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Antiquus Altercor
Phoenix Propulsion Labs
Posted - 2009.10.14 16:36:00 - [31]

The continual, unforced growth and time-based progression makes the game rewarding, while treating me with respect and allowing me to walk away from the game at times when I need to. I think because so many eve players are older with families and other responsibilities most corps have a 'real life comes first' attitude which is needed for those kinds of folks, and the game seems designed to be played by adults - which might explain the grey heads I see not only in the audience in the fanfest videos, but among the devs as well.

Gamers as they get older don't stop gaming, and older gamers have the discretionary income to support 6 accounts, something CCP seems to appreciate, and at least in part support in EvE. $56/year for a magazine about the game? $180 models of ships in game? It's pretty obvious CCP has built at least a Mercedes if not a Rolls of a game.

To get to the younger crowd with more limited means - oh yea Dust514.

Kinetic Cartel
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2009.10.14 16:37:00 - [32]

I've been playing since 04 and I consider myself a pretty hardcore fan. I will admit that this game can have moments of boredom, but CCP and their work as a whole is the only company that I think is truly worth my $15 dollars a month.

Posted - 2009.10.14 16:43:00 - [33]

As long as we dont have anymore T20 event Ill play a long time.

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2009.10.14 16:50:00 - [34]

Originally by: Ghoest
As long as we dont have anymore T20 event Ill play a long time.

T20, ferrogel, GHSC, Disband Alliance Button, etc...

These are the spice that makes EVE into a truly delicious meal.

Seth Ruin
Ominous Corp
Posted - 2009.10.14 16:52:00 - [35]

I've been playing off and on since 2004. Honestly, EVE has the most freedom of any MMO on the market. The problem is, that can be a double-edged sword; you're free to prosper, but you're equally as free to fail.

The good thing is, no matter what happens, you can always build yourself up again.

As for what keeps it interesting? Well CCP is constantly adding new content and adjusting/tweaking (nerfing) existing content. The game I'm playing today isn't exactly the same as the game I was playing last year, and it's practically nothing like the game I played in 2004. Along with that, the usual 0.0/alliance politics adds some spice (sometimes with a bitter flavor) to the game.

Posted - 2009.10.14 21:23:00 - [36]

Originally by: Rakshasa Taisab
Originally by: Ghoest
As long as we dont have anymore T20 event Ill play a long time.

T20, ferrogel, GHSC, Disband Alliance Button, etc...

These are the spice that makes EVE into a truly delicious meal.

No not at all.

Disband Alliance Button - thats cool drama; I love it.

T20 - that was devs cheating and getting away with it.

Its not at all the same thing. I quit for a year after the T20 deal.

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2009.10.14 21:29:00 - [37]


Signup: 2003.06

Enjoying: Yes

Honourable East India Trading Company
Posted - 2009.10.14 21:35:00 - [38]

Originally by: Ghoest
Its not at all the same thing. I quit for a year after the T20 deal.
That only proves that you are emo or broke. Razz

Been about five years for me and I will keep subbing up for this awesome ever evolving world till the day they shut it down. Some people move to a vacation resort and play golf when they retire. I decided to 'move in' here then go back to 'work' and have been loving every minute of it. ugh

Aurorae Andromedae
Posted - 2009.10.14 21:42:00 - [39]

Originally by: Tokas III
Best game ever created. CCP rocks!

4 years so far!

Krasnij Okjabre
the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2009.10.14 22:02:00 - [40]

She's a very tough mistress.


Keflin Geard
Versatech Co.
Posted - 2009.10.14 22:10:00 - [41]

I had been waiting for this game since Elite - 4 years and it still gives me a massive buzz. Best game so far.

What other game would you continue to play after it overwrote your boot file :)
Or lost pricy ships to things that donít show up in logs.

Posted - 2009.10.14 22:10:00 - [42]

It's great they add a expansion every half year, because after 6 months it starts to get kinda bland and it needs something new to re-ignite the sense of awesome that is EVE (now with Awesomium).

Fille Balle
Ballbreakers R us
Posted - 2009.10.14 22:38:00 - [43]

Getting close to 2 years now, and I still can't imagine life without it. I just wish I had more time to play Crying or Very sad

But maybe that's why I still enjoy it so much. Who knows. I still find empire pvp mundane compared to 0.0, but I always did. Still, imo the pve content is great, which is all I have time for atm. One beutiful day I'll return to 0.0, and I look forward to it. I love the fact that your character still develops even if you're not playing.

Skill queue was a great addition as well. Thanks CCP!

Posted - 2009.10.14 23:35:00 - [44]

I'm a newbie too with just a few days on my back, and all I can say is that EVE feels like a fresh breeze after 5 Ĺ years of WoW.

Vincenzo Delloro
Lux et Veritas
Posted - 2009.10.14 23:50:00 - [45]

I do need to take breaks from time to time just to keep myself from slitting my wrists, but EVE's great when I'm in the mood. There's so much to do, and so much more to do with each passing year. I like that I can log on and decide to do something that I have never ever done before that day, and that the entry requirements aren't "run this instance for three weeks to get geared up, then wait for your guild leader to put you on the roster."

Walking in stations and Dust 514 will be the two things that will give me no reason to ever play any other game.

Distant Thunder
Perihelion Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.15 00:44:00 - [46]

Originally by: Vultaras
Maybe stupid question, but at this moment as i am newbie , this game is something awesome to me..... But , how do you feel yourself after playing this game for very long time like one year and more? Is it what to discover and what to play, is it still interesting?

Thank you for answers.Very Happy

I have been playing since 2003.

EvE is the one world to rule them all.
EvE Forever!

Lions of Judah Incorporated
Posted - 2009.10.15 01:18:00 - [47]

5 Years in and i still love the game itself although i might need to make a change to stop burnout having done pretty much everything i can >.<

Posted - 2009.10.15 02:28:00 - [48]

I'm almost up to 6 1/2 years and still loving it.

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2009.10.15 02:38:00 - [49]

5 1/2 years here, still going.

The secret is not to rush. No end-game means the fun is all in the journey, so take your time and enjoy the ride.


Posted - 2009.10.15 02:49:00 - [50]

Edited by: Typhado3 on 15/10/2009 02:52:05
eve for life.

been playing for almost 4 year now. Always finding something new, meeting new people and finding new ways to have fun. or even old ways to have fun. Gotta keep a good balance between the long and short term, you should have a long term plan but don't let it stop you from enjoying the now.

Hell eve is what convinced me to be a game designer, ironic as now all the study for game designing is meaning I can't play eve as much as I would like.

Honda Prefect
Posted - 2009.10.15 02:52:00 - [51]

the game is like crack, i am waiting for them to do something really stupid to force me to quit. all those that predicted doom of EVE over the years have FAILED.

And the coming SOV changes make me want to **** in my pants.

Sandeman Reserve
Posted - 2009.10.15 02:53:00 - [52]

I've been playing on and off for around 5 years now. I have quit the game previously for various reasons...

1. Lack of time.
2. Between jobs.
3. Other games.

... but Eve is one I keep coming back to.
There are so many ways to play... from mission runner, to PvP, to industrialist, to explorer (though that needs a bit of work IMHO) the game covers all the bases, and if I get a bit jaded and cynical about one aspect, I can always switch to another.

The lack of "cookie cutter" skills and gear makes this a winner too. You never quite know what someone's got trained, how what they've got fitted to their ship.


Posted - 2009.10.15 05:21:00 - [53]

6 years and i may take little breaks. i always find myself missing the game sooner than i thought i would.

Amitious Turkey
Posted - 2009.10.15 05:23:00 - [54]

Edited by: Amitious Turkey on 15/10/2009 05:26:32
There is simply not enough time to do everything.

Vinoth Gebrial
Posted - 2009.10.15 05:38:00 - [55]

EVE never gets old if you are willing to step in to the unknown. There is always a challenge.

Michus Danether
Aristotle Enterprises
Posted - 2009.10.15 08:29:00 - [56]

Four years in...

Yes, I still enjoy it. There is always something new coming out whenever CCP releases an expansion and even then there are so many ways to play, if I get bored of one aspect of EVE (mission running) I can do another like mining, corp management, market trading etc.

no pants
Black Hawk Down Syndrome
Posted - 2009.10.15 08:37:00 - [57]

After a year of 0.0 i've become a bitter vet that does the fighting on the forums. :(

Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2009.10.15 08:56:00 - [58]

4 years in game as of yestarday, no other game like it, love it and hate with a passion, life consuming ***** from which there is no escape.... but yet i dont really want escape... i love it to muchVery Happy

Rorin Cutter
Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.15 09:39:00 - [59]

What can you say, except that this is the best game ever.

Posted - 2009.10.15 10:16:00 - [60]

6 years and i may take little breaks.

I read that as breasts for some reason. Laughing

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