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Larkonis TrassIer
State Breast Inspectorate
Posted - 2009.08.23 20:47:00 - [1]

Hello C&P. No doubt within 30 seconds of this post being made it will be reported by my adoring fans and locked.

Today a member of my valiant Corporation took his Loki out for a spin, engaged in a bit of sparring with a fellow corp member popped a few nubbins in the belts then warped back to the station to dock... and went AFK. Apparantly this fellow who we shall call Fred (which isn't his real name, it is in fact D0INK) forgot to dock in the station and alas, his ship was exploded and he lost many skill points. His self trolling continued... His reason for going AFK? He went to the bank, forgetting today is the Lord's day. Due to the sparring that had been going on the kill was autopoasted to our killboard and is now there for all to laugh at...

The lesson here C&P... I don't quite know. But have you ever had a loss due to going AFK either at an inapproapriate moment or being a bit too hasty to go and do something exciting in real life?

Do share C&P.

Internal Anarchy
Posted - 2009.08.23 20:53:00 - [2]

Unrigged T3 FTW- especially since the patch :D

Larkonis TrassIer
State Breast Inspectorate
Posted - 2009.08.23 20:54:00 - [3]

Originally by: Tortugan
Unrigged T3 FTW- especially since the patch :D

He'd just blown the rigs to get it moved down by his hauler alt and hadn't had the chance to replace it yet

Stil Harkonnen
Posted - 2009.08.23 21:12:00 - [4]

I was ratting in 0.0 one time, went afk for approximately 30 seconds on a gate, and came back to find my pod being blown up by a gang of stealth bombers :D

Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.08.23 21:18:00 - [5]

afk in an Apoc at a low sec gate I was camping... because there was a nice upload on a certain website beginning with p and ending in hub, and rhymes with shmorn shmub.

It was worth it.

Lethal Injection.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2009.08.23 22:19:00 - [6]

Originally by: Sabriele
afk in an Apoc at a low sec gate I was camping... because there was a nice upload on a certain website beginning with p and ending in hub, and rhymes with shmorn shmub.

It was worth it.

link meh

Krasnij Okjabre
the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2009.08.23 23:06:00 - [7]

Justice for the loss of my Nighthawk (involving him) has been served.

I feel better now. Very Happy


Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.08.24 00:21:00 - [8]

D0ink is a failure, no surprise really...

Shade Millith
Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.08.24 00:22:00 - [9]

Edited by: Shade Millith on 24/08/2009 00:25:20
A near loss.

Went afk for some reason ratting in a drake. Came back, there's reports of 20 hostiles in the next system over, and a red 'canes sitting on me with a point.

I start shooting him, and he warps off at half armor, just as his friends arive to kill me.

Unfortunatly for him, I was aligned and in warp before they could lock me.

Not sure why he warped....

Edit: Why would you go AFK after initiating dock? Everyone knows it's not the most workiest thing.

Jared D'Uroth
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.08.24 03:35:00 - [10]

Lost a cane to the Dock button not working with me going AFK.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2009.08.24 04:35:00 - [11]

Back in my FW days, I was fleeing back to Villore (Gallente Militia is good at that) and safely made it back to the system.

Or so I thought. I lost track of systems and was in Old Man Star and sitting on the gate thinking I was safe, with a 25+ Ship blob in pursuit.

So I was pointed and saying "WTF? They jumped into Villore!" as my Hurricane was getting peeled like an onion.

Jaedar Metron
Posted - 2009.08.24 04:36:00 - [12]

A corp I was in a good while ago used to live in a lowsec area with two systems in them, and these were almost always empty. One day I got a IM from a friend, and seeing as I was the only one in system, tabbed out... at planet. Got back from the convo 5 minutes later to find my expensive Drake blown to bits (Extender Rigs, Arbies) Think the thing cost me around 150m, which was my entire wallet at the time :D

Total Mayhem.
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.08.24 05:40:00 - [13]

Was traveling 30 jumps moving some assets around for my jumpclones, when the phone rang. My presence was requested elsewhere (helping a friend move a bedroom suite) so I hit the autopilot button.

I walk back in my house to see a station environment loaded. Took me a minute to realize autopilot doesn't dock. took another five minutes to figure out I hadn't switched to "Prefer Safer" on my autopilot. Apparently "Prefer Shorter" means "Find the nearest gatecamp and make directly for it"

Scratch one ship, one pod, three implants and a good bit of equipment to carelessness. Sad

Angels of Anarchy
Posted - 2009.08.24 15:47:00 - [14]

Originally by: Unforsaken
Apparently "Prefer Shorter" means "Find the nearest gatecamp and make directly for it"

That's signature material right there... good writing :)

Obligatory contribution to the thread:

I was shuttling empty through the Rancer "shortcut", from Rens to Jita I believe, just enjoying my first cup of coffee of the morning, and manually piloting the couple of lowsec hops. I got to the last gate before highsec and heard the sounds of combat and someone getting shot at. Being a guy, I of course had to rubberneck and panned my view around to see what was going on and who just blew up.

To my surprise, the next explosion told me just exactly who had blown up that first time. When I saw a hangar start loading and new evemail congratulating me on my new shiny bit o' tritanium, realization set in.

tl;dr: Empty shuttle popped and podded inches away from safety by a smartbombing combat pro on the gate.

Hoo Is
Posted - 2009.08.24 15:50:00 - [15]

Neo Failures are the best Failure

Never Moore
Posted - 2009.08.24 19:48:00 - [16]

It was a near miss for myself; After spending countless hours training up my mad skillz to be able to pilot a gallente assault ship, I found myself shorter 30mil, with a brand new t2 fitted Enyo. So of course I decided to take it out on some L1 missions to see what I could do it in. 400 damage per volley? Awesome, 66/78/89/65 resists 8000EHP? Awesome... AFKING down to 1/8th structure in an L1 mission while trolling /b on 4chan? Classic. I come back to see 8 rogue drones orbiting me at 1907 meters.

The Sexy Carebear Boredom Convention
Posted - 2009.08.24 19:55:00 - [17]

I once went afk for like 10 seconds and came back to hear the fc screaming to gtfo and having a fleet dropping on us. Luckily I was able to get out though.

The 8th Order
Posted - 2009.08.24 19:59:00 - [18]

I can't think of any afk fails of my own but a corpmate a while ago jumped into Amarr went afk for 30 seconds tops getting a coffee, came back to find him short of one hurricane with lots of t2 loot and a set of +4s, courtesy of a war target astarte.

he then proceeded to not learn and went back to amarr in a new hurricane and got killed by the same astarte pilot! Laughing

Kva Plexcha
Doing You Right
Posted - 2009.08.24 21:56:00 - [19]

Where to begin ...
Ok in one week I was in my Cov ops scanning in Lowsec ... I usually play late at night and am pretty tired .... anyways send Cov ops to a SS, find some good sigs, launch 4 probes to track them down and ... fall asleep.

Wake up at station, this was right after the Macro Miner/Hauler nerf and have to replace 200 mil in +4 implants and others, plus my Cov ops which as fitted is about 130 mil ...

2 days later I have tracked down a site and send my PVE Dual Faction LAR fitted Hyper to a site in lowsec. As there are a few reds in system I cloak it up before engaging and wait (I do all my exploration in Low/Null and always fly ships with cloaks - saved me more times than I can count). Since I'm 70 km from a juicy Domination BS ( 6 mil bounty) and tired of waiting for reds to leave I decide to align and move towards him while cloaked and ... fall asleep.

Wake up at station and check log, I guess the NPC's killed the Hyper when it got decloaked, and then the reds scanned me out and killed my capsule. This total loss was in the neighborhood of 450 mil (even with insurance)

So about a week later (since this is a Neo thread) I am travelling thru the Rancer Jita corridor and get to a gate and notice a bunch of wrecks, one red, Shigsy in a Rohk(?) and dont really think about it ... until my New Cov ops goes instantly into full structure, and am too stunned to warp the capsule away trying to figure out .. and am at a station again.

I convo'd Shigsy to thank him for the education in a new way to die, and I think he was pleasantly surprised when I informed him that my total loss was 300 mil+ (no tears from me, this is GAME)

Anyways, in about a week or so over One Billion total in ship losses and 3 full sets of +4 implants.

In the year I have played I have probably lost about 20 ships directly to sleep.

Also pretty sure I fell asleep a few days after this in another Cov ops on the Obe/Ohuknen (sp) Gate for 5 hrs before DT and woke up ... on the gate still intact.

Its a good thing I make way more isk exploring than what it costs me in losing ships


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