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CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.24 00:06:00 - [1]

Hello Capsuleers,

We have recently taken some emergency action regarding the posting of malicious threads containing inappropriate and harmful links. After some discussion between various departments we have decided to restrict new accounts from logging into the forums for 72 hours while a long term solution to this problem is designed and implemented. This timer starts when the first payment is received for your account, not when it was created. We understand that this may cause some issues for new players so we would ask that you use the in-game “Help” and “Rookie” chat channels to have any questions on game play answered.

All newly created accounts can still browse the forums and read any current threads for ship set ups, mission or mining guides or starting your adventures in EVE Online. All accounts can also access our EVElopedia which has hundreds of useful articles for all players.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mnemonic Enterprises
Posted - 2009.08.05 10:12:00 - [2]

i know you guys probably did this regrettably but it was the right decision

Telsa inc
Posted - 2009.08.26 19:49:00 - [3]

Originally by: CCP Navigator
Hello Capsuleers,

We appreciate that this may cause some issues for newl players ...

Do you appreciate the issue for the newl players? YARRRR!!

Max Torps
Nomadic Conglomerate
Posted - 2009.08.30 12:07:00 - [4]

That was a tough choice to make I bet but probably the right one given the circumstances. Nice.

Top posts this week.

Apocalypse Reign
Posted - 2009.08.30 12:15:00 - [5]

I love how they suspend a rookies chance at getting a decent answer and then tell them to ask the question on either of the 2 most heavily spammed channels in the game. This is how we get new players to stick around. How about you just look at the IP that these people are spamming from and ban it for a month. Or six, it doesn't matter to me, unless Joe down the street is making money off of video games and not telling me.

Fille Balle
Ballbreakers R us
Posted - 2009.08.30 23:08:00 - [6]

And people say you guys are uselessRolling Eyes

Keep up the good work!

Posted - 2009.09.03 00:52:00 - [7]

Brand new accounts don't need to post. If they are literally new to the game (no alts) then they don't have the experience to offer anything. If they come seeking an answer to a question that has undoubtedly been answered a thousand times over (what newb question hasn't?), then there is the Search function or a cupboard stocked with virtually innumerable sticky posts and guides that many have worked quite hard on.

Let them bother to open the door and look for something to eat. They don't need to be spoon fed.

Aside from that, anything worth saying will have an expiration date beyond the temporary hold imposed on the account.

Good move by the Ops.

Quazal Atreides
Low Orbit Industries
Posted - 2009.09.15 15:53:00 - [8]

Edited by: Quazal Atreides on 15/09/2009 15:54:31
ok as i have just found out, for new toons you can't log on or post on forum for 3 days (i have just started my 5th acount for alts) however how the buggery do i get my api key now :(

When offering advice to any noob players first thing i tell em is to download evemon and create a skill plan hwoever with the 3 day lockout the problem arises that they simple waste 3 days...

Ok for me its not too bad, cant account simply be locked from posting on forums this would allow 'cosha' players like me simply getting my API key

Posted - 2009.09.16 05:44:00 - [9]

An ingame way to grab your API key would be nice.

Posted - 2009.10.02 11:28:00 - [10]

I feel the need to mention that this measure definately DID impact my first days negatively. Ive played about 6 weeks now.

When your searching in the wiki you get a ton of different answers at times and a gazillion threads for somethings.

Theres also the small fact that you don't always get what you need from it and sometimes you don't even know what your searching for.

Asking in rookie chat can lead to getting a wrong answer. Also rookie chat can be a nightmare at times.

Posted - 2009.11.09 19:01:00 - [11]

I have an idea to circumvent this problem. Maybe this was proposed by someone else before, so, sorry beforehand.

The Forum password should be different from the in-game password.

Kyrie Szondi
Ookami no Mure
Posted - 2009.11.27 13:13:00 - [12]

Though the API keys should be moved into the account management portion of the login process, the three day wait, though slightly troublesome, doesn't really affect a large portion of players to my knowledge. In reality, a new player will just be finishing the three career chains after three days, though the tutorials should be more informative about the benefits of the learning skills, and the necessity of training those skills.

Either way, the API keys are really the only drawback to a three day wait. Most of the players I have brought into the game over the years barely touch the forums, if they even know they exist. Though spammy, the Corp chat and Rookie Help channels suffice for answering basic questions, and the tutorial system handles the majority of general issues.


Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2009.12.16 12:11:00 - [13]

Fair enough decision in my opinion, I'd imagine newer players would refer to in-game help sources before they discover the forums anyway.

- Lee

Posted - 2010.02.03 23:46:00 - [14]

This explains allot. I thought my account wasn't working.

Ike Smith
Posted - 2010.02.24 12:43:00 - [15]

Not having access to my API stopped me from being able to apply to join a corp. I can't see any reason why it I can't access it elsewhere.

James Tyyrrant
Posted - 2010.02.27 11:43:00 - [16]


Tiz M'Ralda
No One Important
Posted - 2010.04.17 08:13:00 - [17]

**** idea.

Can't get the API, and it doesn't mention that it is 'from the time I payed' when I try to log in and get the key. Sort yourself out ffs. Don't link the Forum and the API. Can't be that hard to figure out that solution, can it?

And yes, I'm mad.

Posted - 2010.06.23 05:58:00 - [18]

As a new player, I always scour the forums....combing the forums for every last piece of info I could before jumping head first into the game. I can understand and appreciate the necessity to lock forum access to new players. More and more in the gaming world, but not limited to, everyone expects immediate help without any effort. Its comforting to know that a game, I'm just now getting into, is serious about keeping good info from being cluttered with spam and garbage.

The only drawback, as insignificant it may seem, is the inability to get the api key. This key is very important for programs like evemon to help a new player plan out his career and what to get started on before making a mess. This key is also really important with the player when getting help from others. Its a lot easier to say hmm here's my api key, can you take a look and nudge me in the right direction, as opposed reading off a litany of skills without boring the other player into a coma.

The tutorial is fantastic in helping new players, but there's a huge void on skills and certificates and what works best for what. Having that api key really saves a lot of frustration and time in the first few days of game play.

Sure there are tons and tons of new players who just jump in and see what's this is all about, before screaming out in frustration and quitting altogether. For those of us who are serious in getting into the game, without looking like a total noob, we definitely need that key asap.

As a mere suggestion, is it possible to have the api key listed in our accounts page rather than the forum? I can only fathom some of the complexities of how everything is linked up with the game, evegate, forums etc and this might be a tall order to fulfill without breaking something. I'm just wondering if access to the API key is necessary to link it with the forum directly.

Posted - 2010.07.28 11:35:00 - [19]

I totally agree. Do tutorials. Read them properly. If ya have any question in the game, please don't hesitate to ask me any question on your first days of playing eve. I'm in game. Go to people and places (left hand side bar of the game screen), look for "Eyesaw" under search type drop down tab. character (exact). I'm always happy to give a helping hands to new players and show you where to network your idea. after all iv really appreciated people helping me out from the start when i was new. Can be a bit daunting on the first days but hey everyone gotta start somewhere. Fly safe and remember "Help” and “Rookie" channels are there for everyone to use.

Pierre Baker
EvoGame Holdings
Posted - 2010.10.20 00:21:00 - [20]

I agree though some moderation of the channels would be nice. There are other channels out there that are better, I won't list them here though as that would make them as bad. Find a good player you trust in game and ask them they should be able to help you.

Use the tutorials, though the marketing has said eve is a good casual game it is not, and the sooner people realize that the better. It can be elitist but I don't see that as a bad thing. I agree with this decision.

Posted - 2010.11.26 00:57:00 - [21]

Well as a totally new player (8days) This 72 hour thing really sucks... No API access for 72 hours, No excuse except for not wanting to take the little time to move the API from the forums to the account management, where it should have been in the first place.

Posted - 2010.12.11 21:43:00 - [22]

may as well mention the recruitment channel in the OP also.

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2010.12.15 18:56:00 - [23]

Time to lock the thread?

Vathroen Amanti
Posted - 2011.01.27 21:01:00 - [24]

@OP - great idea. i wish more game companies followed your fine example Very Happy

Frankie Zimmerman
Pacis Ceado
Posted - 2011.03.26 09:10:00 - [25]

yay!!! finally my 72 hours are up! =p


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