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Kazumasa Ishikawa
Posted - 2009.07.30 18:31:00 - [1]

I'm just beginning a career as a mission runner and am worried about the implications of running missions for the Caldari Navy.

I understand that if I fight for them, I will inevitably end up with -10 standings with the Gallente Federation and possibly the Minnies.

How do you experienced mission runners get around the pitfalls of such negative standings? Do you simply steer clear of 0.5+ Gal and Min space? Is there a way(s) around reaching -10 standings?

Please help me to understand what I can do to prevent me from gaining access to upto 50% of the high sec space in eve.

Gavin DeVries
Posted - 2009.07.30 19:07:00 - [2]

First, you need to understand derived standings. Factions have friends and enemies. Every time you do something that gives you a gain to a faction, you'll get an increase to the standings with that faction's friends and a loss to the standings with that factions enemies. For missions, this only happens with the storylines (mainly the important missions you get after doing 16 missions of a given level for the same faction). There is a cap, though, based on the relationship between the factions; once it has dropped to a certain value no new derived losses apply.

However, there are other ways to lose standing with individual factions. Killing a ship causes a loss of standing with the owning faction. Blowing up a structure causes a loss of standing with the owning faction. Both work the same way: whatever the biggest standing loss in any given "session" is applied; it's like security status gain in reverse. A session is typically a 15 minute period in the same system. For ships, most ships only give a tiny loss (0.02%), but officer ships give a massive 2.4% loss. As far as I know all structures give a 2.4% loss. Both these apply in any given session. The only limit on these losses is the minimum possible standing of -10.0.

Some mission runners don't care about standings with enemy factions. They just avoid (or run through) the enemy territory. If you want to try to minimize standing losses, there are a few things you can do:

1) Avoid killing ships of enemy factions, as much as possible. I only do anti-faction missions as storylines, while others won't even do these.

2) You can switch your mission running to corps of other factions to balance things out.

3) Training up the Diplomacy will give you an effective increase to negative standings, so even though your standings may suck with a faction they won't necessarily shoot you.

Kazumasa Ishikawa
Posted - 2009.07.30 19:16:00 - [3]

So basically I should just avoid every non storyline mission that involves killing Gal or Min targets or their affiliated corps?

I'm guessing this includes corps such as Thukker Tribe etc?


Gavin DeVries
Posted - 2009.07.30 19:48:00 - [4]

Pretty much, yes. Let's assume you are running for nobody but Caldari Navy. You'll find most of your missions take you against the local pirate faction (probably Guristas), but occasionally you'll get others. You might have the odd mission against Blood Raiders, Sansha, Angel Cartel, or Serpentis (all pirate factions) or Gallente or Minmatar. If you turn down every mission that requires you to kill Gallente or Minmatar ships, you'll reduce your standing losses. If I remember correctly, the relationship from Caldari to Gallente is -5 and Caldari to Minmatar is -3, meaning that the lowest your standing can go from derived modifiers is -5.0 to Gallente and -3.0 to Minmatar.

-5.0 after modifications is the point where they start shooting you.If you train Diplomacy up to 5, you can drop all the way to -9.0 before hitting the -5.0 modified point. If you alternate between running for Caldari corps and Gallente corps you can cancel out losses with gains, but would of course get some losses to the Caldari by doing so. There are also some minor factions you can do missions for that may help. Sisters of Eve come to mind, as they are friendly to Gallente and Minmatar but cause minimal losses to Caldari and Amarr standing with their storylines.

Posted - 2009.07.31 00:39:00 - [5]

Originally by: Kazumasa Ishikawa

I'm guessing this includes corps such as Thukker Tribe etc?

Thukker Tribe is a separate Faction, shooting their ships/structures will only affect your Standing with it, not Minmatar.

Posted - 2009.07.31 00:47:00 - [6]

Originally by: Gavin DeVries
lowest your standing can go from derived modifiers is -5.0 to Gallente and -3.0 to Minmatar.

The Limits for derived Standing Modifications are in Caldari's Case:
The Society +1; Jove +1,75; Khanid +1,75; Amarr +5; Ammatar +6; Mordu +9;

Minmatar -2; ORE -2; Interbus +1,5; Thukker Tribe -3; Gallente -5; Sansha -7; Blod Raiders -7;

Posted - 2009.07.31 02:48:00 - [7]

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Sue Malorie
Dai Dai Hai
Posted - 2009.07.31 02:48:00 - [8]

Edited by: Sue Malorie on 31/07/2009 02:51:15
Amarr and Caldari are friends, Minmatar and Gallente are friends. When doing story line missions, you going to increase standing to 2x factions and decrease standing to 2x opposite faction.

By doing missions for Minmatar and Amarr agents, your standing towards Gallente and Caldari will increase. So you should switch between opposite factions; Amarr / Gallente, Minmatar / Caldari, Caldari / Gallente or Amarr / Minmatar. What you need to do, is to get access to lvl 3 agents in all 4 major faction and after that, you may not need to do missions for all 4 factions, just 2x of the opposite faction. Then you can swtich between the diff factions when you see that one faction has too high or low standing towards you. By training connection, social and diplomacy you can adjust the standing a little.

While doing (lvl 4) missions I notice this (included training social skills); When having standing to all 4 factions, you cannot reach above +5.0 with any of these without having bad standing towards the opposite faction.

As some has already stated, avoid killing NPC navy / police missions. These missions can destroy standing alot and hard to fix. Failing missions will also destroy standing towards the agent. You can decline a mission once per 4th hour.



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