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Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.28 23:19:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jason Doombringer on 29/07/2009 02:35:46
Ok, I want to auction one of my characters. He already has a huge jump on his PVP build.

Please check out his eve-sheet

ISK will go to Axium Nova and I will pay the $20 xfer fee.

Opening bid at 2 billion

I will sell outright if the offer is good.

Posted - 2009.07.28 23:57:00 - [2]


Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.29 00:44:00 - [3]


Silvana Ishtari
The Scope
Posted - 2009.07.29 01:06:00 - [4]

an end date would be nice, before i attempt to bid.

Jason Widowmaker
Posted - 2009.07.29 01:11:00 - [5]

Ending on Saturday 10am EST

Otto VanNavita
Posted - 2009.07.29 01:19:00 - [6]

accepting trades or no?

Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.29 01:22:00 - [7]

just need the cash, but thx

Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.29 02:04:00 - [8]

2.5 Bil is current bid

Posted - 2009.07.29 02:07:00 - [9]

Okay where is the link for jason Doombringer? Since hes the one your supposed to be selling

Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.29 02:09:00 - [10]

Character is Axium Nova

Please check out his eve-sheet

ISK will go to Axium Nova and I will pay the $20 xfer fee.

Posted - 2009.07.29 02:14:00 - [11]

Axium Nova is a nce toon bro but I wont bid till the auction follows the rules of CCP fforum rules. here they are!

In an effort to reduce the amount of character scams, GM workload and player frustration, the following changes are being made to the announcements concerning character sales or auctions for ISK.

1.The 'For Sale/Auction' post must be made by the character being offered. This is being added to prevent scams for characters that have been misrepresented, banned, non-existent, etc.

2.You must disclose whether or not the character being sold has a negative balance in its wallet and the amount.

3.The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase.

4.The sell post must reflect the character correctly, posting that the character you're selling has more skillpoints or ISK than it actually has is a bannable offence.

5.The character being sold must be stripped of ingame assets of any significant value before being transferred. Items cannot be listed among the character's valuable assets, only skills, implants and reputation. You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. Ships and items can be readily bought on the market for ISK.

6.You may only bump threads ONCE Per day. Date is determined by the date on the forum, not the date where you live.

7.The new owner of the character may NOT pass himself off as the original owner.

8.The character for sale must be from an active account, you cannot trade characters from inactive accounts.

9.The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation.

10.The character being sold must be older than 14 days old to avoid accidental transfers.

11.The selling of accounts is prohibited, characters may only be sold individually.

12.The owner of the character being sold is responsible for the character transfer fee paid to CCP.

13.Prior to leaving a corporation, the character to be sold MUST send a corp-wide EVE mail stating that they are going to be sold and will be leaving for an NPC corporation.

14.When a character is sold, please modify the topic title to reflect this to help other forum patrons know what characters are still available.

15.All scams involving character transfers are prohibited.

Axium Nova
Posted - 2009.07.29 02:21:00 - [12]

well here he is. first time selling one. up to you if you want to bid or not.

Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.29 02:30:00 - [13]

reposted to reflect the character beinf sold. sorry for the confusion

Jason Doombringer
Posted - 2009.07.29 02:35:00 - [14]


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