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Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2009.11.29 11:19:00 - [151]

Originally by: Ancy Denaries
Originally by: Herzog Wolfhammer
Ideas lead to ideas lead to ideas.....

Someone mentioned asteroids and we have seen asteroid colonies in EvE.

In the book "Ringworld" by Larry Niven (which may have been the inspiration for Halo), they talked about the Dyson's Sphere and how one could be made. It was said that it might be possible to take enough metallic mass, like asteroids clustered together, and then melt it, spinning the whole ball causing it to expand into a large hollow metal sphere.

Ringworld itself, and the Halo, would take, as the book states, "enough mass equal to Jupiter".

I know this is not on the topic, but it appears that getting more than 4 hours of sleep allows me to access my memory of things.

Nova Fox, I look forward to your concept art! Exclamation
Dyson Spheres have a massive issue though. Look up "Solar Wind", and I think you understand the problem. Both from the inside, and the outside.

Yeah I also screwed up on the assumptions over a "Niven's Ring" as it (a Halo) was originally called. See the Wikipedia on this. It takes the mass of 32 Jupiters to create enough energy to get such a thing moving. I read Ringworld in 1990, and the mind is starting to slip . Holy cow in a month that's 20 years... Crying or Very sad

I think in Star Trek TNG they found such a Sphere but noted the same issues. The Halo is also an impossibility due to no known material making such a construct possible (so they say).

Back onto Hive Ships....

Cpt AngelKnight
Posted - 2009.11.29 11:55:00 - [152]

Edited by: Cpt AngelKnight on 29/11/2009 12:10:34
Edited by: Cpt AngelKnight on 29/11/2009 12:04:43
This to me is an interesting Topic, and although i admit to not reading every single page/post it has gotten me thinking.

This can really tie in with the recent capital spectacle that is Motherships, or now known as Suppercarriers.

Allow Motherships to become super-carriers as originally planned by CCP, then create a new ship class that can actually be called Motherships, or in this case Hive Ships, i admit, the idea in this topic does sound allot more like a mothership.

Look at this picture that lists all the ships of EVE (its huge btw):

As it is now, A Mothership is no bigger than a dreadnought, so based on size there is no reason for then not to dock. And added to that, they dont look like a super capital to begin with, so here is the Idea:

Allow super carriers to be supper carriers (previously known as mother ships before dominion), let these ships be more combat orientated than normal carriers, thus making carriers the logistics platforms, and supercarriers a more up front battle platform, meaning:

Can dock
will only cost 6-10 bil (as was suggested by CCP)
can use fighter bombers
can still use the remote ECM module
increase jumprange
Allow Ganglinks (like a capital command ship with bonuses to caps) ??
Increase HP but only to the point where a single titan cannot instapop one, not to the level originally suggested on sisi, leave that to real moms.
Can NOT fit a Triage
gets NO bonus to Logistics, tho the mods may still be fitted unbonused (this is to insure that carriers remains the logistics platform)

Right, with that out of the way it opens up the opportunity for ccp to create REAL Mother ships or Hive Ships as suggested in this Topic, allow these ships then to have the serious amount of HP originally suggested to Supercarriers on SISI.

So basically to sum it up:

super carriers will be a tier 2 carrier (note tier to not tech 2) thats more focused on front line combat than logistics, and will be classified as a normal capital

Then create REAL motherships based on some ideas from this topic, classify these ships as super capitals and have them be either the same size as a titan or half the size (still way bigger than original Moms) ugh

Posted - 2009.12.02 00:42:00 - [153]

I had the same idea except with a different name, but i pictured a mix between a fort and an aircraft carrier. It would look like a modern day military hovercraft with wall surrounding where ships are docked. Ships would dock on the outside of the vessel inside the walls, and shields, of the ship. I saw there being at least 4 surrounding walls, depending what faction it belongs to, and atop of the walls would be hard points for a variety of turrets and launchers. I was also thinking that the ship could have 4 different lvls of fitting screen: one for small ships, one for medium ships, one for large ships, and one for capital ships; so that no matter what ship was attacking or wanting support the vessel would be able to provide. I was also thing that this ship would coincide greatly with incarna because fleets could dock up and discuss matters of interest etc. inside the station to avoid being caught off guard in a conversation. THats my image of a station class ship.

Nevaeh Death
Posted - 2009.12.02 00:55:00 - [154]

I origionally posted this else where so I just moved it to this thread.. but by looking at the size of this thread I think my ideas may have already been posted or beaten by better ideas

but anyways here is what I wrote in the other thread..

1. Super Capital ship that non-capital sized ships can dock on it.
2. Has bonus's such as:
Arrow "Allows the use of 5 addition docking bays per level" so a max of like 30 people could dock on it.
Arrow "10% Bonus to Ship Maintanance Bay per level" So a newer pilot could only fit a handful of BS's where as a skilled pilot could allow a much larger fleet of BS's to dock.
3. I like the idea of being able to walk around on this ship.
4. Give it the ability to activate a module like that of a siege or triage that would allow this ships defences to be activated; such as a POS bubble, combined with the activation of its clone vat bay. But again like the other mods the ship would be anchored in space unable to warp or jump for a period of time.
5. Additionally the ship would use the same type of system that the t3 cruisers use to customize the ship. Only these modules give the pilot the ability to add station services such as fittings, shield recharge, armor repair, and corporate hangars bays for other pilots. Services such as shield and armor repair would consume a small amount of the docable ships total cap which if overused could prevent it from jumping out of hostile territory at a moments notice.
6. Im not sure if I would use turrets or fighters/ fighter bombers as its main attack ability so I will leave that up to anyone else to put in thier two bits...

Posted - 2009.12.02 02:05:00 - [155]

hmm this also reminds me of spacehulks from warhammer 40k. might be a add on for dust mabye? kind of just randomly moves around with out you ever knowing were its going to and you have no control over it, could be interesting :P

Oku Kee'lus
Burning Napalm
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.12.02 04:59:00 - [156]

Originally by: CCP Incognito
what you think?

I think you've just re-invented one of the many proposals for Motherships over the last couple of years, in a way that would be technically feasable for you to implement, and if you can really do it, please consider it as a mothership feature. Then you can keep the name, no more "supercarrier".

If a mothership isn't a mobile outpost, what else is Very Happy

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2009.12.02 08:15:00 - [157]

How does this Hive Ship concept compare to the Death Star?

Yeah yeah, "It's a tarp!!!" let's get it out of our systems now....

Nobody ever saw that thing warp, it had everything, and spewed a heck of a lot of fighters.

Just had one weakness though. You all know the drill.

Admiral IceBlock
Northern Intelligence
Posted - 2009.12.02 09:35:00 - [158]

We don't need more things that can not be destroyed!

Posted - 2009.12.02 10:58:00 - [159]

That is partially what I wanted out of my mothership, but from a combat point of view. A ship that carries alot of ships, have enough hold to carry fuel to stay out a long time.

Essentially a few combat characters can 'live' out of a mothership as it is today, and that's the kind of role I'd like to see it maintain in the future. I.e. focus on ability on staying out of extended periods of time (focus on fuel bay, ship maintenance array, and ability to carry modules around).

To get back to your Hive-idea.. that's basicly an industrial version of the more combat oriented motherships. I think the raw basic of your idea is good. The nomadic part of this game could seriously get a boost either way, it's all about blobbing in 0.0 or living in highsec today, unfortunately.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2009.12.02 11:22:00 - [160]

Originally by: Admiral IceBlock
We don't need more things that can not be destroyed!

I think they should be destroyable. Just takes until next downtime before the reacotrs go critical gives the owners a chance to empty it out.

Posted - 2009.12.11 03:49:00 - [161]

Make Hive Ships T3 Modular Ships wich can only exist in W-Space as a counterpart to K-Space Outposts. Would be pretty cool if one could destroy them.

Only W-Space would eleminate the Indestructible Staging Outpost Tactic.

Perhaps Clone Jumping between your Hive Ships only?

Posted - 2009.12.12 02:40:00 - [162]

Originally by: CCP Incognito
Edited by: CCP Incognito on 06/11/2009 09:12:49
the down time just makes it easy, we don't have to worry about the station moving while someone is in the middle of docking/ undocking. We don't' need visual effect to show the nomad ship disappearing/ appearing.

nothing that isn't insurmountable, but it would be easier if it just happens 'off stage'

Having said that we do have a internal directive not to code anything that depends on down time. We are trying to get DT to be as short as possible.

now going to read the rest of your post.


Probably stupid thought, but when it comes to docking/undocking.
Is it possible to use a "Dual timer"?
The first part is that you activate the jump generator(whatever...) this will initalize a 10 min timer (say to let the capacitors charge up the jump generator). And have the first 5 min during said timer to complete all pending docking/undocking requests.
After the 5 min timer has expired, all pending docking/undocking requests are cancelled.
Of course during the 10 min activation period the server/station will reject all request for docking/undocking.

Does the code support this?

Posted - 2009.12.12 06:25:00 - [163]

CCP Incognito please, please!

make this happen, the ideas for the modifications are great, also call them mother-ships.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2009.12.12 07:48:00 - [164]

So do we have a size estimation on this thing?

Will it block the sun?

Will it show up in the Info of a system as an "orbiting body"?
(That would be cool).

Merle Hausen
Phoenix Propulsion Labs
Firmus Ixion
Posted - 2010.01.08 11:13:00 - [165]

I really would like something very similar to this added to the game. We industrialist honestly need it.

Posted - 2010.01.08 11:55:00 - [166]

Edited by: Ti''anla on 08/01/2010 12:02:24
I'm definitely, definitely in on this one.

/signed all the way, especially since, in lore, one of the Minmatar tribes rely heavily on these and I have always wanted to play as part of one of those nomad fleets.

Still it'd be the balancing act from hell, but certainly worth it if an actual, nomadic lifestyle could be achieved.

Sig Sour
Posted - 2010.01.08 16:28:00 - [167]

Edited by: Sig Sour on 08/01/2010 16:28:21
The ship proposed in this thread could make the game much more enjoyable to me and my corp mates. I believe that I could get A LOT more of my friends to start playing Eve if they were able to stick with the group even if they were not logged in.

Dark Drifter
Sardaukar Merc Guild
General Tso's Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.08 23:55:00 - [168]

been reeding things in this thred . there is a lot of good stuff and alot more bad stuff being sed,

i would like to see this implemented would be fun to use, my in put to this would be,
Arrow titan sized
Arrow mod for it to alow it to anchor with sheild bubble (like small/med pos)
Arrow no docking in it but has a massive ship hanger bay
Arrow gives bonuses to rohkwal (cant spell it) compacting times and amounts,
Arrow acts as a jump brige for fleet to follow it.
Arrow able to jump all ship types(would require more fuel though

possible layout, 4H/8M/6L

Merle Hausen
Phoenix Propulsion Labs
Firmus Ixion
Posted - 2010.01.10 01:17:00 - [169]

Originally by: Dark Drifter
been reeding things in this thred . there is a lot of good stuff and alot more bad stuff being sed,

i would like to see this implemented would be fun to use, my in put to this would be,
Arrow titan sized
Arrow mod for it to alow it to anchor with sheild bubble (like small/med pos)
Arrow no docking in it but has a massive ship hanger bay
Arrow gives bonuses to rohkwal (cant spell it) compacting times and amounts,
Arrow acts as a jump brige for fleet to follow it.
Arrow able to jump all ship types(would require more fuel though

possible layout, 4H/8M/6L

Your ideas are terrible. Docking is what is going to make it unique. And something that can do this would be very welcomed. I have been waiting for the PoS overhaul, but that is still just on the drawing boards.

Why the shield bubble? Who wants that? This is what PoS already do, we don't need something else doing this as well.

We also don't need another jump bridge ship for fleets. Not needed.

I love the idea that people have said about a mobile smaller version of the Outpost that is ideal for w-space. I don't care if it is destructible, it would be worth every ISK even at say 100+ billion.

Native Freshfood
Posted - 2010.01.16 14:57:00 - [170]

Edited by: Zuju on 16/01/2010 15:03:07
if we're doing wants for the ship
IdeaNeeds to be able to carry off-line members
Ideaable to carry a large or medium pos with modules to provide refining and manufacturing.
(if this is too much then I guess we'll just have to dock industrials)
IdeaSomething to base a roaming group travelling across the galaxy
IdeaTo prevent it becoming a mini station, docking only puts your ship inside, no item storage no ship storage
make it so to change fits or ships you have to un-dock and use the ship service like you would with an orca or carrier
Ideato prevent the usual problems of docking with a moving ship, make it so the ship has to stop moving to open its docking bay (animated or not)
IdeaMust be able to enter highsec either like a jump freighter or like a rorqual with the commercial cyno idea.
IdeaMust be affordable for a 15 man corp to use (and loose)

So in effect, like a orca with a docking bay rather than mining bonuses.
heck I'd send an orca with this thing to provide for miners

Just to beat the oh god it blew up with an off-line character problem have the contained piloted ships eject and warp off to the disconnected player safe spot (the crews eject from dying ships, why not ships in dock?)

there it is, the hive/mother/Corp support ship (or whatever our benefactors decide to call it) in my world view. Awesome but not too awesome

Sig Sour
Posted - 2010.01.16 17:44:00 - [171]

Right now wormhole mechanics are pretty darn anti-pvp. I find it rather irritating that 1/3 of the space in this game is pretty well a safe haven for carebears. I see more and more x-large ship construction arrays on scan in wormholes every day. The longer CCP takes to implement a ship that can allow for wormhole invasions, the bigger the problem of people creating impenetrable fortresses in w-space becomes.

If things get out of hand with full on dread fleets in w-space, I can see there needing to be tweaks made to the wormhole mechanics to re balance the game.

Posted - 2010.01.17 00:30:00 - [172]


but,think about an auto-pilot carrier that can mine,and manufacture drones when needed.

Ramon Wilco
Psycho Corp
Posted - 2010.01.17 02:08:00 - [173]

Interesting idea,

Maybe it could be related, like you said,
to a skill or more the CEO must develop.

But the ability to move such a hive could be used on static wormhole?

Another idea :
It could also be related to NPC corp, a way for Empires to keep control on podders. Some npc corporation could buy mobile wormhole stations, then players could jump clone there.

It could also allow in future the extension of faction wars in WH space.

What about this last idea?

Kesper North
Gentlemen of Means
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2010.01.17 02:36:00 - [174]

Call them caravans, the Thukker probably invented them.

Apon Nighthawk
Posted - 2010.01.17 06:44:00 - [175]

4 Different Sizes (Gang, Small, Medium, Large)

Keep the market option, once they come back they need to sell there exotic stuff.

Modular to fit who ever is using them.

Upgraded Clone Vat Bay, something that allows people to die in the local system to start back at the ship (whatever the name is). It shouldn't be limited, it should require biomass and fuel. (Clones aren't free) Also you can't jump clone in since you have no idea where to send the info.

Limited to no capital ships, maybe one or two but you don't need a whole fleet of them.

Manufacturing, Refining, Etc. Etc.

3 States
1) Mobile, consumes less fuel and hardly any option (Locked, can't undock / dock)
2) Anchored, consumes normal fuel and fully operational
3) Semi-Anchored, this is for high-sec for trading purposes and consumes less the normal but more then mobile.

Wormhole Jumping, These should be restricted to high class wormholes since it's huge and has a lot of mass. It shouldn't be able to force itself into a Class 1 WH.

This could easily pop up on a 360 max directional scan since it probably will have a huge scanning signature. Almost to the point where you computer might even say it just detected a humongous asteroid.

Posted - 2010.01.17 11:52:00 - [176]

Or a small moon?

Ramon Wilco
Psycho Corp
Posted - 2010.01.17 17:37:00 - [177]

I really think that before players could use thoose kind of Station/Ship

it would be nice to have NPC corp with mobile stations, it could be used by CCP to improve factionnal warfare, WH and maybe mobile agents, and it could be testing before players could afford one.

Posted - 2010.01.19 15:29:00 - [178]

Edited by: Gattman on 19/01/2010 15:30:54
hang on, we not on about npc's here. this is for players.
the hive ship (or mothership)concept was brought up to make a nomadic life style possible for multi time zone corps where everyone being online at once might not be possible.
The original concept I think is best.
a star gate capable ship that can travel with 20 or so players docked.
built for going into 0.0 and WH space but is defenceless (good tank but not invincible) without an escort and for safety players should be able to open the docking bay inside a pos shield much like a Rorqual will only start compressing in a pos (it could do it in an asteroid field but it won't).
Its not a mining ship, its not a station. its a docking bay to transport off-line players
something like the non-miner orca idea above.

to quote kesper above, thinking about it it does sound like the Thukker's caravans. Who wants to bet they develop the minmatar one?
It would make moving WH operations easier, my corp accidentally lost a pilot in a hurricane because he wasn't on for a few days when we moved. I imagine the 0.0 allainces would find use for these.

Sig Sour
Posted - 2010.01.21 18:19:00 - [179]

I like Apon's suggestion of having more than 1 class of these things. What if there were only 2 classes though?

Caravan - Can use stargates, capable of hosting 25 pilots, would fit in the "super capital" class of ships.

Mother Ship - Can not use stargates, hosts 50 players base (+ 25 per level of corp skill - "nomad"), fits in the "mobile platform" class of ships.

Hentes Zsemle
Posted - 2010.01.21 20:56:00 - [180]

Edited by: Hentes Zsemle on 21/01/2010 20:58:36
Imo this concept would be much more doable (and better in general), if this mobile base was actually based on stations and not ships. It would solve the pilot related problem since there would be no pilot. Anyone with sufficient role/roles could control it. Like a pos with a docking bay and jumprive(or similar).

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