you dont tackle in a 700-bil isk ship with 30-50k ehp.. so whats the point.

-Reduce consumption for bridging by atleast half... so you can bridge a gang back again without 7 expanders. if you cant carry 30k iso... you need to use less. 6666 is useless atm.

-Increase jump range and bridge range to atleast 6-8ly with skills.. it will then be worth bridging! be able to bridge to any cyno/beacon. bridging 3 jumps is just stupid.. its not worth the cost of the fuel you dont have enouth of.

-T2 resists so its less fragile!

-covert ops cloak would be realy helpfull for its role but not essential. its so slow and has such a big sig radious i cant see why not?

Hemmo Paskiainen
Posted - 2010.06.05 11:03:00 - [122]

Edited by: Hemmo Paskiainen on 06/06/2010 11:20:58
I got this idea this morning, How about removing the bs hull and change the BO's into force recon's with bridge capability and combat recon resist.

Oljud Zork
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.06.05 23:24:00 - [123]

The Maverick Navy
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2010.06.18 17:46:00 - [124]

i agree, mabe i would accauly fly my redeemer if it was more epic

Spugg Galdon
Posted - 2010.06.19 21:41:00 - [125]

Make covert cyno's in hi sec possible. I mean, why the hell not. It will add a whole new dimension to hi sec wars.

Star Frontiers
Posted - 2010.06.20 03:33:00 - [126]

Black ops certianly need looking at. I would say probably more than any other ship in game currently.

Lubomir Penev
Dark Nexxus
S I L E N T.
Posted - 2010.06.20 13:37:00 - [127]

Originally by: Hemmo Paskiainen
Edited by: Hemmo Paskiainen on 09/11/2009 22:36:14
Qen Q3

"The least popular ship group that we can report
on was the Black Ops battleship, with only 225
characters piloting them at the time of the

The above means that there are even moar titans piloted at the time of the snapshot than Black Ops...

Unlike Titan pilots Black Ops pilot aren't prisoners of their ship, so this comparison is pretty moot. The QEN numbers would be a lot more useful if they gave the number of chars owning a Black Ops. But the the QEN is mostly about delivering irrelevant numbers.

Posted - 2010.06.21 21:38:00 - [128]


Hemmo Paskiainen
Posted - 2010.06.30 13:52:00 - [129]

still broken

Poje's Industrial Grp.
Posted - 2010.06.30 14:37:00 - [130]


Thats it.

El Liptonez
Posted - 2010.06.30 14:58:00 - [131]

Yes, jump range. 50% seem like a good figure, more would be too much in my opinion. It's still a battleship.

The only issues I really have are #1, the missing T2 resists (I don't undestand how those could be left out) and the bad HP, respectively. And #2, the fuel use. That is just ridiculous. Let's take a Prorator with 11k cargohold as example, 5 recons and 10 bombers will deplete all the fuel in about 5 long jumps?

Reducing the fuel use to a ridiculously low amount would even negate the lacking jump range for me.

Janos Saal
Posted - 2010.07.01 00:31:00 - [132]

Any improvement would be an improvement.

Posted - 2010.07.01 05:21:00 - [133]

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:09:00 - [134]

Black Ops skill bonus: +5% jump range per level

Also make Jump Portal Generation affect isotope fuel usage instead of just Strontium usage for titan JPGs.

Aineko Macx
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:18:00 - [135]

Originally by: ZigZag Joe
Blackops need the most:

Hp buffed to at least the same as their t1 hulls.
Some t2 racial resists. 40/20 would be excellent.
Improved jump range (4 - 6.5ly base)
Useful t2 bonuses
Jump portal functioning with standard cyno gens (pos mod)
Additional turret on panther.


Missions Mining and Mayhem
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:42:00 - [136]

Increase jump rage by at least 50% but keep portal range same as it is now. If you want to gank at greater distance, then put the BO on the front line.

Increase gank but keep resistances as they are now. BO's would fit well in the assasin's role with more gank than tank (strike covertly deep within enemy lines).

Killer Koalas

Posted - 2010.07.02 21:10:00 - [137]

Please! Please! Please, CCP! Im begging you - make some much needed changes to these ships!
Ive been training for months to get into one, so please: Fix this ship at least within 2010.
I dont want to wait years to play in a shiptype i actually like.

At the very least increase the jumprange and make bridge activation cost not so hurtful for everything above frigate
I'd say base jumprange 3ly, to a maximum of 6.75ly, as that is still not enough to traverse huge amount of space
And less than titan jumprange, which is pretty hillarious if you ask me :)

Finally, they need _alot_ more HP than they have now. At least 25% total hp buff.
Although im not really asking for anything other than jumprange boost at the moment.
Im having a hard time being useful, and the plea is simple: I want to be able to use the ship i like the most.

Janos Saal
Posted - 2010.07.03 02:36:00 - [138]

Let them create jump portals in high sec. That's probably all the buff they need.

Slick O'Hara
Morshu's Palace of Pain
Posted - 2010.07.03 17:16:00 - [139]


Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2010.07.09 15:34:00 - [140]

fix them pls

athieros meritar
Posted - 2010.07.14 13:14:00 - [141]

These ships are designed for raiding behind enemy lines, as mentioned some regional jumps are massive.

Can't imagine the SAS or Delta force being too chuffed if they could only "just" get behind enemy lines or "sorry sarge the borders too far away to rescue the hostage"

Spec ops vehicles are normally more lightly armoured but have a hard punch

Range, HI Sec jumps and Damage bonus. Job done.


that's what's needed

Princess Nexxala
Quantum Cats Syndicate

Posted - 2010.07.14 19:43:00 - [142]

boost them pls

Alias Forgotten
Posted - 2010.07.16 20:07:00 - [143]

Black Ops
+ Damage
+ Command link modules
+ Covert Ops Cloak
+ Reduce fuel consumption

They don't need more tank - they should be fragile , they get to pick their fights.

Hirana Yoshida
Behavioral Affront

Posted - 2010.07.17 10:16:00 - [144]

The main problem that I see with them, is that they generally have less damage/tank than their T1 counterparts.
While the ability to bridge and move fast'ish under cloak has some value, it still is not enough to make people want to follow the bombers/recons through the looking glass.

They NEED to be worth risking in combat so that they jump with the herd.
- Give them Marauder gun bonus while keeping high-slot # (lots more utility highs for supporting friendlies).
- Increase base attributes (hull/armour/shields) to T1 level. Not as if they have full T2 resist bonuses so will only barely top T1.
- Increase damage, the more damage the less need for tank so above can be reduced.
- Make them gang friendly with partial bonuses borrowed from the various Titans or ability to use gang-links.

They make great bridge ships, now lets make them great at killing/dying as well!

Posted - 2010.07.18 00:27:00 - [145]

James Arget
Future Corps
Sleeper Social Club
Posted - 2010.07.18 01:27:00 - [146]

Better resists, better fitting, better jump range. Extra DPS would be nice, but better targetting so it can be a RR/support ship for the Covert fleet would be nicer I think.

But I'd rather you just give it a covops cloak.

DeMichael Crimson
Republic University

Posted - 2010.07.18 13:20:00 - [147]

Big Bump

Der Valkirie
Posted - 2010.07.21 19:12:00 - [148]

Did not realize that you could not fit a cloak to a Black OP's BS. Have just wasted 40+ days of training to find that I would be flying ship inferior in most respects to my current BS. I whole heartedly agree that the ability to cloak would make this type of ship more useful.Sad

Reliables Inc
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.07.21 22:11:00 - [149]

4.5 LY is a joke. Triple it.

But even then, they'll just be used as cheap titans for bombers and recons. Definitely buff the resists and agility; probably give them a covops cloak, too.

Hemmo Paskiainen
Posted - 2010.07.26 13:15:00 - [150]

9 months passed, discussed twice in iceland, still no change. Will incarna give us a change?

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