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The Kan
The Circle
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:27:00 - [271]

Originally by: Gnulpie

Oh and "supercarrier"? Hmpf, bad name. You asked for suggestions? Heavy assault carrier

not bad.

how about ironclad?

Nur AlHuda
Callide Vulpis
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:30:00 - [272]

Removing 3 bonuses and adding bombers hardly makes from a cap a supercarrier. There is nothink super on it.

That S-carrier will have just more hp but more vulnerable to attaks then regular carrier due to his bomber bonuses that iwll not work agaisnt regular fleet.

Entity Stonadis
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:32:00 - [273]

TBH the one and only time I ever saw a moros "stationcamping" he made a nice explosion followed by a copy paste to our killboard some few seconds later.
But if this is how moroses are being used, and other ppl dont know how to make nice explosions of them, I can see why nerf bat is required.

Seen too many capital blobs taking out poses without even entering siege, ccp should make it so that entering siege/triage is required to even target and shoot a pos (apply only to dreads and carriers), that way it is actually a point going in with support taking out dread and carriers + attacker needs to bring his own support, not only afk regular dictors cloaked 50km off each of the gates in adjacent systems.

Titans no more keel whole fleets instantly with DD is pure epic WIN, gotta love ccp for that one :D


Posted - 2009.09.16 11:34:00 - [274]

Originally by: CCP Abathur
Originally by: Misanth
I assume that you want to separate a Fighter/Fighter Bomber bay from the regular drone bay? So that means we'll still have a dronebay? It's quite a crucial question.

Yes. The issue is simply the discrepancy in size between fighters and normal drones. Remove a single fighter (5,000 m3) and you have space for hundreds of drones. Remove a second fighter and it turns into thousands of drones. This causes a lot of problems. The new bays will alleviate this. In terms of size, they won't be 10,000 m3 nor will they be 500 m3. We will find a sensible balance and apply that.

Appreciate the answer, and yes, I agree with that point. When I bought my Aeon the previous owner had put 287 t1 heavy drones in hold.. quite ridicilous (nice guy tho, no offense). My concern here is what I posted earlier, about what I see as "utility drones", which is a bit of a 'necessity'.

A regular drone bay on a mom should in my eyes hold, at the very least, something like this;
20 t2 sentries
60 t1 sentries (disposable multiple flights in POS/lag environment)
40 EC-600 (two flights for survivability)
25 heavy shield rep bots (5 spares)
25 heavy armor bots (5 spares)
40-60 t2 light (self-defence)

I don't think the above is excessive, nor unreasonable in any way. However, I do think it would be unreasonable to not be able to sport this. The sentries and EC-drones in particular.

Fighters don't work vs POS and in laggy environment, fighter bombers will be in a similar situation (i.e. situational use). In those cases you'd want t2 sentries for a "stable" situation, and multi-flight t1 sentries for throwaway situations. EC- and lights is for survivability. I can live without the rep drones, but as a logistic/multipurpose ship I like to be fleet support, supercap or not. But don't touch my sentries/ec-/light drones! Razz

NQX Innovations
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:36:00 - [275]

Originally by: Tiger's Spirit
Edited by: Tiger''s Spirit on 16/09/2009 11:21:10
Edited by: Tiger''s Spirit on 16/09/2009 11:19:39
Originally by: iudex
Dreads will remain unchanged with one small exception - the Moros will only receive its drone damage bonus if it is in siege mode.

I appreciate the MS buff, but the Moros nerf is really upsetting.
Trained Gallente BS 5, heavy drones 5 and now 6 days from Gallente dread 5 for the sole purpose to use the Moros with it's drones in unsieged mode. What a waste of skilltime Sad


8 months training for nothing. Thx CCP.
Put to siege and get drone bonuses ? What a LOL.
End of POS warfare in 0.0 because changed sov rules and use dreads ? Who will and why ? Use drones in sniper fleet ? Muahahahaha
Use the drones on capital ? LOL again just 1000dps.
Drone users sux again. No implants for drones, no rig for drones, no overheat for drones, no damage module for drones, no t2 drone modules.
Maybe 1-2 months and coming new era: "no drones bonuses to gallentes" Bravo CCP nice idea again, like the other bullsh*ts with the new developer team.
Oh yeah and othe thing they just creating now the Titan jump portal "building". Titan will the bigest ISK sink in the Eve world. Years training, +100 bill cost, and the pilots will get an unusable jump portal building. No one will fight with a titan which "i will shot my gun one just pls wait waiting more 5 minutes" ? LOL. Idiotism.

And other thing CSM for nothing:

nothing happend after 1 years, but CCP listen to CSM. Shocked

They just nerfing always the gallentes and minmatars.

WTS Gallente Dread pilot and afull fitted moros for 1 ISK

No-one cares that you've trained whatever for 8 months. Happens to all of us. Get over it.

And will buy character and dread for 1-ISK. This post confirms it.

Posted - 2009.09.16 11:53:00 - [276]

***Originally posted in CAOD, 2 posts combined into one, may seem a bit disjointed***

Titans should have more HP and much more ship maintenance space. Turn them into nothing more than portable stations suitable for warfare reminiscent of the WWII pacific carrier warfare (patrols/logistics sent out from carriers on the move).

This would help to bring about more sustained and epic battles (also hereby removing/limiting the Titan high-slots, and its ability to use weapons)

Expanding on my "portable station" idea...i believe that having a titan full of other peoples battleships/t2 ships would make them highly valuable to everyone involved, and therefore it would make their deployment into battle a much more carefully thought-out one. And removing the titan's ability to do damage will make it totally reliant on support ships (much like the WWII carrier's dependence on its surrounding ships for protection).

It will bring a whole new strategy into nullsec war, as currently the defending side can warp to their nearest station and grab a new ship if they lost their old one, with this "portable station" on the battle-field for the attacking side, should they choose to deploy it, would be highly valuable to an assault.

Seishi Maru
doMAL S.A.
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:53:00 - [277]

Originally by: Lucas Tigh


See above about the Moros being balanced and in line with all the other dreads, with the possible exception of the Phoenix. I'm not going to go on about this as others already have.

But really. Isn't it about time that you instead looked at nerfing Amarr? There's a reason that they are the preference, if not standard, of large fleet fights. All the "Oh well, time to train for a Revelation now" comments in this thread should be a wakeup call. When a player doesn't need to make any sort of analysis about what ship would be best suited for their needs (ie, "just fly Amarr"), there's a balance problem. We poor, downtrodden (:P) Gallente pilots were hoping that one of the key selling points of this patch would be CPP not swinging the nerf bat in our direction. So much for that.

Amarr have been FotM FotY FotLFP (flavor of the last four patches). Maybe it's time to bring the balance back to an actual state of balance, like, oh, I don't know, how things are on TQ right now (save a possible buff to the Phoenix).

As was said above: great, another ship class that Gallente are the indisputable worst in.

I think one point peopel forget to explore is.. if revelations are so much the STANDARD.. why don people start fitting 2 EM 2 Thermal hardeners on their capitals (effectively making 3 revelations as dangerous to your ship as 1 moros is)?

As a revelation and nagalfar pilot, my view is that one of main revelation advantages is on logistics of ammo. That being said, this can be balanced with the reintroduction fot he ammo bays with healthy and balanced values.

The moros could receive an extra FIXED bonus (no skill level based) of 40km extra drone control range)

Ad Valorem
Industrial Mite
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:55:00 - [278]

LOL Gallente!

Did you really think CCP would release an expansion and not nerf Gallente and drones?

Every single expansion for 2-3 years has had a nerf for you, why should this one be any different?

This is hilarious.

Minmatar Assassin
Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:56:00 - [279]

Supercarriers will be really interesting ships, just the only problem still continues. If u wanna have it, must pay another 15$ every month.

i'll go for it, then ship can finally dock to station/outpost.

Doctor Mabuse
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:56:00 - [280]

Originally by: CCP Abathur

Originally by: Supercarrier Name Haters
I hate this but have no other suggestions.

The terminology is quite fitting in that the class is an advanced form of... Carriers. The name of Mothership has always been misleading, evoking images of traveling civilizations or some grand exploration vessel, which these ships are not. Even their aesthetic shape suggests ships of war and conflict. If you ever see 'Motherships' again in EVE, they will actually look and function like they should be wearing the name.

Reference WWII navy terminology and use 'Escort Carriers' and 'Fleet Carriers'?

General Foom
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:56:00 - [281]

Edited by: General Foom on 16/09/2009 12:03:21
There is way too much discussion about the stupid details of "nerf this ship" or "change that bonus"
in this thread....

and not enough focus on the what this change will achieve and how it affects the game at large...

The Proposed Sovereignty changes in dominion are IMO brilliant and a breath of fresh air
with CCP proposing new and profound mechanic changes that will effect how everyone plays the game

yet the cap ships proposal seem ludicrous by comparison with the simplistic approach of turning every cap ship into a platform to shoot other cap ships

Hey CCP you have things in the game called "battleships" that already do a great job of shooting at each other and blowing each other up..........
WHY Progenate a whole other family of ship classes that do the same thing only bigger?????
it defies belief.

I urge you to reconsider your stance on cap ship changes if your going to treat them like just another way to PEW PEW.
love them the way only you guys can.

as more and more people reach the cap ship SP threshold .....more and more the outcome of fights will be decided on your capital
pilots alone.
The only logical outcome of which is new players to eve just have an even longer Skill training quarantine before they can be truly relevant to any outcome.

whats wrong with Battleships??

Yakia TovilToba
Halliburton Inc.
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:57:00 - [282]

Originally by: Tiger's Spirit

Maybe 1-2 months and coming new era: "no drones bonuses to gallentes" Bravo CCP nice idea again, like the other bullsh*ts with the new developer team.

Yes, that's the natural next step. Look at the dominix, it gets a bonus to all drones, even the small ones. It can do a lot of damage even to the smallest frigate. Battleships aren't meant to do lots of damage on small stuff. Therefore the dominix drone bonus will only apply to heavy drones soon.

There are no exciting new tools anymore. Back then you had new interesting capital ships in the expansions, carriers, dreads, titans; nothing you could fly but it was a longterm-goal and you was excited that you will be flying them one day.
But in the last years all you see are nerfs and minor stuff. Where is the death star, or something similar ? They said they brought capitals to keep long-term players happy and training skills. That was 3 years ago, since then you saw only nerfs: DD tunnel nerf, MS 0.0 nerf, MS lowsec nerf etc nerf nerf nerf ... I wonder if that's the right strategy. At least it wasn't the part of eve development that made eve great.

Chagal Civ
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.09.16 11:57:00 - [283]

imagine this:

1500vs1500 battle

about 800-900 battleships on each side

about 300 capitals on each side

rest of the ships are support

we have seen such large gatherings of fleets before.

what does a super capital do there ?
why is it worth it to field to do 2b damage on a single dread ? what do 10 super capitals do there ? is it worth it to deploy them to destroy 10 dreads ?

you have good support on both sides but as soon as those currently 70-80b(with good fit) worth titans show up on grid they kill 10 dreads of the 200 the enemy has. They all get tackled to the point there is no way to leave unless the whole enemy fleet of 1500 is destroyed in those 5 minutes where they cannot move. They get locked by the entire enemy fleet and primaried one by one. In their current state they will die within 1-2 minutes each before the friendly carriers are able to lock them and rep them. How big the hp boost has to be to able to tank say 3-4 volleys from a hostile fleet of that size with the current module lag in such a battle and why is this ship worth it to sit among the 1500 man fleet where it no doubt belongs. They need way more then an hp boost , some ability that makes them soak up damage for limited time to make them worth fielding and be a tactical asset in a fleet on the field not outside of it.

Will the titan gun/missile bonuses be changed ? atm they are much like a dread in siege with more hp so why fit their gun slots ? people use them for utilities like smart bombs and neutralizers.

Right now an uber tanked leviathan can repair about 3k damage per second with an average of 85% resistances with dual capital boosters and best equipment available(about 100b)and has about 8.5m effective hp. Even that cannot stand up alive in such a battle as the amount repaired (self repair) is useless in a fleet fight so most people don't even fit capital repairers , rather use more hardeners to increase effective hp , let alone the repair rate on the armor tanked titans(it's ridiculous). So why not remove the self repair ability from them completely and give them a huge hp bonus to be able to stand up in large engagements and be worth it to soak up damage from the enemy fleet if they primary it. Or maybe make them take reduced damage from non-capital damage so they are fighting against enemy capital fleet and are worth to deploy to increase the damage on the enemy capital fleet.

Plain 100% hp bonus for example won't make people field them in big capital battles. Too risky and the reward is too small in a lag environment on a big scale. Those giants should belong to the battlefield for a full battle length instead of playing cat and mouse with the enemy fleet all the time. And if the enemy decides to primary one they should suffer a great deal of "damage" for focusing on it not just on any capital. Same goes for mother ships pretty much.

Posted - 2009.09.16 11:57:00 - [284]

Edited by: Typhado3 on 16/09/2009 12:01:33
Originally by: Seishi Maru
.. if revelations are so much the STANDARD.. why don people start fitting 2 EM 2 Thermal hardeners on their capitals

I actually have seen ships with tanks like this.

another thing that I have to ask ccp is about the alpha strike.

I was under the impression the alpha strike was nerfed to hell because the idea of combat being as simple as "he got his shot off first your dead" wasn't fun. I thought you didn't want combat to be over that quickly and that the whole hp buff + alpha nerf was supposed to make gameplay last longer. While there's still fleet warfare or gate camps it's no longer 1v1 is over in 1 shot or snipering off small ships.

This seems at odd's with your latest plan for titans. Have I been wrong and you didn't remove alpha because you thought it was bad gameplay? if so why did you remove alpha's usefullness?

Deliverers of Pain
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:04:00 - [285]

Edited by: Kaahles on 16/09/2009 12:04:55
Originally by: Chagal Civ
imagine this:

You didn't watched the little vid CCP Abathur linked did you? A repeat it just for you what a dev said there:
"Titans were never meant to be cost effective. They are just huge d*cks"

for everything other including the moros "nerf":
A) Read signature
B) do stuff described in it

Caroline Nikon
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:06:00 - [286]

Originally by: Tiger's Spirit
Originally by: Aionstar
Gallente Dreadnought Skill Bonus:

5% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret damage
50% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints per skill level IN SIEGE MODE
ок, ок...
Minmatar Dreadnought Skill Bonus:

7.5% bonus to Capital Projectile damage per level
7.5% bonus to Capital Projectile rate of fire per level IN SIEGE MODE =)
Caldari Dreadnought Skill Bonus:

5% bonus to kinetic missile damage
5% bonus to Capital Launcher rate of fire per skill level IN SIEGE MODE =)
Amarr Dreadnought Skill Bonus:

10% reduction in Capital Energy Turret capacitor use
5% bonus to Capital Energy Turret rate of fire per skill level IN SIEGE MODELaughing

now all fair Evil or Very Mad

Oh yes this would be logic. But where is the logic in CCP changes ? Nowhere.

When was last time you saw anyone use a revelation of nagalfar outside siege? Never very likely. And that is why they don care for their bonuses out of siege.... basically because a Full gank battleship has about the same damage !!!

You could even put all the bonuses to siege only and people would not care!

Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:06:00 - [287]

To close, please be aware that we are planning some special events on SiSi in the near future to live test all of this stuff, so be on the lookout for announcements in the Test Server Feedback forum!

Armageddon Day!!!!!!!

A Sinner
Muppet Factory
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:08:00 - [288]

Stop nerfing gallente ccp. After over 2 years I am obliged to cross train to amarr due to the constant nerfing of this race. Damps, mwd, web and now moros. As I agree some of this changes had to be done, most gallente ships were left by far unballanced than their counterparts of other races. Boost blaster range on gallente cruiser sized ships or give us sick armor tanks and stop listening to the carebears who are being camped in low sec stations by moroses.

Aero Zolic
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:10:00 - [289]

Edited by: Aero Zolic on 16/09/2009 12:11:09
Edited by: Aero Zolic on 16/09/2009 12:10:42
"The simple fact is that this class of ship now stays mostly parked on trained alts and is rarely used as they are nothing more than expensive targets for hungry legions of Dread pilots.

No more."

If you're unable to dock or store your supercap to somewhere besides parking in POS shields then you're probably going to have a supercap on a trained alt.
What about that?

Insurgent New Eden Tribe
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:11:00 - [290]

Edited by: Corinae on 16/09/2009 12:24:50
As i said 2 pages ago, with my idea we would have:

1) Titan without carrier support = shoot 1 time, wait ages for cap recharge.
2) Titan with massive carrier support = take cap from carriers and shoot every 30 sec / 1 minute beign the armed arm of carriers
3) Titan not able to shoot at other super-capitals = mothership suddendly become the "titan-hunter" beign not under threat and beign able to deal massive damage with fighter bombers.
4) Motherships and titans able to stay in field, without fear of titan istant-kill

and this all from these changes:

1) Titan Uber Lazor is not time limited (except a 30 sec / 1 minute rate of fire) but use 75% of ship cap for firing
2) Titan Uber Lazor can't be used on other supercapitals, this prevent stupid massive multiple titan one-volley 100b or 20b worth ship
3) Titan Uber Lazor when shoot, the damage is applied after 15 seconds, this mean that non-tackled carriers smart at least to allign when a titan lock them will be able to warp out and nullify the uber Lazor.
4) Titan Uber Lazor guarantee 100% kill on whatever ship he shoot at, while not beign possible to be activated against supercapitals, the target ship have 15 seconds for warping away so, except sieged dreads the Uber lazor become useless if the fleet don't tackle enemy caps.
5) As addition, you can remove the ability to use the uber Lazor on structures for avoiding to have 1 titan and 30 carriers owning player owned structures in no time.

Titans will be an awesome capital killer only if backed up by multiple carriers pumping the cap of the beehmoth, otherwise he can sacrifice a LOT of tank for beign able to shoot a bit more often, and even if you have 20000 carriers, the ROF of 30 sec or 1 minute is at least for avoiding stupid autocannon-like Uber Lazors beam.

At same time we have super carriers as the worst enemy of titans, and more intresting to bring in a fleet fight due to the ability to ignore titans in field and deal massive damage to other capitals, titans included.

I belive this is the solution that would make the titan useful in fleet fights and at same time make the mothership useful beign invulnerable to titan fire.

Dreads will still do their job, making massive DPS on enemy capitals and structures, Titan is their main hunter and the same apply for carriers, since titan one-volley them, remote-repair between carriers become useless and give the titan something that worth having it in grid for long time.

Whatever CCP decide to do, shooting 1 time every 5 minutes considering the number of capitals involved in current big cap fights is completely useless, in 5 minutes 2 big dreads fleet kill 5-10 dreads eachoter at least, why i should put a 100b worth thing in middle of the fight beign able to "maybe" kill 1 capital every 5 mins? and if the capitals CAN tank the new Uber Lazor it become useless since you shoot at a cap, it survive and you wasted 5 minutes of your 100b worth ship.

Waagaa Ktlehr
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:18:00 - [291]

Originally by: ElvenLord
Well it would be nice and interesting to maybe add a bit of a splash damage (15-25 km radius) to the new DD.

Originally by: CCP Abathur
Anyone that cowboys a titan into 150 dreads probably shouldn't be in a Titan anyway. These ships, along with the Supercarriers, are not intended to be solo pwnmobiles. With proper support, however, they will force your opponents to make some hard choices about who or what they are calling primary.

I do remember a certain someone cowboy a supercap more them few times (h-w for example), but I guess ppl change over time :P

That was before HICs :-) And he was under bad influences.

Tiger's Spirit
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:20:00 - [292]

Edited by: Tiger''s Spirit on 16/09/2009 12:29:09
Originally by: General Foom

The Proposed Sovereignty changes in dominion are IMO brilliant and a breath of fresh air


They created now the blob era. Thats brilliant :D
For what ? For idiots or just for the big alliances ?

No DD = "I have more ship than you, i will win."
New sov ? Muahahahaha. Mothly cost for upgrade = "I have more ISK than you, i will win"
You have just a little corp ? You cant defend yor system, you cant fight against blob, you cant do nothing.

We told. The speed nerf will start the capital and blob era, and came. We said, when the capital and blob era will come that's will bring the Titan, super capitals and capital problems.
We tell now, this unlogic sov changes will create more blob, and the 0.0 will change. 1 or 2 rulers will possess there everything, and 0.0 will ruin.

Jason Edwards
Internet Tough Guy
Spreadsheets Online
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:20:00 - [293]

The new bays will alleviate this. In terms of size, they won't be 10,000 m3 nor will they be 500 m3. We will find a sensible balance and apply that.

So those of us who do use 10km3 will be nerfed. For no reason other then server performance? WTB nephalem??? I bet eliminating ships all together will lead to better server performance also. So we should make it so we all just fly in our pods while we figure out how to eliminate pods also.

As I said at the start, we have time and are paying attention. We'll be looking at this in the coming weeks and will work to make sure the Moros isn't relegated to the bottom of the class. Smile

Lets say the absolute max distance the naglfail could do damage out to was 60km for the citadels. Which is essentially the equivalent here. The 2 projectiles are about the same dps as the rails on moros. If you dont want these moros pilots to start training revelation now... you have to drastically boost rails or not go through with the nerf.

Originally by: Supercarrier Name HatersI hate this but have no other suggestions.

[h2]we have no other suggestions. There needs to be no other suggestions. Motherships is the name. If some newb gets confused over the name... Link them this pic.

After all I didnt jump out of my HAS(aka HAC) and into my RNI(aka CNR) then dock in my supercarrier(aka Mothership) renaming it only further confuses the situation.

Vir Hellnamin
Electus Matari
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:23:00 - [294]

More questions:

- can you deploy fighter-bombers in low sec?
- can you activate Titan-shot in low sec?

Posted - 2009.09.16 12:27:00 - [295]

Edited by: Misanth on 16/09/2009 12:30:27
I hope all the ones crying for Supercaps to be dockable will manage to whine through an aneurysm on the game designers. The day my mothership can dock I'll station camp lowsec 23/7. Please do! Great idea! Razz

Supercaps are supercaps, they shouldn't dock for obvious reasons and that's the tradeoff you get when boarding one. On the other hand, isn't it reasonable to let the ship go into the capital-spam age (that's already here btw, and probably will escalate further) with some chance to live for more than a few minutes?

..or give me the right to dock and we have full circle. Motherships being the prime-of-the-life pirate toy. I'll go -10 in no time. Twisted Evil

Leaving Eve
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:28:00 - [296]

I was training to fly a Moros, but thanks for the heads up. Won't bother now.


Tiger's Spirit
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:39:00 - [297]

Nothing problems with the moros.
Station hugger moros ? Why could do it that, dear CCP devs ?
Can i explain ? No problem with the moros, but we tell 4 years ago, 30sec - 1 minute redocktime with 15 minute aggrotimer is unlogic, and that's made it station hugger tactic.
But CCP devs never listen to gamerbase. 15 min redocktime would be with 15 minute aggro time. No gatejump,no dock if someone agressing other player (withdrawn owned station) and the problem would be solved.

Peanut Factory
Good Sax
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:40:00 - [298]

I am on board with 95% of the changes in Dominion, but taking away the drone bonus on the Moros will only have the effect of making it the worst Dread in the game instead of the 2nd best. If any of the Dev's will bother to get in one, get another Dev in a carrier, have that carrier start moving across the grid, then shoot it with the Moros, you will see why the moros needs its drone bonus's!

I also agree that Supercarriers is a lame designation, I would suggest options like Heavy Assault Carrier, Monitor, or even Strike Carriers.

Gartel Reiman
The Athiest Syndicate
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:49:00 - [299]

Originally by: Tiger's Spirit
Originally by: Aionstar
Gallente Dreadnought Skill Bonus:

5% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret damage
50% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints per skill level IN SIEGE MODE
ок, ок...

[Other dreadnaught bonuses] ... per level IN SIEGE MODE =)

now all fair Evil or Very Mad

Oh yes this would be logic. But where is the logic in CCP changes ? Nowhere.

It would be logical, but I don't think it would actually change much.

E.g. look at a Revelation at the moment, outside of siege. With an all level 5 character, 3 heat sinks and 3 XL beam lasers, it currently does 563 turret DPS (multifrequency) at 50km optimal - less than battleships using Megapulse + Scorch (45/62km optimal) with one third of the tracking. And of course the battleships can switch to ANMF at closer ranges to get up to 916 DPS with four times the tracking.

You basically do battlecruiser-level DPS with capital-level tracking. You're not going to achieve anything of relevance like that.

Removing the bonuses would take the Rev from 563 DPS to 422 DPS with out of siege turrets, and I'd happily support it on the basis that it's logical, but I don't think it's particularly needed. If anyone has stories of being attacked by an unsieged Rev then I would be amused to hear them.

TL;DR - yes changing the other dreads' bonuses would make sense, but as they're hopeless out of siege anyway it's unlikely to change things actually in-game.

Hirana Yoshida
Behavioral Affront
Posted - 2009.09.16 12:50:00 - [300]

You are going to have a bish of a time balancing the Titan weapon when you take the number of the things into account.

Triage Carriers and 10+ Titans could demolish 50+ dreads with little effort almost entirely from DD alone. Kept alive by RR and using cycle time to kill dreads using "normal" firepower.

Since I fully expect the mention of other types of DD to mean that you are working on a bouncy-beam-of-delight to wipe out sub-capitals, may I recommend you start with that until you are sure that the current powerblocks ability to field 20-30 Titans won't make them unstoppable?

Will make for some of the best fraps footage ever, but that is not really important Very Happy

Certainly looking promising so far. Now finish the blog telling us what there is to pew once we routed the bad guys! Give more information actual sovereignty changes (ie. upgrades, modules etc.).

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