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Madmi CEO
Posted - 2009.10.22 10:26:00 - [1]

And wondered what ships they should bring.

I've got next to no PvP experience at all. Most of the stuff I "know" is what I can understand from corp/alliance chats and forum posts.

Me and a friend are wanting to have some PvP adventures. We'll probably be flying a Gallente ship and an Amarr ship. Other racial ships are a possibility, but initially only in the Assault Frigate category. Cruiser size and above will be 1x Gallente and 1x Amarr.

So if only two people go roaming in lowsec, what two ships should they bring to complement each other? Also considering the fact that most people we encounter will be in larger gangs of 5-10 people, so we need to be agile.

Would a Curse and a Dominix be a good couple, for instance? And is it enough if just one person has web and scramble? Are cloaks needed since we're just two?

Any input appreciated. You don't have to post complete fittings - they take up so much space, and might turn this discussion into an argument about what exact modules to fit. Perhaps a few keywords attached to each ship mentioned.

Posted - 2009.10.22 11:03:00 - [2]

With no experience? Stick to cheap ships. And as you say, agility might be preferable, domi is by no means agile.

I'd get a bunch of cruisers or frigates to begin with. Not necessarily because they're cheap(a bc or bs is pretty much as cheap with insurance), but because they're quick agile and _basic_. Arbitrator, Maller, Omen, Thorax, Vexor are all competent ships, doing wildly different things. I know what I would've picked, but I'll let you find out yourself.

Also to be considered - which is both fun and the history of many pilots today, grab 50 frigates, fit them all out differently and just go out and die. Punisher, executioner, incursus and tristan are suitable for this. Not to mention Rifter and Kestrel.

Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2009.10.22 11:19:00 - [3]

Vexor/Arby and keep range?

Or Thorax/Omen and try to gank quick and run no plates. ECM drones on thorax, just run around.

4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.10.22 11:26:00 - [4]

arazu + curse

Madmi CEO
Posted - 2009.10.22 11:32:00 - [5]

Edited by: Madmi CEO on 22/10/2009 11:33:00
Arbitrator / Vexor sounds like a deal. Other than that, it seems like we just need to throw some ships out there.

Originally by: Cersei
arazu + curse
This actually sounds like a wet dream. But we'll wait with this combination until we've had some experiences with cheaper ships.

Marko Riva
Posted - 2009.10.22 11:53:00 - [6]

Actually I'd go with Arbitrator and Thorax and as others stated above; don't use fancy or expensive ships, you'll just keep losing them and it's much cheaper to gain experience in cheap ships.

Why not arbi and vexor? Too much overlap. The vexor is essentially an arbi but can also do decent turret damage. I'd much rather bring a Thorax with decent turret damage and augment that with ECM drones increasing your survivability a whole lot. A properly fit ECM thorax still dishes out great dps so it makes for a great combo.

Madmi CEO
Posted - 2009.10.22 12:15:00 - [7]

And I suppose the Thorax is a better choice than bringing the Vexor as drone boat and then an Omen or a Maller? I've never liked either of those ships, mostly because they both seem sub-par in the area they are supposed to excel in.

Marko Riva
Posted - 2009.10.22 12:17:00 - [8]

No, arbi is a GREAT ship and the best Amarr has to offer cruiserwise. It's just that a proper heavy electron Thorax can dish out enough dps to be VERY useful while also sporting ECM drones.

Sidus Isaacs
Posted - 2009.10.22 13:05:00 - [9]

Incursus+Punisher intinally.

Get some expereince.

Then Thorax/Vexor+Arbitrator.

Ken Plante
Eternal Perseverance
Posted - 2009.10.22 15:48:00 - [10]

Edited by: Ken Plante on 22/10/2009 15:48:55
Have to agree on rax and arby if u want to be cheap

use cookie cutter electron 800 plate rax with 5 light damage and ecm for different situations

plated arby with small neuts and atleast one td with med and light damage drones

u should be able to rig them both. Id trimark the arby and 2x trimark and one collision accel the rax.

chose targets well.

set up 5oo m orbit, td, bang, and kill

but best duo of those two races are nano curse/ishtar. DPS+TD+CAPWARFARE+ability to gtfo= win


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