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Frozen Talon
Posted - 2009.10.22 19:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Frozen Talon on 22/10/2009 19:43:18
Want to make room for PVP, and mining is boring, lets be honest. A tad under 13m SP, can Fly Orca, Fenrir, Hulk, has exhumers 5, leadership 5, makes a good mining fleet leader.

Let me know a ballpark so I can decide whether to let this toon go, thanks in advance.

Links help...

Lea Swiftfoot
Callide Vulpis
Posted - 2009.10.22 19:51:00 - [2]

I would think that being at about 13m sp would get you about 2 - 2.4 bil in isk

Posted - 2009.10.22 20:01:00 - [3]

Edited by: uperkurk on 22/10/2009 20:01:53
Edited by: uperkurk on 22/10/2009 20:01:09
i'll offer B/O of 1.8b considering you only have 2,199,179 in mining and this is ment to be a mining toonm but you do have exhumers V so I guess it makes up for it. Im happy to deal asap.

Frozen Talon
Posted - 2009.10.22 20:18:00 - [4]

If that is all it is worth it would be a waste. I run mining ops with my Orca, give bonuses with mining foreman links, and can then fly a freighter to haul the minerals.

Guess I thought it would go for a little more. Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it.

Posted - 2009.10.22 20:21:00 - [5]

would u go for 2.2 bil? isk is there if ur readySurprised

Lenore Silvermoon
Posted - 2009.10.22 20:25:00 - [6]

Willing to offer 2.3b


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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