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King Aires
Kwame's Executive Protection Detail
Posted - 2009.12.18 18:20:00 - [391]

Originally by: Puppy UK
I would pay me 1bill every day, for 1000 days and have me as yoru personal hunting tool/ guard dog.

Someone annoys you ? ill kill em :D

a corp you dont like, ill have them decced by 5 corps :

Anythign you want dead, dies.

Or you coudl pay be to sing down TS/make prank calls, that seems to geta laugh.

p.s. you win at eve.. good job

Says the dude who lost his crappy apoc to a tengu because he tried to log off while docking...


Syrinx Edens
Posted - 2009.12.19 02:43:00 - [392]

Have not read all 14 pages!

But here is a suggestion, sorry if it has been suggested before.

I would create an EVE-O fight club.

Basically, find and pay for the top PVP players to compete in 1v1 fights to the death.
Each player would use the same hull type (I'd suggest BC so fights are not super long), or you could mix them up.

Once you have approx 15-30 PVP pilots on your payroll, hold a Fight Club event each weekend, then take bets on the outcomes of the fights. The bet would not just have to be winner. You could have first into structure, how long the fight takes etc.

The pilots would use their own ships, and would be allowed to bet. The pay should be enough for them to compete in the hull size of their choosing + t2 fittings and t1 rigs. If they wish to fit faction / deadspace stuff to enhance their chance of winning, this should come out of their own pockets.

The system the fights take place in should be kept a secret and should be in high sec, this minmizes the chance of gankers / RR ruining the fights, only select judges should know the location.

You could also have team fights and / or FFA's, but would suggest keeping the numbers low (3-5 per team), so the fights are quick, and you can have multiple fights per night. Maybe have the less known players fight first building up to the 'Main event'

Of course this would require a fair amount of time and resources to set up, but would be:

A different slant on PVP and fittings (no warping out, so scramblers and not required).

You would need:

PVP pilots
Odds adjusters
Bet takers / payers

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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