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Posted - 2004.09.27 18:05:00 - [1]

Having been part of EVE since the last beta stages I have seen the game go from good to almost perfect (SOON™).

Being parked up in Venal for almost 6 months has also shown me the errors in the game design. Even though CCP has been listening to the alliance goofs to some extent I do feel that there are a few areas that can still be improved.

One of those areas is alliance border security. Even though I have looked long and hard for answers from any CCP employee in both forums and blogs I have found no pondering on the subject. Does this mean they feel it’s as good as it should be or is it just an oversight on their behalf?

Oh sorry perhaps I should describe the problem before carrying on...

With alliances now covering most outer rim systems the wars have been both frequent and long, most often amounting to nothing either RP-vise or as an experience for the players. The RP suffers in that regions can’t be controlled, thus not be owned, and thus not be taken. IMHO it’s just an illusion brought on by the people who like to think of themselves as alliance heads to keep people occupied. Most often the war experience only amounts to endless hours sitting by a gate eyeballing the monitor for a sudden jump signature and then facing the fact that it was either a Frig or a Fleet, either way the guard will be unable to do anything. And when the enemy fleet do come it all turns into a safe spot hide and seek that can go on for months without any noticeable gains or losses to either side. Sure, we do see a few fleet battles, but most players tend to avoid them due to lag issues.

That’s my view of the issue. It might not necessarily coincide with yours ;-)

To fix this (my notion) problem CCP should develop an alliance jump gate lock system. What that means is that alliances would be able to effectively lock the jump gates leading into (not out of) a system. To fully protect a region this would have to be accomplished in all systems with external jump gate connections.

Once a system is controlled (the criteria bellow) by a corporation the jump gate lock is accessible by the corporation and its alliance members. If the corporation is not a member of an alliance then the system is controlled by that corporation alone or any alliance that it creates/joins while meeting the system ownership criteria.

Exactly how to determine alliance space and thus decide who “own” the system could be somewhat tricky, but something like “Being the soul owner of a Control Tower in the system for X hours/days” could be one way to allow for dynamic regional ownership. This would also open up some interesting situations where alliances/corporations fight for system supremacy in order to be able to lock it down.

It is my belief that the use of Control Towers as an “ownership control” would prevent misuse and exploitation seeing as the cost of CT’s are likely will be too great to erect without proper support efforts.

I can see a few questions being raised about right now:
Will this mean the end of all wars?
How do you invade a locked system?

This proposal is not meant to end wars, it’s meant to start meaningful once. If you can control a system by spending time and (a lot of) ISK on erecting a Control Tower and making sure you’re the only one owning one in the system then you open up both revenue possibilities and risks. The possibilities are that you can devote your time making money instead of sitting by a jump gate waiting for an enemy that might not show up for months. The risk is that you put a lot of ISK into the project and you will want to defend it should it come under attack.

But how do I attack a Control Tower in a locked system? Just as in real life any lock can be broken, any code be cracked. Given time with the help of the right equipment gate locks can be penetrated and disabled. Hacking a gate lock should take a long time, perhaps 24-48 hours. The whole idea is to slow invasions down to a tempo more suited to the realities of how EVE is played. Having a US based corporation/alliance invade a EU based one (or vise versa) during off hours and taking up safe spot position is neither fun nor realistic; this system is a prevention of that occurring in normal playing circumstances.

Once a lock has been disabled by hacking it will remain open until reinitialized by a corp/alliance member. This operation will take as long as the hacking procedure and will be terminated if the system control criteria aren’t met at the end of the cycle.

To further game play and RP and make real use of Black Op frigs like the Buzzard they should be able to traverse locked gates and scout the inside of a system of potential targets and threats to an offensive force.

That’s about it! Sure the details need to be ironed out and Im sure I have missed a few things. But this is just a brief proposal meant for discussion and not a final draft. Start the barbeque!

Rionnag Alba
Posted - 2004.09.30 09:59:00 - [2]

This has got to be one of the smartest posts I've read in a while. I seldom travel to non-empire but your idea seems solid. I'd like to throw a titan into the mix.

-Jump drives are/should only be fitt-able on titans. And they should be impossible to scramble.
-The only way to break those gate locks is from the inside with a special high slotted module.(will add to RP)
-All jumps made with jump drives should be selectable to any planet/moon in a system you are jumping to.
-jump drives should have a recharge time of say 10 to 30 mins depending on skills.(no one is gonna leave a titan high and dry in enemy territory)

Aliances would have to build titans to carry an attack fleet deep within an enemy controlled system. That fleet would then have to fight it's way to the gates to unlock them for others to come through, or wait the 20-60 minutes for the titans to recharge to jump out and bring support waves back in. So they would have to send their best skilled and best equiped pilots on the initial wave to guard the titan during jump drive recharge and for the initial push to the gates.

Awesome idea and very do-able if the right ppl want this to happen.
wishful thinking....

Posted - 2004.09.30 10:12:00 - [3]

Perhaps allow us to destroy CONCORD jumpgates...and then build our own:

Buildable Jumpgates

Posted - 2004.10.01 06:52:00 - [4]

What that means is that alliances would be able to effectively lock the jump gates leading into (not out of) a system.

There's your problem. To stop someone getting into your system, you have to stop them getting out of the neigbouring system, at least on that gate. What if I'm surrounded by hostile alliance sectors? I'm trapped. Weee, fun game.

In any case, with player-owned structures coming, a warp disruptor with minefields, turrets, etc. will achieve a similar thing - that is, a blockade that takes a lot of effort to put in place and to get through, but that doesn't require people sitting on their bums for hours on end.


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