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Posted - 2004.10.22 01:50:00 - [1]

Do the range modifiers on hybrid weapon ammo (ie -50% on antimater) change the Effective range of the weapon?

How do I know when a ship is in the effective range?

Is it better to have high capacitor volume or faster recharge. I noticed cap relays that remove the total possible cap for faster charge.

In what order is a speed calculated on a ship? Skills add percentage, overdrives add flat amounts so the order of operations here is important.

When outfitting a tristan (Im new .. *shrug*) is there any difference between figting NPCs and PCs?

How do you know when a missile has locked you to fire your defender.

Thanks in advance

James Dashing
Pyrrhus Sicarii
Aftermath Alliance
Posted - 2004.10.22 04:46:00 - [2]

Edited by: James Dashing on 22/10/2004 04:51:11
That's a ton of questions, but mine were almost exactly the same when I first started. =) It will be easier to explain in-game. Convo me and I will help you out.

Posted - 2004.10.22 06:22:00 - [3]

1. Yes, it modifies the optimal range. Note that optimal doesn't mean you'll hit best at that range.
2. Pretty much by memorizing how far & close your turrets (optimal+-falloff) & launchers can shoot.
3. Both, but modules that reduce recharge-time are usually much easier to fit (cpu/pgrid-wise).
4. Dunno about ships that get a +x% speed-bonus based on their corresponding skill (or rather, is it multiplicative or additive like Apocs cap size bonus), but the Navigation skill adds speed for overdrives & nanofibers too (last I checked anyway, can't recheck at work), so a standard T1 overdrive (30m/s base) would give 37,5m/s more speed with Navigation5.
5. Propably, but my PvP experience is too limited to tell beyond that.
6. I don't think there's anything but the visuals.

InNova Tech Inc
Posted - 2004.10.22 06:59:00 - [4]

1) yes, -50% range means your optimal range is reduced by 50%.. but the numbers you get from info are not always accurate, you should test every new setup to see where you get the best hits

2) optimal+-fallof.. it's not that easy though, as there are many factors to consider (tracking, speed of the target etc)

3)higher capacitor means higher recharge in EVE (a 1000 cap with a 200s charge will charge as fast as a 2000 cap with a 200s charge, thus giving you more cap per second). For pvp only recharge increase modules are usually fitted since they have much lower requierments

4) overdrives and such add +speed to the ship base speed, the total is then modified by navigation skill and ABs and MWDs come after that (IIRC)

5) tons.. to begin with you'll need warp scramblers and webbers for PVP.. again a topic far to large for a single post

6) if you're the only target around, then the missile is directed at you Wink.. Defenders in fleet battles are usually used by spamming them from a rocket launcher.. they are cheap enough to waste some


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