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slayer avenger
White Noise.
Posted - 2011.01.14 07:27:00 - [121]

Good service
Fast response, best prices!
Will use again

tex sharky
Posted - 2011.01.14 10:56:00 - [122]

Great communication, great prices, I recommend this service.

Zaklad Utylizacji Odpadow
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2011.01.16 14:35:00 - [123]

Got my Rorqual :) Thanks. Right on time!

Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2011.01.17 06:51:00 - [124]

Her services are simply amazing. I was refer to her my a fellow business parnter of mine in that if i need capital ships this was where i needed to go. So i tried it. And two days later i had a dread ready for me!!! Simply amazing. I am definetly gonna use her services even more since i still have alts that need capital ships so look for me in the near future

Dead Links
Posted - 2011.01.21 12:27:00 - [125]

Edited by: Dead Links on 21/01/2011 12:28:18
Nevermind, I will contact you in-game.

Damage Unlimited Inc
Posted - 2011.02.03 17:21:00 - [126]

No idea how she can sell capitals so cheap. Very reliable service. Thanks again.

Posted - 2011.02.13 22:19:00 - [127]

Very good service! Thanks again

Posted - 2011.02.14 12:59:00 - [128]

very very nice and prompt businessVery Happy

Posted - 2011.03.01 18:23:00 - [129]

good service- prompt, transparent, kept me informed & sold at a good price. Would use again.

Posted - 2011.03.16 08:03:00 - [130]

Cheap, speedy transaction!
Thank you Lady Patricia!

Mokhtar Sakhran
Posted - 2011.03.17 18:56:00 - [131]

Got the ship right on time at the agreed price, and it even came with a box of chocolate. what more to ask for in a business partner ?

Posted - 2011.03.29 10:59:00 - [132]

Edited by: Shinagami on 29/03/2011 11:56:01
Edited by: Shinagami on 29/03/2011 11:55:34
Edited by: Shinagami on 29/03/2011 11:54:57
I didn't get the box of chocolates, but I would also like to highly endorse Lady Patricia's service. My ship was delivered on time and with very clear details of what, when and where. I also particularly liked the ability to check online where my ship is on the production pipeline.

Thanks again I'll be back for more :)


Mokhtar Sakhran
Posted - 2011.04.01 21:56:00 - [133]

Two more ships received with the same high quality service.

And I don't say that because Lady Patricia has a commendable chest - but given the choice, why not do business with people that are pleasing to the eyes Wink

Drunken Wookies
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.04.14 23:50:00 - [134]

Used this service a few times now

efficient and cost effective....i dont buy my capships anywhere else!

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.04.15 07:09:00 - [135]

Great suplier of caps at reasonable prices. Thx again

Toros Revoke
Revoke Foundation
Posted - 2011.04.30 17:14:00 - [136]

Bump from an interested party.

l33t science
Posted - 2011.05.02 08:35:00 - [137]

bump for a very efficient supplier
as well as to show interest in a chimeraVery Happy

Ore Mongers
Posted - 2011.05.05 19:55:00 - [138]

Great service - friendly, helpful and fast.

Not to mention very price competitive, will use again

Daco Cutter
Invictus Australis
Posted - 2011.05.08 11:47:00 - [139]

Just arranged a dread and fittings with LP and trade went smoothly with only a minor hicup with the Rigs.

Would do business again.


Posted - 2011.05.26 06:11:00 - [140]

excellent service
best prices
Will use again

Posted - 2011.05.26 06:15:00 - [141]

Prompt, Cheap and easy...

Excellent Service

Colonel Tau'ri
Posted - 2011.05.26 12:52:00 - [142]

This is the ONLY place to buy capital ships!

* The prices are the best in Eve.
* The delivery was bang on the scheduled date.
* The communication is very frequent and very
* Great website for checking order and adding fittings.

As part of my fittings i ordered a SOBO II for my Chimera but forgot to add the script.. doh - but Lady Patricia must of noticed this and put one in my order anyway, its the little touches that make a good service into a great service!!!.

Many thanks

Toros Revoke
Revoke Foundation
Posted - 2011.05.27 08:57:00 - [143]

Delivered dead on time and with the modules requested, the website having updates on your ships build status is a really good idea. All in all a very professional service which I completely recomend Very Happy

Toros Revoke
Revoke Foundation
Posted - 2011.05.27 19:19:00 - [144]

lady Patricia is doubly awesome, when I foolishly neglected for order fighters and she didn't have any in stock, she went to jita to furnish me with some. What a dude!

Tom Aran
Virtual Democracy
Posted - 2011.06.10 12:08:00 - [145]

used it first time and received first class service.

thank you very much. will be recommending you.


Posted - 2011.06.10 22:42:00 - [146]

My capital was delivered on time, and Lady Patricia even delivered an extensive list of modules and things I ordered with my ship.

A+ service, cheap ships, you can't get any better.

Rheanna SunBlaze
Posted - 2011.06.11 00:27:00 - [147]

Stupendous Service! Dirt cheap capitals delivered on time :))))) Archon and Phoenix THANX! :)

Posted - 2011.06.12 10:17:00 - [148]

Very fast delivery (cap ship + loads of modules + fuel) ... unmatchable prices ... great communication
Thanks Patricia, it was pleasure to do business with you!

Posted - 2011.06.23 14:28:00 - [149]

it's the person you want to deal with , no doubt

Posted - 2011.06.26 14:02:00 - [150]

bumpetybumpeddey bump

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