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Posted - 2009.07.22 18:08:00 - [181]

I see this game turning into WOW really quick. I played/started playing this game to get away from all the Easy-mode stuff. IMO decreasing LP required isnt needed.

Lt Pizi
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2009.07.22 21:43:00 - [182]

Originally by: La5eRTT
I see this game turning into WOW really quick. I played/started playing this game to get away from all the Easy-mode stuff. IMO decreasing LP required isnt needed.

yeah sure ...
its so damn easy to go 5-7 jumps into hostile space and as soon as you warp to the mission a beacon pops up easily spotted on the overview
FW till now was a huge personal money sink

now it gets substandard rewards and ppl complain

pls make it so that YOUR rank influences the LP gained too for killing an enemy

Aurora Nyx
Posted - 2009.07.23 10:10:00 - [183]

Edited by: Aurora Nyx on 23/07/2009 10:11:04
Edited by: Aurora Nyx on 23/07/2009 10:10:00
Sorry i can't be bothered to trawl through 6+ pages to see if someone has already said this....

1. In a year of constant FW fighting (playing most nights) this character has acrued over 1000 kills. As a sucessful Inty pilot i'm just part of a bigger fleet/gang. I doubt very much after looking at the points system if i would have amassed more than 50,000 LP for all the work.

2. Pods contain the enemy of our peoples. Their very lifeforce is in an easily-warpable egg, along with (usually) some expensive implants. As it takes specialised skills, and fast reaction times to catch the things, shouldn't we get rewarded for our ruthlessness ?

edit: typos, sorry i'm useless

NoK Trading
Posted - 2009.07.23 11:26:00 - [184]

Im sure someone has already said this, but

Faction Sentries need increased optimal range vs T2, same with Omni stats

Right ?

Minmatar Assassin
Utopian Research I.E.L.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2009.07.27 15:24:00 - [185]

Its really sad... then developers forget that there are some pirates factions and people who play for them and we havent seen any upgrade for 2 years here.

That about Domination shield extenders with more lower sig radius then Republic ones? Cartel always was about sig warfare [halo implants] and so on.

Please stop nerfing pirate factions, they need boost and more love, becouse this topic gonna round back to high sec. missioning monkeys, and poor looking other space.

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2009.07.27 18:25:00 - [186]

Nice to see it's at least being looked at.
Originally by: Nyphur
  • There's still no benefit to system ownership.

  • The downtime plex spawning mechanic needs to be revised. It allowed the caldari to completely overrun the gallente without putting themselves at major risk of PvP or failure to capture a system. It was almost impossible for us as gallente to decontest those systems because not enough plexes would spawn throughout the day to do so. I don't know the extent to which this is true but it matches my experiences exactly. After considerable effort on our parts, we couldn't find complexes to decontest systems in time and the caldari avoided PvP at all costs.

  • Militia pilots need to be warned about bunker sieges and systems they're close to winning/losing. It doesn't matter how long the siege itself is if most of the militia don't know about it well enough in advance or aren't online when it's going down. It's the same rationale behind reinforced timers. Similarly, we could do with an intel screen showing captures and missions in progress in our faction's space.
  • ...

    Originally by: Gangleri
    Just missing the one and only most important change:

    LP for taking or defending plexes.

    FW should be about (small scale) combat in complexes, not about blob combats on the system gates and stations in the systems that are designated for FW.

    If people don't plex then you have no combat in plexes. These changes again don't reward plexing and so we only will have more blobs shooting each other on system gates and stations.

    These are excellent points. The entire notion of FW revolves around plexes. People who equate plexing with PvE and that it's not PvP are either idiots, not involved, or not paying attention. The tactical rewards plexes offer are enormous, used by a fleet commander with a brain. Plexing = FW. Without that, it's just another excuse to camp gates and blow each other up, and low-sec had that already before FW was ever here. We don't need more blobs.

    Making plexing fun, even more tactical, and above all, worthwhile, should be the key focus. The concepts presented in the blog are good, but they don't address this core issue.

    The bunker issue is more complex than is presented by the blog. There are two other issues if you compare it to a POS siege:
    • Total lack of control over time of vulnerability compared to reinforcing a tower, giving inherent advantages to specific time zones.
    • HP or no HP increase, it's still a blob fight; people aren't going to stick to small gangs when a system might fall.
    The key question to ask is 'why join FW' - 'to get shiny stuff' should not be the answer. 'To have fun, possibly with shiny stuff' should be, and plexing which can be very boring at times is not fulfilling that, yet is the key linchpin in the design!

    (and why the hell is l.e.x.e filtered, it's not even a word?)

    Allan Sheperd
    Posted - 2009.07.27 22:40:00 - [187]

    Edited by: Allan Sheperd on 27/07/2009 23:18:01

    Sweet deal! Now if I solo a 100 Billion ISK titan by myself I can get myself a 30 Million ISK faction frigate for practically free!

    Okay seriously these rewards are abysmally low. I can tell that CCP is afraid of people farming with alts, but if they're this low then the only people that will benefit from it ARE the farmers.

    Simple fix to prevent farming:

    If Player 1 destroys Player 2's ship in faction warfare (Player 1 must lay the final blow), Player 1 is given a timer. For the duration of this timer, the LP rewards given for Player 1 destroying Player 2's ship again are either halved, or entirely negated. If the timer results in only half the reward, which is preferable, then if their ship is destroyed again within that timer by Player 1 (laying the final blow), the penalty doubles repeatedly for Player 1. If you made the timer long, say an hour, it would make "farming" extremely unprofitable, and normal players engaging in actual factional warfare would be largely unaffected. These timer penalties are ONLY for T1 ships however, T2 and T3 will not be penalized ever, as farming with them cannot be made profitable with reasonable LP rewards, and ONLY for the player that lays the killing blow. So if you're in your fleet of 10 or 40, then as long as you don't lay the killing blow on somebody twice in the duration of the timer, you will never be penalized. If you're soloing, and you're killing somebody over and over again, go look for different targets. Yes if somebody decides to get 10 or more accounts they could make a considerable amount of ISK from this, but if you do have 10 or more accounts, there are better things to do with them. How to catch players that are "farming"? Simple, flag factional warfare players that lose ships without modules repeatedly, do a quick review of the killmails, then ban, or flag systems for kills that are the majority of a single player. Example: System has 100 ship kills in the last 24 hours, over half of the killing blows are from a single player in factional warfare against factional warfare players, review mails, ban.

    Please, increase rewards for T2 and T3 ships at the least, they cost at least 10x more than their equivalents and aren't in any danger of being farmed since they cost so damn much, same goes for factional ships too since the LP gain won't cover itself over the loss. Same goes for battleships and capital ships.

    Of course I personally don't understand the reason behind making factional ships so expensive and exclusive in the first place, given that most only offer slight improvements to the standard ships and are still worse than their T2 equivalent.

    Level Up
    Posted - 2009.07.28 21:10:00 - [188]


    Meridius Dex
    24th Imperial Crusade
    Posted - 2009.07.31 18:35:00 - [189]

    Well, if no substantial LP rewards are given for plexing, absolutely nothing will change in FW. The rewards outlined here are too modest to encourage people to give up their insane blobs. Forcing shared LP rewards for plexing would encourage smaller gangs and better fights.

    As it stands, looks like it's time to leave FW. ugh

    Emperor Cheney
    Celebrity Sex Tape
    Posted - 2009.08.02 00:50:00 - [190]

    Once this patch comes out, new FW pilots will likely be encouraged to plex and do missions even less, as gaining rank makes them a more tempting target for the real reason people join FW: the fights.

    Krystalis Morden
    Science and Trade Institute
    Posted - 2009.08.05 20:42:00 - [191]

    Why not make it so that there are multiple (more than 8) bunkers in each system and you need 75% of them disabled to take control of a system? It would discourage blobbing since defenders would have to defend at least 3 of 8 bunkers to prevent the loss of the system.

    Posted - 2009.08.07 23:03:00 - [192]

    The reward is ridiculous low.

    You must kill about 66 Cruisers 1v1 from pilots on average rank to get a Faction Frigate Blueprint.

    I don't must remembering that to kill 66 cruisers you will lose at least 30, if you are very very good.

    It means that nothing will change, people already playing FW because they like will continue and eventually get something.

    Nobody will stop missioning, mining, trading or whatever for this kind of reward.

    A titan 1v1 for about 21.000 LPs, funny!!!!!!!!!!

    It should worth 10 Factional BSs at least, meaning 25.000.000 LPs.

    patrick elektros
    Department of Defence
    Important Internet Spaceship League
    Posted - 2009.08.19 00:15:00 - [193]

    does this mean that LP's will no longer be awarded to mission runners? or that faction warfare will now receive LP's?

    And will non-faction warfare mission runners be able to see these specials in the LP store?


    Dr BattleSmith
    PAX Interstellar Services
    Posted - 2009.08.19 03:01:00 - [194]

    Originally by: Veshta Yoshida

    Originally by: CCP Ytterbium
    Everything listed in the blog will only be available for FW militias, which are only limited to the four following corporations:
    * 24th Imperial Crusade
    * State Protectorate
    * Federal Defence Union
    * Tribal Liberation Force
    All other corporations will have the same offer requirements as they have now on Tranquility.

    I sincerely hope you don't mean that corporations fighting for the militias are not eligible?

    WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!?!?


    So now FW isn't a stepping stone to anything as there is incentive to stay in NPC corps making FW recruitment harder?

    Dr BattleSmith
    PAX Interstellar Services
    Posted - 2009.08.19 03:13:00 - [195]

    It was a miss-quote... That was explaining NPC corps within the faction/empire vrs FW offers.

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