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Mr Vapor
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.09.26 12:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mr Vapor on 26/09/2004 12:28:25

Begin Transmission ......

We now interrupt your regular programming to bring you a public service announcement from the Hammer of Thor Corporation.

"Greetings citizens of EVE.

We at the Hammer of Thor Corporation would like to extend an invitation to all pilots in the EVE universe who seek gainful employment to take a look at our business and what we offer.

Our corporation was founded on the sole belief in justice. We have a very experienced core group of individuals that will help you not only gain a foothold in the outer reaches of space but will also help you prosper. We believe that our members come first.

You may ask yourself, what can I seek to gain from joining THOT? In words of one syllable: much. We will not only offer helpful, friendly advice from people who have been in your place but we will also provide you with ships, skills, and equipment in exchange for your loyalty to the corporation. Simply put, you will be afforded opportunities that few enjoy and knowledge that will exponentially enhance your life in space.

THOT consists of two main divisions with various jobs in each. All the jobs are important and we need many to fill positions. Here is a rundown of the divisions.

The Industrial/Production division is our corporation workhorse. The heart and soul of THOT, they supply the minerals necessary for our production of everything from ammunition to the mighty battleship class vessels that roam our spaceways. Every new pilot, unless already a veteran of the spacelanes, paays thier dues here first. This allows ample time for them to gain valuable experience and skill. This team of individuals is extremely valuable to the entire corporation and any member in this division can expect to be rewarded handsomely for a job well done.

The Combat Division, codenamed "Valhalla's Warriors," is where the action gets furious. This division is responsible for many diverse actions in EVE. We supply recon of distant solar systems, provide protection to mining operations, bounty hunting, and we actively engage individuals that threaten not only THOT assets but also those of other innocent EVE citizens as well. We train together on a constant basis and are looking forward to the day when we are a respected and feared fleet of battle hardened veterans.

Overall, we are an ever adapting corporation that looks forward towards the future. We are constantly thinking of fun and exciting ways to keep EVE an interesting place to be. Did I mention our corp lottery that can turn even the most ISK strapped pilot into a multi- millionaire overnight?

In closing, if you are looking for a team of individuals that truly believe in teamplay contact either Lanari or Nikana by EVE-mail or go to channel: THOT Recruitment and we will interview you for employment. We will do our best to get make you a valuable member of our team.

For additional information go to our website or our forum and we will be more than happy to answer questions for you.

Warm regards to all."

End Transmission ......

Gaven Moradee
Posted - 2004.09.27 04:59:00 - [2]

I am interested in joining. Miner/Producer 2 weeks old going into my first cruiser this week. Ready to start some corp mining!


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