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lola Dio
Lone Star Joint Venture
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.07.23 12:29:00 - [31]

There is nothing wrong with mining or moving while mining. Mining afk all day long - that needs to be ... well, the OP already talked about what the fix is.

Cool! Is that coming up in a new patch!? I want find 1 roid I can mine all day outside of a wormhole. A nice perma tank vs gankers would be great too. Any more info you have on this new change would be greatly appreciated!

Noskill McCheese
Posted - 2009.07.24 17:28:00 - [32]

try a cloaked hic with your barge bait

Anarchis Zanas
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.07.24 18:43:00 - [33]

Edited by: Anarchis Zanas on 24/07/2009 18:46:48
Originally by: Baka Lakadaka

Actually a Black Ops has the same bonus - but that's becoming an expensive option in both ISK and skills. The disadvantage on the Black Ops is that it can't warp onto the grid cloaked - but you could have it in place beforehand if you can get online before the Recons. It's a big heavy tackler, but would have plenty of tank for a pair of Recons and if sensor boosted, could lock fast.

Another alternative might be a cloaked HIC or 'dictor that can decloak and bubble them as they decloak. Get some fighters and/or drones assigned to the HIC to decloak the Recons.

This is true, although for some reason it doesn't say it in game. Main problem other than they're expensive and skill intensive is they have truly awful scan resolution.

What you could do is of course make sure your barge or whatever has a tank and point, if it isn't suitable for bait then it shouldn't be out in a system when you know you have a ganker cloaked. Then have your SBs and other ships cloaked up or near by, simply tackle the recon when it comes for you and let the others kill it. You can also have a cloaked up dictor around. If it's the same person keep a note of when and what time they appear to become active and do their attacks. If you use drones to decloak someone assign it to a small ship, not a HIC. The advantage of the HIC firstly is that it can smack it's bubble up without locking, but it will also be going maybe 300ms with MWD when the bubble is up, you can assign them to a small ship, say inty, AF etc which can zoom around trying to decloak a ship. Of course if you have point on your ship and lock the recon, it's not cloaked up unless you lose lock anyway.

In this situation are probably best with a cloaked dictor, since they're bubbles are quite big. Reason I say this is you're against Arazu, you I imagine is damping you and disrupting you from a long way off (but this would be only 1 point, meaning 1 stab on your barge if this is how they are fighting). Smack the bubble where they are, get small ships to very quickly decloaked them.

Posted - 2009.07.24 20:30:00 - [34]

Go with the battle hulk suggestions, and fit it for tank and tackle. It should be able to survive long enough while your fleet comes in. Even if you only catch one... that's still one.

Another answer is to never mine alone. Don't go out by yourself (unless baiting) in mining barges without decent PvP support.

World Director
Posted - 2009.07.27 17:27:00 - [35]

Stay in fleet with whoever is online in constellation.

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