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Fallout Project
Posted - 2010.01.22 07:14:00 - [181]

Interesting idea(s) actually.

As pointed out sutch platform should have several limitations
(1) no capital docking
(2) no market (as it would not mix well with current market systems at all)
(3) not 'very' mobile - ie long jump interval.
(4) a lot worse in every way than 'static' outpost and a lot more expencive.
(5) Possibly a limited room inside it.

And ofc one could make it to use fuel for most activities. Luxury of mobile station should not come cheap. Then there is additional question how would it mix with current sov system. What happens if you get it into system where there is hostile sov ? It can be just captured, as you dont have sov in the system ? Can you get it into hi sec ? etc etc.

Sig Sour
Posted - 2010.01.29 03:09:00 - [182]

or you could make it something people will actually use.

Bruner Sabaton
Posted - 2010.02.03 22:28:00 - [183]


Posted - 2010.02.06 12:33:00 - [184]

Come on, do you know how much an outpost costs? 25 BILLION and that's just the egg.
that kind of price is just stupid, this needs to be within reach of a 40 man corp.

Convict 1974
Republic University
Posted - 2010.02.07 23:10:00 - [185]

Edited by: Convict 1974 on 07/02/2010 23:24:02
I love this idea! A few random thoughts:

1. Forget the ship idea. Make it a part of a corp, limit one per corp.
2. VERY Expandable, dependent on corp size. The bigger the corp, the bigger and meaner the hive.
3. Limiting it to only carrying BC and below should prevent it from being used as an offensive weapon by the major power blocks. Take a look at that excellent t3 miner/indy thread [url=] here [/url] for how to handle BC and below mining and hauling.
4. Can visit empire (and should only be ugradeable in empire) but Concord should charge an obscene amount of isk for a day pass for a hive.
5. Definitely needs to be killable, but also have some defense. I like the idea of POS modules for it.
6. Should leave a wreck behind like a titan. The corp should be able to "revive" their hive wreck by taking a ton of parts and stuff to it and repairing. This could and should be a huge undertaking for a corp. (finding it in W space. negotiating with sov holders if it was wrecked in 0.0, etc..)

Props to the OP. Love this idea.

Overlord Battletank
Posted - 2010.02.08 02:14:00 - [186]

Edited by: Overlord Battletank on 08/02/2010 02:16:49
This idea sounds really good.

Perhaps it could randomly spawn in a different worm hole system each downtime. This would make it an interesting nomadic station. I think it should act like a station in the sense that you can dock in it. When it moves everyone docked in it should move with it. Restricting docking to sub capital ships sounds reasonable. Idealy it should be able to be upgraded by a corp CEO or director so that it can make drones, ammo and ships. It should also be able to have a clone vat bay so players can set it as there spawn point. Potentially this ship could allow 50 to 100man corporations to live completly nomadically leading to exciting game play and frequent worm hole conflict as POS owners, nomadic Hive Ship owners and random people from kspace interact.

If it gets attacked and drops to 0 structure it could be become a wrecked hive. A wrecked hive would not jump each down time and people could undock but dock in it. A wrecked hive could have its added components salvaged. So you could incapitate it and get POS modules and capital construction components. An incapitated hive could be repaired. It would be owned by the corporation that repaired it.

Lucian Thetis
Gravis Unbound
Posted - 2010.02.08 11:46:00 - [187]


The Elysium Combine
Posted - 2010.02.23 14:00:00 - [188]

Bumb for a great ide, we need a W-space ship

Posted - 2010.02.23 19:55:00 - [189]

Edited by: synesthetics on 23/02/2010 19:55:41
ive read almost everything and what ive actually heard are 2 ideas.

1: a Nomad/caravan ship,
a large movable stationlike ship aiming for industrial needs:

-large bays and cargo holds
-easily moveable
-with market
-though brick to destroy
-no guns, maybe deployable sentries
-alot of fuel space + space for pos
-pref clone vats in it where you return to when you die.
-not to costly, around 8 - 10 bil?
-upgradeble with other industrial modules like manu and research.
-only for in W-space.

2: A Combat Mothership

a large dockable ship which acts like a movable station where to launch invasions from:

-with guns
-maybe shields
-a large shipbay for BS, and even maybe one or two caps.
-clonevats to jump to
-able to jump to K-space
-costly, upgradeble like larger shipbay, more drones, hp, combat related upgrades.

maybe its a good idea to split the idea, and make of 2 kinds of hive ships.

i like the idea of a industrial nomad ship way more then the combat variant. i also like the wormhole jumping etc. my vote will certainly go for that kind of ship, and i really hope CCP will make such kind of ship! i hope they dont overpower it :P it should be a utility ship, not a overkillship ;).

maybe build it from new materials? like minerals from rings from planets, new wormhole materials.

+ i do hope they will make the W-space deeper and more hostile / exotic!

Posted - 2010.02.24 02:22:00 - [190]

all good ideas, but ccp like to have their ships role specific and dont like to have a all round ship as it would make poses and outposts etc non specific.

Plus wormhole space is meant to be no infursturcutre just a pos if u wish. Hence no moon fuel

McDaddy Pimp
Posted - 2010.02.26 07:34:00 - [191]

IMO, to make it simple, just make it a super capital with out any module slot before anchoring, and an outpost after anchoring. Achoring will be done over dt, so the pilot piloting the hive ship will be ejected into the hive ship hangar in his pod after dt. Achoring can only be done in w-space.

Some extra features, when in not-anchored mode, it can transfer cargo to and from freighters, and deploy POSes. So a hive ship can resuply in empire (low sec).

- only non-capital can dock
- limited hangar space
- limited docked player count
- upgradable station services
- w-space: achorable, movable using the jump mechanic stated by ccp ingonito on the 1st page.
- k-space: not achorable, movable using current capital jump mechanics

what it wont have
- capital ships cant dock
- no offensive/logistic capability

on the cost issue
- can be built in a "Mini CSCA" which doesnt requier sov
- will be very modular so maybe a base cost of 1-2 bil and can cost up to 50bil
- modular add ons: other then the usual station services, max docked pilot, hangar space, and hp can also be customized
- will have "calibration points" so a maxed out hive ship wont be possible.

Daniel L'Siata
Don't Regret Until Next Keg
Posted - 2010.02.27 12:48:00 - [192]

Bump for great justice. Also, IMPLEMENT THIS! The Mothership tag is now wide open with the advent of Supercarriers, and my Corp has been looking for something like this for a looooong time, along with quite a few others I know of. LISTEN TO THIS IDEA CCP!

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2010.02.27 14:36:00 - [193]

Hi novafox shipyards here, i may get back to these ships next month after i finish the beowulf. or at least update with my final 4 selections

names of the prototype hulls so far

Relic - Amarr
As it is on paper looks like a long tube with a carved ball on the leading end. This is with various armor plates arranged and seperations in the cyclnder shape to allow for station functions and fittings, the entire ship is unsymetrical desite the overall shape. The plate arrangement is akin to that found on the aeon super carrier.

Vanhallah - Minmatar
Top side looks like a fragmented pryamid and is in style with current minmatar ships however bottom side looks like minmatar rusty city galore, station functions will appear down here.

Odessy - Gallente
Looks like a comet made organic decor.

Chamrosh - Caldari
looks like a giant ninja star turned ship with caldari flavoring

thats what they look like on paper now however... cant scan them in at the moment :(

Arvella Kadori
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2010.02.27 17:52:00 - [194]

something like an Battlestar without weapons... sounds nice...
Maybe if that Issue with Jumping arround with Players in it is solved, there could be another "Hive-Ship" wich can "Fitt" an Frigate/Advanced Frigate Construction array, can Hold Friggs/Industrial sized vessels and got some defensive-potential... something like a real battlestar who got some maybe Medium Guns and Players wich undock in Interceptors and Stealthbombers if the Hive-Ship's under attack...
Just my two cent's, but Thumbs up guys, sound really nice...

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.02.28 21:19:00 - [195]

Eve Tyranids Online. /signed!

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2010.03.01 00:05:00 - [196]

Originally by: Daedalus II
While all these ideas are cool and all I think we have to limit ourselves to have even the faintest chance of something like this happening in game. Having multiple players control one ship is opening a huge can of worms that most likely would result in major rewriting of the game code. That is not going to happen. We always need to see where the game is today and how much work our suggestions would require to implement. If it's too much work, it's not happening, simple as that.

I though I would point out, that capital ships was intended to be controlled by more than one player, remaining them to be corp/alliance tools, rather than someone's personal toy of proud. At that time, this didn't happened due to the reasons you've pointed out - "too much work".
Now, I hope, it'd be possible.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2010.03.01 07:04:00 - [197]


here you go a quick marker up of the relic.

Dragan Dragon
Posted - 2010.03.09 22:12:00 - [198]

Bump because this topic is epic....

I liked the idea of it being modular.... and to make it more affordable maybe ccp can make it so you can add to it.... like a lego set.... rather than having to find the 900bil isk to get one.

Posted - 2010.03.10 08:20:00 - [199]

Edited by: Sevarian on 10/03/2010 08:31:33
Edited by: Sevarian on 10/03/2010 08:27:11
Edited by: Sevarian on 10/03/2010 08:26:20
I have looked many many ideas what this game has. But at the moment I count it one of the best thinking of eve. Time of the Titans are gone. There is nothing of this game anymore what everyone has goal to go with. It is so easy to have now Titans or Motherships ingame and if you lose this one it is Ok. Not just a big news in Eve Online board. There must be always balance of things in Eve online. As looking many years back of eve. Then everything what came out and what had too much bonus got nerfed. Like Titans they came into this game with the DD module. Everyone "support fleets - non caps" was afraid of this thing. Now what CCP made with that is: " Hell the DD. Lets burn some capitals every 10 min and thats it." Titans are gone , past, burned, turned into dust.
Lets see the idea of this thing here, I'm not going to add more mad bonuses to this thing. But very same active moment Eve Online needs something like this. The ship must be alliance only. So there is always idea, that not everyone can build it. If you want something you need to do something to get one! Why? and how? Why is easy, because we make game, but we forget the idea of this game! . "If you can lead... there is no limits what you can become". But there is!Eve is getting to big. Look around you. High sec. overgrouded. Low sec. overgrouded, 0.0 overgrouded(not too much). Look WH, they are going to go this way too.
As this very moment in 0.0 has formed alliances what can be there 5 years not have no risk of losing its space. What we need is those Hive ships. Ships what can cut this thing into half. Ships what can move huge fleets cross the space. Only in low sec/0.0 . Ofc. it has bad thing, because empires what already rule can get stronger with that. They can but everyone else can make those ships and go and destroy this empire. If you have alliances working together and many hive ships you can just brake every empire.
How to build it? Keep the idea of building supercapitals you need like entire alliance.
This thing is not supercapital. It is Mega-Capital.

So you need space for that. So you need to find friends in 0.0, you need to offer them something back. As this point CCP is planing harvesting the planets. What about the minerals of those things? Lets use them to build many parts of Mega-Capitals. In the end you make this ship as like putting up station. Alot of parts. Alot of time and alot of peoples.
Eve needs this thing. It is not too much to do ingame. It is matter how we wan't to go in eve. Eve is getting too big. Do it, or we brake the eve. In the end there is no place to move or do anything. Everybody must have goal! Thinking yourself into hive ship pilot is like you are king or god in the sky and you can control this power every time you want. Idea of Titans when Titans came out. Now the idea is gone. I train my alt to have only Titan pilot skills and thats it. To be hive pilot you need something more. More skills and more training. If you want to be god. You must be as god!

Universalis Imperium
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2010.03.12 19:06:00 - [200]

Originally by: Direstorm
Or a small moon?

That's no moon....


Good lord, this would so rock... Oh and I get especially giddy when a Dev talks to us! Embarassed

/me reads moar

Posted - 2010.03.25 10:44:00 - [201]

Originally by: Zedic
Originally by: Direstorm
Or a small moon?

That's no moon....


Good lord, this would so rock... Oh and I get especially giddy when a Dev talks to us! Embarassed

/me reads moar

We can only dream, that this thing ever going to come in eve. Too large project and ofc. Who cares, what ppl need Confused

Mimiru Minahiro
Posted - 2010.03.25 17:45:00 - [202]

Its a nice idea in theory. I am however concerned about it being used as a way to transport people and assets in an un-molestable fashion.

* It needs to have the ability to be easily found. Whether this is accomplished by automatically showing up as a warpable object for EVERYONE (like a regular cyno), or by limiting where they "anchor" to a warpable celestial object (I am assuming that 500au safes/BM's will still be in game).

*If the ship is designed as a mobile outpost, with the HP and "taking" mechanics of such an object, it needs to not be able to sit behind a POS shield while waiting to "jump". Nor should it benefit from being able to be anchored next to a POS/DeathStar. Any and all defense should derive from active pilots in space and in ships.

*It also needs the ability to have its movement capability fettered, be it through destruction of the beacon or some other fashion. If the former option is taken make sure that the "jump" time schedule is long enough for the attackers to acommplish the task. IE... beacon is placed and "jump" initiates 48hrs later. This prevents beacons being placed 2min before DT. Other options could perhaps include collapsing the WH entrance. Also keep in mind that if a beacon holds the wormhole "open", and players can cancel the "jump", you will have the mobile outpost also serving as a way to bypass current mass restrictions without the hassle of actually jumping the outpost through

* Limit the access to the mobile outpost. This discourages people using alts in non wardec'ed (or undecable)corps to "safely" fill the mobile outpost with goods before it "jumps". This perhaps is unnecessary if you cannot initiate a jump in highsec.

Gaia Thorn
The Reformed
Bondage Patrol
Posted - 2010.04.08 10:13:00 - [203]

Why not make it like a system upgrade a cost to your corporation aslong as you stay in "normal" space but once u field it in WH the cost is removed.

It will remove the replacing of stations and smaller alliances and renters can have a "station" in a system if they find it a proper cost.
Still dont think capitals should be able to dock in it. Battleships and lower ship types should be able to dock only when the station has "anchored" itself at a Moon.

The anchoring part should take 24 hours and should not be acessable during the anchoring time.
As for defenses maybe and i use the word lightly use POS guns and anchor them around the station when in anchored mode.
Then maybe you can use the POS gunner system to defend the "station" when its anchored.

Should require fuel to be active in anchoring mode that will enable services such as repair/clone access aswell as gunnery access.
If no fuel the "station" is pretty much a giant corp hangar with docking capabilitys. And if someone attacks it and puts it in reinforced mode you cant unachor until fully repaired. and once reinforcement timer expires its destroyable.

This will make it so that richy rich and his 5 alts still can use it but wont be able to defend it and smaller corps and alliances can still maintain the station and defend it.

As for fuel with tyrannis and the new planet thing you might be able to manufactor most of the fuel in WH or at planets in 0.0

Posted - 2010.04.09 18:08:00 - [204]

This is a fantastic idea! +1

how about making them in three sizes for different sized corps?
that would make them affordable and use full to a broader range of people.
say for instance, a smaller one with a corp hangar and docking compatibility for 10 with fitting abilities though not much else.
then a larger one with docking for 25 and more accommodations like increased storage, a refinery and repair facilities.
and finally a large size, fitting 50 docked with full station capability's?

i want the small one for my corp badly :)

Christina Milan
Posted - 2010.04.09 19:40:00 - [205]

Cool idea, although like everything else in this thread it will fall on deaf ears Rolling Eyes

Clans of the Sanctums
Posted - 2010.04.26 14:15:00 - [206]


i likes it :p

darius mclever
Posted - 2010.04.26 14:32:00 - [207]

Originally by: Christina Milan
Cool idea, although like everything else in this thread it will fall on deaf ears Rolling Eyes

you noticed that there are already dev responses in this thread? positive responses even?
It helps a bit to keep devs motivated if you dont pull them down when ever possible.

Daesul ShadoWind
Posted - 2010.04.26 17:39:00 - [208]

Awesome thread so far, I do like this idea of a mobile outpost!
I was maybe thinking of suggesting it requires mostly T3 parts, but uses T2 parts as well.
As for upgrading, I think it should be Semi-perm.. When the ship unpacks from station mode it can destroy, or even take longer to unpack the upgrades as it can De-attach the upgrades back a scoop-able form.
I was also thinking further in the future for these ships.. which can be implemented at a later date.. but having the ability to construct into gates each gate costing a few billion in T3 materials, Losing the ship (Fits in with Eve Lore I believe) but then having a fully configurable gate.
Ok, I probably should have donned a flame suit before saying that, and it leads into another topic I'd love to write about, in some post down the road.

Other then that, I don't mind the upgrading thing in ways as long as it has a down side, These things have to have some sorta isk sink besides there construction costs.

Maybe they require so many fullerites before they jump to stabilize internal plank field generators

Ungrateful Vile
Posted - 2010.04.26 18:19:00 - [209]

i wrote out a semi detailed document about my idea of mothership (hive ship)

basic points

semi dockable
semi moveable
not really a combat ship
the first mostly unmanned ship
non personal ship (corporation based)
non stealable

the mainpoint is a clonejumping ship with no downtime on clonejumping

with such a awsome power it would take days for the jump drive to repower up
and it would be unable to move when it is in regular space.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2010.04.27 02:11:00 - [210]

This idea is moving along well, I think.

The lack of dev involvement at this point might be due to them being busy running from lava flows, mud flows, huge clouds of ash, and angry European banksters.

Since there is going to be a deep safe nerf in Tyrannis, perhaps the ship described here would need to be able to orbit a star from beyond the intended barrier, lest this thing, if used as an invasion tool, send in fleets to fall rapidly to lag.

I am looking forward to what Nova Fox will come up with. Those of you who followed the SOE Exploration/Science ships thread would know why.

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