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Posted - 2003.06.24 11:52:00 - [31]

Actually we got spots in sold-out stations. We had to negotiate and pay for them, but we dont complain cause thats kinda realistic and you will always find someone who sells slots.

a) I think not everybody should be able to build cause that would render market useless.

b) If you want to be a Manufactor in reallife, do you just go out and say: Ok, that nice spot fits my need I ll build a factory here?? As long as rentals of slots are that low, ppl selling them are bringing in some sort of realism. Just so you dont think we hoard tons of slots, we have about 8 and sold a few.

Posted - 2003.06.24 15:21:00 - [32]

Quote: If you want to be a Manufactor in reallife, do you just go out and say: Ok, that nice spot fits my need I ll build a factory here??

DarkBaron1, yes, that is exactly what you do. If every factory in a location is completely filled, new ones are built.

Please add me to the list of those concerned with the current situation. Being unable to rent a lab after playing the game for a month, with out having to pay some hoarders idea of a "reasonable price", is unacceptable.

Edited by: Madox on 24/06/2003 15:21:21

AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2003.06.24 15:49:00 - [33]

Add Enigma Federation to the list for Research

Jandon Kell
My Li'l Pony Mafia
Posted - 2003.06.24 16:26:00 - [34]

Add me to the list. I agree with the upping the rent charged. If real estate is this scarce, raise the rates. And if there are no factory slots, stations would expand, add to the number of slots. I don't know if this can be done, but it would sure happen "in the real world". I am an independent, and I would love to find one slot of each, even if they were a few jumps away from each other.

Sara Angel
Posted - 2003.06.24 22:42:00 - [35]

Almost every post in the Factories forum is in one way or another about this issue. I can't understand why the devs are so silent. Who gives a damn about shuttles? Just make yourself a noob ship for free. Focus on what's really important! As far as I'm concerned, shortage of Factory and Research labs is the most important factor in the game right now. Can we please see some dev responses?

I remember reading in an interview with CCP they expected the "universe" to support 100,000 players. What a friggin' joke! It's a mess with only 6000...

Anyway, add me to the list.

Posted - 2003.06.25 03:34:00 - [36]

Well, I actually found a station with full free factory slots in it in the Tamo solar system (Lai Dai Protection something-such...). My corp, Destros, has three factories there, as does our brother corp Hammer's Slammers.

However, when I staerted looking around for more favourable places to place my corp's headquarters, I couldn't find any. I searchered damn-near every place in Citadel, Forge, Sinq Liason, Metropolis... I guess everyone figured that since Lonetrek is a newbie region, there most definately wouldn't be any stations any where in there, thus leaving a few available in the upermost areas (security status .3).

And research slots are even MORE difficult to find. I was able to find several areas with mabey one or two factory slots available (not enough to prompt moving my HQ), but not a single research station anywhere...

And I searched every single station in every system I visited... about a week and a half worth of non-stop searching.

Personally, I think the number of alowable factory slots for a corporation soulh depend upon the size of the corporation (members). A small corporation such as mine really doesn't need any more than 6, though I only have three. Larger corps (megacorporations/empires) logically should be allowed more factory slots per each corp level of the president.

For personal ownership, the allowable slots should vary dependant on the industry skill level.---
--->****Well, duh! at level one, you can only run one anyways, so why the hell should you have any more than 1??!!** Thus, at each additional industrial level, another slot is allowed to be owned! <---common sense right there!!!!

If they decide to suddenly cut the number of slots available to a corp, then they should give a loud and clear warning. Then, after a wek or two, give the corporations with too many slots the choice of which slots they want to keep, and ditch the rest into public domain.

Edited by: Destrim on 25/06/2003 17:40:06

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.25 07:05:00 - [37]

Add me to the list too please

Wicked Sensitive Crew
Posted - 2003.06.25 07:24:00 - [38]

Add me too, searched for 2 weeks and i've been lucky. Found 1 factory.

United Alliance

Posted - 2003.06.25 07:57:00 - [39]

Pann has now responded on this issue guys factory ownership is to be tied to your skills so you will only be able to rent what you can use no eta on the fix though so just hang in there.

Fester Addams
Posted - 2003.06.25 14:10:00 - [40]

Sounds good, it was all I ever wanted :)

I hope they have taken skills into account when corps owning slots too or not much will change :)

Thanx for the great news Pann but if nothing happens in a few days I will petition all the same.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.25 16:00:00 - [41]

what about research lab slots?

Posted - 2003.06.25 20:27:00 - [42]

I have also been searching for factory slots. From day one. I looked hard at first, but it became seriously wasted time. Every damn slot, factory or research is taken, including cluster zones and all the ones in the outer regions. It really ****es me off because I really want to build stuff, even if just ammo and the like. CCP should DEFINATELY put max-rent times for slots, say one week then cant rent in that station or system for a week. Give us people that dont have a corp or bought ISK a chance to experience this part of the game.

Posted - 2003.06.25 21:34:00 - [43]

Offices, Factory slots, and Research slots, all of these are in demand by PLAYERS wanting to PLAY the game. Any of the devs ever hear of "Ultima Online", it's DEAD!! Because of squatters taking up all the "land property", nobody can play unless they join someone else, and pay taxes to their leige. Sounds like fuedalism, not capitalism. Sounds like "EVE Online". Instead of paying taxes to a liege, your paying an enormous ("reasonable"????) amount to a squatter for a slot.
Because of the squatters, I have to spend 50-80% of my time online, as the "mobile corp hanger". With no offices available (hence no corp hanger), I sit in the station and trade items and ships to my corp members, taking in ore, then trading it to the guy with the refining skills (if he's in station), trading the minerals back, ferrying the minerals to a station several jumps away, then trading to the manufacturing guy with the only two factory slots in the corp, running several jumps away, and fetching the blueprint from the only guy with a reasearch slot, and ferrying it to the guy back at the factory.

Geee.... sounds like fun... huh?

A friend, recruited myself and two others into this game, my free month is up in a couple of days, as are my friends'. Hmmm... What do YOU think I'm going to do with my subscription?

Please add my name to the list, I want to give the devs a chance,... Come on guys, lets fix this.

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Posted - 2003.06.26 04:37:00 - [44]

I was kinda getting into this game until I tried to get a factory slot. My account will be closed, it's not my idea of fun to just mine an asteroid half the time. If customer service sort it out then maybe i will continue to play. They have my email I guess and can let me know if it's sorted. No way I'm playing to play a game where i can't even do half the stuff.

The game reviews are a joke, Eve is good game but will go the way of Asherons Call 2 if they don't sort this out. Good reviews do not make a good MMORPG when theres nothing to ****in do. WAKE UP and fix it already!!!!!!!!!

Seraphin Technologies
Posted - 2003.06.26 11:28:00 - [45]

yeah its a pity with factory and research slot availability all broken ...
tried several days in several regions out of empire space to find free slots ... hehe ... jep, no chance!

Well, basically I can live with a somewhat limited number of slots, but I'd like to have a more sophisticated process of deciding WHO has the slots than atm. Atm those who were ingame from the first week are the ones who have the slots .... and pardon me, thats BS

Tim Macleod
Posted - 2003.06.26 11:34:00 - [46]


Same old problem, I have been 2 loads of regions - nothing - I can see them being sold on ebay but nothing in game. Add my name!!!

They need to add more factories - simple as that and perhaps allocate a set number to each character. I have been playing for 2 weeks and I am stuffed but I feel sorry for any "new" players that have no chance of getting a slot

Wolfram Gauss
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.26 11:56:00 - [47]

Uh, Pudee, where did Pann respond to this issue and what exactly did he say?

Factory slots are certainly very hard to find and something needs to be done about that, but the lab slot issue is by far the more serious one - never seen a single free one since I started playing more than a month ago.

I agree with previous posters that CCP has quite insane priorities; why keep adding new fluff like shuttles and waypoints when several crucial features are broken or missing!?

Jehrig Taltos
Posted - 2003.06.26 15:05:00 - [48]

Add me aswell...

I have played Dark Age of Camelot for quite some time and never had a problem with smithing. But here you cant persue such a course since there isnt any room to do so. Kinda of limits the fun-ablility of the game for me.

Cornexant Corp
Posted - 2003.06.27 07:42:00 - [49]

Some ideas that I have been told about have been things like factories not being able to be rented for any set period of time. If a factory is open you click on it,, install a BP and set it to run how many production runs as you want and you get charged a per hour fee.. This would be great because then there would never be an inactive factory held. So even small corps could get runs in and people would have to account for the cost of the factory time into the total cost of what they are producing. Think this is the best fix for it. In areas where CCP wants less access to factories just have less. They will still be available to all but catching one open will be a rarer thing then, Just Hoping this will come to pass.

Asylum Industries
Posted - 2003.06.27 08:32:00 - [50]

In game character jofgav

Dido, a while back 3 of us when searching further a field and had no such luck - hopefully a limitation based on how many factories/research facilities you can operate at once (from the skill), will free up a good number of slots. It's bound to be better than the way things are right now.

Sparc Ambertin
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2003.06.30 16:10:00 - [51]

*waves hand*

I have a couple of originals and no Lab Slot... :(((.

hope they implement the skill limit and fix the bills soon...

Salazar N'terre
The Technomages
Posted - 2003.07.02 19:44:00 - [52]

Add me to the list, cant find any lab slots, i have checked all of forge and Metropolis. I am looking to invest in a friend. His science skills are pretty high. But he cant use them to earn a good living.

Posted - 2003.07.02 20:08:00 - [53]

Yep, I've been searching slots for about 3weeks. Add me to the list pls :-)

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