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Posted - 2004.09.27 17:10:00 - [1]

Edited by: Psionist on 01/10/2004 06:38:35
The auction is now closed. If anyone else is interested in these great items please contact me via evemail with an order amount and I will get back to you.

Winning bidders:

Ronyo Dae'Loki 1x at 1.2m
Zipoldy 5x at 1.3m
Legolan 10x at 1.4m
Nalrath Tolahnia 2x at 1.4m
Cemetary 2x at 1.5m

Quenya Mining and Refining thanks you for your patronage.

Posted - 2004.09.27 18:13:00 - [2]

Also, if you would like to submit an order for any larger amount of LSE2's we can fill such an order. We do offer bulk discounts and delivery based on region and security level of the delivery area.

Ronyo Dae'Loki
4S Corporation
Posted - 2004.09.27 18:22:00 - [3]

I'll take 1 at 1.2mil.

Posted - 2004.09.28 08:45:00 - [4]

Ronyo Dae'Loki is the only current winning bidder. Come on guys, this is an excellent price for these items. Smile

Posted - 2004.09.28 08:57:00 - [5]

I'll take 5 at 1.3Mill


Posted - 2004.09.28 19:17:00 - [6]

Just posting the stats on the shield extenders so you know what you're bidding on.

Large Shield Extender II

"Increases the maximum strength of the shield."

Tech Level: 2
Shield HP Bonus: 1,400

Required Skills:

Shield Upgrades II
Science I
Engineering II

Fitting requirements:

Medium Power slot.
CPU Usage: 100tf
Powergrid Usage: 400MW

These things are great for shield tanking miners or PVP. My corpmate has one on his thorax, which made it annoyingly strong when we duel. It has low fitting requirements and low skill needs, so its great if you have an extra mid slot on a cruiser or battleship too.

Posted - 2004.09.29 03:01:00 - [7]

i would like to buy 10 at 1.4mil

Posted - 2004.09.29 08:33:00 - [8]

Edited original post to reflect the bids.

Posted - 2004.09.30 02:33:00 - [9]

Less than 24 hours left folks. Get in now for low prices on these excellent items.

Nalrath Tolahnia
Hydra Alliance
Posted - 2004.09.30 08:37:00 - [10]

I'll take 2 at 1.4 million plz.....that idea of putting one on a rax seems like an interesting idea.... :)

Posted - 2004.09.30 13:56:00 - [11]

Less than 12 hours left! Original post edited to reflect current highest bids.

Posted - 2004.09.30 23:11:00 - [12]

Edited by: Psionist on 30/09/2004 23:13:36
Due to an unavoidable issue that has come up,(I won't be here at 2400 tonight to end the auction.) the auction will be extended by 6 hours to Friday, 0600 Eve time.

At that time all bidders will be contacted about escrows and possible delivery.

Spartan Hoplites
Rare Faction
Posted - 2004.10.01 01:00:00 - [13]

2 at 1337..I mean at 1.5m

Posted - 2004.10.01 02:34:00 - [14]

Hehe, alright your bid has been added to the original post. Just 3 and a half hours left till the auction closes and all items are now spoken for. If you want to bid now you must bid at least 100k over the lowest bid (1.2m at this time). So if you wanted 3 for example at the lowest possible price you would have to bid for 1 at 1.3m and 2 at 1.4m for the bids to be counted. Good luck all, see you in a few hours.

Posted - 2004.10.01 06:20:00 - [15]

Edited by: Psionist on 01/10/2004 06:26:43
Ok, Auction is closed. Everyone who bid I'll set up a 3 day escrow for the amount you posted and I'll send you an ingame evemail reminding you. If you would prefer delivery then I can accomodate you, simply reply to the evemail stating that you would like the units delivered and what station you'd like them to be left at.

Posted - 2004.10.01 06:35:00 - [16]

All escrows up at Tourier, 1 jump from Yulai right on the highway.


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