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Posted - 2009.09.27 01:12:00 - [1]

I hear there is a couple concord missions that can be rewarding. Standings needed 2.0 and 3.0.

Any idea where they are?

Shaitan Samael
Posted - 2009.09.27 04:19:00 - [2]

Posted - 2009.09.27 15:57:00 - [3]

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Christer Fuglesang

System/Station: Autaris VIII - Moon 5 - CONCORD office

He will give you a mission. You need to go kill the Drone Energy Succubus; it is a large collidable object.

* Only Tech 1 frigates and Rookie ships may enter the mission. You may also be sent to a low security system.

Warp to the mission, no rats will be present. Soon as you fire on the Drone Energy Succubus; backup will be called in but they will spawn 50km away. The goal is to destroy Drone Energy Succubus and warp off soon as it dies. Turn in the mission and your Security Status will be 5.0+

by all means do this one but dont do that other one in mandoo, the mission is constantly camped and players warp in and steal the mission objective and then you lose loads of standing for failing

Phil KenSebben
Sebben and Sebben Law Firm
Posted - 2009.09.27 20:22:00 - [4]

for the mandoo one, all you need to do is figure out how to run it fast and you've got no problems. It's easy.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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