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University of Caille
Posted - 2009.10.07 05:35:00 - [31]

Originally by: Rhohan

Trying to force someone into gameplay that they are not interested in at that time

how is risk vs. reward forcing people into gameplay?

I mean, you don't have to PvP in 0.0, the whole idea of the new expansion is to pump tons of PvE content into 0.0. You will make twice as much in 0.0 and the guys that let you PvE in that system will get 10% of what you make will go to the people that own that space.

you make twice as much money, and they get to upgrade their systems.

and to not get killed just stay in the system your host owns, and keep their information channel open so you know when the system is under attack. honestly, if your just PvEing in 0.0, and you die, you just need to be less AFK.

The idea isn't to FROCe you to do anything, the idea is to say, hey look! if you risk more isk you make more isk.

Your argument is that your at a casino, and there is one table where you always win without risk! then one day the compnay takes the table down, because they noticed that no one wants to play the gamble games anymore becasue it's free money.

By increasign the money you can make at those risk tables in NO WAY makes you go to those tables.

221st Century Warfare
Posted - 2009.10.07 06:47:00 - [32]

Originally by: Zeba
*snip* ... As far as the level 4 missions they are in all levels of space. Only the top quality agents are in low sec.

FAIL. There are LVL 4 Quality 20 agents in High sec. Check Zorrabed for example!

With that said...
Even I, who is a pro LVL 4 grinder, agree that the risk vs reward ratio is completely messed up and even CCP touched that subject during the fanfest.
I wouldn't go as far as saying lvl 4 agents should be moved to low sec or 0.0 but i do think the missions are either TOO easy to grind, same thing over and over with no risk/surprise element. Or they are too profitable giving way too much bounties and loot/minerals/salvage and even on top of all that LP's to buy their faction gear. It's just way too easy to collect wealth in highsec from such an abundant resource!

If CCP took 25% to 50% of the profitability of highsec missions and moved that isk generation to low sec and 0.0 and made it so there was a limit to how many missions one avatar could do during a certain timeframe (do prevent farming, especially high profit farming by 0.0 "tough guys") it would give more people an incentive to move further out into the risky areas of eve.
... Well, that or people emoragequit because they can't singleplayer eve and gather their 50 billion isk that they set out to do only to get completely bored when they reach 30 or 40 bil and quit anyways.

Another option is to just scrap the whole mission deal completely and give exploration a boost by transferring all that stuff there. And for the love of god, make it so it takes more than just lvl 1 astrometrics to find the good stuff and also require some items to unlock some gates, these items can be acquired from agents in exchange for tags and LP. And LP itself is gained by trading tags for said LP.

Either way, going too far off topic... But zeba was wrong. That's why i posted at all! YARRRR!!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.10.07 12:11:00 - [33]

Originally by: Poreuomai
Originally by: Nuthyn
Sorry ... I am not a troll ...and I don't play WOW. I do run 2 EVE accounts.

In that case, why not just your corp mates or in some other chat channel instead of making a post here?

I myself have not heard CCP say anything about moving L4s to low-sec and I doubt they ever would.

For anyone that isn't aware of where this topic came from, moving level 4 missions to low sec was apparantly discussed at a roundtable at the fanfest. Which means nothing at all, really, but everyone who read the topic lost their minds.Rolling Eyes

I sincerely doubt that it will happen but I personally support the idea, or at least something like it. Right now it isn't worth the risk to go to low sec for missions, I should be able to earn significantly more money by putting myself at risk. Perhaps the rewards you get from missions should be altered by how "dangerous" a system is, i.e. how many ships/pods have been destroyed in the past week/month/whatever. If I was being offered the same job by two different people in real life, but one of them required me to go through a war zone, I would expect that person to offer me a LOT more money for my troubles.

Disciples of Night
Dominion of Darkness
Posted - 2009.10.07 12:58:00 - [34]

Who the hell do you people think you are? I don't want to go to 0.0 or lowsec, and I like making my isk, like the thousands of other L4 grinders. We like seeing our wallets go up. Jealous we make more than you with no risk? Deal with it.
All this bull**** about "NERF L4 HIGHSEC HURRDURR" is basically people butthurt that carebears make more money than them.
Guess what, life sucks then you die.
Low sec has its own agents and way to make money, I know of a nice L4 Q20 I even run sometimes. But guess what? I don't ****ing care, because I have to watch local the whole damn time and warp to a station and dock every 10 ***damn minutes.
Highsec carebears like missioning, we like making our risk free isk, and guess what, we're the majority. CCP knows if they change this anymore past the 11% npc tax rate (which is ALSO B.S. imo), they'll be loosing subscribers, including myself (No you cannot have anything of mine).
I stopped playing every other MMO because the company continually meddled in the gameplay of the players, essentially saying "YOU'RE PLAYING OUR WAY ONLY." I quickly canceled subscriptions with them.
CCP struck me as amazing because...they didn't interfere. The market, the game, everything is driven by us now, and THAT appealed to me greatly. Aside from the typical story line event to move things along, the devs stayed out of it. And if an expansion came, the changes and additions the made added to the game well. It balanced it.
Changing and nerfing L4's won't balance anything, it'll just give lowsec/0.0 pilots more targets, which is the ONLY damn reason you jack***es want this to happen.
CCP knows this, but I'll warn them again.

Continue to nerf L4s, and you WILL loose a substantial number of subscribers, including me.
The rest of you whining "L4 highsec needs nerf DDD:" can fly into jita's corona.
Very Happy

Jukhta Mein
22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit
OWN Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.07 13:05:00 - [35]

Is this called a slippery slope?

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