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nafiy gnaw
Posted - 2009.09.14 16:44:00 - [61]

Well, you learned the hard way that how you should -not- autopilot a Industrial ship and go AFK. Since you can afford 2 makinaws I'm sure you have enough to bounce back.

And, another RL example: The Somali Coast was patrolled by the International Task Force 150, Which consists of state-of-the art Destroyers and Frigates which is armed with Missiles and Helicoptors that can LOLWTFPWN any pathetic pirate ships armed with guns and grenade launchers on sight. So, the Somali Coast must be a very, very, very safe place for commercial convoys...............

or is it?Twisted Evil


Kerfira Corp
Posted - 2009.09.14 17:05:00 - [62]

CONCORD provides punishment, not protection!

Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2009.09.14 17:13:00 - [63]

He one shot your industrial...

In a Brutix...


I could do it in a Thorax YARRRR!!

Kalia Masaer
Amarr Border Defense Consortium
Posted - 2009.09.15 02:19:00 - [64]

I personally feel there is a weakness not so much in the current suicide ganking but in the scalability of system sec status. There should be areas that are almost completely safe for new players, not very profitable areas but areas none the less. I've seen people suicide gank noob ships just so they can laugh at the hapless victim, great way to make someone never play the game again.

I've been killed numerous times in both high and low sec and probably will be countless times but I know the risks and while it may bothers me, I know how to minimize the risks. A noob doesn't and might think in 1.0 they are safe not realizing some sadistic prick may just decide to blow them up for no real reason.

I personally wo.uld say concords response time should be significantly increased in 1.0

Casiella Truza
Ecliptic Rift
Posted - 2009.09.15 02:30:00 - [65]

Your e-tears taste delicious to me and fuel the reactors that power my e-rage.

Also, whereas I generally support the removal of insurance payouts on CONCORD destruction, I don't think we need much else to balance out suicide gankers.

After all, as others have pointed out in the past: CONCORD provides consequences, not safety. Only you can do that.

Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2009.09.15 02:57:00 - [66]

I will admit, somethign needs to be done to protect, say, players less than a week old, are protected in high sec - maybe make it so in 1.0 and 0.9 sec systems, they simply cannot be locked onto by another player? I dunno, just something... suicide ganking a newcomer simply for the sake of doing it in what is supposed to be safe space... that's griefing, plain and simple.

Fullmetal Jackass
Posted - 2009.09.15 04:09:00 - [67]

Originally by: Kerfira
CONCORD provides punishment, not protection!

Concord provides deterrence for certain activities. Which is a type of protection. As for punishment, losing an insurred t1 ship is like a slap on the wrist. Some punishment.

Posted - 2009.09.15 04:19:00 - [68]

the reward and risk seem balanced. If u remove player locking in 1.0 and 0.9 u remove can flagging, locking of npcs, war decs etc

Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2009.09.15 04:24:00 - [69]

No no Helios - ONLY remove locking of players less than 1-2 weeks old. Maybe even tie it into their account (Player ACCOUNT is less than 2 weeks old). This gives TRUE newcomers a chance to get their space legs without fear of some jerkoff popping them to get their jollies off.

Lt Xavier
Posted - 2009.09.15 05:17:00 - [70]

Its about money. Eve is a business. Carebears = money for ccp. Just like the rest of us.

simple in .5 or higher security make it impossible to target other players not warring with your corporation in any form. Make it impossible to access thier wrecks or cans. Give the rest of the universe to the griefers, pvpers, pirates, etc.. wich basically leaves them 90% of the universe so they have not a damn thing to complain about.

make carebears happy get their money too. the people that leave as a consequence well they would be only a portion of the already small population of people that are chasing off other people the end result their losses would be made up for in double or better. the rest would move on.

its not about realism. its about money.

if it was about can't be had. punish em to the point of destroying the character entirely wouldn't matter its an consequence at all to their actions. imagine trying to contain something like that in the real world if it helps clear it up. mass of people doing what they wish because they cannot die or suffer.

this won't happen btw, ccp is on the expansion frenzy because over all it will make far more money than tinkering with something this trivial. it will in the end turn into a very large poorly managed business much like that of every big business in the US. for the same reason.

your best bet is to forget about it and move on. Perhaps try "suicide" ganking yourself because they won't fix it as long as the profits increase every year due to the increasing size and depth of the game. No matter how unbalanced it is...

Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2009.09.15 06:22:00 - [71]

Learn to use freighter services op, or tank your haulers. Seriously with 4 mids you can pack on a lot of extenders.

Also taking 2 trips is good that way you can put a tank in the lows

Posted - 2009.09.15 06:28:00 - [72]

LMFAO ,u want stuff moved me PM me in game ill take 4 anywhere in high sec thats is if CCP can stabalise servers or al least keep devs and techs of the **** long enough to fix the game,ill even di it 4 free

Rufus Starlight
Posted - 2009.09.15 06:41:00 - [73]

Hmm, I agree with that High Sec ganking is unfortunate, but not game killing and for the most part avoidable. I usually do runs with over 100 mil loot in T1 haulers, but it's losses I can handle should anything ever happen.

I very much agree on that it's ridiculous to have insurance paid out on concordokened ships though.

Kaylee Juuna
Posted - 2009.09.15 06:52:00 - [74]

It was entirely preventable.

You actually left your computer, carrying hundreds of millions worth, to get food?

Spiritus Draconis
Posted - 2009.09.15 13:06:00 - [75]

Whelcome to eve Cool

why don't you cry some more, you little crybaby

Max Essen
Bison Industrial Inc
Posted - 2009.09.15 13:37:00 - [76]

Edited by: Max Essen on 15/09/2009 13:42:03
OK, ganked in HiSec is just "one of those things."

Has happened to me ONCE ... lost an IteronV carrying faction large POS and some fits.
Well over 1b lost ... guess what, I NEVER autopiloted in HiSec with anything of value every again, let alone 30 minutes later.

As far as folk who get their kicks out of ganking n00bs. Well, they will always be there, I belive it's bad form but, it is how they choose to play.

Perhaps you should look into joining an Industrial Corp in HiSec, there are safety in numbers, gives the bad guysmore people to shoot at, they may not pick you. Very Happy

But seriously, if you would like to learn how to fly safer (never safe) in HiSec and become a productive industrialist, feel free to convo me sometime in game. It's not as bad as you may think.

4 Marketeers
Posted - 2009.09.15 14:34:00 - [77]

Originally by: eliminator2

this isnt piracy its terrororisn like in rl i mean security is tight in airports yet anyone can still blow one up :p

allso can i have your stuff?

tight security at airports? no ballpoint pens, you never know when someone is going to write all over your arm :P or knitting needles?!?! oh no, i'm going to be knitted to death.

sorry for the off topic, but i couldn't resist.

high sec ganking is a problem, but in most cases can be avoided or countered. tank your ship or have someone waiting to help you out if you are in a position to get ganked before you loose your ass

skye orionis
Posted - 2009.09.15 16:25:00 - [78]

So if you're a hulk pilot and you've been reading mining guides about deadspace shield boosters and harderner, stop right there, a permaboost setup will not help you in the 10 second that you have to survive a suicide attack. So, fill all your hulk's midslots with hardeners to increase your EHP, and then add a Damage Control - that damage control will mean you have to drop an MLU or Cargo Expander, but it'll buy you more EHP than anything else you can fit on a hulk.

Also, having a security status that isn't 0 will mean concord arrive sooner, so kill some rats, run missions, when rats attack your hulk don't just sit there like a brainless macro miner, kill them and enjoy the extra bounty and standing with concord.

Here's a story I've witnessed on more than one occasion.
1) Pilot expresses concern over Jihadswarm
2) I point out that fitting a Damage control to a hulk = almost double the EHP
3) Pilot responds with (and I quote) 'I don't want to compromise my Jewing ability'
4) Pilot gets popped by gankers
5) Pilot whines about losing expensive deadspace tank.

Yes, you can still be suicided with a DCII tank, but it'll generally take 3 ships (one to attempt a gank and fail, two to come back and do it a second time)

Sun Clausewitz
Posted - 2009.09.15 19:30:00 - [79]

Originally by: Yaggher Xanuben
My reply will for sure get a reply a'la "Eve is not real life", but I think here this comparison suits fine.

You walk on the street. There are police patrols and you think "ahh, what a nice place to be, not one thief will get my wallet here..." Well, actually you will not think of crimes at all unless you're paranoid.
Then BOOM! you're dead. Some nasty suicide terrorist decided to blow himself up up just behind you. Tough luck.

Difference, Terrorist doesn't come back to life, and get paid the insurance payout of his van he had packed with explosives.

Make it so the sec status hit is large
Make it so they do not get insurance payouts
I have no problem with suicide ganking in high sec if those two were added.

Irida Mershkov
The Reformed
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2009.09.15 19:59:00 - [80]

Edited by: Irida Mershkov on 15/09/2009 19:59:22
Originally by: knubba
I know a LOT of pirates are going to write here and try to trifle this and say **** happens. but i can't take it, that's what we have lowsec and nullsec for.

Normally i'd give some smart ass reponse here, but this is what EVE is about, flying with risk, nowhere is safe etc etc, you hear it time and time again, and it's there for a reason. If you don't like how it runs, then EVE more than likely isn't the game for you (as the end of your post did say though fair enough).

Also, as for insurance, that's an entirely different issue, arguably, insurance stays as it is now, or is removed entirely, as favouring it for non-PVPers or Pirates or griefers in one way or another, is pretty stupid, they pay the same subscription as you, why should they be entitled to less?

Edit: I think it may have been your Mackinaw that I popped. Time to go through my kill-mails. Laughing

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