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Gorkus Dante
The Black Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2009.07.20 17:46:00 - [1]

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Chronicle: Those Who In The Dirt Made Me

Chapter 1 - A Nobler Man Then I

Ragnot Dante was a courageous man, strong willed and idealistic. Before the days of his children he fought as a commander within the Minmatar Resistance, fighting hard against the Ammar for the freedom which was rightfully theres, as it is anyones. He was of Brutor Blood but saw all men as equals, he grew up on the planet Lustrevik and prided him self on his home lands, for he was a proud man, a good man.

He fought many battles and had won alot also, although the fight against the Ammar seemed to grow ever harder and seemed more and more impossible Ragnot would never give up. He did not fly as a capsular no, the ship he flew was manned and had a crew. It was a earlier model of todays Tempest and boy could he fly it.

An Ammar battle fleet consisting of mainly Battleships planing on storming a Minmatar system had been informed to Ragnot by his very trusted second in command, he instantly took action as he strategically planed how they where going to hit them. The plan was pretty simple, Ragnot's battle ship and many other sniper vessels would warp to a distance and use there long range cannons to distract them. As the commotion started hundreds of militia Frigate and cruiser sized vessels would warp ontop of the enemy and engage them getting so close as to dodge fire they could then pin them down and altogether do allot of damage. The last part of the plan where for well positioned stealth Bombers to then de cloak and add the extra damage needed to win. All sounded good and indeed all looked good, it even started off good.

The day was here and the trap was set and as he had been informed the Ammar Battle Fleet came. He waited on his deck for the right moment to strike and he did. As planed they warped to a distance of them and immediately started firing there long ranged weaponry. The Ammar turned and began to move towards them and some of them even starting to return fire. Stage two of the plan was sent into action and out of no where hundreds of brave Minmatar men and women flew into the fray in there small vessels, all hoping to leave there mark in history. All looked well Ragnot thought and he activated stage three of the plan, and all the stealthbombers uncloaked. His eyes gleamed as the flickers of hope shun through them, but it was all for nothing.

The stealth Bombers turned and began to fire on Ragnot's own Battle Ships and the shock within his heart was un matched by any.
"What is this madness" he shouted through the Com system as he continued to be rained by missiles. He then witnessed as the prepared Ammar Battleships all set off there multiple smart bombs destroying instantly the cruisers and frigates full of all those brave men and women. Ragnot's heart sank as he witnesed the devestation of his people.
"Set Full speed towards the enemy" Ragnot bravely shouted out to his crew but as he did he recieved a not so welcomed reply.
"Time to surrender" he heard from his second in command, as Ragnot turned to look he found a gun pointed in his face, and not just him but more then half his crew started to mutiny. He couldn't believe it, his own friends had betrayed him and joined the Ammatar. In one final desperate act Ragnot screamed as he pounced forward ontop of his former second in command and throttled him. Ragnot used all his strength and the last thing he could remember was watching the man turn blue before being shot by some sort of stun bullet forcing him to fall to the ground into a deep, dreamy sleep.

It is from here Ragnot was forced into slavery along with many of his other comrades.

OOC: This is the first small chapter of the first of my chronicles made, I just wrote it up and I hope it is liked also if its not obviouse enough Ragnot is Gorkus Dante's father

Kusum Fawn
Posted - 2009.07.24 00:13:00 - [2]

Ragnot Dante was a courageous man, strong willed, independent and idealistic. He had commanded ships in the days before his children, Fighting alongside his brothers to free his people from the Amarrian Slave holders. The Brutor Blood flowed through his veins, and he quickly rose to the position of Wing Commander in the Minmatar Resistance, entrusted with the lives of many, and the ships to accomplish his tasks. He was a stern man, asking no mercy and expecting none, his childhood on the planet Lustrevik had showed him the was of men, for better or worse. His battles were many, and losses few. His continued existence revealed his prowess on the field of battle, the Amarr did not take lightly those who wished to slaughter them, especially the successful ones.

He had fought early in the resistance when it was no more then a rumor in the reaches of the Empire, before the Minmatar could afford the capsuleer system for its better commanders, before when the loss of a ship meant hundreds of deaths, and not just a handful. His ability as a commander, earned him the right to fly the Tempest Class battleship he did, and he flew it well.

Ragnot surveyed the chosen killing area, a staging point for an Amarrian Battlefleet set to strike a Minmatar station and populated planet. His Executive officer had come across this bit of information through channels not known to Ragnot, but it didnt matter, The XO was trustworthy, having fought by his side for many years. The intel provided was a complete battleplan, swiped as he was told from the Viceroys meeting table, copied and returned. It described a station bombardment and planetary razing of a Minmatar population center, after of course it was stripped of its working age population.
Ragnot had other plans, and his plans were simple. As the Amarr battleships began to arrive, Ragouts Tempest and a few others would warp to sniping positions, drawing out the fleets interceptors and other small fast ships, as they approached Ragnot's Milita frigates and cruisers would warp as close as they could to the enemy fleet, getting under the Amarrian lasers tracking radians, and pining them using Warp scramblers and disrupters, Destroyers would then warp in to protect the cruisers and Interceptors as the panicking Amarrian Ship commanders recalled their now distanced Assault frigates and forward scouts. Those same scouts would be between the anti-frigate Minmatar destroyers and the heavy guns of both sides Battleships. they could either return and be destroyed by the Minmatar cruisers, or continue on under heavy fire by the battleships, either way they risked being shot by all sides. if they left, Ragnot hoped to be able to decimate the Amarrian Battlefleet stripped of its small ship cover. A small group of Stealth bombers had been arranged by His Xo to help in the quick decimation of the amarrian battleships, they now sat on station to give warning when the Amarrians had arrived. Everything looked perfect for a quick and decisive victory.

Ragnot paced the deck, his men were briefed, his ships in position, the trap laid, all he needed now were the guests of honor. He hated waiting, but he knew that there were two kinds of people, those who could wait, and those that died stupidly. There were far too many that had passed on before him in such ways for him not to bide his time, but it still made him grind his teeth. He hated waiting. The Com buzzed, and the clear voice of a Stealth Bomber pilot came through, "Coming in hot now, we have multiple contacts. Stand by for Confirmation..." Ragnot, moved to his command chair, ready to issues the fleet wide orders to begin their warp count downs. "this is Two Nine, confirm Amarrian Fleet, Repeat Confirm Fleet" Ragnot began issuing orders, "Snipers warp, Intys ten seconds, destroyers fifteen seconds! Warp!"
The great ship Leapt.

Kusum Fawn
Posted - 2009.07.24 00:46:00 - [3]

Travelling through the solar system faster then light, moving more kilometers faster then he could describe. Fortunately, he didnt have to, the math was more advanced then anything he could grasp, more advanced then anyone could grasp, all he cared about was that it worked.

They reverted to realspace almost a hundred KM from the aligning Amarrians, targeting as fast as the ships computers could find the markers, Ragnot opened fire there wasnt much chance that he would hit them, but there was always hope, and a few of his shots did indeed make their target. the computers made a quick report for every shot fired, hit or miss, and He watched the Fleet wheel about and attempt to close the distance between them, still he waited for the Fleets cover to pounce, or attempt to pounce, The tempest was aligned to one of the asteroid belts, if things went bad, there would be a quick avenue of escape, if there was one to be had. He blinked, and all of a sudden the Amarrian Interceptors shot forward of the main fleet, Powered by Microwarp drives they could attain speeds faster then any other ship, they began to eat up the distance between the fleets, and they would be range in a few seconds. The same seconds the Minmatars had been waiting out, In a flash the Minmatars were among the Gigantic Abaddons and Armageddons. locking in less then a second out of warp and using their speed and warp scramblers to pin the Battleships in place. Ragnot could see the Amarrians waver, recieving new orders from the Fleet comanders, The destroyers showed up and the Amarrians decisions were made in that moment, they ran. Warping out he could just see the Amarrians faces as they knew that they had been left to die, Victory was delicious. "Advance to range, and be quick. Stealth bombers please open fire"

The tempest realigned itself this time to chase the now limping Amarrian Fleet gaining range to do the most effective fireing. As one the Stealth Bombers uncloaked, and formed up into squads, For a few seconds, Ragnot didnt notice that there were now twice as many as he had thought would be there, But when they began locking his Ship he knew there was something wrong. "what is This Madness?!" he cried to the stunned bridge crew, the stealth bombers as a wing began to use their high powered torpedoes to break his sheilds and eat away at his ships armor, Alarm bells began ringing all over the ship as sections of hull were breached. "Retreat! Scatter! Run!" he shouted into the com, But he recieved no response, Out on the screens he could see the Brave Minmatars still pining the Amarrian Fleet, unaware of the Stealth bombers picking the heavy guns apart. "What is this!" he shouted turning to his XO, only to find a small but effective weapon in his XO's hand, aimed right at Ragnots chest, "Don't you think its time to surrender?" Out of the corner of his eye he saw his once loyal bridge crew fighting amongst themselves, there had been more then one traitor on the bridge. A blinding Flash blanked out the view screens, The Amarrians had not been fit for planetary bombardment, but instead for small frigate tacklers, a hundred small area effect weapons or smartbombs as they were known, radiated out from the fleet cluster. The shocked cries from the crews of the doomed ships rang out on the coms as they realized what was happening, only to be cut short by the vaporizing blasts. "You set me up you BASTARD!" Ragnot shouted as he grabbed the XO by the neck and squeezed, and squeezed. A shock hit him in the back, again and again, Ragnot could feel his consious slipping away, but the last thing he saw was the unfocused eyes fo the XO, on his blue buldging face. "I hope I killed....."

Sorry for jacking your story, but i thought this was good.


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