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Jianni Sotaku
Sotaku Estate
Posted - 2009.07.22 11:18:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jianni Sotaku on 22/07/2009 11:19:20
“Are you sure about this?”

Jianni heard her father’s deep, commanding voice call to her from the head of the large wooden table that they both sat at. His voice was hiding almost all emotion, but Jianni could hear it betray his concern for her.

“Yes, Father.” Jianni replied softly. She knew that she had to approach this situation with great caution, her family was very deeply rooted in traditional Jin Mei culture – and ultimately, if her father wanted to stop her from going off to Caille University, he could. She couldn’t look at him instead she looked down at the food in front of her, pushing it around her plate. She knew what she would see if she dared glance up at him, his raven black hair – once like her own, was now receding and streaked with grey that he had long ceased trying to cover up. Cybernetic implants dotted his battered body, a harsh reminder of the uprisings that had occurred amongst the lower caste many years ago, shortly after first contact with the Gallente.

This was the very reason that her family still clung to the old ways.

Brought up like a princess, Jianni had always lived a life of luxury where her every whim was catered to. There had been much doubt in regards to her ability to take on the harsh, intensive life of a capsuleer with all its inticacies and struggles. But once the young Jang Do woman had her mind on something, very little would get in her way.

"Shuttlecraft Approaching. Designation, Ascendancy." the automatic computer system alerted the two, startling each of them as the virtual voice violated the uneasy silence between them.

Jianni lifted her head and was careful not to meet her fathers eye as she gazed out the open window to her side, taking in what could of possibly been her last look at the marvelious estate that belonged to her family. In the distance she could see farms spread across the landscape, each blemish on the otherwise green grass signifying the residence of one of her father's peasants, men and women who paid taxes to her family for the priveledge to work and live on their land.

The noise of a powerful engine caught her attention, causing her to forget her manners and jump up from the table so that she could move closer to the window and to her freedom. She craned her head up towards the sky, pulling her hand up in front of her eyes to avoid the sun's blinding rays. It took her a moment to spot the Gallentean craft which was swooping down from the heavens to whisk her away into the great beyond.

She heard the sharp scraping of a chair grinding along the ground. Her father was getting up, Jianni waited for him to launch into a final plea for her to stop. Instead she felt his hand firmly grasping her shoulder as he moved to stand beside her.

"Go on then." he gently whispered as he lent across and kissed her across the cheek just briefly before stepping away.

A tear sprung to her eye, and while her magnificent posture never faltered, it was though blurry eyes that she watched the shuttle finally touch down and its doors open, awaiting her.

((My first piece! Please feel free to comment and give me tips on how to improve... or if you spot an inconsistancy. Thanks!))

Kusum Fawn
Posted - 2009.07.24 01:00:00 - [2]

its good, but dont you think there would be more of a airport quality to shuttle landings? or at least some distance between fathers house and shuttle port? (unless its like a private helio coming to take you to the airport, but then wouldnt the father go with her?)

Renegade Serenity
Posted - 2009.07.24 05:07:00 - [3]

Actually it is pretty good, a little short but nice. As for the complaint, well it seems the family is at least well off if not was once royalty? As for the father, he isn't going to leave, he is in charge of his home to leave is not something he would do on a whim to see his daughter off to school.

Jianni Sotaku
Sotaku Estate
Posted - 2009.07.25 07:07:00 - [4]

Thank you everyone for your words!

... and yes, the Shuttle was a private charter.

I hope to continue Jianni's story, if I can get myself on to it asap.
Very Happy


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