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Fester Addams
Posted - 2003.06.22 12:34:00 - [1]

This post is only posted for one reason, have you actively searched factory stations for any duration but failed to find any free slots.

If so then reply with your name and how long you have searched.

My char Fester Addams has now searched for roughly 10hrs in an area of space where you are lucky to have another player within 5 jumps.

Posted - 2003.06.22 13:44:00 - [2]

A week ago I started looking a bit more seriously, before that I just checked stations I happend to land in.

So I started traveling out to more remote systems, since everyone keep saying, "there are slots, just not in the central systems" So I have now traveled 54 jumps from The Forge -Jita all the way out to Curse - Utopia.

And I tell you, there is nothing here. Nothing! I talked to a CEO out here, he traveled to Curse over a week ago to get the slots out there.

The current situation are locking new, (and current for that matter), players out of essential parts of the game. And just releasing "hogged" slots isn't a sulotion, if there are a high demand for slots in a system more than the current 16 should become available.

The current situation is like only buidling 30million cars for the entire US market, and then let people fight over them. It has nothing to do with a free market, (more like what the communists did), and it also have a 0% fun factor for all the people that are locked out of the system.

Fester Addams
Posted - 2003.06.22 14:03:00 - [3]

I may have been a tad unclear :/

This post is intended to collect the names of people who have been actively searching for factory slots (and research for that matter) and once the total number of people becomes significant I will petition the GM's about opening up slots for use suported by this thread.

So if you have an interest in seeing slots open up (alot of slots are just hogged by people who cant use them I understand) sign.


Carp Riddell
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.22 18:00:00 - [4]

Although we've hardly scoured the known universe, we've covered the local regions well....and no slots of any type available.

Please add the Innsmouth Shipping Co to the list of those after slots. One factory and one research somewhere in Heimatar (preferably Isendeldik) would make us all blissfully happy (and secure subs for some to to come).

Posted - 2003.06.22 20:28:00 - [5]

Fester first let me semi-appologise for posting on this thread but it is a topic that I and others feels very strongly about.

I do have 1 or 2 factories but as you say I got them early (UK here). Early on we knew that there would be serious problems for new customers in the future and pointed this out in a very vocal fashion, there were many posts made with suggested solutions some of them better than others but all were better than the current situation.

The reason I said semi-appologise at the start is that I would like to be able to move my production to an area which is more suitable, so in that respect you can add me too your list of people who would like to see factories more freely available both for myself and for the long term benefit of the game i.e. allowing new customers to follow there chosen career path within the game.

Posted - 2003.06.22 22:19:00 - [6]

As a new player i find it amazingly fustrating to be unable to find factory slots open. Thank you for starting up this thread.

Dolgrathe Nackle
Portsmouth Shipyards
Posted - 2003.06.22 23:13:00 - [7]

I would also like to add my name to the list.

I have search through 5 regions visiting every station since i first started, contacted friends for info in their areas and generally hassled.

Unfortunately I have been unlucky although I did find a Lab in Masalle, VV. So have research on the go.

I am all for capitalism but this is killing a key part of the game. I would like to have 2 lab slots for research and then a couple of factories to become a specialist supplier in one area ie. ammo or drones etc. Shame that a person putting all their training in cruiser can mine and get a cruiser but a person that has trained factory and lab specific skills cannot get access to thier interest in the game.

Good post idea. Thanks for standing up for us. Eve developers - this game is great but please help us out - we will make the economy work for you.

Posted - 2003.06.22 23:30:00 - [8]

Well, right now Taggart owns most of the slots up north in the venal region, but won't sell them, even though they don't produce jack up there. Then backed out of a deal to sell a slot about mid range in the region and then tried to slough a slot at the furthest north station in the game w/o jump drives. Of course no corp hangars open there either.

GG taggart, open some up for the rest of us if you arne't going to use em.

Posted - 2003.06.22 23:59:00 - [9]

Add my name to the list

Posted - 2003.06.23 00:04:00 - [10]

Add the BIP Corp and its 22 members to the list :)

Posted - 2003.06.23 00:39:00 - [11]

yup add my name so far serched 3 non empier reagons and zip.

Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2003.06.23 00:44:00 - [12]

Add Me and the ISSP to that list

Posted - 2003.06.23 00:49:00 - [13]

The situation is more than a bit silly. Only 4000 players on peak, maybe triple that total. Say, half the stations have 16 factories / labs, and there are usually multiple stations per system. There are enough factories and labs in game for everyone to have several. It's clearly hoarding, and initiated by the absurdly low initial rents.

Our corp is in a fairly fringe area (judging from the pilots in space / station displays on the map) and there's still nothing available. Not in the space near our newbie areas (which are still sparsely populated), not the space past 0.0 systems, nor tracts of unpopulated space.

The fix has already been posted numerous times: raise the base rents to something reasonable. Add a geometric increase for grabbing multiple station hangars in a constellation or multiple factories in a region. If you have a real use for a factory slot, then even 100,000 isk per month rental won't make you blink. But 100k isk times 4^16 per factory per month for that slot hoarder will get him out, and fast. Rents must be applied retroactively to rental time so that everyone doesn't have to wait out the one-month (and free month) billing cycle.

Posted - 2003.06.23 03:08:00 - [14]

I searched for 2 days, befor I found a slot 30 jumps away from HQ, and still no research slots to be found anywhere. Something must be done about this dilemma. The amount of slots you can have should depend on skill level, and there should be twice as many slot as there is now.

Posted - 2003.06.23 07:39:00 - [15]

list me too!

Its just crasy or stupid.... Didnt get any factory slots and I had to do over 15 jumps to get a station for renting an office.... Yeah a station in "nirvana".

Just remembering on some statments like: "factory slots will be free again" or "you have to do 2-3 jumps away from the noob station to get one"....

lol I bought a bp 3 weeks ago for a few millions in order to produce something. I had to sell it as I couldnt find any slot....

But what I am crying? I have an office in an system I wouldnt like to be there!

Posted - 2003.06.23 08:42:00 - [16]

You can add Blue Circle Corps to this list.

I spent some considerable time just travelling to each and every station on a set route through various regions. It took many hours and was extremely tedious. I found 1 free factory slot.

Posted - 2003.06.23 15:20:00 - [17]

My corp started out and we took 2 factory and 2 research slots at our chosen home station.

We were not greedy, most of the slots in the station were free at that time and we could have had most of them. Now we could really do with 2 more of each slot as some items take a while to produce/research.

We have now been looking for the last 3 weeks for ANY slots anywhere but just can't seem to find any :(

I hope this gets sorted before to long, I think an expiry time on the unused slots is a must to prevent whole areas of the game (seems to be most of it at the moment?) from having NO free slots at all because some corp(s) sent teams through xyz system ONCE just to book all the slots 'in case' they need them later.

Update: LOL, I even hear that Jove space is now all booked for the slots :)

Edited by: Reathe on 25/06/2003 10:52:59

Ashen Black
Posted - 2003.06.23 16:28:00 - [18]

Well I finally went ahead and bought a lab slot (I also bought a factory slot in the same station so I could consolidate). It cost me a lot of isk, but now that I have them in my possession I am happy, and the cost doesn't seem that big of a deal anymore.

Now, I already had 4 factory slots in another system [ go ahead and flame me for holding 4 at once when I could only use 3 :) ]. Once I payed for and got my new lab/fact slots in the one station, I immedietely unrented my 4 factory slots and broadcasted on a public channel of their availability. I don't believe in charging people for slots, but I do understand why others are charging for them.

For new players who join the game and want to be independent researchers and producers, my advice would be put that goal on hold, earn some isk through mining/trading/hunting, establish a bit of a nest egg, then look for people selling slots. A new player probably wont be able to afford the new higher rental rates anyway. Chances are if they can afford to buy a slot from someone then they can afford to keep it.

Edit: I forgot to say "add me to the list". I had searched some 50 systems over two days before giving up and paying someone for my slots.

Edited by: Ashen Black on 23/06/2003 18:56:58

Posted - 2003.06.23 17:05:00 - [19]

Add me to the list. I've been searching for a few evenings now...I had a 54 jump pilgrimage and at about 25 jumps left I started looking for a factory slot. I'd stop and scan for stations with factories in each system, then warp to each one to check.

So far, none found.

Building stuff was a big part of the appeal of this game for me...the idea that you could go mine ore and drag it back and build parts for yourself or your friends.

If I'm not going to be able to do that...well, it'll factor into whether or not I keep playing. I didn't get the game at launch so missed out on the 'land rush' of sucking up all available resources.

Replicant Amara
Posted - 2003.06.23 18:05:00 - [20]


Posted - 2003.06.23 20:32:00 - [21]

Add me too ... and while we're at it, the lack of office space is ridiculous too. CCP should make it so that you can only handle so many offices/factories/labs/ at any one time and if you want to expand into a different market (region) you gotta give some up in other areas. This should be based upon your skills/abilities rather than how much money you have. The current situation will drive new players away from thsi game.

Alpha Empire
Posted - 2003.06.23 21:03:00 - [22]

Add me to the list as well, my corp is looking for research slots more than anything.

Also I'll point you to a thread I started awhile ago with a possible solution. I still think my idea is reasonable and realistic and would make things much better for everyone.

here's the link:

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.23 21:40:00 - [23]

you can add myself and my corp to the list as well. we've searched every system in four regions. no factories and no labs. i want to make it clear that i think the labs should be included in any solution as a lot of times it seems like folks are only interested in factories.

i think Ravach said it best. this is a major factor in determining whether or not i continue to play this game.

Posted - 2003.06.23 23:20:00 - [24]

add me too, have been looking for about 3 days now.

I made a char specificly aimed for manufacturing, and i cant do that, cause

Saw them on the trading people asking for a slot offering 2 mil. or more, so I guess im not the only one

Azrael Seventh
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.24 03:19:00 - [25]

I've been playing since the 12th of may and so far I have only found ONE factory slot and NO labs :(

Definately add me to the list.

Lord Armageddon
Posted - 2003.06.24 05:19:00 - [26]

add me to the list too, please

Mashadar Incorporated
Posted - 2003.06.24 09:22:00 - [27]

Add me too. I feel cheated that I'm unable to play a significant part of this game to the restictions with slots.

I mean why bother with manufactuering at all if only 5% of the population have access? I mean I understand that the economy might be effected if everyone can have factory slots, but to physically stop people from obtaining slots is a bit extreme and untrue to a real market.

Posted - 2003.06.24 09:45:00 - [28]

I check for slots every time I dock anywhere. I never ever find any. It's so bad even slots in jove space are taken.

Basic Tritanium Mining North
Posted - 2003.06.24 11:21:00 - [29]

I to would like to have factories. I actually already have a few in Placid region but it's far away from our base. I don't really use them so If anyone would like to buy for resonable price feel free.
Also the lab slots are impossible to find. :(

Witch Rosa
Posted - 2003.06.24 11:24:00 - [30]

add me too to the list please.
i had luck after 3 weeks to find some slots, but i can't use them in a good way for our corporation, because i can't rent an office there. this is one problem more.

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