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Posted - 2004.10.31 17:23:00 - [61]

Ses oder Saures! Contact me ingame per mail for that Halloween offer please! Wink

Dr Scope
XCC RnD Divison
Posted - 2004.10.31 17:34:00 - [62]

Cerberus (SUR-buh-rus)

Hades' guard dog, a relative of both the Chimaera and the Hydra. Cerberus was carried up from Hades by Heracles in one his Labors. This was achieved only after a protracted battle in which the hero was mauled by the hound's fangs and menaced by snakes growing from his back and tail. In contrast, Cerberus abandoned his watchdog task and lay down meekly to the strains of Orpheus's lyre when that minstrel journeyed to the Underworld in search of his dead wife Eurydice. The poison used in Medea's attempt to murder Theseus was made from Cerberus's drool.


Dr Scope
XCC RnD Divison
Posted - 2004.10.31 20:41:00 - [63]

Bumpage :)

Dr Scope
XCC RnD Divison
Posted - 2004.11.01 00:34:00 - [64]

3 and a half hours left until promotion expires, hurry!!! Razz

Posted - 2004.11.01 19:32:00 - [65]

Free bump! I bought the Cerberus and I'm very happy with it! Wink

Insane Angel
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2004.11.01 19:41:00 - [66]

I own a cerberus as well, have been flying in for two weeks. This ship is simply amazing.

The current setup I have on it is capable of dropping the unweary BS pilot.

The hvy missiles fly faster then most frigs with mwds and they hit as hard as cruise missiles and fly almost as far.

The shield tanking ability of it is astounding, capable of tanking the fire of a BS for a short period of time in pvp or excellent for hunting npc BSs.

I highly recommend the ship.

super josh
Posted - 2004.11.01 20:57:00 - [67]

I want a Deimos but i only have a few hundred thousand isk and i have been playing for about 4 months now. god damn those bs mineral requirements, i can use a battleship, might go and train cruiser lvl 5 soon so i can armor tank my raxs better as well as all the mechanic skills needed. but till then i can only drool over the Deimos. would there be any way to get the cost down to 20 mil, ie the ship the components and most of the minerals required?

Dr Scope
XCC RnD Divison
Posted - 2004.11.01 21:03:00 - [68]

Thanks for the comments guys.

And josh, sorry but there's no way the cost will be 20 million on deimos.

Posted - 2004.11.02 21:55:00 - [69]

As Takegami has said in this thread that he will be selling the BPO for the Deimos, will this mean you will be discontinuing Deimos production?

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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