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Max Delorian
The Alan Parsnip Project
Posted - 2004.09.23 20:12:00 - [1]

Edited by: Max Delorian on 23/09/2004 20:15:24
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Want to haul goods safely between ports of call, picking up a fine hauler's salary?

Or do you just want a life of peace, unburdened by such nasty thoughts like conflict and combat?

Then please click the back button on your browser. The rest doesn't apply to you.

Tenax Incorporated isn't interested in pilots who want to drift peacefully through space spreading garlands and cherry blossoms. After all, we call ourselves "The Next Evolution in Commerce", and some poor bastards simply have to get out of the gene pool.

Here's the Deal

Tenax [TX-I] was founded on the premise that commerce and combat are not mutually exclusive concepts. Since the dawn of trade, the two have gone hand in hand. Cases in point: The forced opening of Japan's harbors to Western products. The routing of the barbarian hordes to build the Roman roads. The rule of the Hapsburg guilds.

History's repeating itself. You don't see us in industrials. You see us in interceptors packed to the gills in megacyte and lasers, 60 million in cargo flying balls-and-blood with only 200 armor separating a fat profit and a huge loss.

Financials and Firepower

Sometimes a corporation thinks we're just a fat trader target that sits in Empire, filled with indys waiting to be raided. Like Riders of Rohan, Interstellar Business Machine and Occassus Republica, who've decided to go to war with us. The first one's dead, the second surrendered and the third retracted after sitting in safespots got boring for them.

There's nothing quite like the look on a podded pilot's frozen face, the one where they realize that they just lost an 80 million battleship to a couple of tier one frigates. We believe in the economics of warfare. That's why we don't mandate that you be a "cruiser pilot" or "battleship-ready". Fly a frigate, and fly it well, and you've got enough skills to be with us.

Mass Marketing

And while we're blowing ships up, we're happy to replace them with shiny new ones. Tenax is politically neutral. We're not necessarily welcome everywhere, but we'll gladly sell to anyone no matter if we're at war with them or not. It just makes economic sense - sell where the turnover is. That's the beauty of TX-I's manufacturing divison: We make our own market.

How big's our market? We don't give out our numbers, but let's just say that we make enough to buy a few battleships. Every day.

A Little Give for a Lot of Take

First off, Tenax has two kinds of employees - contractors and full-time. For you full-timers, we're capitalists, so naturally we believe that what you earn is your own. TX-I doesn't charge a tax, simply a mineral quota - less than a basic-level industrial full - every week. And you get paid from our coffers for filling it in any way you choose - refine it, pay our in-house mining division, buy it off the market, we don't care.

In return, you get access to our corporate hangar, filled with corporate dispatch ships for whatever need you might have. You get access to modules that are refreshed on a daily basis.

Contractors are simply as the name describes. If you want a looser playing experience, but still believe that two can equal more than one, this is for you. You get the benefit of playing, fighting and mining with a group of people who count their time in EVE in years, not months, and who'll treat you the same no matter what your level of commitment to the corp is.

Something for Everyone, Everywhere

Like mining? Hit up our mining squad for a mining operation any time, and keep your hard-earned work. We've got agent runners who are busy upping the corporation's faction so you've got access to primo agents in any part of space. And you've got an entire manufacturing support base for you factory and lab lovers.

And - like it needs to be said - if you like blowing up things, including other people, you'll find an especially welcome home here. We might even be able to teach you a thing or two.

The Bottom Line

Sound goodl? Hit up our Web site to apply and seal the deal. We ask a lot of questions, but that's because we prefer a process that doesn't waste anyone's time - and that when you complete the process, you'll be here to stay, grow, and discover a whole new way of making money.

Viva la Evolution.

Posted - 2004.09.26 06:11:00 - [2]

Let me tell you, it's nice working with professionals. I've learned so much since I've been on board, and it's just like dropping in to a whole new way of game play.


Posted - 2004.09.26 15:35:00 - [3]


thats not true!!! Your Corp declare the war to [IBM]!!!

We are a frendly mining Corp and i know that you know that!

I hope that is a mistake or a impediment.

[Join our channel IBM]

Vale Tudo.
Posted - 2004.09.26 15:49:00 - [4]

Edited by: Avoid on 26/09/2004 16:14:13
Max You are a funny guy.

Its funny to se how much **** people like you post in the forum.Rolling Eyes

Altai Saker
Rapier Innovations
Posted - 2004.09.27 00:59:00 - [5]

Rolling Eyes

We could have obliterated you folks, be thankful we didn't and nicely bump our thread.

Max Delorian
The Alan Parsnip Project
Posted - 2004.09.27 21:12:00 - [6]

Edited by: Max Delorian on 27/09/2004 21:14:29
Originally by: Avoid
Edited by: Avoid on 26/09/2004 16:14:13
Max You are a funny guy.

Thank you, its a shame that you are not Rolling Eyes

Who are you again? Oh yeah, someone who we didnt see at any point of the war while your friends got slaughtered day and night for two weeks while they cried over local about it.

Peaceful miners? Good for you, this is a game that revolves around combat, whether you mine/produce/fight, all isk is generated from people getting killed. Sooner or later war will come your way, and you must deal with it. Its a pity that the way you dealt with it, was cowardly.

Posted - 2004.09.27 22:33:00 - [7]

Great corp, true professionals in their business.

Highly recommended.


Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2004.09.29 03:29:00 - [8]

Thank you Cav, we do try our best to complete whatever order is upon us to the best of our abilities. Be careful out there where ever your new ventures may be taking you.


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