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CCP Spitfire

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.15 12:45:00 - [31]

There is a new phishing email out there related to yesterday's attack on the EVE Online servers. Its text mirrors the announcement we made, but also includes a link to a malicious website. All pilots are advised to ignore this email and not to click on the link.

The phishing email text is below:


A message from our COO.

At 17:00 UTC today, CCP became aware of a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) against the EVE Online cluster and web servers.

Our policy in such cases is to mobilize a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation. At 17:55 UTC, that group concluded that our best course of action was to go completely offline while an exhaustive scan of our entire infrastructure was executed.

While some may feel that such a drastic reaction was not warranted, it is always our approach to err on the side of caution in order to ensure the best possible service for our players and the security of their personal, billing and account information.

We understand the effect this disruption has had for our players and apologize for not having been able to explain fully to the community what was going on. In these cases it can often be counterproductive to containment to give out information while we are in the process of evaluating the scope of any potential problem.

Our taskforce concluded at 22:05 that neither the game servers nor the CCP infrastructure had been breached. Further, we can also confirm that some personal details such as users' credentials or credit card numbers were exposed through this incident.

Please check yourself if your personal details was compromised by visiting Account Management page. (link omitted).

The servers were brought back online at 23:00 and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Again, we sincerely apologize for this disruption.


Jn Hrdal

Chief Operating Officer

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.06.29 22:36:00 - [32]

A new phishing email is attempting to send players to a fake EVE Gate site. The proper URL for EVE Gate is Please review any URLs in emails before clicking them and always browse safe!

Originally by: phishing email

EVGA, in cooperation with NVIDIA and MAINGEAR, has teamed up with EVE Online to offer all capsuleers a chance to win a very special gaming rig. Valued at over $3,000 USD, this top-of-the-line MAINGEAR PC comes with a custom EVE Online laser etching.

The sweepstakes is open for everyone.To apply, just visit the Contest page and fill out a short questionnaire. The contest ends June 30. More details on the prize can be found here.

You can also win one of those prizes :

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590
One of over one hundred PLEX per hour
A One-Year Subscription of EVE Online

Visit EVEGATE.COM for complete prizes and details!

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.08.09 16:59:00 - [33]

Hours for PLEX is a really awesome feature we offer to our players that have allowed their accounts to lapse to get back into their spaceships quickily and easily. Unfortionatly there is a phishing attempt going around trying to take advantage of this promotion. Keep an eye out for bad links in emails like this one:


Turn your ISK into Game Time!

Recently we put in place a new feature to give inactive and past pilots four hours of access to EVE Online to allow easily reactivation of accounts using PLEX. Hours for PLEX lets you turn extra ISK and assets into PLEX to add game time to your account without the hassle of petitioning first or resubscribing with real life cash just to buy your time with virtual money.

Give Me My Hours For Plex

Brave the swarms of Sansha invasions, load up your guns with newly-improved rockets and Tech 2 ammo, and build favor with CONCORD to shop in their exclusive new loyalty store. Over 40 new missions have been added this expansion, along with updated complexes featuring multiple never-before-seen pirate-faction modules. Check out the Incursion site for the full list of features and fixes that have arrived in just the past few months.

995,618,761 ISK translates into a lot of game time.
Turn your ISK into 30 days (or more) of EVE Online and check out over five months of updates and content releases, from November 2010 to present, delivered throughout the Incursion expansion.

Fly Safe,
- The EVE Online Dev team

Fly safe and browse safe as well!

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