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Gun Gal
Posted - 2009.08.26 02:44:00 - [151]

Originally by: Joe
Originally by: Kara Mitsui

But it's remarkably poor management by CCP to use an actual player's name in an anti-rmt poster.

Considering I write about 100 petitions a week, I'm sure they all kno me by nowRolling Eyes

and you have it folks, some dumbarse wasting GM's time .

ill start an anti joe blog right now, and really smear you, you idiot.

master chiefy
The Perfect Storm
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2009.08.26 03:25:00 - [152]

****. Please tell me you're not a fellow Australian?? EmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassed

Mr Calrissian
Posted - 2009.08.26 04:30:00 - [153]

Edited by: Mr Calrissian on 26/08/2009 04:30:29
Since you are a representative of Shadow Empire and therefore represent the alliance in turn, isn't defamation of your character tarnishing Shadow Empire's good name? I thought CCP was supposed to be impartial towards in game corps/alliances. I think your thinking on too small a scale Joe. ugh

Manu Hermanus
Posted - 2009.08.26 04:59:00 - [154]

They should say Manu Hermanus next time Laughing

Pudding Tang
Posted - 2009.08.26 05:55:00 - [155]

Hey need help im having some bug issue with my skills. They dont increase a lvl after its done training. instead they go down a lvl.WTF this is ******* me off really bad this has been going on for a long time nowShocked

Posted - 2009.08.26 06:03:00 - [156]

bad joe


go to your corner

Torque Theory
Posted - 2009.08.26 12:06:00 - [157]

Originally by: Joe
Edited by: Joe on 22/08/2009 01:55:36
Editted for external linky

Because this crap is being viewed by every player as they log in today, and its clear defamation of character.

* Please refrain from posting images - Fallout

Evefiles Linky - Geocities cant handle the traffic
Either its retracted and CCP issue an official apology (preferably in the news, or the same log in splash screen) or I sue.

P.S, my lawyer believes i could win upto 10 Million, becuase I've recieved over 1k Evemail Death threats so far.

Don't you have a date with the water-boarding group??Twisted Evil

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