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Virgo I'Platonicus
Posted - 2009.09.17 15:27:00 - [61]

Anybody else got the "press the damn button..." flash through their minds? :P

Nice work:)

Klee Tarris
Dirty Filthy Perverts
Posted - 2009.09.23 10:15:00 - [62]

Very nice work and a great idea to boot !!

Gives me a few ideas of seeing more ships in perspective; Frigates over London bridge, Battleships over Paris, Freighters over the Pyramids, Cruisers flying over Hollywood :D

Like others have said, wallpaper sized would rock - mine's 1650 x 1080 btw ;)

Posted - 2009.09.24 15:12:00 - [63]

Thats cool. How about a Nyx with fighters deployed over London?

Dan O'Connor
Cerberus Network
Posted - 2009.09.24 18:49:00 - [64]

Originally by: Nova Krysalis
Very epic wallpapers. If you have a chance, could you make some more?

Seems everyone is better at Photoshop/GIMP than me.

The Erebus/New York thing wasn't difficult... New York on the image is from Google Earth with 3D buildings enabled. The Erebus mesh came directly from the game and has been re-rendered seperately. Screenshot of Google Earth, then the output of the render of the Erebus - GIMP, add the Erebus as new layer to the image (scaled to correct size of course), save the image :)

ark maphar
Posted - 2009.09.25 03:49:00 - [65]

you should totally make these images desktop sized for a amount of isk!

id buy tons of em

Little Feathers
Posted - 2009.09.25 17:45:00 - [66]

What I like is that it looks like it could park on it almost perfectly. There's a lot of similarity in the shapes, particularly at the front.

Guardian Decsendent
ROMANIA Renegades
Posted - 2009.09.29 19:23:00 - [67]

this one looks cool too,
Anyone know who made it ?

Posted - 2009.09.30 10:27:00 - [68]


Phaedra Stargazer
Capital Destruction
Posted - 2009.10.02 13:26:00 - [69]

Looks great and I can only support the calls for more pictures Very Happy

Klee Tarris
Dirty Filthy Perverts
Posted - 2009.10.02 20:32:00 - [70]

Originally by: Guardian Decsendent
this one looks cool too,
Anyone know who made it ?

Cool - looks like an Eos just invaded San Andreas :)

Elite Contract
Posted - 2009.10.03 14:33:00 - [71]


Down with the imperialistic pigs!

Posted - 2009.10.11 02:30:00 - [72]

Originally by: civari
Hope it doesn't fall down, 9/11 all over the place..

dude, i know it was a horrible day, but sry, i cant stop laughing about this commend LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

Posted - 2009.10.11 06:12:00 - [73]

Awesome wallpaper material, just add a short phrase, like "Welcome To the Sandbox" or something.

Next do the Leviathan. :P

Digital Fury Corporation
Posted - 2009.10.14 13:53:00 - [74]

Nice work dude. You should do a series of them like,

Pod with a Transit van.
Rifter flying in formation with a 747.
Cormorant and a Caracal floating above the USS Ronald Reagan.
Myrmidon next to the Eifel Tower.
Armageddon over the Pyramids at Giza.

I'm sure a few other suggestions will pop up.

Guardian Decsendent
ROMANIA Renegades
Posted - 2009.10.16 00:26:00 - [75]

Edited by: Guardian Decsendent on 16/10/2009 00:34:36

I've tried my luck , I'm not really good at this things so I hope you'll like and and I need you opinions


Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

ark maphar
Posted - 2009.10.16 01:19:00 - [76]

good, but the supercarrier would be MUCH MUCH bigger then that

Zenko Incorporated
Posted - 2009.10.16 05:40:00 - [77]

Edited by: Mithfindel on 16/10/2009 05:41:40
The Nyx, according to some charts made from ship model files, is roughly 3.3 km long. Which, when scaled in Paris, means that it's at least 1.5 as long as Champs-Élysées (Paris's "Main Street"). The park, Champs de Mars, seen next to the tower on the same side of the river is, from Google Maps, roughly 1000 m long, so the Nyx should be a bit over three times as long. As a note, the park isn't fully seen. Replace Nyx with an Arbitrator, and we're roughly in the correct scale on the image.

Guardian Decsendent
ROMANIA Renegades
Posted - 2009.10.17 18:41:00 - [78]

Kais Malleus
Midnight Elites
Posted - 2009.10.17 20:56:00 - [79]

wow Shocked cant wait to see some more. I am voting for a Drake next. Maybe a fleet of Drakes and Hurricanes floating over a city or something.

Zenko Incorporated
Posted - 2009.10.18 13:35:00 - [80]

Yup, the Moros is quite impressive. Would've been even better if the screen grab would have been from an "onoes!" scene on a movie, but still good.

Stones Inc.
Wayfarer Stellar Initiative
Posted - 2010.01.16 10:29:00 - [81]

Edited by: aehric on 16/01/2010 10:30:20
Been a while. Apologies for the wait.

Lots of folks asked for more sizes. I'll see what I can do.

As for other ships...we'll see what happens. Smile

I like that others have tried their hands at these scale mock-ups. Keep at it guys!


Pitch Black.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2010.01.17 02:08:00 - [82]

Nice Pic however if you're to believe the scale of Titans as CCP presents them to be, a Titan would probably be a lot bigger than that real scale. Someone on youtube did a viewing of ships blown up to real scale using Gary's Mod and the Megathron alone would probably cover 1/3 - 1/2 of that Titan in the pic.

A nice rendering though in anycase.

Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.01.17 08:23:00 - [83]

Just wow, amazing work, good job, keep it up, etc.

I can't wait to see more :)

Mika Cavillo
Ranni Bar and Grill
Posted - 2010.01.17 20:00:00 - [84]

Must be New York, Dec 2012

Newyork Eve players: "Yay! They bring us pod technology, we will be immortal!"

Notice: Newyork has started to become warp scrambled!

Newyorkers: "Ahhh.. nuts Sad"

Lyra Swift
Silentium Mortalitas
Mortal Destruction
Posted - 2010.01.17 21:00:00 - [85]

Originally by: Mika Cavillo
Must be New York, Dec 2012

Newyork Eve players: "Yay! They bring us pod technology, we will be immortal!"

Notice: Newyork has started to become warp scrambled!

Newyorkers: "Ahhh.. nuts Sad"

man my ribs are in pain now... too much laughter can't be good.

and awesome pics on here guys... looking forward to more (PS: the nyx has to be much larger over Paris)

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.01.17 22:35:00 - [86]

I don't really feel the hugeness when looking at a city with something above it. feels a lot more huge to me.

Posted - 2010.01.17 23:13:00 - [87]

Originally by: Abraham Goldstein
Any chance you can make an image of it crashing into a skysc****r?


Digital Solaris
Posted - 2010.01.19 16:51:00 - [88]

I want a similar picture, but with a Leviathan.

Naughty Crocodiles
Posted - 2010.01.19 18:50:00 - [89]

1920 x 1200 pls!

Michel Licari
Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2010.01.20 00:47:00 - [90]

Alright, I had to try one.

And with my terrible photochopping skills I give you...

Abaddon over Naples! Ahhhh!

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