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Malachon Draco
Posted - 2009.09.12 13:44:00 - [1]

As it stands, after the next expansion, the primary use of dreads will be greatly diminished when POSses no longer control Sov. So I think we should think on how this affects them, and possible changes to dreadnoughts to keep them as viable ships.

Just to throw a first thought out here: introduce scripts for the siege module.

- Siege script: as current siege mode: 625% damage bonus, shorter armor and shielrep cycles, higher armor/shield rep per cycle, lower scanresolution, zero speed, tracking penalty of 92.5%

An alternative script could make dreads viable in fleet combat:
- Combat script: 200% damage bonus, same bonuses to armor/shield rep amount, reduced bonus to armor shield repair cycle speed, no scan resolution penalty, still zero speed, smaller tracking penalty (make it slightly worse than BS tracking) and allow it to lock 4 targets instead of just 2.

What you have then is a ship that is a step above the battleship in damage and tank, won't hit anything smaller than a battleship, and needs to be committed fully to battle (as it would still have a 10 minute siege cycle).

Of course scripts should not be able to be switched while the module is active. And if you think that the dreadnought would be too powerful, I do see that danger, however, the biggest threat to a dreadnought these days is a enemy hotdrop. And imagine how vulnerable a dreadfleet in 'combat'mode is to a hotdropping dreadfleet in 'siege' mode.

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
Posted - 2009.09.12 13:52:00 - [2]

Sorry mate, but you're speculating.

The primary use of dreads is to blow big stuff up, and there's as yet no evidence that there will be less big stuff for you to shoot.

Suggesting Dreads should be used more in run of the mill roaming fleets is also a bit silly. They are very limited in their movements due to requiring cynos, fuel bays etc so it seems what you're really suggesting is that they should be able to be used like tougher BS for defending your own space, which I'm sure you'll realise would be imbalanced.

Farlo Truan
Posted - 2009.09.12 14:19:00 - [3]

Edited by: Farlo Truan on 12/09/2009 14:19:43
I suspect dreadnoughts will have quite an active role in the upcoming sov system and related to Dust514 in particular.

Some quotes from Tony Gonzales "The Empyrean Age" novel:

Quotation from page 293 (referring to Nafglar dreadnoughts)

' One by one, the dreadnoughts - each a towering behemoth of destruction more than four kilometers high - surrounded the station in a perfect circle. Inside those capital ships were crews that numbered in the thousands, military hangers that sheltered dropships, and barracks that held several armored divisions.'

This suggests Dreadnoughts will have hangers/barracks for deploying ground forces. I also suspect Titans will have this capability but be able to deploy far greater numbers, and also Carriers to some extent.

Quoatations from page 248

' But the same didn't hold true for dropships, especially those equipped with cloaking technology.'
Two Lima-class variants were making their final approach to the Perimeter stargate, each one ferrying a squad of Ishikone Watch Special Forces commandos.'

' Just under eleven seconds since the collision alarm first sounded, twenty commandos brandishing assault weapons converged on the stargate's control centre, catching all of the techs completely off guard.'

This suggests 10 men per covert op 'Lima-class variant' dropship.

Quote from page 496

'- he glanced at the inventory of his craft's hold: twenty Thukker commandos and almost two hundred slaves recovered from a raid executed through purely improvised means."

This suggests about 200 troops per dropship, though these are probably heavier, less nimble versions than the previously quoted Lima-class variant.

I imagine that conquering a planet - those nullsec planets I guess that are initially habitable will be occupied by Pirate NPC factions - will not actually require DUST troopers. However, employing DUST troopers for pre-invasion strikes against planetary defence systems, powergrid stations, and other major infrastructures would make the actual invasion easier to achieve, and DUST troopers wrecking havoc behind enemy lines during an invasion would also be a benefit.


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