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Katy 1
Posted - 2009.08.25 10:13:00 - [151]

I will just tell you what I don't like :]

Two things:
1. New pod - it looks more like a (small) ship than like escape pod ;]
2. Dread and carrier limited cargo - it sucks.. These ships are now useless.

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
Posted - 2009.08.25 10:37:00 - [152]

Oh yeah, did you mess with the Ishkur's colour?

It looks really washed out. Similarly the Phobos - please not the Enyo too *goes to check* Crying or Very sad

New pod is too dark to see the detail, but I like it from what I can see.

Please tell us the ships you've modified.

Posted - 2009.08.25 13:31:00 - [153]

Fantastic job on the new scanning interface. Smooth as a baby's butt. The jumps and jitters of the previous version are all but gone. The blue glowing spheres are a lot easier to work with now. And multiple scan results show up correctly! \o/ Looking forward to getting back into exploring.

Alexis Cato
Posted - 2009.08.25 17:02:00 - [154]

Directional scanner delay I can live with, but please make the scanner not automatically update when I change the range or angle. If there is going to be a delay, let me choose when I want to run a scan by actually pushing the button.

Bodo Bass
Templars of Space
Posted - 2009.08.25 20:09:00 - [155]

fix the damm scanner

Posted - 2009.08.26 07:27:00 - [156]

Originally by: Alexis Cato
Directional scanner delay I can live with, but please make the scanner not automatically update when I change the range or angle. If there is going to be a delay, let me choose when I want to run a scan by actually pushing the button.


Galliana Foresta
Fleeting Moments of Insanity
Posted - 2009.08.26 08:58:00 - [157]

^^ this. Current scanner blows goats.

Twisted Creations
Posted - 2009.08.26 13:24:00 - [158]

Thank you for increasing the drop rates for neurovisual input matrix. Unfortunately, this has just moved the resource blockage to another area; nanoribbons.

Oh well, I guess T3 ships wont be cheap and affordable for many months, possibly years, to come.

Posted - 2009.08.27 10:11:00 - [159]

Originally by: Jasonwilliams
I don't know if I should post this in Feedback or not, but here it goes.

I've been playing Eve for about a year or more now, maybe two. So I've been warping around lately and I have been paying more attention to the new warp effect. Well, because of this new I've been getting slight motion sickness when warping and as far as I am aware I have never been motion sick from anything else.

I just thought that I should bring this to your attention.
I've been having this problem as well. I can't watch the new effect or else I get motion sickness. I've stopped playing since the patch because while I can hold out for a few warps, it eventually gets to me after a time. Pity.

Tobin Shalim
Eclipse Industrials
Quantum Forge
Posted - 2009.08.27 18:28:00 - [160]

Wonderful job at breaking the probes. Can't even move them with the arrows anymore since it won't allow me to actually select them. Probing is now worthless, thanks.

Psan Vigilante
Sinister Corporation
Posted - 2009.08.29 02:19:00 - [161]


First of all, thank you for the increase in the drop rate of Neurovisual Input Matrices. All tech 3 producers appreciate it! However there are some issues with their drop rates being a bit too much now, and the new t3 bottleneck is now Melted Nanoribbons.

Some numbers:

Number of sites: Core Garrison x7 (Class 5 Combat Site)

Here are the salvage totals for those 7 sites. I am only including the salvage that a Strategic Cruiser + 5 Subsystems uses more than one of in the building process:

Electromechanical Hull Sheeting: 1339
Melted Nanoribbons: 58 Sad
Modified Fluid Router: 726
Neurovisual Input Matrix: 1442 Shocked
Powdered C-540 Graphite: 347

Here are the numbers of those salvage components required for a Strategic Cruiser Hull + 5 Subsystems:

Electromechanical Hull Sheeting: 250
Melted Nanoribbons: 40
Modified Fluid Router: 287
Neurovisual Input Matrix: 52
Powdered C-540 Graphite: 91

As you can see this is a bit out of whack! The drop rate of NIMs is not only increased. It is insane! The price of NIMs has dropped 2500% since the deployment of Apocrypha 1.5. The price change does not really matter to us since we produce with our salvage. However it certainly seems like there may be something wrong with this new drop rate when compared to the rates and consumption of the other salvage.

I realize that this is a fairly small sample size, so I will continue to update this post as we go. Something seems strange for sure though Smile


CCP Explorer

Posted - 2009.08.30 15:33:00 - [162]

Originally by: Vyktor Abyss
Fab. Honestly. Lag in market seems much less. Lag from S & I is much reduced too.
Overall we reduced the CPU usage on Tranquility by 15% in Apocrypha 1.5; the combined effect of all the Need for Speed changes we made.

Lee Anderson
Eternal Profiteers
Posted - 2009.08.30 23:01:00 - [163]

Originally by: Galliana Foresta
^^ this. Current scanner blows goats.

baaaaa joke Laughing

Posted - 2009.08.31 06:55:00 - [164]

New cargo size for nidhoggur is 800 m3, and fuel bay is 3k.

At least you could have given it a larger fuel bay, like 6k for example.

Because so far by decreasing it's main cargo size you just made sure it can't be used for a variety of roles anymore.


Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2009.09.01 07:32:00 - [165]

Scanner Mechanic is Two Thumbs Down.

2 Second delay is awful.

Maldus NiKunni
Posted - 2009.09.01 21:32:00 - [166]

before the update i could anchor and unanchor poses now i cant unanchor anything.....what is up with this?....sold my pos and need to unanchor and set u new one

Bill Buttlicker
Posted - 2009.09.02 14:37:00 - [167]

Probing graphics are nice, well done but it has room for improvement...
I'd remove zero axis shadow (on horizontal plane), currently it has no apparent purpose except getting your probes harder to see in darker systems when moved below mentioned axis. And scanning animation is overkill kinda, more subtle and less hardware intensive graphics would be nice (like pulsating from a probe or something)...

Directional scanner is uhh...
Even as inexpirienced (lol at my spelling) lowsec roamer i find it rather annoyed by the 2 sec delay, and the fact delay applies even on angle slider (wut?).

If u guys are so worried about cpu usage maybe u should made it possible to scan without penalties when your ship is moving and/or you moved your camera in between your scans. I think i would filter those macro's nicely and thus not nerfing fast interceptors in warp (making them scan as much as they like while warping).

Also discreet directional scanning overlay graphics (for easier visualizing of scanning angle) would be nice too...

Posted - 2009.09.02 15:11:00 - [168]

The scanning delay makes scanning people down for both defensive and offensive reasons very difficult resulting in missing a large ammount of kills by atleast tripling my scanning time. I understand that ccp wanted to reduce server load but at the expense of game play is not worth it might i suggest a 0.5 second delay to both reduce server load from scan spammers and also make scanning down targets possible againYARRRR!!.

overall i liked the patch
easier to move scan probes because they are easier to see
some interesting graphic changes
less lag
cant speak to capital or black ops changes
do not like scanning delayYARRRR!!

Yank Lithy
Posted - 2009.09.03 07:37:00 - [169]


On Paper having all the existing converted to Large one seems good. On practice I would have preferred medium ones.

Great now I have a lot of researched Large rigs BPO that I'm sure will no more be used. And I need to redo all from null now for all the medium ones. Will i one day ? Not sure...

Ok Large ones price is still high but have a look to the number of sell now...Great the Hulk is now a medium rigger and the transport ships.

I know that most of the player will enjoy the medium rig prices down. I like rigging too. But as a producer I start to dislike it. Why doing so mutch effort just for so few gain. Do you want us to farm Lvl4 only ?

I will only produce for myself use and buy this now ridiculous prices Medium rigs to fit on T2 ships. Sure Large rigs prices were high for T1 cruiser but not so high for T2 cruiser. Rig at this times were a goal a great effort...for my point of view like this now it's not even a common items it's just like a small module.

I feel you just :

-Killed a part of my eve business
-Killed a part of my motivation to produce something here to sell
-Killed the rigs difference factor by generalising it. At least T2 need more skills not rigs.
-Helped the bigger ISK guys (T2, T3 owner) to save a few of ISK they don't really need.
-Make rigs a common object no more a planned one. You know about the fun to earn your item in game...

Well disappointed my the game effect but thanks for the technical modification.

Margin are too low now to collect the items and make some more profits.


Posted - 2009.09.04 19:29:00 - [170]

Well keep in mind that they had to make them all one of the sizes and regardless of what size they made them someone would be unhappy with the size.
I had a full set of rig BPOs all researched up to ME300 PE100, overkill I know but folks seem to like it, with many seeking out others I don't normally list on contracts but only if they're at the same ME and PE.
At a glance, any of the astronautic rigs are extremely unlikely to be used at large size, lets face it speed tanking doesn't really suit battleships and a bigger cargohold is usually your last concern for them. Gravity capacitor upgrades are unlikely to be used on anything other than the frigates with probing bonuses, so only the small form is worth having a BPO for. So with most of the groups still being useful for large ships and these BPOs having the longest research times it made the most sense to change the old BPOs to these.

My only complaint would still be the crazy copy times, I'm quickly running out of stock of some BPCs and haven't a hope in hell of restocking at anything even remotely like the rate they're selling, even once the initial rush dies down I suspect it'll still be impossible to reliably maintain stock levels.
If I were interested in buying medium and small rig BPOs, or I hadn't already researched the large ones I might be more concerned with the ME and PE research times, as reality is that they are daft when you consider the research times of even the battleship size turrets/missile bays are dwarfed by the rig BPO research times.

CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2009.09.10 12:17:00 - [171]

With the release of Apocrypha 1.5.1 we would ask that you provide any feedback to this thread.

Thank you.

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