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Eugene Spencer
Rodents of Unusual Size
Posted - 2009.10.12 18:00:00 - [31]

Hi guys,

Eugene Spencer here.

Originally by: Ferdio Ricotez
I didn't know the DeLorean measured 28,600 m had a mass of 1 million kilograms Shocked

Remember, this is on Sisi just now - the stats are likely to change. It's likely they have just used the same stats for all ships just now. These look closer to what the Tardis should be.

The Scope
Posted - 2009.10.12 18:16:00 - [32]

Originally by: ZCorp
I could send myself an evemail to not bother browsing the forums on 12/Oct/2009.


The Excecutorans
Posted - 2009.10.12 18:28:00 - [33]

Originally by: Eugene Spencer
Edited by: Eugene Spencer on 12/10/2009 17:17:42
Hi Guys,

Eugene Spencer here.

We've got all kinds of high tech equipment in EVE. At first we had normal space ships, then cloaking space ships. And every time a new patch comes out, new higher-tech ships are released.

So, here's my suggestion: a time machine. Imagine being able to re-visit a battle and making that small change which could have turned the battle. Or imagine going forward in time and seeing what ships are in the enemy fleet.

And you could make "time police" a new profession too. Or even a "time janitor" who will clean up the time line if things get a bit crazy.

Wotcha think?

WTB Tech2 Time Machine.

Edit: please see my posts below for updates.
Doctor Who fan I assume? I like the concept, but would be broken I think.

Siko lawk
Posted - 2009.10.12 18:33:00 - [34]

AHAHAHAAAA great idea....

Rias Bane
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.12 18:35:00 - [35]

One of the dev blogs I read said that there was a new weapon coming out on the Minmitar noob ship, it's called the omega 13 and it gives you just enough time to realise you made a mistake and choose another race Laughing

Nyah Inzaghi
Posted - 2009.10.12 18:52:00 - [36]

nah Bane, I heard a different story, I heard Minmatar ship do more damage to your enemies if you fly up to them and self-destruct, then bump them with your pod.

back on topic though, if there really was a facility to travel though time I'd want every time police ship to be piloted by Jean Claude van Damme, and there be special weapons developed specially for those police ships to deliver insta killing roundhouse kicks to time law breaking ships. then he'd take his top off, and get shot a few times, then kill a few more bad guys, then shag a fittie.

Denny Haze
Bad Wolf Project
Posted - 2009.10.12 19:15:00 - [37]


N Ano
Templars of Space
Posted - 2009.10.12 19:24:00 - [38]

Edited by: N Ano on 12/10/2009 19:24:39
I would like to travel in time so I dont have to wait 5 minutes to post!

However funnily enough I find it amusing that whoever read this didnt realise it had nothing to do with the thread.

Posted - 2009.10.12 19:24:00 - [39]

Although the time machine is a great idea and I fully support it, I think CCP should concentrate on features that are needed more urgently. For example, the long promised "pause" button is a higher priority. I know you guys may find it a little annoying, but sometimes I need to go to the bathroom. A pause button would really improve my game experience.

Missiles 'R' Us
Posted - 2009.10.12 19:33:00 - [40]

Originally by: Seth Ruin
Somebody's been watching too much Dr. Who.

Really? Don't we all have a tardis really? or don't u use cans?

I always described that as the 'Dr. Who' effect Laughing

Winged Crime
The Blood Money Cartel
Posted - 2009.10.12 20:37:00 - [41]

The only logical use for a time machine would be to skip ahead and finish your training early and to abuse veldspar markets.

Winged Crime
The Blood Money Cartel
Posted - 2009.10.12 20:45:00 - [42]

The only logical use for a time machine would be to skip ahead and finish your training early and to abuse veldspar markets.

I suppose it'd be ok if it was used like the hacking skills and whatnot, giving you access to a hidden pocket of deadspace that exists in another time, but then it'd just be another skill to access similar stuff and nothing terribly innovative.
Now if they did whacked out psychedelic things where you had to battle a copy of yourself or something.. THAT would be awesome.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.10.12 21:13:00 - [43]

Unfortunately, I can confirm that CCP will never create a time machine. If they ever did, someone would have come back and told us about it already!

Marguerite Antiki
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.12 21:18:00 - [44]

Originally by: Stupid McStupidson
omg ponies!

Its illegal the way you ride ponies, in this time or the future... sorry.

Posted - 2009.10.12 21:41:00 - [45]

Originally by: Nefrin Maldoes
What kind of time travel rules are we talking about?

Time Cop?
Back to the Future?

Way to rip off ZeroPunctuation.

Posted - 2009.10.13 01:01:00 - [46]

Continue improvement of the already existing lag feature.

Eve has a built in deja'vu mode where you warp into a gate, everythings fine, then suddenly you replay the approach again.

Have a temporal lag module that allows you to go back 30 seconds, for example, you warp into a gate camp, you hit the lag module, and you go back 30 seconds before you warped, and cancel the warp.

The penalty is that for the rest of the day, you're lagged 30 seconds, so you have to find a safe station to dock where you can risk 30 seconds of exposure time. If you want to undock, you'll be outside the station for 30 seconds before your screen catches up.

If you go to a belt, you wont see an npc until 30 seconds after it attacks. All you can do is stay in the hanger, or travel safe lanes for the rest of the day.

Simeon Tor
Picon Fleet
New Eden Research.
Posted - 2009.10.13 02:34:00 - [47]

Edited by: Simeon Tor on 13/10/2009 02:34:22
Originally by: Eugene Spencer
The Third
Again, ancient technology. This was originally designed to be a Doomsday Weapon but after initial tests failed (it set the project back a good 18 months) it was discovered to have time travelling abilities.

Hadron, not Hardron.

And why does it have to be T2? We'd need a T1 Delorean first.

Unless you go to the future and get the T2 version before the T1 version is invented.. but you'd need the T1 version to go to the future to get the T2 version.. my head hurts.

RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.13 02:42:00 - [48]

Can it be powered with banana peels and used aluminum cans?

Nigel Sheldon
Skaro Mining Reborn
Posted - 2009.10.13 03:10:00 - [49]

I sense a Cat Alt here, I dont know why, I just do.....the way he says it...

Effy Muller
Posted - 2009.10.13 05:34:00 - [50]

Posting from December 25th 2010. Well done Eugene, you've cracked it. Happy xmas all.

PS T3 Battleships suck.

PPS RIP Goonswarm Smile

Eugene Spencer
Rodents of Unusual Size
Posted - 2009.10.13 10:20:00 - [51]

Hi Guys,

Eugene Spencer here.

Originally by: Johli
Can it be powered with banana peels and used aluminum cans?

Much like jump drives, these time machines use fuel. They use vast quantities of common commodities. For one "time jump" you need the following...

200k Long-limb Roes
2m Quafe (or 1m Quafe Ultra)
1x Spiced Wine (this helps the pilot to cope with the "trans-dimensional hyper-algorithmic quantum distortions).

Originally by: Simeon Tor

Hadron, not Hardron.

Please file a bug report.
Originally by: Simeon Tor

And why does it have to be T2? We'd need a T1 Delorean first.

Unless you go to the future and get the T2 version before the T1 version is invented.. but you'd need the T1 version to go to the future to get the T2 version.. my head hurts.

This too confused the creators of the time machines. So instead, they just skipped T1 and stuck a T2 label on instead. It made the whole conundrum a lot more straight forward.

The most awesome thing to happen as a result of this new time machine is the guy who went back and joined a corp on BoB. He became a director of the corp and one day, disbanded the ENTIRE alliance hahaha. Freaking hilarious. And yeah - peeps still ***** about it 200 years in the future.

Kronma Kequa
Rodents of Unusual Size
Posted - 2009.10.13 10:24:00 - [52]

Posting to confirm that I am the Minmatar who invented the final machine and who no longer exis

Ivana Twinkle
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.10.13 10:39:00 - [53]

awesome idea, then i'd go back and tell myself to avoid sitting in a certains post to avoid being ganked... i see how this would work...

Serpents smile
Posted - 2009.10.13 10:49:00 - [54]

Originally by: Aisley Tyrion
Originally by: Seth Ruin
Somebody's been watching too much Dr. Who.


Who's on first.

Nefrin Maldoes
Outer Rim Survey and Salvage
Posted - 2009.10.13 11:15:00 - [55]

Originally by: 5pinDizzy

I'd say Terminator.

Back to the Future and Timecop too exploitable.

Metagamers would be all over sending their 10 multiwindow controlled characters back to the past to team up with the past selfs aswell, effectively doubling their capabilities without any extra processing power needed on their computer from the present.

...Wait a minute, then who would be controlling the ship of past and future versions if real life stays in the same time period?

Can you get your past and future selves to join your corp to comminicate properly?

There would really be no limit to this really as there's so many instances of yourself in time you could contact.

Probably end up with a corp bigger than goonswarm with an armada something like that star trek tng episode where all the alternate realities collide. *head explodes*

Oh my, now I've gone cross-eyed.

Originally by: Jerreie
Way to rip off ZeroPunctuation.

I prefer the term "homage" rather then "rip off".

Adunh Slavy
Ammatar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2009.10.13 12:33:00 - [56]

This game did have time machines once. And you had one, I know because I blew it up. That you do not remember is the result of CCP having gone back to the pre time machine expansion and removing the ships from the game as they were being used to grief too much. Some of us remember because we had time stabilization implants. Apparently you did not, too bad so sad.

Ah the good old days before the time machine nerf.

Posted - 2009.10.14 00:33:00 - [57]

It is impossible to predict how any human player will react in battle unless you are that human. Ambitious idea, not possible. D:

Professor Tarantula
Hedion University
Posted - 2009.10.14 00:37:00 - [58]

There ain't no difference between a flying saucer and a time machine. People get so hung up on specifics. They miss out on seeing the whole thing.

Orwo Star
Posted - 2009.10.14 02:53:00 - [59]

hi, I'm from the future and I will tell you some events that will happen:

12/01/2010 Somebody will lose her ship in an incredibly stupid fashion and make five people roflmao to death

03/05/2010 Chribba will find a new way to mine Veldspar

09/09/2010 400 dust players emoragequit because of a tragic accident involving three titans, an accidental warp to an asteroid belt and lots of Veldspar

07/07/2011 The worst fit T3 battlecruiser of all times will explode and create a forum thread with over 20 pages after its owner will have created a whine post.

09/01/2013 Twenty battleships smartbomb Jita 4-4 and kill over 700 pilots and an exotic dancer shipment destined for the top player alliance's evil overlord. He starts "operation: I'm horny", the biggest war in EVE until 2020

Kushan Industrial
Posted - 2009.10.14 06:12:00 - [60]


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