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Jacquote Delahaye
Nex Exercitus
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.09.26 19:21:00 - [1]


Firstly some background. I'm living in 0.0 - Stain to be exact, and flipping back to Heimatar to acquire new skills when needed. I've not remapped to date, and principally fly Minmatar ships at present, since this is what my corp has readily on hand for when I blow them up.

I'm looking at focussing on combat, and am mostly interested in running as fast as possible down the PVP route, and have no real care about my security status, since I mostly avoid high sec anyhow.

My question is 2-fold really. Firstly, I'm planning on remapping to Int/Mem shortly and spending a long period on support skills, then remapping to Perception/Willpower to fill inship and weapon skills afterwards. What skills should I train to what level before doing that initial remap. 2ndly, how far should I go on int/mem skills before swinging back to Perception/willpower to train for ships.

To date, most of my cash has come from a combination of missions/ratting in Stain and donations from generous older players. Naturally I need to solidify my own sources of income, likely the aforesaid ratting/missioning in Stain.

Okay, now that Ive bored you silly, this is my current skillset - Jacquote Delahaye

Posted - 2009.09.26 22:47:00 - [2]

Focus on flying the Rifter properly. The key to quick success is focusing on one ship and becoming good in it, then you'll start being successful with it.

Ostracon Amarr
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2009.09.28 04:20:00 - [3]

Electronics to V
Engineering to V
Gunnery to V
Mechanic to V
Navigation to V
Spaceship Command to V

You should see a pattern here (hint: it has to do with the core rank 1 skills of each skill group).

Hint 2: EVEMON.

Hint 3: Rifter ftw, then you can move on to bigger/badder ships.

By the time you get these skills, you should know where/how you want to develop your character. g/l

Posted - 2009.09.28 11:33:00 - [4]

My 2 ISK
1. choose the ships you want to fly (probably at least 1 BS to rat/for fleet PVP).
2. see all the skills recommended (under certificates) for them.
3. decide your remapping strategy using EVEMON
4. train

that's it.
the hardest part is 1. figuring out what ships to go for.


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