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Panthera Lynx
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2009.10.20 13:14:00 - [271]

- Buy a large amount of Tritanium and create contracts to have some of it shipped out to every single system in the game, then post screenshots of your assets window.

- Pick two small 0.0 alliances that are at war and place random bounties on important characters, wait for their war to become a lot more interesting due to sudden influx of opponents.

- Pick a random uncommon skill track and offer stipends to characters who train it.

Missions Mining and Mayhem
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.10.20 13:59:00 - [272]

Well u can do everything u wnat.
Personally i would continue making more isk.
Buy a very good pvp char from the Forums and join a nice alliance
Have fun an fight with very nice ships ( mauruders,command ship, t3 ships all officer fitted ofc) also caps, mothership,titan. just have a lot of fun without worrying about the isk u lose when u get primairied in your mauruder ;)
ofc all best implants,boosters and such

a fully estamel fitted mauruder should be very nice to pvp in would allow u to tank massive dps and solo a few bsses :)

Ofc u can play your game for free for the rest of your eve carreer :D

also u can have fun in jita by killing those freighter killers on 4-4 station :) and make the freighter pilot a lot happier Cool

Plave Okice
Krazny Oktyabr Revolyutsiya
Posted - 2009.10.20 14:24:00 - [273]

I keep doing what I do know but with more expensive fittings.

Yakia TovilToba
Halliburton Inc.
Posted - 2009.10.20 17:58:00 - [274]

Too bad mercenary coalition isn't around anymore. In times when there are strong mercenaries, isk equals power, you could send them after a corp or even alliance and totally destroy their game, just because you wanted so.

Industrial Giants
Posted - 2009.10.20 18:31:00 - [275]

Edited by: Leowen on 20/10/2009 18:31:40
I'll be closing the 1B ISK per page offer after this page. Been really busy IRL so have the last few pages still to pay out on, but I will make the judgements and payouts in the next 24-48 hours.


Raiku Onni
Posted - 2009.10.20 18:46:00 - [276]

Given the amount of fan/begging letters you will be getting as a result of this thread you should use some of your fortune to hire some secretaries to answer your mail. (new Sisi mail client should help a bit).

Aquilus Ater
Posted - 2009.10.20 18:54:00 - [277]

Edited by: Aquilus Ater on 20/10/2009 19:02:34
Well, seeing as you've stated that you're (very understandably) tired of the industrial game, you should be looking for something else to keep you entertained in EVE. You've certainly got enough money to try every aspect of the game, and that's what I recommend you do. Playing the market is certainly an enticing option; With that much liquid assets you could really manipulate the economy in any way you see fit. However, since you also stated that you're short on time, that might not be an option. This *IS* by far the best method to increase your funds though, and I'm quite sure you're aware of this. (After all, a man with a trillion in cash *should* know how to make money :p)

The easiest and most stable market to manipulate would PLEX, I think. This is a commodity that many require, with very limited stock. Therefore, it should be easy to control. It's not a very nice thing to do, but you could probably inflate the prices to about the double of what they are now, and people would still buy them. Wouldn't be very high-maintenance either, as the influx on the market is fairly limited.

If none of the normal gameplay options entice you, you could just set yourself a really lofty goal to achieve, like shifting the balance of power in the universe in a certain direction. Most people are clearly set on monetary gain, but you've transcended that, so you can easily manipulate most people. (Like you did with this thread ;) )

Mind you, if powerplay isn't your thing, there's the third option: Do things "for teh lulz", so to speak. Just do every random silly thought that pops into your head, that'll probably get you some good laughs. However, I doubt it has the longevity that the "proper" avenues of gameplay can offer.

Here's three more suggestion that I mailed you half a week ago or so, in case you didn't get the mail.

The Good:
1) If you wish to continue the philanthropic trend your thread has taken, I'd suggest a training program for new players, where they are taught ways to earn ISK. Speaking as a new player who has difficulty affording most things, this would certainly not be amiss. There could also be something in this for you, namely recruiting the most talented students to your corporation.

The Evil:
2) Titan deathmatch! (with a twist)
Set up a titan vs. titan deathmatch, and charge a small sum of ISK from players who wish to watch. When a sizable crowd is ready, proceed to set up a match and gather them all. However, when the match is about to start, instead of fighting eachother, both titans unleash their Doomsday devices upon the audience.
(FYI; I sent the mail before some other guy suggested a titan face-off)

The Silly:
3) Let the thread run for another 990 pages, as it would be fairly ironic if you spent all the money by trying to figure out what to spend it on.

Archbishop Corwin
Posted - 2009.10.20 19:28:00 - [278]

I've not been around long, so I can barely imagine what I'd do with so much ISK.

1.) Fund private wars against the most prolific and annoying forum posters, along with a letter to their CEO telling them why you have done so, along with a URL to the offending post... maybe the signal to noise ratio would increase here after a while :P

2.) Use the money to fund numerous market alts with the intent of cornering the market one a single commodity, such as POS fuels. Might be profitable, but would at least be amusing to listen to people complain when they can't find enough fuel to keep thier POSes running :P

3.) Since I am a fan of how the faction ships look I'd consider buying a full set of all of them Frigate to Battleship, along with faction-appropriate fittings (full true sansha gear on a Phantasm, etc). Then I'd probably lose them in FW :P

4.) Buy yourself enough votes to get onto the CSM, free trip to Iceland!

6.) Of course if I had a trillion ISK I'd probably just buy a few years worth of subscriptions for all my friends who play in the for of PLEXes, can't have that get blown up so its a solid investment :P

Cutie Chaser
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2009.10.20 19:37:00 - [279]

Edited by: Cutie Chaser on 20/10/2009 20:28:57

i would start a bank, keep it going for a while, then embezzle funds until i run the business 1.2trillion in the red.
Then i wouldhave to post a thread asking what to do with 2.2 tril Laughing

even more fun would eb to use your capital ot manipulate the plex market and get them up to a nice 750mil or so, there probably isnt anywhere near 1 tril worth of them on the amrket, so its an approachable item to dominate

SRS Industries
Posted - 2009.10.20 19:55:00 - [280]

I have an idea!! Hire historians to compile a great history of Eve/Encyclopedia (not online, a real thing you can put on your coffee table). Have interviews with heroes and legends, write the exploits of alliances past and present.

Have it compiled into a great tome, like Lord of the Rings (except with pictures!) and update it yearly. Maybe partner with CCP to get it printed and sold in the eve-store.

When Eve-Online finally dies, or the great year of 2003 is barely a legend, we will have this great piece of work to remember our shared history, thanks to you!

Martyr's Vengence
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.10.20 20:01:00 - [281]

buy all the drakes off the market everywhere so the game looks less like 'drakes online'

with only a small amount of time to play you could just check the sell order fourms and play in every lottery that is ever posted

put a bounty on the veldnought

purchase all the exotic dancers you can in preparation for ambulation!

More seriously, buy up all the militants, small amrs, etc you can in preparation for Dust 514

Posted - 2009.10.20 20:25:00 - [282]

One thing that popped to my mind is that you could produce "EVE's got talent!". Anyone could participate in the competition with anykind of talent they have, be it synchronized Rifter flying, smack talking people in to pvp or painting pictures with target painters. It would be really interesting to see what people would come up with. You could have auditions, the best performers making their way in to the grand finale, the winner of course receiving a grand prize of, say, 50billion. The winner could be decided by you, by a jury of (famous?) judges or every player in EVE could have a vote. Everything would naturally be recorded and put on youtube. :)

And if you don't have time to arrange all of this, you can just provide the prize for the winner and hire someone else to do all the work. You could just enjoy the show.

David Dykatar
Posted - 2009.10.20 20:37:00 - [283]

Create or use an alt to find a new, smaller corporation that is hiring with a mission that you are interested in. Try to make it outside your comfort zone. you could join a pirate corporation or a PvP group. Join with said alt and see if you like the group of players that you are flying with, see if they are helpful etc... If you do like them, reveal that you are in fact rich and offer to fund them because of the help they gave to you. That way you would learn a new aspect that would hopefully keep you interested in EVE, have a group of pilots that you genuinely like, and their gratitude. Who knows, that influx of capital could be the thing that gets them into 0.0 space and makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Doomed Predator
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.10.20 21:48:00 - [284]

Alright, I'll give it a shot:

-Pay a decently sized corp(100+ active members) to ninja-salvage and take/destroy the key mission objective in every major mission hub causing massive carebear tears.

-Create a second ''Privateer like'' alliance to either dec all the major alliances or create an alliance dedicated to decing Privateers and patrolling every major trade hub.

-Pay a few merc corps to suicide gank macro miners,try to get more than 1000 dead macro miners.

Posted - 2009.10.20 22:07:00 - [285]


Create a video channel on Youtube, and commission fun videos, visionary histories of long past alliances, documentaries on wars and stuff like that.

Fund educational services for at risk newbs living. Think of all the poor newbs in Jita and Motsu who need help, looking for belts with an Osprey and shooting frig rats, crying to themselves when they get ganked.

Posted - 2009.10.20 22:28:00 - [286]

Edited by: uperkurk on 20/10/2009 22:42:06
If I had insane amount of isk like you I would open up another eve university type thing but you could employ people to work there and train up the new players. It could be like enrolling in a college course and after 2 months or whatever and the players graduate, you could hold a pvp contest with knockout stages and the overall winner gets a raven navy issue or something similar to fast track there career and they could do some nice level 4 missions. Or instead give them the isk for a full set of +4 learning implants. Everyone needs implants. Or buy them 3 months of GTC to get them started :) Good luck with whatever idea you decide to go with!

- uperkurk

Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2009.10.20 22:30:00 - [287]

What would I do with a trillion isk?
Buy every exotic dancer on the market. That is what I would do! :D

Capt Fossil
Posted - 2009.10.20 22:52:00 - [288]

Edited by: Capt Fossil on 20/10/2009 22:53:23
Well I still like my clean out the Trailer park trash gate campers.

Another possibility is to create 100 accounts with Plex's, train as BS Suicide alt's and suicide gank every goon spotted. Reverse Jihad........

Can train one in less than 3 weeks..Tier 1 BS and Smart Bombs.

Gurenn Lagann
Posted - 2009.10.20 23:04:00 - [289]

You Could make a prize of some of the isk to go to the first person to run butt-naked (streaker) over a major football match with "eve-online" written on his/her chest and "Leowen made me do it" on the back Very Happy

Then gleefully enjoy the publisity in both eve and the real world as newspapers and sport-channels show it day after day Twisted Evil
With the amount of isk you have available someone is bound to do it YARRRR!!

Would be a "sandbox-effect outside the sandbox"!

ps.. if someone suggested this already im sorry.. didnt read all pages;)

Posted - 2009.10.20 23:28:00 - [290]

Super Cap roaming fleet. 3 or so titans, a handful of moms and some dictors would be quite evil to anyone you came across. Find a gate camp bubble up and light cyno. Bring in the moms and hope that somebody brings a BS gang for the titans.

Posted - 2009.10.20 23:58:00 - [291]


sit back and relax, as you pay people to duel it out in front of your for your amusement, and if you aren't happy, just use the new titan superweapons to vaporise the competitors

Norah Sin
Posted - 2009.10.21 00:21:00 - [292]

Just silently buy, lock and retire from production some T2 BPO, so you make EVE a better game for new players without annoying oldies. Earn enough to get it working for long...

Have fun with anything else than making isk, as there's no point in getting more.


Rodrigo Talavera
Navy of Xoc
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.10.21 02:28:00 - [293]

Originally by: mechtech
I have an idea!! Hire historians to compile a great history of Eve/Encyclopedia (not online, a real thing you can put on your coffee table). Have interviews with heroes and legends, write the exploits of alliances past and present.

Have it compiled into a great tome, like Lord of the Rings (except with pictures!) and update it yearly. Maybe partner with CCP to get it printed and sold in the eve-store.

When Eve-Online finally dies, or the great year of 2003 is barely a legend, we will have this great piece of work to remember our shared history, thanks to you!


Kurt Dyspare
Plaid Jello Inc
Posted - 2009.10.21 06:24:00 - [294]

I'd give me 2 billion so I could buy a golem and go on my merry mission running way.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.10.21 08:03:00 - [295]

Mineral market manipulation?

or for the complete overkill, buy 500 covetor bpos and start copying, only to crash that market completely forever!

pc dude
Ghosts of Ragnarok
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.10.21 08:25:00 - [296]

i have the best idea yet. whatever you did to make all that someone else to do it again. pay them only what they need to do their job that day. pay them well for their services, but make sure they cant just up and walk away by keeping as much of the stuff under your thumb as you can.

if you can make a trillion isk and become known for it as you have here, im sure u could recruit a few ppl. even if they did not stay, you could have a steady stream of ppl coming in to learn, working for you and moving on eventually.

while that's going on, you can pew pew almost without consequence, so fly really really expensive stuff. this is the part of the game that'll keep u around while u fund exceptionally ridiculous projects (hopefully)

Posted - 2009.10.21 09:21:00 - [297]

Edited by: Thrymren on 21/10/2009 09:30:05

Create several corps and put them into an alliance, and fund them all with your bigass Isk-stash!
5. corp for newbs training > frigs/destroyers/cruisers
4. corp for advanced players > BC/BS Pilots
3. corp for skilled players > T2 Ships
2. corp for T3 Pilots > just because it's fancy to have it.
1. corp for cap pilots > don't have to explain do I?

--> Take over a nice big part of 0sec (goon territory?)

= Win for all of New Eden.

Start a new Tradehub! Anywhere! Just buy and sell loads of stuff in some remote Area where the other markethubs are far off.

Find some way to crash the Titan Market :D

Start a Race all around new eden, providing the Ships: Freighters only! xD

Fund a giant miningcorp for Veld only, to raid all Highsec with it. Just to annoy Chribba! ;-p

Get yourself som nice Wormhole and some fancy Corpmates and use that thing to make more Iskies!

Best Regards

Posted - 2009.10.21 11:40:00 - [298]

Edited by: Minnxy on 21/10/2009 11:45:07
I think you should buy Faction fitted, Tier 1 Faction BSes that you can go pew pew with in style in friends. Visit familiar haunts, kill their inhabitants in style. (When Dominion lands ofc)

Valadeya uthanaras
GK inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.10.21 15:06:00 - [299]

Edited by: Valadeya uthanaras on 21/10/2009 15:10:03
get an alliance

get sov for 1 system in each region of eve

spam each system with anchored tower at each moon (none of value)

place a station in each system on planet 1

make the station available to any and all player for a docking fee

place on each station market stockpile of a 1 particular T2 item

everytime someone pay for one of those t2 item, he get a random chance of getting a T2 bpo of said item

you could also have same system in hi-sec (just a lot more funny seeing ppl come from empire to 0.0 for a lotto )

or just buy 1 station and do the same with a stockpile of every t2 item ... and keep yourself docked there .. making the loto available only when you are online

Posted - 2009.10.21 15:39:00 - [300]

It seems only logical to throw giant tournaments of every sort. For instance a blockade running tournament through twenty systems of lowsec with gates randomly camped by people you have hired. Each runner must carry at least 50K megacyte to fill a buy order at a designated station. Whoever fills the order wins the prize money. But you take a cut of the millions of megacyte falling into pirate corporation hands.

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